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4.4 out of 5 stars153
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Ten Years On centres around the two characters Rebecca and Joe. Rebecca is an instantly loveable and warm character who you just feel the need to wrap her up in bubble wrap and look after her!

When we first meet Joe he is definitely a ladies man but as the book progresses I found that each time Joe is around I was getting a little hot under the collar (as were most of the characters in the book!) It has been ten years since they last had contact but now Rebecca's circumstances change and she finds herself running back to her childhood home while she recovers, the last thing she expected was for Joe to still be in the same village. They are forced to confront their past which caused them to lose contact but will they be able to move on and start a new chapter?

I am sure any of you who read Monday to Friday Man had a tear in your eye by the end of that book, well I think you will have a tear at the beginning, middle and end of Ten Years On! I have not had a real weepy book since Me Before You but the old lump in the throat definitely occurs in this book but although it is an emotional read, I didn't find it really low and depressing. I was gripped from the start of this book and I think it is because it is such a touching and easy read which flowed at a great pace all the way through meaning I couldn't put it down hence the reason I finished it in one sitting!

The story alternates at times back when Rebecca and Joe first knew each other and then back again to 10 years later when they re-meet. I loved this as it gave the characters more depth and gave us more insight into the relationship between the two characters. We don't find out until a little further on as to why Rebecca and Joe lost contact but I did have an inkling as to why this could have been but this didn't ruin the storyline or the enjoyment of the book.

It was quite clear that a little research had been done for this book as there were some very interesting references and tips when it came to wine tasting so I am assuming that the author had quite an interesting time doing research for this book!

This is a definite for all of your to be read piles a little weepy and a lot of hope this one will be pulling at your heart strings. I will definitely be reading more work in the future by Alice Peterson.
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I enjoyed Monday to Friday Man sooo much I downloaded this novel before I'd even got a quarter of the way through Monday to Friday Man! I wasn't disappointed. Alice Peterson creates like-able characters with credible relationships that evoke true feelings and emotion.

The story, as the title suggests, is about three house sharing friends and their relationship whilst at University moving to current day, ten years on. Rebecca and Olly lose touch with Joe because of events which are hard to deal with. When Becca and Joe meet again ten years on there are a lot of issues which need addressing.

Add into the mix Becca's tragic circumstances which bring her back home (temporarily), her precarious relationship with her mother, father and 'favoured' sister, along with the lovely Janet (old family friend) and Becca's brilliant friends and it's a whole roller coaster of emotions; equal measures of laughter and tears. I just loved this novel and couldn't put it down; highly recommended as well as this talented author. I've now ordered my third Alice Peterson book.
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on 6 March 2013
I had previously read Alice's Monday to Friday Man and really enjoyed it and I had been wanting to read this one for a while. I raced through this book. Although the subject matter is different, it tugged at the heartstrings in the same way that Jojo Moyes' Me Before You did. I felt the relationships between Olly and Rebecca, Rebecca and Joe and Joe and Olly were very well dealt with indeed. But always there was an undertone of why did they fall out? Why didn't they see each other for more than 10 years? The author did well to keep this from us until more than half way through the book, and it keeps us reading. Rebecca confides in her friend her difficulty in seeing Joe after all this time, but is persuaded to apply for a job in his wine bar. As they get closer, the past is finally addressed. Lots of misunderstandings are righted and they both realise that over the years their perceptions have been wrong. Rebecca hears Olly talk to her, giving her advice and chatting to her from far away.
I also liked the little old lady who went on the wine course and the valuable advice she could give to Rebeccca, even about love. Can the three main characters learn to forgive and move on?
This novel is an easy read, which pulls you in and doesn't let go until the last page. I will be downloading Alice's other books soon. Very impressed with this - it didn't feel like just regular chicklit but had some life lessons to teach us and dealt very well with the topic of grief.
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on 22 August 2012
First things first: this one isn't a romantic comedy! It's romantic, it's emotional, but it's going to make you cry rather than laugh, so if your Chick Lit tastes swing more to Bridget Jones than The Notebook, this one might not be for you. Having said that, it's still an absorbing read with some interesting stuff. The look into the new family dynamics of an adult moving back in with their parents was very well done, and Rebecca and her sister Pippa's clashes over settling into a different way of being family to each other were great. You are drawn into Rebecca's slow progress of getting back into living life and really rooting for her.

The flashbacks to university life added some pep to leaven the good but obviously not a cheerful grieving process. It wasn't hard to guess in advance the root of Rebecca's issues with Joe, but when the reveal did arrive it was an exciting scene. Possibly Joe could have been a bit more developed; there's perhaps not a great deal to his character than `reformed bad boy', but he's certainly still an appealing reformed bad boy. The eventual resolution seemed right and not in too much of a rush, which would have jarred a bit with the more contemplative tone of the rest of the book.

Reviewed by Gina Tredwell on behalf of
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on 24 February 2013
I loved the cover of this book - shallow I know! and I paid for my lack of depth because this is same old totally predictable (although inoffensive) mr darcy type novel.
God knows what the main character - whatshername? - saw in the mr darcy character - the guy just seemed a total drip.
Still it wasn't as bad as some dross I've read so 3 stars.

(Why do the characters in chick lit all have the same sort of names? - sadie, ellie etc. No-one's called diane or paula)
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on 15 July 2012
Following the sudden death of her husband Olly, Rebecca moves back to Winchester to stay with her parents as she struggles to adapt to her change in circumstances. There she meets Joe, an old University friend, who she and Olly used to share a house with, but who she hasn't seen now for ten years. The story essentially charts Rebecca trying to make a new life for herself; old family tensions and sibling rivalries resurface, and old friendships are reformed, particularly with Joe; however, will Rebecca find the courage to let go of the past and allow herself to love again?
Ten Years On makes for an easy, albeit pleasant read. The characters, in particular those of Rebecca, Olly and Joe are well portrayed and rounded, and the dynamics between them believable. Rebecca as the central heroine evokes sympathy, and as a reader I was invested in her story. I think Peterson handles the concept of a grieving young widow well; and the story, whilst at times genuinely sad and moving, is not overly maudlin as its focus is essentially more on Rebecca moving on. I quite liked the somewhat supernatural element of Rebecca hearing Olly speak to her, and I also enjoyed the flashbacks to the characters' time at University ten years before, as it allowed the reader to get to know Olly, and so even though he dies in the first chapter, his presence is still felt through most of the book.
There are a fair host of secondary characters in the book, a lot of them Rebecca's friends, who I didn't particularly feel added a lot to the story; though a few such as Janet, an elderly neighbour did make an impact. Whilst some elements of the plot are a tad predictable, Ten Years on makes for a sweet and moving story, with engaging central characters and themes of grief, second chances, as well as pursuing one's dreams being sensitively and well explored.
One to pack in the suitcase for the holidays, as would make for a good beach read!
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on 30 June 2013
Monday To Friday Man was OK but I was surpised by how many favourable reviews it received. "Ten Years On" was brought to my attention by Amazon after I had submitted a review on "Monday To Friday Man".
For some reason I just adore books which go back in time to when the main characters were young & (usually) at University.
Bought this book & saved to read on holiday. Not disappointed as it just fitted the bill for perfect escapism with the lovely happy ever after ending.
Great characters, lovely storyline. Just loved everything about it & reading in the sun made it even better!
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on 23 June 2012
Ten Years On is the story of Rebecca, Olly and Joe. Rebecca is a young woma distraught after losing her husband Olly and to try and find some form of normality in her life again, she decides to pack up and move out of the marital home, then move into her parents home in a small town. What Rebecca doesn't prepare for is in moving back home, she ends up getting caught up in the old sibling rivalry she once had with her sister as well as trying to hold her mother's attention who always seems to take more interest in her sister than her. To top it all, Joe, Olly's best friend who neither Olly or herself have seen in ten years is running a successful wine bar in her home town.

You begin to unravel the complicated relationship Olly, Rebecca and Joe once had and why they went their seperate ways. However, the feelings that were once there appear to be there again but with both Joe and Rebecca grieving as well as the complicated aspects of Rebecca's life, can they find a way to help one another through it before giving into their true feelings?

This is the first book I've read by Alice Peterson and I can truly say I loved it from start to finish. I couldn't put the book down at all until I reached end of book. Definately worth a read. Perfect holiday read
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on 22 June 2012
Im not familiar with this author and only bought this book because it was cheap on Kindle but i really enjoyed it. The book gets straight into drama from the begining and you can't help feeling a bit sorry for the main character Rebbeca. I loved the way this book was written with flashbacks and Ollys character being kept in longer than i thought. It had it all the nice characters and not so nice characters, tha laughs and tears - a lovely easy read, i will be keeping an eye out for this author in future.
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on 26 May 2012
I finished this book last night after staying up to read it. It's really a great read and for only 99p on Kindle!

This is the first book by this author that i've read and i hope to read more of hers soon. I don't usually buy books and finish them within a couple of days but i did here, the characters were very absorbing.

Other reviews talk about the premise of the book so i won't add to that except to say that i loved reading about these friends from University and how their lives change over the years. And Joe obviously is lovely :D
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