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3.9 out of 5 stars35
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£39.95 - £50.00
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on 9 June 2015
The story is pretty nice, but compared to other Telltale Games (Wolf among us to name one), this really feels old. My niece saw this and actually asked me how old this was/is (you can expect the graphics not to be that good). The controls can be unnerving to at points, especially when you try to reach something.

There's restrictions to the moving and decisions do not really affect the outcome of the story (other than you having to repeat a part of the story, if you fail at it). It's a nice game and probably helped the company to get where they are now. It's up to you to decide how much of a fan of the Telltale or Back to the future you are ...and then try it or not
(if you buy the disc version, you have the opportunity to get a platinum trophy, which is not possible over the PSN Store, where you can purchase the single episodes of the game -> for those who care about that)
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Despite being a massive franchise/cash cow, BTTF has had a pretty choppy history when it comes to video games. The first game for the NES was unbelievably awful. BTTF Part II had two completely different incarnations for the Commodore Amiga and Super-Famicom (never available outside of Japan) that were somewhat true to the story but never successful. Only Back to the Future Part III (Mega Drive) had a wider release as a video game. I owned it on the Commodore 64 and Genesis but it was way too hard.

Now, after 25 years, Telltale Games have finally given the fans of the movie and the video-gaming community an official, real-deal BTTF adventure series co-written by Bob Gale himself. How does it measure up? I'll review each episode individually.

Episode 1: It's About Time

Opening a few months after the events of BTTF Part III, with the DeLorean destroyed by a train and Doc living out his life with Clara and boys in many different eras, Marty begins to miss his old friend and is sad to see the city auction off his belongings. But when the time vehicle suddenly reappears (since it's a time machine it can never be completely destroyed forever, I guess) Marty must travel back to 1931 and break Doc out of jail for burning down Kid Tannen's speak-easy.

As a graphic adventure game, and as a BTTF adventure, it's very entertaining and well-written without giving the impression it's put together by sycophantic fanboys. It really does feel like an authentic extension of the BTTF universe and even casual fans of the movies will get a kick out of it.

Episode 2: Get Tannen

After rescuing Doc and Artie McFly from Kid Tannen, Marty travels back to 1986 to find his dad in a wheelchair and that the Tannens are now a local crime family. Obviously something has gone seriously wrong with the timeline so it's back to 1931 to put things right. Hang on, is this BTTF or Quantum Leap?

Once again the early 1930s Hill Valley setting is pretty much the only location to explore. The 1930s setting is getting a bit tired by this point.

Episode 3: Citizen Brown

As he returns from defeating Kid Tannen in 1931, Marty discovers that Hill Valley has been transformed into a sterile, emotionless utopia/dystopia and that the brain behind this new world/town order is Doc, only he's no longer Doc, he's Citizen Brown and he ain't so friendly no more.

Marty then has to wander across town meeting people and putting together the clues as to where the timeline went askew this time. It feels much shorter than the first two games, with most of the action once again limited to the town square and the alley behind the soup kitchen (which was actually an aerobics gym in the first movie I my memory serves me correctly). Also, at this halfway point in the series there is still no truly epic feel.

Episode 4: Double Visions

Marty begins the game locked up in the Hill Valley courthouse, waiting to be re-educated in Edna Strickland's dystopian 1986. After escaping with the alternate Doc they head back to 1931 for what feels like the hundredth time. Fortunately, in this game the action is not centered around the town square and the alley behind the soup kitchen but mostly young Emmett's lab and the Hill Valley High School.

Story-wise, it's nothing too brilliant. It feels more like a stop-gap entry in the series than a complete story on it's own. There haven't been many epic moments in the series so far, but young Emmett swinging by his feet from the clock-tower was a nice touch.

Episode 5: Outatime

With Bad Doc still unsure about betraying Edna Strickland, Marty must help young Emmett complete his real demonstration at the Hill Valley science expo. But after his success the entire town mysteriously vanishes.

The story in this episode is much, much better and really does come together well. There are long character scenes which work perfectly, giving the story some soul, and the climax feels like you're actually taking part in a BTTF adventure.

Michael J. Fox even voices William McFly (who we've seen peeing on Marty) and several older Martys who all appear at once. Overall, it's a satisfying 'conclusion' to a long journey, but I feel there are still plenty more adventures in store for Marty and Doc in the future...or the past...on an alternate present.

In summary then, it's a good, if not great effort. I'm glad that they got Christopher Lloyd to voice Doc, no offense to Dan Castellaneta, but Lloyd is the only way to go for Doc. He's irreplaceable. Even Claudia Wells returns as Jennifer, now matching Elisabeth Shue with 2 appearances each.

The graphics though, are very dated, and the controls...don't get me started. Plus there are numerous other glitches that should have been fixed before the game was published. I've seen mid-90s CD-ROMS look and play better than this. Maneuvering Marty around Hill Valley is a nightmare. It may work fine with a mouse but with a PS3 controller it's like peeling an orange while wearing boxing gloves. The graphics and controls threaten to spoil the game, but fans will be so engrossed in FINALLY being able to take part in a real BTTF adventure that it won't matter.

The entire package features 60 trophies (including a Platinum NOT available with the PSN version).

Graphics D
Sound B
Gameplay C+
Lasting Appeal C
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on 3 January 2014
I love this game and as I'am a great fan of the franchise I enjoyed it even more. For the first time ever a complete behind the scenes video series which includes never before seen content of video reel with hours of audio commentary providing you with all 5 episodes of Back To The Future: The Game. If you enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries then I recommend for you to get this and enjoy playing Marty McFly in an experience true to the three films, with all the stylings of a bona fide Back To the Future adventure. Go on, what are you waiting for? Hurry while stocks last!!!!
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on 25 June 2012
For anyone that is a fan of the movie franchise this is a very nice and charming game. You play as Marty McFly throughout and it is essentially a puzzle solving game where you follow a storyline that encompases travelling back to the 1930's, meeting Doc Brown as a teenager and causing all different types of altered timelines in the present. This is a straight port from the downloadable version and so it is quite a short game to play through and the puzzles are fairly easy but it captures the spirit of Back To The Future very nicely. A lovely game for any fan of the Back To The Future trilogy.
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on 23 February 2014
I can understand why some reviewers might give this game less stars and why it might not appeal to all gamers. But I feel like this game needs to be given the credit it deserves, so I decided to write this review.
Games based on movies are always a bit hit and miss. Some really do have what it takes to distinguish themselves as original games, appropriately following on the movie legend. It has to be said that Back to the future the game is definitely one of those that has made it. Where a lot of movie games often deviate from story legend, alter character personalities (and maybe employ voice actors that sound nothing like the original actors) and explore an often more outrageous plot lines, Back to the future adopts none of these offenses. Unless you read the credits, you would have no idea that Michael J Fox does not do the voice of Marty McFly. In fact, when you hear Michael J Fox do the voice of his future self at the end of the game, you realise that the voice actor sounds more like Michael J Fox than Michael J Fox does! Thankfully they managed to get Christopher Lloyd to do the voice of Doc and the actor who played Jennifer in the first movie to also do the voice of Jennifer. Right from the beginning the game clearly keeps alive most of the sound and visual elements of the movie.
The design of the credits, the music, the sound effects and the locations are all almost identical to the movies, including perpetual references and screenshots of scenes reminiscent of the movies. It keeps the movie legend alive, while not relying solely on rehashing old material, but by still keeping it fresh and original.
Each episode felt as though it was just the right length, and the puzzles, while not Darth Vader hard, still required some thought and time to work out. Sadly if you can't figure out a puzzle you just have to press triangle and it pretty much gives you the answer. But that's up to the gamers discretion depending on whether you want a challenge or not. I can understand why they did it in this day and age when mindless quick fix games are ruling the market and obliterating people's attention spans and patience. Its a catch 22 situation when it comes to making a game great, or to reach a larger target audience. Fortunately with it being a game of a trilogy of films that were made over 20 years ago, the target audience should be a more mature selection of people who come from a time when point and click adventures were the pinnacle of gaming and games were actually challenging to the mind.
The story progresses at a steady pace, providing you don't get too stuck on the puzzles. By the end of each episode I'm wanting to carry on immediately to find out what's going to happen next. While the 1930's wasn't the most interesting era for me personally, I could see how any other era wouldn't have fit in with the storyline at all. Its clear that original writers/producers were involved because the story really does feel like it should have been part of the original movies. Apparently some of the concepts were planned for the second movie.
The graphics aren't amazing, but the more you play the more they become aesthetically pleasing. Most of the time locations from the original movies are incredibly accurate and easily recognisable (except the main square seems a lot smaller in the game!). The characters look a lot like the original actors, and the over animation of the faces often makes it clear what's going on in the minds of the characters. The scripts, humour and choices the player is given are all fantastic elements of this game, making it potentially replayable, especially if you wanted to watch the trilogy and then finish off with the game. Its no Mass effect or Skyrim in terms of your choices affecting the storyline, but occasionally they may lead to a hidden trophy or two.
Overall I enjoyed this game thoroughly and as a fan of the movies I can confidently say that I wasn't disappointed by anything. My only gripe is that they didn't get the original voice actor for Biff, but Kid Beyond does a reasonably decent job. If you're looking for a good game that requires some thought and rewards the player with an original and gripping storyline, then I would seriously recommend this game.
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on 10 September 2013
This has got to be one of the most entertaining games based around a movie series. It's individuality in choosing your own options on how to approach things within the game are great, plus, it's all about finding clues ans solving puzzles, in true BTTF style.I would strongly recommend this game to any BTTF fan.
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on 9 December 2012
the game arrived before we ordered it just joking it arrived on time and its better having it on a disc than downloading it off the playstation store and i am pleased with the product and it was in good condition.
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on 13 June 2012
I wanted this game to be so much better than it was but sadly it just isnt :( the only reason I carried on playing the game was my love for the film, the references refering to the films and some of the voices where very similar. The game can play out very slow and not much action.... I know it's not that type of game and is 'Monkey Island' style but I felt some action could have been added to the game. Also it comes across as a kids game but there is some swearing in which made me laugh. I think even hardcore BTTF fans would play this out of a choir in the end. SHAME!
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on 4 May 2012
I have to admit Back to the future's stock doesn't sound promising on paper. a film tie in (remember CSI fatal conspiracy? - Exactly) and when I mention that this is more point and click than platform and hoverboard racing you'd be understandably unexcited.
But in actual fact it's actually more enjoyable than it has any right to be. This is partly due to a pretty decent storyline that clearly respects the original trilogy. But this is also by Tell-tale games, who did a similar sterling job with Walking Dead a year later. Of course this time is the Granddads turn to meet Marty as he tries to find out why Dr Brown went missing a year after the original Delorean experiment. Which means that Marty gets to visit gramps in Prohibition era (guess what Biff Snr. does for a living)and a VERY young doctor. But it's Emmett Brown's 1985 that shines as one of the games high points.
The voice acting is pretty decent, With Christopher Lloyd voicing the Doc. OK Michael J Fox only has a bit part and not Marty McFly, but the voice is very close (I'm guessing the same guy who voices Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank)and quite funny in places too. It certainly feels like a typical Back to the Future story
Visually it's quite cartoony and not going to set a new standard for games and with the controls being mostly walk point and click not too much of a challenge. a few mildly taxing puzzles are sometimes made harder by the odd hints system that also gives away too much on others.
Trophy hunters will also get some mileage out of this as most are pretty easy from first play-through. Overall not everyone's cup of hot decaffeinated beverage but with a good story is not to bad for the budget price
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on 18 June 2012
Me & my kids played the demo version ( part of episode 1) by downloading from PSN & we loved it. If you loved the movies then you would like the game like us! All 5 episodes of this game is on this CD. My 9 yr old has already completed the game but it's great fun just watching the story unfold as it has great story plot. Quickly despatched by AMAZON & great price at new for £14
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