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4.6 out of 5 stars122
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 April 2012
At first glance you wouldn't think that any of these three women would have anything in common, Louise is a career woman, Toni is happily married and Gemma is still at school and they all fall pregnant under different circumstances... one of them gets pregnant after a one-night stand, another falls pregnant straight after being told that she has fertility problems and the third got pregnant on purpose to try and keep her man but you'd be surprised at which is which.

The book is told in segments covering the three trimesters of pregnancy and the first three months of motherhood and is told in the perspective of each of the women. At first when the three women discover they are pregnant they do not know each other but through the wonders of modern technology and social networking they become acquainted and grow close as friends. However, as with most friendships there are ups and downs that threaten to tear them apart.

You definitely don't have to be a mum or pregnant to enjoy this book as although the backdrop of the book is about the stages of pregnancy and motherhood, the characters and events draw you in as if it's happening to people you know.

I was hooked from the start so much so that once I started reading, during my lunch hour yesterday, I did not want to stop but sadly that thing called work got in the way and I had to put it away. I'm extremely glad that I'm not working today as I continued reading this last night and finally finished it in the early hours of this morning so to say I've got bags under my eyes today is an understatement!

I know it's only April, so plenty more months to go, but I think this is highly likely to be on my top ten books read this year. I hope it's not too long till we get another book from Rosie as if this one is anything to go by, the next one is also sure to be a fantastic read.
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on 7 June 2012
I read this book really quickly! Thoroughly enjoyed it on the basis that I've had two children and met one very close friend in particular through a baby website when I was pregnant the first time 5 years ago. We are still firm friends! I think this book is only really suitable for someone who has recently had children, you can really relate. I liked the different women, the characters were brilliant. I liked the different scenarios of each woman, I felt they were very realistic. Took me just two sittings to read, I look forward to more from this author. Very much!

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on 9 May 2012
This book is a must for women that are pregnant, want to be pregnant, have recently had a baby, or had a baby 20 years ago! It is a thoroughly enjoyable, touching read. I had my baby just over a year ago, and this took me back to the baby forums, the madness you go through while pregnant, the paranoia, the mental behaviour and general screeching you do at husbands, just for them breathing. It had me chuckling along, and it took me right back to my pregnancy... almost made me miss it!

The three main characters, Toni, Gemma and Louise, are all very likeable, but all are flawed, all going through pregnancy and their lives the best they can. Gemma is the youngest at 18, Toni 26 and Louise 38, so all very different ages. But I like that, we are all the same when it comes to pregnancy and having babies. The book changes from chapter to chapter focusing in turn on them, and I loved them all and wanted them all and their babies to be fine. Really enjoyable book. Completely recommend it, just make sure you got time to read it or you may lose some sleep trying to finish it in the small hours of the morning.
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on 30 July 2012
I really enjoyed this book. The book tells the story of three women Louise, Toni and Gemma. Each section is broken down to follow each women. What I also liked was that it explained the situations they were in before they got pregant.

Louise is the oldest and falls pregant after a one night stand. Toni is married to James and goes to the doctor beause she is having other problems and gets told to hurry up and have a baby as her ovaries are failing her. Then Gemma who is only 18 and wants to get pregant for all the worng reasons.

The women don't know know one another and they all join an online forum and before long they are meeting up and becaming friends. They each have different problems arise and have to deal with them. Also liked the fact that is followed them after they had had their babies and you could see how they faced everyday situations.

Great book and recommend to anyone.
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on 7 June 2012
This is a lovely book about 3 pregnant women. It's an easy read and since I am pregnant, it was nice to read through each of the women's different stages of pregnancy. As others have mentioned, the ending did feel a little rushed and some parts were a bit far fetched, however it would be boring if it were completely true to life!
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on 26 March 2012
I read this book at a really tough time in my life, after the death of a close family member, and I can honestly say that it was totally engaging and was like my little paperback friend, ready to give me a quick hug and whisk me off to another place for a while! Put your feet up and get stuck in.
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The book tells the tale of 3 pregnant women. Firstly, there is Louise, the oldest of the women who ends up getting pregnant after a one night stand with someone at work. She decides to keep the baby, and move to London to live near her brother and sister. Only Lou's pregnancy proves to be a sore point for Lou's sister Rachel who can't seem to have children herself, and opens up a rift between the pair. Then there's Toni, who is told by her doctors she'd better hurry up and have a baby with hubby James after finding out she has fertility problems, and suddenly finds out after a short while of trying that they're pregnant. The sudden pregnancy proves difficult for the couple, can they make it through? Finally, there's teenager Gemma, who wants to get pregnant for all the wrong reasons with boyfriend Ben. But with parents who don't really give a damn, an interfering mother-in-law and dad-to-be who doesn't want to know, will Gemma manage alone?

The three mums-to-be all seem very different, but that's the great thing about being a mum. You end up talking to people you'd never have spoken to before, because you have these little people in common, and you form friendships quickly. I like that Fiore chose to bring in the multitude of parenting websites and forms out there that mums-to-be use for a lot of different reasons, and how Lou and Toni turn to these for support. Having been on one myself, they can be both a gift and a curse, but years later I'm still in touch with mums I met on them, and I like the positive tale that Toni and Lou have from these sites. Gemma is brought into the friendship through a real life friendship and realises she has more in common with the older women that she originally thinks. I thought each of the women were fantastic, and totally realistic and relatable for mums.

None of them are perfect, by any means. Lou gets pregnant after a one night stand, but I like how she decided to face up to her responsibilities after an initial wobble, and how well she copes on her own, especially when a face from her past comes back on the scene. I felt sorry for her halfway through the book when her friends aren't so happy with her, but she was a great character. Toni's story made for interesting reading because although she was desperate to get pregnant after medical issues, the suddenness of her pregnancy causes problems with her and her husband. I felt that this was especially well done, because you can never prepare yourself for how much of a shock a baby coming in to your life is going to be, even when you're just pregnant and they aren't here yet! James' reactions were so well written, a lot of men will certainly relate to him and I felt Fiore did this story so well. Finally, there's Gemma, who gets pregnant for all the wrong reasons but ends up making the best decisions for her and her baby. The young relationship between her and boyfriend Ben is touching, and while you can see what Gemma can't i.e. what will happen to their relationship and how he'll react to being a dad, it's interesting to read it unfold.

Everything about this book was a joy to read. It was easy to differentiate between the three women's stories, with Fiore using first person narrative for Toni and third person for Gemma and Louise, and I felt this worked really well for the book, and kept it fresh as I was reading. Fiore isn't afraid to shy away from the real feelings a woman (and the men!) go through from the minute they find out that they're pregnant, and the fears, worry and joy you experience through to the births, which aren't overly graphic but are fitting for the tone of the rest of the novel - do expect a bit of realism when you're reading though. I loved this book, and though Fiore has covered the issue of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood so well that this book will resonate with women up and down the country. I felt the extension of Toni's story for the latter part of the book is hugely important too, and I applaud Fiore for covering this issue in the book. If you want a funny, realistic and touching tale of babies, please pick up a copy of Babies in Waiting because you really won't be disappointed, it's fantastic.
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on 12 April 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and actually only purchased it yesterday. and in my eagerness to read it form start to finish it took me a couple of hours. what i loved the most about this book is that it not only drew me in but i could relate to the book and its characters 100%. with toni i felt most with because i suffered with PND myself.i have recommended this book to a few mums on a mummies group on facebook called Mummy's Meeting Place. its actually alot like Fiore's group and we've all become friends after all having one thing in common and that would be our children. Its definitely a book i would read again and again. Happy reading ladies x
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on 2 July 2012
This is a lovely book about 3 girls going through pregnancy together. As a mother I could totally relate to their experiences. It is an easy read, well written and full of charm. I felt a real connection to the characters so was hooked from the start.
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on 10 June 2012
I got this book from the local library. And I loved it. It is very easy to read,you can relate to so many funny and not so funny situations in life.
I would definetely recommend this book to either pregnant or those who have just given birth.
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