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on 26 May 2013
I really enjoyed this dvd. The animation is great, the story was ok. 4 out of 6 of the X-men they got spot on. They mixed a couple of classic X mythos stories together. It starts from the end of the Dark Phinex saga, and the i could tell you the other saga but that will give too much of the series away. The 4 character they got right were Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast, and Xavier. Storm and Emma Frost they made too nice (personality wise), where as in the comics both of these two are the more snooty and suppier members of the them. Yes both women look like they have has had enhancements surgery and Emma tends to display this as proudly as you can without actually revealing all, but in all fairness has Emma ever worn anything in the comics that would pass for PG? I don't think so.there were silly little mistakes yes but I can over look them. Eg as soon as there is a new revelation it has to be explained again and again to all the characters not on the screen. Characters do get cut and bloodied in episodes but seem to heal during the credits. Also I am not quite sure what the X-men are fighting for, outside Japan mutants seem to be quite well accepted.

As I said the animation is great. The story starts from the "death" of Jean Grey. The whole team disbands to recover a year later they are needed again. Cyclops is obviously hit hardest by this and is most of the serise is based on him moving on from this tragedy, this affects his ability to lead, trust and just live. So there is some character development as well. Wolverine is perfectly just his surly rough self. Later on he even has a moment of beserker rage that they would not show in normal kid friendly show. For the sake of this serise imagin Muir Island is in Japan instead of Scotland, this is where most of the story takes place. It is even nice to see professor X contributing in the field. The only thing is they did not use many familiar X villains, they did make up a couple of characters they could kill off.

All in all I enjoyed it and would recomend it to any X fan. 12 episodes for under a tenner is not bad. I am looking forward to season 2 in more familier X territory.
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on 29 August 2012
As a die-hard fan of the films and comic books I thought I'd give this a go despite the previous review, and you know, it really wasn't so bad. There is a single story thread, which I liked (comic fans will see some very strong similarities with an existing story, transposed to Japan). The art work is mostly attractive, and yes, the females are over-endowed (can't imagine Storm walking upright let alone getting off the ground) but are they really as outrageous as some of the art work in the comics (thinking New X-men here)?
The team is Cyclops, Woverine, Storm and Beast (the latter two rather underused in favour of star appearances by Armor - often annoying - and Emma Frost). The action is not that non-stop. If anything, it can be a little slow. The number of times I wanted to kick someone into action before they got trounced...but no; they just got trounced. And the team doesn't work as a team. One guy goes up against the bad guy, gets trounced, the next guy has a get the picture. The team thing is the reason these guys are supposed to win. But hey.
So it isn't non-stop action, no. There is a quite a lot of sitting around emoting. Cyke is at his angstiest, Logan is pretty growly, even for Logan, and Emma is way, way too nice. Creepy.
Is it as grown up as it claims? Well maybe a little more than the 90s series, and way more than Evolution, but it isn't grown-up grown-up. It's just on the dark side.
The extras are really nice. My main gripe is that the DVDs play badly on one of my multi-region players, skipping a whole lot, and won't play at all on the other. Maybe it's fine on a region 1 player. I'd have maybe gone to 4* otherwise.
Overall, though, glad I bought it.
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I'm no fan of anime, and so purchased this DVD with a little hesitation, but having watched it now I have to say that I found it to be pleasently entertaining.

The animation - whilst very much in the anime style - was crisp, dynamic, and easy on the eye, and the episodes on the DVD are largely based upon existing and popular X-Men comicbook stories, such as those involving the Dark Phoenix and John Sublime and the U-Men. The X-Men in this instance consist of Professor X, Storm, Beast, Wolverine and Cyclops, later to be joined by Emma Frost and Armour.

The DVD can be viewed in either Japanese or English language and/or subtitles, and there is some familiar voice talent on the English translation. The general quality of the dialogue and voice talent is good.

Overall, whilst this series cant be considered the finest example of Marvels animation, it is entertaining and fans of the X-Men shouldnt find themselves disappointed.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 June 2012
Like many other long time X-Fans, I'm afraid I found this one an immense disappointment. I know it's easy to fall into hyperbole, but in all honesty, this may well be the single most boring cartoon I've ever seen.

On the plus side, on a purely technical level the animation is superb. About as subtle as a tattoo of a flaming skull, but technically superb. Oh, and almost all of the chicks are drawn with giant racks, too. And when I say "giant", I really do mean giant. The kind that in the real world could only be achieved with truly industrial quantities of silicone.

Actually, aside from the fact that everyone keeps their clothes on, the style of animation here is very much in the mould of high-budget R-rated anime. I'm not just talking about the spandex-clad chests: there's also the splatter and the gore. Measured purely in terms of screen time, the amount of violence in this show is probably about the same as you'd find in any other superhero cartoon. However, the feel and the texture of that violence is very different from what many viewers will be used to. There's something positively gratuitous about the way it's drawn. Indeed, it could almost be described as erotic... If that's your thing.

And yet, despite all the violence and the chicks with the giant racks, the truth is that this has to be one of the most profoundly boring pieces of television I've ever seen. The problem is... Well, let me explain with a story.

I remember back when I was about seven years old and I thought Star Wars was the greatest movie ever made. I also thought that because the best parts of Star Wars were the space battles, wouldn't Star Wars be even better if it was just one long space battle?

Of course, I now know that it simply doesn't work that way. However technically impressive, however visually awe-inspiring, those climactic battles only mean something when we're emotionally invested in the characters. If we fundamentally just don't care about Luke Skywalker or the world he inhabits, we also won't care that much when - or indeed if - he blows up the Death Star. The special effects are reduced to being _just_ special effects. An impressive technical achievement to be sure, but nothing more than that.

Unfortunately, that's the way it is with this show.

In this series, in place of real character development all we get are emotional histrionics. In place of real storytelling, scenes of gratuitous violence are interspersed with lengthy and turgid exposition. And in those very rare, brief moments when things aren't gratuitously violent, histrionic, or even turgid, everyone suddenly becomes inanely bright and cheery for no apparent reason.

The honest truth is that at no point did I find myself caring about the characters in this story even the tiniest little bit. The animators could have drawn us an episode in which every single one was fed slowly into a meat-grinder and it'd barely have rated a yawn.

Frankly, I would just have found it as unutterably boring as every other episode in the series.

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on 3 July 2014
Great addition to my Marvel collection. A must for Marvel fans.
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on 24 June 2015
japanese import do not buy cannot play on my dvd player :(
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on 21 February 2013
i choosed this rating cause it was interesting,there was nothing i disliked about this dvd and would recommend to a friend.
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