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on 3 August 2014
Had this item for several months now - not had any issues with it. Don't need to use it too often but every couple of weeks I charge my Galaxy Fame with it and give it a fresh charge - each time I have done this the Power Bank has contained a full charge - so no problems there. As for the amount of recharge capacity on offer - this is more than adequate for my Galaxy in an emergency - if the phone is left in standby it can take the phone from 30% to something approaching 80% - bearing in mind that it's a Samsung phone (known for being demanding on their batteries) - so your recharging and powering the phone - I think this is pretty good. Have also had a more than adequate result when charging my Galaxy SIII mp4 player. A word of advice, if you can power down the phone etc then you'll get a lot more out of this little Power Bank. Recharging takes a while - depending on how much the battery has been drained - for the best efficiency - ensure it is fully charged.

The build quality is excellent. Size and weight haven't been an issue for me - yes bigger than a lipstick - it's a lithium battery encased in an alloy tube so no surprises here. The torch is very very bright.

Overall no complaints.
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on 11 August 2014
I cannot rate this item highly enough! I absolutely love it!
I purchased this to extend the life of my Sony Experia smart phone when long distance walking. When I walk I use MapMyWalk which I find to be a big drain on my battery. Previous to purchasing the TeckNet Power Bank Mini iEP300 my phone battery would die after about 6 hours walking, however I now simply plug in my TeckNet Power Bank before the phone battery dies & not only can I walk & use the MapMyWalk App for another 6 hours but after 12 hours walking I arrive home with a fully charged battery! Brilliant!
The torch is a nice bonus, I didn't particularly want this feature but it has proved useful, it is incredibly bright!
My only minor criticism is that it is described as "Lipstick" size. Now I'm no expert on lipstick having never worn any but I reckon that at approx. 110mm long it's a little bigger than "Lipstick" size however this is not an issue, it is still pocket sized meaning it is very portable.
Finally, I find the fact that it is supplied by a UK based company offering a UK based warranty extremely reassuring.
All in all a fantastic product offered at a fantastic price earning a well deserved 5 stars!
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on 12 August 2014
Seems very well made. The photos on the listing makes the USB sockets look quite rough, but the charger I received was perfect with no rough edges. The torch is bright too. Tecknet, the manufacturers, provide a small fanfold manual covering most operations, though there's no mention of how to attach the wrist strap (unscrew the end cap by the sockets and attach the strap, before screwing the end cap back on) or the SOS mode for the torch. An LED shows the charge state by its colour - red flickering <30%, amber flickering 30-60%, green flickering 60-100%, or solid green 100%.
The only issue I found is that the supplied cable would not work with a mini USB to lightning adapter I'd bought separately, even though the adapter worked fine with another mini USB cable. However, the charger will work with my iPhone 5 with the other cable or a standard lightning cable. I've contacted Tecknet and will report if I get a solution to this.
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on 4 February 2015
I own one of TeckNet's larger (7000 mAh) batteries and liked it so much I bought three more and gave them to friends and family. I therefore had high expectations for this purchase. This mini power pack has less than half the capacity of my older TeckNet power bank, but its size and shape makes it very portable and it works very well as a charger for my Samsung Galaxy S4, providing ore than a full charge. The torch feature, although a secondary benefit, is actually excellent - one of those very bright square "CREE" LEDs - I've been using it a lot. To activate the torch, you double-click the button at the other end from the LED. Double-clicking again causes the light to flash S-O-S slowly. Another double-click turns the torch off.

If I could make any improvements at all it would be these:

- Rather than a double-click, require a long press to turn on and off
- Double-click should be reserved for activating the SOS function - you have to pass through this mode when trying to turn the torch off.
- The aluminium case is perfectly round and rolls very easily off whatever surface you rest it on. A detachable clip could be added between the unscrewable ring at the button end which would stop it rolling and allow it to be clipped into a pocket, for example.

All in all, a very good purchase at a very good price.
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on 11 August 2014
I do a lot of hiking where mobile phone signal can be poor and I also run a walking app to record it. My original Samsung Galaxy Note 1 battery coped with these drains over the course of a long day but having "split" this phone at upgrade time to a more practical Samsung Tab 3 for home and S4 Mini for out and about I found that the S4 Mini, having a smaller battery, didn't go the distance; hence the purchase of this.

The plus points are: it is very well made, easy to use, relatively compact, charges the phone quickly and holds its charge once charged at home for long periods (still ok after a couple of months which is the longest I've been before using it) as well as having a super bright torch in case darkness falls before I finish and it has a SOS mode, handy in case I get mawled by a rabbit and need to try and summon help :-)

The "minus" points are the that the supplied cable micro USB end doesn't fit very well in the S4 Mini so I use my Samsung cable - but this could be the phone as it doesn't have a particulary good connector. Also it only adds about 70% charge to the phone i.e 20% to 90%, 30% to 100% charge then the Power Bank is flat. As the Power Bank is 3000mAH and the S4 Mini is 1900mAH I had hoped for more. I have given it 5* (rather than 4) as charging percentages tend to vary between devices, the connector could be my phone but ultimately it does what I wanted it to do i.e. allow me a long days walking with the torch and build quality offsetting the "minus" points.
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on 3 September 2014
These torch-cum-USB chargers are really good. As a torch, they're bright (although it can take a while to get the torch and then the SOS signal to actually turn off - you need to double-press the button twice to switch between the torch being on/off then twice more to turn the SOS signal on/off and then it's off) and as a portable charger they're brilliant.

The capacity is such that they can charge your phone etc. fully and still have a bit of battery left to save it from dying next time. It charges reasonably quickly over Micro USB and the different coloured lights depending on the state of charge are useful. I'm not sure if it can supply enough current to charge an iPad (I'd guess no) but the capacity probably wouldn't be enough to fully charge one anyway.

The included Micro USB to 30 pin Apple connector is great and it's always charged my iPod just fine, although I've found that it won't work to synchronise your iDevice if you plug it into a PC.

As I said, it's great. It seems well built and made to last (I got one once in Lidl and the built-in charging cable broke after about a year) so it should last long into the future. I'd definitely recommend this.
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on 30 September 2014
The most practical smartphone gadget.

This has got to be my #1 most useful gadget yet. I have a smartphone with a battery that doesn't hold for long, and this battery compensates for that perfectly. I went on a geology trip this year, which required me to use the GPS and compass for long periods of time, and I could be sure the phone's battery would not run out.
The torch also turned out to be a useful feature. I can't count the number of times when I needed a light in an unforeseen situation.

Overall, very practical and useful
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on 28 April 2016
Just the best two in one device ever.
Very portable, a great mobile phone & tablet top-up battery.
Was excellent during the flooding and subsequent power cut during Christmas 2015 - allowed us to keep the mobile phone battery charged to maintain contact with family & friends. It was the only power source that we had to keep a mobile phone & a tablet working during this difficult time.
The torch is great & I used it all through those long winter walks home from the railway station - excellent light, useful carrying stray and not too bulky or heavy.
Can't rate this item more highly.
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on 4 April 2014
The torch function is great but the claim that it will fully charge an iPhone 5 wasn't accurate. I charged it fully and connected to my phone which had 65% charge. It reached 97% before it stopped charging showing a red light. It has been tried twice more and will only add about 35% to my phone, which is only 5 months old. Chinese made Li-ion cells are notoriously variable in capacity (read the many reviews) and it would seem I have been unlucky. A refund or replacement is unlikely since it isn't a specific fault. Very disappointed.
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on 10 November 2014
Bought two of these items and had to return them both.
The Power Bank works fine just for the first cycles of charging, it reaches very high temperatures (don't let it in your pocket while using!).
After 4 or 5 charging cycles the device will funcion just for 2 or 3 minutes, then it will appear completely dead: no status led, no flashlight function. The cells seem ok because when I connect The Power Bank to an AC powered charger the status led starts blinking green. Seems more an electronic issue.
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