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Although this book is only 56 pages long, and I already knew most of what the author was describing, I still think it is a worthwhile book to read especially for those who find themselves strapped for time and need to remember some very important points.

One of the most important suggestions the author makes is to find an activity you really enjoy that helps burn fat and retains (or builds) muscle so that you stick to it. So many health clubs, fitness centers and gyms aggressively promote their memberships and really overbook COUNTING on the fact that a good many people will sign up, earnestly attend a few training sessions and/or classes and then slowly, quietly (if not abruptly) drop out never to be seen again with the health club "member" still liable for membership fees they have legally signed a contract agreeing to pay. That is why I was so SIMPLY DELIGHTED when the author included Chapter 11 DANCE THE FAT AWAY WITH ZUMBA. Now THIS was an activity I personally found and was able to stick with! Whatever you do the point is to keep active. Cardio DOESN'T HAVE TO suck! From Chapter 6 BOX YOUR WAY INTO SHAPE to Chapter 14 HEAT THINGS UP WITH HOT YOGA, 15 JUMP ROPING CAN DO WONDERS FOR YOUR BODY. 17 TRAIN LIKE THE BRITISH ARMY and 18 THE CARDIO CORE BLAST there is something for most everybody. There is even a BONUS REPORT 12 HEALTH & FITNESS MISTAKES YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE MAKING.

Significantly the author does not neglect the importance of nutrition in helping an individual lose weight and/or improve their health and fitness. He emphasizes that "No matter what anyone tells you getting ripped boils down to nothing more than manipulating a simple mathematical formula:energy consumed versus energy expended." (otherwise known as calories in, calories out). "Healthy fat loss isn't as simple as drastically cutting calories, however." the author tells us "If you eat too little, your body will go into 'starvation mode' and sure, it will lose fat, but you will also lose muscle. Plus, worst of all, your metabolic rate will slow down and once you start eating more, you'll quickly gain the fat back (and sometimes even more than you lost). This is what leads to yo-yo dieting." Finally in thie second chapter the author emphasizes "...doing cardio doesn't equal burning fat. It can accelerate fat loss by burning calories and by speeding up your metabolic rate, but whether you actually lose fat or not will be determined by your daily caloric intake and expenditure."

I would like to have seen this book a little longer and more developed. There is a little bit of cookie cutter mentality to it (one solution fits all). For instance, I disagree with him about genetics. I think it really IS harder for some people to lose weight because they come from families where historically people tend to be larger and more prone to being overweight eating habits notwithstanding. A number of these people will make valiant attempts to lose weight, eat properly, exercise vigorously on a regular basis and "do all the right things" and STILL not lose a great deal. Also, the whole issue of women, especially post menopausal women having difficulty losing weight was never really addressed. That being said the book is still a nifty little GENERAL guide on helping people lose their disdain for cardio and embrace it as something they can really enjoy and benefit from. For this I would recommend it.
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on 10 July 2014
As a supplement to Bigger, leaner, Stronger, I highly recommend this book. Traditionally people think losing fat is all about long steady state cardio sessions. But Bigger Leaner Stronger explains in details how we should burn body fat and this book provides excellent practical Cardio workout advice. For example, you can do a weights circuit for 20 minutes, or you can do a HIIT stationery bike session. I would recommend this book to provide you with varied Cardio workouts for fat burning.
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on 27 March 2013
I like this book. It explains you how to eat. (Only high glycemic index carbs before and after training). He also gives examples of different sort of high intensity training workouts. My favorite book af the Mr Matthews is still " Bigger, Leaner, Stronger.
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on 1 December 2015
Michaels books are my bibles!!
I have lost over a stone in 7 weeks which is a realistic loss over 7 weeks. I have lost 6% body fat and gained 3% muscle.
I didn't have loads to lose. I'm a 45 year old woman of 5ft 4 and weighed 10 stone 10 pounds, yet had s good fitness level.
I've climbed Kilimanjaro, Ben Nevis and two others since as well as cycled London to Paris and Bangkok to Saigon carry more weight than I need to.
Now 7 weeks later I weigh 9 stone 7 and have being using weights and doing cardio as Michael has suggested in his books. But I adapted it to a non body builder, so mainly followed his other book Leaner, leaner stronger.
These books can be followed by any body but especially those who want to burn that far off. I've learnt so much from this man.
Straight talking and very informative.
Great work Michael.
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on 9 March 2016
Really glad I got this book after reading "bigger leaner stronger" ( also a great book) this book has lots of great advise and covers loads of areas of cardio. it's easy to read and doesn't waste time with nonsense, it's tells it straight and is backed by loads of research. I've only been following the advise and programmes for a few weeks along with the weight training from bigger leaner stronger and am already seeing a noticeable improvement in my weight and fitness and am exited to carry on improving. Huge thanks to Mike Matthews for writing the books, replying to emails and making the q@a's and YouTube videos... Your work has changed my life.👍
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on 7 July 2014
Very interesting book this. I'd recommend it as what's in it doesn't just apply to bodybuilders, it applys to anyone! I'm no bodybuilder, weightlifter, gym fan or athlete, I'm just a guy that's overweight and wants to lose weight. This book has some great info on exercising. There's different methods to suit all tastes and is even for beginners like myself. But its not just info on exercise in this book as it has info on eating not only better but to help you lose weight too. It tells you what's important about different foods and the types to avoid! So if you want to lose weight or just get in shape, buy this book!
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on 9 December 2012
This short book has an excellent chapter that de-bunks a lot of the hyped-up myths about what you need to do to loose weight - straight to the point and covering all you need to know - this is an excellent book and great value for money!
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on 21 October 2015
Great little ebook to help you on you're way if you are looking to drop some fat. I then bought Bigger Leaner Stronger which is the real deal when it comes to getting in shape but if you are looking for something concise and to the point and don't want to pay hardly anything because you have not read any Michael Matthews this is a great intro especially if you are new to exervicise because this book is different, it's fact based info not pushed by supplement companies in magazines where the information provided is not always correct, this is science based hard hitting truth.
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on 7 October 2013
It's not a bad book and has some great tips. I would like to have seen some pics to illustrate some descriptions, rather than the "look into it yourself" kind of comment...
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on 5 April 2015
I really like the no bull**** style of Michael Matthew's writing.

Burn off more calories than you consume = weight loss.

Nothing else. No more elaboration needed.

But, of course, it's getting people to hit those calories (in terms of burning off) that is the problem, and doing it consistently.

Michael Matthews gives a series of suggestions, such as interval training, boxing and so forth, that show you how to hit those numbers most efficiently and effectively.

The biggest obstacle to weigh loss, the way I see it, is people's idea that losing weight is like climbing a huge mountain. It is daunting, requires superhuman willpower and means you have to live a life of eating bland food. That is complete rubbish. I do a 20 minute intense interval training session, 5 times a week, even though less would suffice, and I stay in good shape. I also enjoy my food, beer and cake. It is about doing small, regular, consistent cardio. Because I've seen so many people at my boxing club do 7 mile runs once a week, get injured and then take time off. Small, steady and consistent will always win in the long-term.
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