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4.1 out of 5 stars410
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 June 2013
It works well... as it should, and as expected... And is cheaper than some alternatives.

However if I'm playing quiet music or audiobooks, there is a very audible hiss coming from all the speakers. It's so annoying that I'm not able to use this product- I tried for a few days but just got annoyed and started concentrating on the hiss more than the music I should have been listening to.

I bought a replacement from Maplin for almost double the price, however there is no hiss so I am happy.

I had thrown away the packaging when I unpacked the item so didn't have it so didn't return.

I have no problems with the vendor- very good delivery time, and appropriately packaged.
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on 12 May 2012
Given that this gizmo was about half the price of similar products it was no surprise to find that it is a very anonymous little box with only the ubiquitous "Made in China" label to indicate its origins. Nonetheless it is solidly built and came surprisingly well packaged in a sturdy, glossy cardboard box with a plastic insert to hold the unit and separate it from the supplied power pack. The power pack itself is one of those all-in-one jobs with an integral UK mains plug (no adapter needed!) and a useful metre or so of low-voltage cable to connect to the converter. The box also contains a tiny eight page user guide in perfectly readable English.

In my case I wanted to connect the optical digital audio output from an Xbox 360 to my hi-fi amplifier in order to get the best sound when using the Xbox for DVDs and CDs, but clearly it could just as easily be used for satellite or cable TV set-top boxes or dedicated DVD or CD players with optical outputs.

This was my first venture into TosLink territory so I was prepared for trouble but in fact there was really nothing to be too scared of, save one little snag which I'll come on to shortly.

There are two standard colour-coded RCA phono sockets for the audio output which I simply connected to the one of the inputs of my trusty old amplifier: easy job.

There are also two inputs, one optical TosLink which I used and an digital coaxial (which I didn't). I used XO Digital Optical Cable 2m / 2 Metre Premium Install Series - suitable for PS3, Sky, Sky HD, LCD, LED, Plasma, Blu-ray, Home Cinema Systems, AV Amps for the optical connection. It wasn't the cheapest but it seems to be good quality and I needed the two metre length. The connection is a simple push-fit but the connectors are "keyed" for some reason so make sure you've got the plug lined up properly with the socket before trying to click it home. Also, the cable I used is supplied with little protective plastic caps on either end which you need to remove before plugging in, otherwise it's out with the tweezers to remove them from the sockets. Trust me on this.

So with that all done and with the power connected up I turned everything on and heard... a horrible high-pitched squealing! Oh dear.

Having double- and triple-checked all the connections and spent a few minutes cursing the Chinese for producing cheap and nasty non-functioning rip-off gadgets, I had another thought. I checked the audio settings on the Xbox and found that it was set by default to 5.1 channel output. Aha, no wonder it made a funny noise! Changing that to "Digital Stereo" did the trick and glorious sound then issued forth from the speakers at last. It even appears to be in perfect sync with the video, which is a bonus.

I should add that the sound quality seems absolutely fine. Although I'm no audiophile it sounds as good to me as the old DVD/CD player ever did, God rest it's soul.

So, having bought this product with a little trepidation because it was about half the price of the branded items, I would say I'm very satisfied with it. Even at this price it is perhaps an expensive way to connect sound up and perhaps I could have scavenged a feed from the SCART output, but it was a bit of fun to have a go, and if you find yourself without that option this diddy little box is definitely worth a try. Thank you China.

Update: I've discovered that although CDs and games work with stereo output, DVDs played through the Xbox 360 that have a 5.1 soundtrack do not. That is to say, even using the Xbox options to choose the stereo soundtrack when there is one on the DVD, the optical output still seems to get the 5.1 soundtrack stream and hence gives just digital squeal. This is not the fault of the converter reviewed here, rather a fault in the Xbox I think.
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on 25 February 2014
Like a lot of people I was left stumped by the fact that my (admittedly old) Turtle Beach X11 headset wouldn't work with the Xbox One as it had switched to completely digital (HDMI/Optical). I was about to bite the bullet and order a new headset when I came across this, and it works perfectly.

Simply buy this, and an Optical cable (about £3, if that), hook everything up and you are good to go. Sound is great, obviously cannot check chat as the chat adapter isn't out yet, but game sound is just as good, if not slightly better than it was on the 360. Unless you are using the One as an excuse to get a fancy new headset, this will solve all your problems. It does use a separate power source though, so make sure you have a socket free near your TV!
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on 25 October 2012
I went to plug in my headset to my new Samsung SmartTV and was devastated to find that it only had a standard jack which cut out the sound when used. I purchased the Toslink Converter and lead more in hope than anticipation but was delighted to find that it works perfectly and I can now listen to programs at the volume my not so good hearing can hear while my wife listens to the TV at a volume that doesn't broadcast to the village.
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on 5 June 2013
Simple to install excellent result with no sound complications as mentioned in some reviews. Just followed the simple instructions and the sound from our TalkTalk YouView box is now connected to our Bose speakers via a Simple Skytronic amplifier with great results. £11.45 purchase cost is a snip. Looks exactly like other products costing 3 times the price. Might just try to be clever and connect the 5 volt DC power supply to the Youview USB using an appropriate USB cable to get rid of the power adapter. Can easily recommend this to anyone wishing to connect their new device that only has digital outputs to an analogue sound system in a smaller room where surround sound is not so important. (Our Blu-ray movies sound much better now.)Digital Optical Coaxial Toslink to Analog RCA Audio Converter - Digital to Analogue Audio Converter - TOSlink / Coaxial to Stereo Left/Right RCA--UK Plug
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on 8 January 2014
I was a little uncertain about ordering this. Yes, we had just bought a new TV and I hadn't realised that the only audio feed would be optical, whereas we plugged the previous TV into an old amplifier that probably predates optical feeds.

Anyway I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael Kenward for his comment to Mr PD Locke in his review here. I took his suggestion and bought the SODIAL(TM) USB to 5.5mm / 2.1mm 5V DC Barrel Jack Power Cable and it all works a treat. It's a bit congested down by the mains socket on the wall, so not having to put a transformer there is a definite plus, so I just plugged the recommended cable into a spare USB port on the TV, the other end into the converter, hooked up the RCA and Toslink cables and it's as simple as that. No humming, hissing or other noise, and a great stereo sound through the speakers.

On the basis that the alternative was to buy a sound-bar this little converter has probably saved me over a hundred pounds at minimal cost.

However, I can't help thinking that TV manufacturers should either charge a bit more for their TVs and put decent speakers in them, or charge a bit less and leave the speakers out altogether, but I guess that's a different story.
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on 21 August 2012
This product has two jobs: convert digital optical audio to analog audio, and do so with reasonable signal to noise ratio.

After several hours use it begins to make a high frequency ringing sound on the output. I unplugged it and left it and then tried again and this time it produced the ringing straight away. With amp volume set to the normal level you'd listen to audio at, the ringing is completely audible when no other sound is played.
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on 21 November 2012
Was looking at others available on amazon, and saw that someone had said about this item 'MAKES A HIGH PITCHED NOISE'. Visually, the item was so similar to more expensive items, but it was at time of purchase, £15 cheaper than the others. I figured I'd take a punt on it and see what happens - thinking I can always return it.

No need to return it - it does the job brilliantly.

I was able to reproduce the 'HIGH PITCHED NOISE' that someone complained about, but it was simply down to the fact that no optical signal was being sent. This can happen if your audio source is off.

Simple fix, only turn onto the audio channel on your amp when the audio source is on.

Overall, cant fault the thing - it does the job I needed it to.
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on 24 August 2013
I was unable to use the converter as the power supply unit was faulty, it had
obviously been dismantled and had no output. Amazon made a full refund
when I returned the item.Eden new technology offered a free replacement if
I removed an unfavourable review-I removed the review but the 'compensation'
replacement has never arrived. I won't be using Eden anymore. Disappointing.
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on 18 May 2013
Very handy device. Note that this is not a cheap and nasty product. It is well made and utilises Cirrus Logic parts, 344C DAC and 8416 Audio Interface. Excellent value for money!
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