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on 9 June 2013
Having read the reviews I was in two minds on whether to buy this product or not. On one hand some gave it good reviews for sound quality but bad for the power and others were saying that the bluetooth didnt work (a feature I needed) and that the built in amplifier was only 7 W not 60 W.

After receiving the device it was a straight swap for my old Sony MEX-BT3900U. Straight off, when configured the sound quality is actually better than the sony. The unit definately is more powerfull than the sony (which was a 4X52W unit) and the bass is a lot more defined with a lot less distortion and clearer at higher volumes. The radio playback quality is excellent and easy to set up. Playback from any SD/USB device is also brilliant but again depends on how it was ripped in the first place for overall sound quality but normal 320kbps mp3 files sound brilliant and better than on the sony.

One issue a lot seemed to be having was the bluetooth. In order to get this working you need to go into the menu (press the large middle button in) and keep pressing the button until you get to the BT-OFF option (this is default) then turn the volume button until it goes to BT-ON. search for new devices on your phone and it will appear as BlueAudio. REMEMBER android devices tend to show new devices at the very BOTTOM of the list so scroll down in case its off the screen. When that is done then it connects within seconds. My old sony unit could take up to a minute to do this, There is no fance phonebook option or dial option from the unit but no biggie there. The call quality is excellent and loud and really clear for the other party as well.

One thing that really surprised me was the music playback. When you select to play music from the phone my music app automatically launched and played, full control for skipping, FF and rewind are all controlled from the unit so you never even have to take the phone from your pocket, a feature that was not available on my Sony, I had to start the music player before I got any sound.

Overall this is an extremely impressive piece of kit for the money, It is high powered and sounds brilliant with a full BT function for your phone for calls and music. Cant recommend it highly enough..
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on 21 June 2013
I don't know where to start with this but let me firstly say the seller was so friendly and replied to my emails within minutes.
The Stereo too was fantastic for the price and I did not expect such a lovely looking car stereo.
On unpacking the unit I noticed it had both English and German instructions so this unit is a new batch and I really like it so much.
I fitted it to my Rover 25 literally in 5 minutes. I was amazed how easy it was to fit and this latest batch does come with the ISO connector.
Well I turned it on and I was prepared for it as I downloaded tons of music onto my USB stick and tons more on my SD Card.
Setting up the radio was easy and setting up Buetooth was easy too as I didn't need a code to pair with it and did it all automatically.
I didn't even read the instructions, I delved straight into it and taught myself, sometimes it is the only way but I like to do that first and have a good play around with it and then read the instructions after just to see I did everything properly.

I see there are some pretty bad reviews on here but believe me these people maybe have no clue how to fit it or set it up but it is really easy.
Anyway when I turned it on it was amazing I really thought I was in a submarine and the brilliant face off looks so good when all lit up.
I tried the radio first and pushed a few buttons and was easy to program them into the numbered buttons.
After that I changed the clock to the right time and that was easy enough too. I like the clock as it has the time and the date and the year too.
Then I tried the USB stick and immediately started to play my Simon and Garfunkel collection.
Then I tried the SD Memory Card and that too played immediately my "ABBA" collection. WOW!!! I was really excited and proceeded to notch up the volume, AMAZING!!!
I had no idea this thing would be so good, I used to have a Kenwood top of the range Car stereo which cos me £600 many years ago. This thing is better than that ever was and also this looks and feels fantastic. I see someone had commented how cheap it looks and someone else said it does not store the stations.
Trust me there is nothing wrong with this unit at all, as long as you fit it correctly it stores all my stations and also plays the USB and SD Card from where it left off so there is nothing at all wrong with it.
I urge you not to even read the bad comments as they really don't know how to fit it properly.
OK then I tried out the Bluetooth, my phone was already paired so I called my son and the radio turned itself off and I heard the ringing tone through my car speakers. When he answered, it was so very clear and he also said he could hear me very well too. I have a "Motorola Razr i" and there was no problems at all.
I didn't realise my car had no rear speakers but I am sure the fader will work fine as does the tone and treble and balance.

Not much else I can say about this fine looking unit. I would advise anyone not to just look at it but to go ahead and buy it as you will not be disappointed.
I say again "don't listen to the bad reviews" You will have no problems with this.
If you can change a light bulb on your own then you will do this as easy as pie.
Juts remember that this unit has no CD player and there are no moving parts. It is all solid state and gone are the days of CD's. You will find that it is nowhere near as heavy as a car unit with a CD player because of this.
You will love it, just go for it and stop thinking about it because it is 100% perfect and you will not get a better unit than this for the price.

Just one more thing I would like to say. When you add music to your memory card or USB stick, be sure they are a 320kbps and nothing less. You might get away with 128kbps but on no account try to play silly low kbps as this will sound like a cheap stereo and is not cheap. I think some people will try the lower rate kbps and then maybe complain about the sound quality. Don't listen to these people who have no clue. Use 320kbps (MP3) and you will surely hear how good this unit is.
It will recognise folders so use folders and not just a bunch of MP3's straight onto the card or USB stick.
It will also read the folders and the tags too.
Oh and don't listen to the guy who says it is "Awful" I would suggest he is using a cheap nasty SD card because if you do use cheap nasty SD cards or cheap nasty USB stick from China then you are asking for trouble.
Good luck if you purchase one and thanks for reading.
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on 13 August 2013
Like another reviewer commented, I was in two minds whether to buy this item after reading some of the reviews. I'm so pleased that I did. I bought this to replace the factory fitted cassette deck in my 1997 MGF, The supplier had included an ISO adapter in the box (which could cost you anywhere between £5 & £10 if you had to purchase this separately) & it was just a case of removing the cassette deck, sliding the supplied mounting cage into the dash, bend the tabs to secure the cage, plug one end of the ISO adapter into the unit & the two ISO connectors into the cars audio connectors, plug the antenna lead in & push the unit into place. The only slight modification I had to make was to remove the angled sleeve from the cars antenna to leave a straight antenna plug.

I already had a USB stick containing a mix of MP3's & WMA files so I plugged it into the USB slot on the front of the Xomax, switched on & the unit detected the USB & started playing my music! (I have not tried the SD card option as yet)
Folder name, Artist, Album & Song Titles scroll on the right hand dial. Date, time & file number are displayed on the left hand dial. There are various buttons spread around the unit for folder & track navigation, mute, place call, end call etc. with the main menu accessed from a large central dial, the included remote control replicates a lot of these options.

I found that the best sound quality was achieved by ignoring the various pre-defined EQ settings (POP, ROCK etc) & setting your own EQ - I set the Treble & Bass to my preference & selected the Loudness option. Considering that the speakers in my MGF are the standard ones fitted 16 years ago the sound quality is fantastic.

Connecting my iPhone to the Xomax bluetooth worked first time & it connects automatically each time. Be aware that the call volume is extremely LOUD so if you're stuck in traffic people in cars around you may well hear your conversation!! I haven't found out yet whether the call volume can be turned down. Callers say that they can hear me clearly too.

I have got a couple of minor gripes with the Xomax. Firstly if you want to play a specific album or track it's not particularly easy to navigate to specific folders. Secondly with the angle that the unit is mounted in my dash, light falls on the dials making them virtually unreadable, this may not be the case in other cars though.

On the whole I'm really pleased that I bought the Xomax, it sounds good, has a lot of features, looks great in my car & is excellent value for money.
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on 8 October 2013
The Xomax XM-RSU208B Car Radio is a really nice

unit , the USB & SD all work fine and the sound is excellent . However , on my unit the volume control seems to be faulty as described below :-

At the zero setting the volume is correct .......... no sound

At setting no1 the sound is correct ........... low and audible

At setting no 2 , the sound is unusually high

There is no gradual increase between volume setting 1 and volume setting 2 , it's a sudden loud increase , almost like an on/off switch .

The volume control beyond this is correct with a reasonable linear increase .

The radio is installed in standard car system (Hyundai Coupe ) with 4ohm speakers , which are all in good working order .

I am more than happy with the overall quality of the sound , it's the best sounding car radio that I've had in my car , except for the volume control

I have uninstalled the unit , checked all connections/pinouts and plugs , which are all correct .

I re-installed it and also did a system reset and rechecked the menu settings but there was no change with the problem.

I contacted STEL directly with the above information and they emailed me back asking if I had checked the cables!......................., the language barrier was making that a non-starter .
I'm afraid this unit will have to be returned .
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on 19 January 2014
This car radio is great, all work well, good sound quality, the Bluetooth work well, mp3 Plays very well. I can only say to those who are watching this item, buy it.
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on 6 March 2014
You won't find a bluetooth unit for this price. It doesn't take a disc which means the depth is far less than a standard unit.

I've managed to fit it into the Glovebox without having to cut anything, just run the cables through. Bluetooth setup is really easy and the range is good. Sound quality is also good, you'll get extra 64GB of music by using the USB and SD card slots.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 February 2014
At £49 I didn't expect much but I was pleasantly surprised with the feature pack and audio quality this product delivers (albeit with some flaws described below). The smartphone used with the Bluetooth hands-free built into this car stereo is Windows Phone and it works brilliantly. The audio quality in hands-free mode is excellent and checked this to be the case at the caller end as well.

Playing MP3 music from memory card USB flash card or SD Card is also first class although the SD Card and phone don't seem to work together. Audio quality-wise the same goes for the FM radio which is as good, if not better, than the original Honda car radio.

The above are the positives. Like any electronic gadget, this solid-state (no moving parts like CD player) car stereo is not without some flaws.

1) I wanted to use the SD Card for music (as it neatly hides behind the front panel) but this has a problem. The SD Card and hands-free Bluetooth don't seem to work together. When the SD Card is inserted, it takes over the Phone menu, that is, if you sequence through by tapping with the Mode switch (the button which also acts as a Power switch when held longer), then the Phone Menu will never appear when connected to the Bluetooth. If you remove the SD Card, all is fine. Due to this, with the SD Card in place, the phone connection was problematic; a lot of misses and a few connections. Interestingly, when the USB flash drive is used, there was no problem like with the SD Card. The sequence through menu shows up for all (FM Radio, Aux, USB, Phone). I can only conclude that using the SD Card has some impact on the Bluetooth hands-free interface.

2) When the unit is powered up, the volume always resorts to a loud setting on FM radio. If there is a setting for a start-up volume, I am yet to figure this out. Worse still, if the unit was playing music before switch off, then when switched on again, it plays for about 3-4 seconds and then pauses. You need to press the play/pause button (with #1 label) to continue the music. Not clear to me if this is by design or just a flaw. To me the start and then pause is better avoided as it's annoying. Better not to start playing at all or continue playing.

3) I am yet to figure out how to set the hands-free Answer Mode to Manual Answer or Auto Answer. Currently it is on Manual Answer and I have to press the button with phone icon to answer a call. I have no problem sticking to this but I am more curious why the setting for Auto Answer didn't work as described (on page 22 of the user manual). Tapping the button with phone icon also does something useful - it dials out the last called number which can come handy. Don't expect more features here such as accessing address book -- I would say this is perhaps asking toooo much???

4) The user manual needs a lot to improve upon; there are numerous acronyms/abbreviations that are not obvious and they leave the user to a guesswork, and in some cases clueless as to what the instruction is referring to. Some of the buttons do different things in different modes (say, in FM Radio, USB, Phone modes) and something like a summary reference table could be useful.

In rating, it all comes down to Performance to Price ratio. For £49, I can live with the flaws (for instance I can give up on SD Card in lieu of USB flash drive) and I am happy to give it 4 to 5 stars. If on the other hand I pay around £200, I would expect more by way of performance (minimal or even no flaws) in which case my rating would be lower on the scale of 5-star.

Recommended at £49 from Amazon but I can already see an inflated price over £200 from a MarketPlace! Phew!
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on 9 June 2013
lot of features ,great sound... bluetooth is working but microphone on mine does'nt seem to work so no good for handsfree phone , no english instructions but can be downloaded from manufacturer, even with instructions hard to find bluetooth menu. (need to press central dial to bring up bass, treble, bal ect keep pressing til you come to bluetooth and turn dial to on- phone should be able to decect now ,input code 0000. nobody can hear me when i make call i can hear them perfectly so i think mike is busted ,can play music from iphone with b/tooth.. was costing me 60 to get my cd player fixed so for around same price happy with this ... expensive to return parcels from ireland and because its not sold by amazon dont think they would replace just refund and could'nt be bothered trying to recoup postage
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on 29 July 2013
Incredible piece of kit for the price and looks really good in "retro" styled cars when normal looking head units would look out of place

Just fitted in my Z4 and its so much better sounding then the standard pitiful BMW offering, functionality is simple to use without the endless sub menus and complications of many systems and build quality (apart from the remote) looks far better then many higher priced models. (time will tell though)

Do take note that the instructions (as many have said before) are truly terrible and don't even cover much of the functionality, so if you aren't comfortable working it out yourself then this is not the unit for you. (Other comments and advice on Bluetooth operation are particularly useful)
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on 9 June 2013
The radio is fantastic value for money and has great sound quality. The supplier, on the other hand, is hard to deal with. As it did not come with English instructions I had trouble turnig the bluetooth on. After asking the supplier for help, they sent me standard replies and did not answer my questions. In the end they just said send the radio back for checking. I searched further into the menus and found the correct setting (just by chance). The bluetooth works very well. I have also asked them for an English manual as advertised.
Do not let my comments about the supplier put you off. This radio is very much worth buying even with German instructions and struggling to set it up.
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