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on 26 March 2012
I've just received my G9 1.5 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB storage.

It seems that there is some confusion about this model all over the internet. This is the 502036 model, as the sticker on the box confirms. I'm sure that future stocks will make these points mute but for now its worth noting the following.

This does not come with Android 4 ICS installed, it comes with Honeycomb 3.2, there is a sticker on the box to say its ready to upgrade to ICS. I did this from 'check for updates' on the device without a problem (Current version as of writing is 4.0.5). I have heard some people say you have to manually download it from the Archos website. Either way I would advise doing this before setting anything up, I had to set my email up after upgrading my original G9 1 Ghz.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, under Honeycomb, you will only see 1/2 GB of memory, NOT 1 GB. However when you have upgraded the OS to ISC, you see the full amount (which is about 890 MB actual available).

I have done a system check with an app from the market to double check the CPU and it is 1.5 Ghz.

Hope this is of help to anyone looking at buying this. I see that Amazon are currently investigating this and have taken it off sale, but I can confirm the one I got was correct, apart from having to manually update the OS which is no great problem.

UPDATE - Amazon have this on sale again but now list it at 512 MB - Obviously not done their homework! Maybe they should read the review of those of us who have bought them. This definately DOES have 1 GB.
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on 17 April 2012
There are already loads of reviews so I won't go over the same things, I will just outline my first few days using the device as a newcomer to Android and Tablets. One thing I have not seen anywhere is that if you connect a mouse, a pointer will appear on the screen and work flawlessly, which impressed me, (Im easily pleased).
The 8 inch size is perfect, just right to carry around and still view web pages full size. The Archos performace is great, all the apps load fast, video playback works great, this machine really delivers all I need from a portable device.
Updating to Android 4 (ICS) was very easy, there is an option in the system to check for a new firmware, the whole process was automatic. The new interface is very nice, easy to organise the apps over the multiple desktops and the new widgets for things like your bookmarks which enables you to scroll through a list of thumbnails of the web sites, then just touch the image to open the site, makes using the device simple and fun.
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on 28 March 2012
I decided to upgrade after being a very happy owner of the Archos 605 wifi for the last 6 years. I have been looking particularly at this model for a while and was surprised to see it available on Amazon already as it appeared to be out of stock in most other places and more money. Was it too good to be true? After much deliberation I decided to take the plunge knowing that if the spec wasn't completely as advertised I could always return it. Fortunately it was....more or less.

Firstly, as already stated, this doesn't come with ICS pre-installed, it comes with Honeycomb. No drama though, after a quick download from the Archos website I was up and running in less than 5 mins with ICS(it's really that easy). Also, more importantly, using `Android System Info' I can confrim that I am running at the correct 1.5ghz and 1g memory. Sweeet!

I've been using this for the last 2 weeks now and so far all I can say is that it just works and it works brilliantly. The whole Tablet runs fast and efficiently with several apps open at once and so far I can't fault it. Be warned though, the 250g model is a particularly power hungry device. Still this is the price you pay for a 250g hdd instead of a flash drive. GPS is working with no issues at all and I have'nt encountered any problems regarding powering down or using standby.

A quick note, if any of you are having trouble dragging MKV files from your PC to the tablet (a general tablet issue not an Archos issue) then visit this link. [...]. I have uninstalled DIV X and am now enjoying full hd mkv files on my tablet using 'Dice Player'

This really is a great tablet and remember for £299, the spec you get with this is unreal. Highly recommended
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on 8 April 2012
Yep!..I am one off those lucky people that recieved a 1.5 1 g version and yes I do rate this well!
Like my title says, Ive been the owner off many a Archos for over Eight years now, so lets get one thing straight before I carry on.
PLEASE!!! do not slag the Archos off for its faults and compare it with IPad, because the simple fact is, all tablets will have there faults, be it IPad. Galaxy 10 , Motorola Xoom or even the No1 spot ASUS Transformer Prime. Check there reviews properly!...Your still get people moaning that the screen froze,apps did'nt work, battery charge not working, customer service..ETC!!!

This machine is good, very GOOD! so why only 4 stars?..SIMPLE!!
Although the Archos is cheaper than most, Id rather pay an extra £50 to get a few things better, mainly the build quality. Yes! it is built pretty well, but not as robust as it could be.
Id rather see it in a metal solid frame work, it just feels like you have to handle it carefully all the time and as for the kick stand?.I'm sure its going to break on me with such a big screen to support? Like my Archos's before, Ive seeked the help off TuffLuv (who have assured me, there will be one for the 250gb versions yee!!) to provide me with a decent protective case.
As for performance?.. Internet speed is fast! well impressed, especially using my HTC Disire as a Hot makes the phone look redundant for internet browsing, mind it can loose the signal some times, but finds it again so quick, I can't grumble.
Games and Apps work well under Ice Cream format and even Adventures Of Tintin runs OK. (if with a few jerks along the way) Films run smooth and look good on the 10 inch screen, but be aware off the size ! as reflection is anoying in bright light and seeing my mug is enough for anyone. Paying the £8 plugin for being able to use all formats is worth every penny (Shame Ipad still does'nt do this and allow people just to download and watch from any sorce or has a proper wide screen)
Well there be more to come, but just one thing before I go!
I was going to send mine back, becasue I had a dust partical under the screen, ( yet another moan from other tablets) but after spending a few weeks with this machine? Id rather suffer, knowing I can see it in bright light, when the Archos is off..........

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on 4 April 2012
Well I was highly excited about the impending arrival of my new pad, having spent some time perusing the specifications of a number of potential contenders. It was interesting to note on arrival, that I had ordered the 1Gb version of the 1.5Ghz, which is now being advertised as a 512MB 1.5Ghz, as you can see above. Strange as I was assured that the 1.5Ghz models only come with 1Gb.

Anyway I excitedly opened the box, and powered up. Oh dear, exactly 50% of the screen was pure white, the entire right half, whilst the left showed the normal Archos boot screen. So I thought, maybe that is normal as it hasn't been fully charged yet, so I put it on charge for a couple of hours.

When I next powered it up, I was gratified to see that both halves of the screen were working, and proceeded to set up the wireless. Five minutes later I was upgrading the OS to ICS. I then searched for my network SMB shares, which it found, and I could stream music no problem, however it complained that I needed to install some additional codecs for my films. So I went off to the app store to get them. Sadly it refused to allow me to add a device to my account, as it failed to recognise the product code. I then added the Netflix app which worked perfectly, and I was just starting to think about those codecs again, when the right hand 50% of the screen suddenly turned white. Game over.

I have now returned it to Amazon, (3 days ago) for replacement, and can only hope that this is not indicative of the build quality in general. Time will tell. I have given it 3 stars based on the fact that it had a hardware fault, with a fully functional unit I would be very much inclined to give it all 5.
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on 18 April 2012
purchased for my daughter who as used for 3 weeks with no problems it is kept in a case to protect it, also fitted a screen protector. the only fault i've had is that it as ceased to charge did the usual resets etc still fails to charge just keeps telling me to connect a charger ..returned it to Amazon for a replacement which arrived next day,not yet opened it just hope same thing doesn't happen...cost me £9:05 to rtn special d had mail off Amazon saying they are reimbursin me £5:01 for postage which is what they said it would cost to rtn no complaint about that as it was my choice to go for the extra packaging and probs with Amazon just the charging fault which apparently is a common fault
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on 26 March 2012
I received my tablet a couple of days after I ordered it. When I turned it on it had Honeycomb installed but prompted me to update the firmware within a few minutes. I checked the spec and it had the correct processor - omap 4460 1.5Ghz but showed 512mb ram. After the automatic update to Ice Cream Sandwich I checked the system specs again and it now reports 1gb ram (866mb).

Overall I am very happy with my tablet, its fast and responsive. The build quality is better than earlier versions and has no screen ripple issues.

I have been using the Archos 3g stick and have good speeds using an O2 UK sim card. It sits nicely in the back of the tablet and can be turned on and off when needed.
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on 7 April 2012
I've had my Archos 101 G9 Turbo 250Gb for a little over a week. The simple upgrade to ICS shouldn't put people off and the easy transfer of media is a real plus point.
Once upgraded to ICS I thought I'd try out the speed and graphics capability by playing the pre-installed games, Asphalt 6HD kept stopping making it unplayable and Spiderman HD the background sound effects wouldn't work. I really didn't make the purchase of this device to play games and was more for the ability to watch a good choice of videos thanks to its large storage and some web surfing. As ICS is pretty new I know some applications/games may need some updates so took into consideration. My first few hours trying the device it did lock up a number of times maybe 6 but seemed to settle down after a few enforced reboots.I purchased the AC3 plugin for £5 from Archos but the device needed to be registered first from the main settings screen. Only then can you add the plugin and purchase it via the Archos website.
After a week of ad-hoc use I found that I was unable to charge the device, despite running through all the technical forums and support; holding down the power button for 10sec and then to attempt a full reset by also holding down the volume+. Alas no joy and I have now arranged a return and will try a replacement to see if it fares any better.
I've given the Archos 101 G9 Turbo 250Gb a 3star rating based upon its reliability. Providing the bugs and reliability improve for the money this is still a pretty good purchase.
Amazon support and return process is excellent giving me faith to try a replacement.
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on 18 April 2012
Having had the device for several months now, it developed a fault. Okay it happens. But then you discover that although the product might be fantastic - the customer support is about as good as walking through a field of cows who have eaten too many bran flakes. Regardless of whether the device that arrives meets your expectations, it is reasonable that after two months you're not going to incur additional costs to get it replaced should it go wrong! Needless to say, my first Archos product will be my last Archos product.

The original bit below....

Having read a lot of reviews on various tablets and decided to wait for the Kindle Fire, stumbled upon this model and am glad I did. It's the newer G9 that does come with a faster processor and more memory. Reading up on the G9 doesn't always give a great impression and it was slightly off-putting to hear it described as cheap regarding its construction. Okay it doesn't come with gorilla glass or a carbon fibre body - but then you don't have to buy a BMW to get a well made car! This tablet works extremely well, does so at a reasonable price and I doubt is likely to fall apart after years of active use.

It was original brought to test HTML5 sites under Android but quickly you realise that it's a really useful device. The 8" model is small enough to hold in two hands and type with your thumbs but has a big enough screen to read ebooks, watch videos or browse the web.


1. Works brilliantly for ebooks - read .epub, .mobi and PDFs using the excellent Aldiko
2. Plays all forms of video from the internal storage; from a networked PC or via a Synology NAS. You'll probably notice that you need an MPEG2 codec but if you install the MX Player - you can use this for MPEG2 files. Also plays MS-DVR files but not straight WTV (though what does?).
3. Excellent for geocaching using Locus Free - which can download maps of the area you want for offline use. The GPS works fine as does the compass with GPS Test.
4. The built-in browser is good and works with flash and you can watch iPlayer programs from the BBC. Additionally, mPlayer allows streaming of TV from other live channels.
5. Other excellent applications include the BBC News, TuneIn Radio, the MetOffice, WordWeb and the delightful Google Skymap and of course Angry Birds.
6. As it was brought for technical use as well, it does work with cpanel app, SSL using ConnetBot, AndFTP and Wifi Analyser to name a few.

7. There are loads of apps accessible thought the Play Store that really cover a huge number of subjects and interests and so many of them are free.
8. The device is quick. I don't have any other tablet to compare it with, but I use an i7 with SSD as my desktop machine and the tablet is still quick enough that it better to do some things with the tablet rather than switch on the PC.
9. The screen is perfectly usable at 1024x768. I've spent years looking at monitors on a daily bases and have no issues with this one. The viewing angle probably isn't great but it's not been a problem using 1-on-1.
10. It connects to the office NAS and other W7 PCs without a problem using the Wifi. W7 finds the device without issue over USB. Setting up VPN is really easy. The 3G adapter socket accepts USB keys and read our FAT32 ones without issue.


1. Didn't actually come with Ice-cream Sandwich - thought the installed Android 3.2 works fine and ICS was really easy to install. Just downloaded it from Archos and copied to the device over USB and rebooted.

2. Only a front camera. I didn't think this would be an issue, but I actually wanted to use a bar-code scanner and none of the free applications work as they near a rear one. There apparent is paid app that does though.

3. The screen is a finger print magnet. I ended up buying Archos' own screen protector and it's excellent. The anti-glare version also makes it easier to use in bright daylight.

4. The battery life seems okay but it comes with a customer charger. It'll charge from a standard USB on a computer but it is a lot slower. It's not a problem and not uncommon (iPads and Kindles have them). Just remember to pack the Archos USB plug and lead as you can use this for all you devices rather than some ad-hoc travel adapter. You can read more on it here:[...]

I'm not a great fan of gadgets but this is one of those devices that is flexible enough to be practical and pragmatic with a lot fun thrown in. It may have been brought for HTML5, but is already exceeding expectations.
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on 12 April 2012
Throws every video I have at it, including 1080p in mkv.
Wireless seems fine.

Only complaint is the micro usb port is very dodgy - allowing you to occidentally put the charger in the wrong way around.
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