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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars338
4.4 out of 5 stars
Style Name: UK k270|Change
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on 15 April 2012
In short: the keyboard is nice. It still doesn't feel as good as one of the simple microsoft keyboards (which is a bit debatable), but I prefer it for other reasons.

I use it for programming and I appreciate:
* the placement of the 'insert/delete/home/end/pgup/pgdown' keys (that's why I picked this)
* the size of the keys: They are normal sized and easy to locate without looking at the keyboard
* the full size of the F keys and the escape key
* the availability of the print-screen key: This is missing from some other keyboards and it is required in order to do alt-sysrq combinations under Linux
* the overall size as it is small / space-saving without having smaller keys
* the micro receiver

The only serious drawback is that the keyboard bends a bit at the center when you press keys towards the middle and hits the desk making an annoying noise. This only happens when you keep the keyboard flat (i.e. not when you raise it using the stands). After trying a couple of things I finally solved the problem by placing something underneath the front feet, raising the front side of the keyboard a few millimeters.

Finally, I'd really prefer to have leds for num-lock and scroll-lock as well (Come on guys! After all you have available space over there)

Update: It's been almost a year now and while I'm using it every single day (for many hours) I didn't have to replace the batteries. I am really impressed by that.
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on 2 October 2013
I've owned this keyboard for god-knows-how-long, having brought it as a cheap accessory for my laptop. Again, it's very cheap for what it is. I've used it intensely for churning out long essays and gaming, having settled for this rather than a dedicated gaming keyboard. It's incredibly durable, it's been spilled on, tossed about, impregnated with crumbs, but still soldiers on. It's light as well, and fits into a fifteen inch laptop bag, so it can be taken with you. The keys are nice and soft, typing requites very little effort as you glide from one key to another. They aren't that sturdy though, they wiggle around slightly but you'd be hard-pressed (pardon the pun) to break them. The letters haven't rubbed away at all. The multimedia hot-keys are a great addition, making it so much easier to control volume and pause music (those keys being the only ones I use). The rubber feet keep it firmly in place, and there is no give when you type, it doesn't flex and the plastic is sturdy. You don't even notice it's a wireless with virtually no input delay, and I've only ever replaced the batteries once. The plug-and-play Unifying receiver sets you up in seconds and you can easily couple a supported mouse to the same receiver, leaving more USB ports open.

This keyboard is amazing value. If you're on a tight budget and need to replace your current one, it's perfect. If you have all the money in the world to spend, settle for this and take yourself out to dinner instead. Or if you need a spare in case your frilly fancy-pants mechanical breaks down, this is the one. Logitech show that there is no compromise of quality at a low price.
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on 14 December 2012
Having used the previous version, along with many other types of keyboards over the years, I have to say that the K270MkII is not bad at all.

The first thing you notice is the body's more sturdy nature when you type. With the feet raised for tilt-type there is no flex whatsoever when you type. You can still flex the body by pressing firmly on the front side under the space bar, but then why would you want to?

The other thing I noticed was the quality of the plastic. The keys still have soft springs, which you either love or hate - although they ARE dead silent when typing, and very smooth.. The keys themselves have a lovely soft feel to the plastic and feel like warm satin - a nice touch.

Also, and this is VERY noticeable, the speed of pick up after 'auto shut off' is unbelievable. I timed it at about 0.2 seconds - so virtually immediate.

The typing itself is.. not bad. If you wanna write a book buy a typists keyboard, but for every day use, even longish emails - it's fine. The ergonomics thing is just one of feel, click, and springy'ness, along with amount of tilt and shape of keys. I write 300,000 word books and my hands would not thank me if doing it on this, but 5,000 words would be no pain at all. Anyway...

All these improvements add up to make a very nice keyboard, and well worth it.

The instructions are quite good, not that you need any. The USB dongle was recognised within a few seconds and I was typing within 25 seconds. Painless.

If you have never owned anything Logitech, don't worry - it's a nice ride. Dependable, and likeable.

And less than £20? ..Honestly you can't go wrong.

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on 22 July 2014
I bought this to replace the now-defunct K200, which is the wired (not wireless) version of this keyboard. I thought I had managed to kill mine with a full mug of tea (happily, after 2 days and a final, probably 6th attempt at putting it back together after cleaning it, the K200 is working again). There's a slight difference in the key action, but this K270 has the same dimensions and layout as the K200 that has survived 2 years hard labour in my service, so it has a familiar feel, which is why I went for it.
It's a fairly quiet (though not silent) keyboard, with enough action for those who have years of experience with the clunking clicketty-clack feel of early keyboards, though with much less height of keystrokes needed, so less tiring.
All the usual keys are there (the Euro shares the 4 / $ key, just press Alt Gr for instead of Shift for $), plus a row of media keys (play/pause, mute, Vol up & down, browser homepage, email, PC sleep and calculator ... although I only ever use the calculator button).
It's compact for a full keyboard, so great if you are short on space, but don't want to lose the numbers keypad etc on a smaller keyboard.
My biggest gripe is merely one of aesthetics - why put the ugly PC-beige base with the matt black upper?
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on 15 July 2012
Wanted a decent sized keyboard and after much deliberation went for the Logitech K270. Worked straight from the box and have had no issues with the keyboard in general or it's connectivity. Usual great service from Amazon with delivery , highly recommended.
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on 22 December 2015
**pictures are attached for reference*

This is a fantastic and well-made keyboard, I had an old wired dell keyboard which I never had any issues with, but thought it was time for an upgrade as I wanted to reduce the wires on my desk as much as possible

First thing I notice with this new Logitech k270 is how quiet it is compared to my old dell, it’s quite a large difference in the sound, although it’s not a deafening silence, if you’re typing up an assignment etc you can rest assured of not having to be conscious of the sound or disturbing others in a room next door if you have thin walls

The laptop has 8 Hot keys at the top of the keyboard (starting from the left)

1) play/pause
2) Mute
3) volume down
4) volume up
5) home screen (of your default internet browser)
6) email outlook
7) puts your computer in sleep mode
8) calculator

I wanted a keyboard with slightly raised keys as im not a fan of the chiclet keys, but didn't want to compromise on the old layout that im used to, also to mention the keyboard has a light for caps lock next to the off/on switch and lights up green, unfortunately it does not have a light for “num lock” but when you do press it, a large “num lock on” and “num lock off” sign appear on the screen temporarily to let you know you have activated it

On the back of the keyboard it has feet which can be raised to an 8 degree angle, simple case of just flipping them, there is 4 holes also on the back to help with drainage encase you accidentally spill your drink which is also re-assuring to know – it has a usb storage insert on the back so encase you need to pack the keyboard and take it on your travels but don’t want to leave the usb in your laptop then you can simply pop it in the back where it will be well secured, the usb receiver is tiny anyways so really shouldn't affect you and can easily be left in your laptop and popped in a laptop bag, keyboard also has 5 rubber bottoms to stop it from slipping on a table and lastly it used 2 AAA batteries (which come supplied with it), manufacturers claim these batteries allow for 24 month batter life, only time will tell

All in all it is an absolute great purchase, perfect keyboard for general use or even business use, plus it looks great on the desk, search no more and get it!, did I forget to mention all this for £20?, great feeling when you really do get additional value for your money, never have i enjoyed typing a review so much just to test out a new keyboard

I will update this in 6 months to see how it has performed
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 28 March 2013
Purchased this for using with my LG 3D SMART TV (LG55LM860V) based on other feedback that it worked with these TV's out of the box.
I'm delighted with the quality of the keyboard and it DID the job with my TV immediately. Just plugged the mini receiver unit supplied into the TV's USB slot and switched on the keyboard. Hey presto! - I'm away typing merrily directly into the TV's website fields with no time lag. And so much easier than using the Magic remote for the TV!
Only slight issue is that one or two keys are wrongly configured - so ahve to use the SHIFT & 2 key to produce a "@" character. When I phoned Logitech support, they confirmed the keyboard cannot be re-configured and it is not a keyboard fault. They said it was not designed to work with a SMART TV but understood that many people were happily using it for this.
So apart from the need to remember a few different key strokes, it's a great partner for any SMART TV.
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on 31 July 2013
I bought a Logitech Wireless Touchpad several months ago and having been very impressed by it decided to add to the range with the keyboard to give myself some added freedom. I am a Ubuntu user and Logitech is one of those brands that include Tux on their packaging and the keyboard will work out of the box.

However if you want to use just one "unifying receiver" for more than one product (i.e. the touchpad and keyboard in my case as a single receiver can support 6 devices) then you will need access to a Windows or Mac computer to do the pairing. The software is s small download from Logitech and the process takes only a minute, but there is no Linux option so keep that in mind.

Other than that I am really enjoying the keyboard, made to Logitech's usual high standard (I still use a trackball mouse from them bought in 1999) and the added bit of freedom and reduced clutter on the desk is superb. Highly recommend.
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on 8 July 2013
Really glad with my purchase. The keyboard is exactly what I wanted. It is not super awesome in terms of its features and I guess gamers are not gonna love it. But for anyone who wants a wireless keyboard that is light, thin, durable, takes as little space as possible and its battery lasts for eternity, this is the keyboard to choose. I only gave it 4star rating because it doesn't have a caps lock indicator light and does not go well with Logitech's SetPoint software - under heavy computer load SetPoint, that usually controls higher quality logitech products that support customizations, gets in the way of the keyboard's proper function and sometimes delays keypresses. It's not a big deal, but gamers won't like it.
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on 3 February 2015
I've been using a Logitech keyboard for a lot of years so when I committed to a biiiig PC upgrade in Dec 2013 I didn't even bother sourcing a keyboard from another manufacturer (alright I did check out a couple of Microsoft keyboards, but still...)
My needs for a keyboard were pretty much next to nil; I really was chasing something basic: I wanted a black, normal sized keyboard (not one of those mini-boards that seem to be popular at the moment or any of those nut-job massive gamer keyboards), preferably absent of lots of superfluous feature-buttons and preferably (though hardly compulsory) a wireless capability .
The K270 has proved itself to be perfect for me. The keystrokes aren't too intrusive (as in they're nice and quiet) and the fact that it's wireless turned what was for a me a nice-have option into a must-have feature should I be requiring a new keyboard in the future.

A minor disappointment regarding the wireless feature is it's range. This keyboard and my PC-tower are all of about a metre apart and yet the keyboard would miss keystrokes and its responsiveness was intermittent; my solution was to insert the dongle into a USB extension cable and drop that behind my monitor; it's behaved flawlessly ever since.

And about that dongle: It's a small unassuming little USB gadget that apparently supports several like-minded Logitech devices; my Logitech M705 mouse has one of these as well so I thought that it would have been able to send to the keyboard's dongle but... it doesn't. That really is picking nits though as I said, this keyboard is perfect for me.
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