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on 9 June 2014
Brilliant thanks very much, would use again!!! Fast and resonable. Great book funny helpful and is good as a gift
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on 15 November 2010
While the book will probably draw you in with the expectations that it is some sort of instruction manual that teaches you how to be one of these illustrious pick-up artists, it is in fact one of the greatest works of semi-biographical non-fiction ever written. The book essentially depicts the story of how Neil Strauss, previously a man riddled with anxiety about his appearance and social capabilities, becomes a virtuoso in the field of conversation and social interaction.
It is a particularly enlightening read if you have some interest in verbal and non-verbal communication as it gives in depth analysis of how this can be used to your advantage, for example to get your way with women. However, it also non-directly teaches how this can be used in all walks of life just to become a more interesting person to everybody and yourself.

From reading this book, it is obvious how Neil Strauss is so succesful in his attempts to score with women, because this book is written in the same tone and style as you can imagine him using in coversation: And it's addictive. Once you pick this up it will be a challenge to put it down again. Effectively, Neil Strauss has implemented 'The Game' into his writing, and now that he has become a critically acclaimed author for it, it is obvious he has won.
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on 22 July 2014
very entertaining gonzo story of one man's effort to infiltrate the geeky murky world of seduction web forums. the deep cover journalist inadvertently becomes the leader of the cult. and an interesting subtext that could be called the madness of courtney love.
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on 20 March 2016
A male friend of mine recommended me to read this to try and understand better the minds of men and the games some of them play. Definitely not that interesting for a girl to read
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on 8 January 2006
This book suggests that there is a hidden power to be learnt to pick up women via magic tricks and NLP and claims that the author's friends were the best seduction pick up artists in the world. Its all rather sad and I'm genuinely sorry to say - typically, and rather arrogantly, 'American'. Its Vulgar. But Vulgar is good. Its certainly not dreary.
NLP may help create a more positive mind set and magic tricks may fascinate but there is nothing here that the average 20 year old hasn't already worked out for themselves via chance or observation.
Neil's amazing pick up routines in Vegas and Hollywood could equally be seen in effect in just about any Surrey village pub on a Saturday night - but somehow or other, he tells the story as if this was something unique to him and his friends. Something that they had discovered. There's no acknowledgement that this has been going on since sex began!
The concept of the 'Neg' is stuff you discover when you are 13 going on 14 in the school playground. It's telling that this is something 'new' to people in Hollywood in their 30's. Frankly I was suprised this was presented as being such a new concept and revelation.
The book is written in an easy to read comfortable style and has some memorable sentances i.e. "The first time I saw her she was having a SH*T." Which make your jaw drop, but by and large this work is a little depressing - linking the process of picking up women directly to commerce and bypassing romance and affection altogether.
To be fair, I think that was the author's point.
This is not a handbook for how to do it - its a warning that you sell your soul if you take this robotic route.
With this in mind the book is a success and an interesting read.
But the techniques he mentions, notably 'peacocking' are more likley to get you attacked on a saturday night than picked up.
As the book draws on to a predictable conclusion, you sense the author begins to see just how ridiculous his friends are and he has become.
This is easily the most cheesy book Ive ever read - and I recommend it because its just so shallow and American. Keep an eye out for the strategic 'product placement' too - noticably references and recomendations to certain NLP books. So unsubtle and so predictable.
Risable, yet compelling and amusing junk - buy it - you'll love reading it - but probaly for all the wrong reasons.
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on 7 November 2011
I bought this book out of curiosity and frankly, it is hilarious. The story of this guy who becomes the world number one pick-up artist, after meeting a serie of disfunctional people, is very unlikely but somehow very captivating. I could not put this book down until I finished it (after about 3 days...). However, I have some doubts about the reality of all the incidents described in the book. Recommended.
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on 13 October 2010
I was recommended this book by a friend but was skeptical about the concept. I imagined a book dedicated on how to pester a woman into bed, a really seedy concept that i thought i was above. I felt i was lowering myself by reading this. However after the first chapter i was hooked, i couldn't put the book down. This book is not about advice on dating or picking up women, its a story about one mans adventure on uncovering a secret society of people dedicated on not looking for a cheap one night stand, but how to score the 'platinum blond' or the '10s'. I recommend this book as a starting point for anyone who is looking to improve their confidence or 'inner game'. the book does contain a few tips and tricks but if you really want to get into the minds of the PUA's i suggest following this book up with neil strauss's Rules of the Game. Again a fun addicting read, a starting point for a route of self discovery
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on 16 August 2011
This book will NOT make women jump into your arms. This book will NOT transform you into a pickup artist. However, this book WILL present you with possibillity of turning your life around and point you in a direction where you will be able to become successful (or at least more successful) with women.

Read it with an open mind, but don't take it literally. This book is very entertaining and easy to read (I actually cried of lafter when reading one of the chapters about a guy who lost his virginity, I myself expirianced the exact same scenario), while keeping you hooked with this classic "What will happen next" feeling.

On a more personal note: This book is affecting my life, not directly, but it directed me to someone who opened my eyes a lot (DeAngelo). And the great thing is, just by working on myself a little bit, I started to notice changes. Today, a colleague of mine whom I have been interested in for a while, actually asked ME out... And this after I have been testing some of the theories on her for a week or two. Coincidence? You tell me, I have been around this women for over half a year trying to get her to go out with me. She always said no. But now all of a suddon the tables have turned? Awesome :)

I apologise for any grammar errors, English is not my native language.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 December 2006
This is fashioned as the "bible" for pick up artists: the cover is faux black leather on which the title of the book and some artwork are imprinted in gold. The pages are gilded and there is a red ribbon sewn into the binding to allow the aspirant to keep his place for future reference, possibly in case he gets tongue-tied.

HIS place, note. This book purports to teach young guys how to pick up chicks, how to elicit the "doggy dinner bowl look," i.e., "the entranced expression a woman gets in her eyes when she is attracted to a man who is talking to her." (Glossary, p. 441) The underlying premise is that it doesn't matter if you are short and balding and still live with your parents. If you've got a good line and exude confidence and know how to manipulate people, the babes will swoon. You are not required to be an alpha male.

In other words, this is a book biz hustle aimed at ordinary joes who aspire to be Don Juans. I think what Neil Strauss, who previously coauthored a book called, I kid you not, "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star," asked himself one day was, how does the "average frustrated chump" (see Glossary) who has no money, no talent, no future, no looks, no build, no charm, and no education get what he really wants--that is, chicks in bed just for the asking? Well, he doesn't, he concluded after some thought. And then he asked himself the real question: how can I as an aspiring literary artist take advantage of this situation? What is it that these guys believe or want to believe? If I can tell them that their belief is true, then I will have them laying down cold hard cash for a book of pure unadulterated BS.

Bingo, it hit him! You gotta have real insight into the female mind. That is what they want to believe since that can be learned. Of course he would have to pretend to acquire some plausible techniques, like how to present yourself, how not to come on too strong, but firmly with confidence and a devil may care attitude, and how to conduct yourself, always confident, never, but never, needy.

And so, fingers flying over the keyboard, Strauss spun out a list of steps. Begin with a warrior's or hunter's stance. Therefore Step 1 would be "Select a Target." It's a game after all--that's the key psychology. Picking up chicks is just a game. They know it. It's high time you knew it too. "Step 2: "Approach and Open." Business-like. All the nerds in the cubicals will relate to this terminology. There would 9 more steps including Step 6 "Create an Emotional Connection," and Step 10 "Blast Last-Minute Resistance."

He liked that expression, "blast!"--kind of sexual and warlike at the same time. After all this IS the battle of the sexes. Maybe even "Blast through Last-Minute Resistance..." But no, that would be too blatantly sexual. Woman want it, but they don't want to be reminded of that fact. They want finesse, firm finesse of course.

Strauss spent some time with some rock/porn star type mentalities masquerading as members of a "secret society of pickup artists"--guys who live in places like Encino with names like "Mystery" and "Style." Right! Isn't that what some women want in a man: mystery and style?

Actually what they really want is value, of course, or as they say in evolutionary psychology, men with resources. And this is what Strauss discovered and why he named Step 3 "Demonstrating Value," which for the targets of his book could be taken as: you can fake it.

Mystery, who Strauss tells us is "producing Basic Training workshops in several cities around the world, due to numerous requests" lays out the "Sex Magic" in his "Mystery Method" workshop beginning on page 35. Some highlights:

1. Smile when you walk into a room. See the group with the target and follow the three-second rule. Do not hesitate--approach instantly.

4. Neg the target with one of the slew of negs we've come up with. Tell her, 'It's so cute. Your nose wiggles when you laugh.' Then get her friends to notice and laugh about it.

10. Sit with her and perform a rune reading, an ESP test, or any other demonstration that will fascinate and intrigue her.

And so on.

There is a lot of this sort of thing, some kind of technique or some sort of line that some of the guys that Strauss talked to used or wanted to use at some bar or Hard Rock Café on some mindless twentysomething. Clearly Strauss believes it's all about technique, and I would say most women would agree. But that's NOT the kind of technique they had in mind.

The book is also filled with lots of dialogue, obviously imagined or reconstructed from notes, the kind of dialogue you find in popular novels. In fact, what this book is, is a novel in the guise of being a self-help book. Doesn't that just scream best seller?

The best part of the book is the Glossary. It's a collection of phrases and jargon that Strauss picked up on his travels. I gave a couple of examples above. Here's another one, perhaps the central one in the book: "FMAC--noun [find, meet, attract, close]..." We used to have one similar when I was young called "the four ef's": FFF&F. That does NOT stand for "Fat-Faced Fanny's Faloon" which was the name of a bar in Hermosa Beach. Maybe still is.

Bottom line here: Strauss is a pretty good writer so this is diverting and somewhat entertaining if you're under forty. If you're under thirty and a card-carrying nerd it might get you to salivating. If you're a teenage boy, this really IS the Bible.
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on 13 January 2011
Its an interesting book, i personally feel that it largely depends on the individual person and how confident and socially skilled that person is in order for this book to be of any use. I also dont believe that this book and its contents will help any man as it seems to suggest become a pickup artist, there are way too many points here that i could point out about the way it views women and how to manipulate them that seriously really dont add up but nonetheless it makes for an interesting read and if anything, why not take a few pointers from and see what it does for you...
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