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4.7 out of 5 stars122
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 28 March 2012
Like many people i have been looking foward to this album for a long time. In reality and like other reviewers have said to follow up on an album like the sound of madness is an extremely difficult thing to do. Fot me this is a good album and worth listening to, i have only listened to the album through once and there is a handful of good songs and a few im sure will grow on me. I kind of feel that many of the songs sound as though they have had too many instruments thrown into them and it kinda clogs up brent smiths powerful voice and just becomes noise, i would of loved for there to have been more songs on the album like "miracle" where the instrumental is basic piano and brents voice can come through. There are good songs on here though and its well worth a listen its just sometimes the best songs are the ones stripped back with just some basic acoustic guitar or some piano and im kinda hoping theres a list of studio songs that didnt make it onto the album that we will get to hear at some point and that they will sound more like "simple man" or "call me".

Worth checking out though and i still enjoyed it very much, money well spent! Look out for miracle, i'll follow you, for my sake and in my opinion enemies.

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on 3 April 2012
I've all of Shinedown's albums and their first 2 albums are more heavy and then you've The Sound of Madness which is a mix of heavy rock, to what I call southern rock. As for Amaryllis, it's more southern rock...or just rock. Does this make sense?

It's not a negative thought though, because I really like all the songs and the lyrics and the main thing for me is this isn't samey samey like some bands often can be. It's another unique album for Shinedown, which very new tunes and I again have full appreciation of Brent's vocals.

The last song on the album, Through the ghost, is probably my favourite. And then I like I'm not Alright, Bully and My Name.

We saw these live in February too (for the second time in the UK) and they were awesome and played a few of their new songs of the new album. They're just an awesome band, my most favourite and would recommend this album for any Shinedown fan and any other rock fan too.
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on 6 April 2012
i love all of Shinedowns Albums and this amaryllis one is very different compared, but its awesome! Theres a great combination of heavy rock and more lighter rock almost ballad sounding songs :)Its just incredible!! thats all i can say!
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on 15 March 2015
First off I'd just like to say my biggest problem with this album is the production. Most of the louder, heavier tracks sound strangely compressed and muted, like they've had all the life and attitude mixed out of them. Thankfully this isn't really noticeable on the more acoustic-based tracks, where the vocals and instruments sound like they've been allowed to "breathe".

If you're already a fan of Shinedown then this will be familiar territory and you will probably love it. If you've not heard (of) this band before, but like hard rock with metal influences, as well as mellower acoustic-based songs, with the odd trip into power ballad territory, then I'd recommend this.

1. Adrenaline
A fairly typical barnstorming opener, celebrating life that just demands to be played loud. Lyrically a bit dodgy but otherwise very enjoyable. 8/10.

2. Bully
A slower-tempo foot-stomper that shouts defiance at the kids that made your life hell at school. Great song, only minor niggle is that they didn't make the kids' backing vocals a bit more prominent (maybe not singing / playing over them would have helped). 9/10.

3. Amaryllis
The title track is a nice mix of acoustic-led verse and rocking chorus. A Journey-esque power ballad thats perfect for driving with the top down to. 9/10.

4. Unity
One of my favourite tracks on the album - a mid-tempo powerhouse of a track. I think this one was specifically written with live gigs in mind, with its "put your hands in the air, one more time" refrain. 10/10.

5. Enemies
A snarling beast of a track with insanely catchy, bouncy verses (another example of the odd mix of styles Shinedown seem to like putting into their songs). Some synth flourishes and backing vocals add some melody to balance the angst. 9/10.

6. I'm Not Alright
Weird track this one. A bouncy, catchy ode to mental issues with a chorus that makes you want to jump around and sing along like an idiot. Synths also more prominent on this track. Another cracking tune! 10/10.

7. Nowhere Kids
Follows a similar vein to Bully and Enemies - dark and angst-ridden, yet still managing to be ridiculously catchy. Some of the best lyrics I've heard for a while. Only lacking a decent guitar solo. 9/10.

8. Miracle
Wandering into power ballad territory here. Strong lyrics combined with catchy hooks and a soaring, singalong chorus make this another favourite of mine. 8/10.

9. I'll Follow You
The first (and only) real dip in quality on the album - this is the one track I'm inclined to skip. Another power ballad that unfortunately isn't anything as good as Miracle. A decent tune but very weak lyrically - sounds like they pulled lots of very cliched lines out of a hat for this one. 6/10.

10. For My Sake
Back into angsty rock territory. This break-up song follows the usual quiet verse - loud chorus formula, but does it to good effect. 7/10.

11. My Name (Wearing Me Out)
Basically a higher-tempo version of For My Sake. The angst is also strong with this one. The band are still in "break-up" mode here but better lyrics lift it up a notch. 8/10.

12. Through the Ghost
A complete change of pace for the album closer. An acoustic-led ballad, with deep rumbling drums and chiming bells to give it a faintly gothic feel. Thought-provoking lyrics about lost love. 8/10.
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on 3 April 2012
After listening to the last offering The Sound of Madness and wearing out the CD . ( yes it is possible)
the long wait for Shinedowns 4th Album was over . The Cd was placed in the CD drawer and play was pressed
warning to self should of turn the volume down a bit as it nearlly took the windows out

well after a week of contant plays may be due another copy its good which is what i expected maybe a little commercial but has some good hook lines and there will probablly be a string of singles of the back of the Album
and no dought a load more Gold and Multi Platinum awards
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on 19 April 2012
This cements Shinedown's full transition into the realms of american post-grunge MOR, radio-friendly pop-rock (bit of a mouthful, granted). They were always headed this way as their grungier debut heralded but there was always the chance that they could exist in that particular arena while still producing slightly left-field tracks. 2008's Sound of Madness managed this perfectly. It had radio-friendly, spangly, acoustic power-ballads that lay next to crushing, iconic anthems like the astonishing title track. And nothing seemed out of place. There's nothing wrong with making music for the masses but it just seems that they did it with a little more integrity on previous releases, with emphasis on decent songwriting over clipped track length. And, no, tacked-on swearing for no real reason does not an edgy album make.

That said, Amarallyis is not at all a bad album. In fact its new design makes for rather pleasant listening. The real problem lies with the strength of the songs. There are some absolute belters on here but only on the first half. There is nothing bad as such on the rest of the album but nothing that truly grabs the attention or is as exhilirating as much as say 'Devour' or as epic or moving as 'In Memory' and 'All I Ever Wanted'.

Openers 'Adrenaline' and 'Bully' are ostensibly the same song. They are both rollicking rockers chock-full of hooks and great choruses, but were crafted for the obvious reason of being singles (well at least 'Bully'). And that's no bad thing in a way as they are both fantastic. The title track is not a patch on the one from Sound of Madness but it is still a very good track. It is more of a ballad, played acoustically and rising to the usual emotional crescendo. 'Unity' sounds like it will end up on a BT advert at some time in the future. Hooks and soaring choruses aplenty vie for space amidst the crystal production. I jest but it really is a great song too. 'Enemies' is where it all gets a bit 'ordinary'. It's quite upbeat and has a pounding, rhythmic chorus but sounds like a track-by-numbers machine wrote it. A little anaemic. 'I'm Not Alright' is similar in tone but actually miles better as the chorus is staggeringly catchy and foot-tappingly addictive. It almost sounds like a Britpop anthem resurrected (almost).

'Nowhere Kids' is another Shinedown bread and butter track. It's very good but you will probably have heard it before. 'Miracle' is similar but does have a stronger chorus. It's a ballad and they usually do these well. 'I'll Follow You' is again very good, a cross between a ballad and a mid-paced rocker but is lacking a spark to rise it to higher status. Ditto 'For My Sake' and 'My name'. Both ok, both not particularly memorable. Closer, 'Through the Gost' is much better and ends on a sombre high at least. It sounds like the Shinedown from previous albums, forging ahead with a song that is both mainstream, intelligent and moving. Hopefully this is a sign of the direction they may take on their next album a few years down the line? We'll see.

Not bad. Not as good as they have been but worthy enough for a listen as there are a handful of great tracks here. And actually it would be a pretty good place to start if you are new to the band.
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on 10 April 2012
This album is I think absolutely brilliant, I do prefer their slower songs on this album but maybe that's just me and maybe when my mood changes I'll go for a different song.
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on 28 March 2012
This is an album which lacks both the energy and emotional power synonymous with some of Shinedown's earlier work. It has its high moments (the title track in particular, with some beautiful strings and solos throughout) but much of the album is mired in radio friendly rock, which in itself isn't a bad thing, but it is a shame that the intensity is toned down somewhat in comparison to earlier albums. Brett's voice is still fantastic and the music is enjoyable to listen to on the whole, but it's not a knockout blow that their previous albums have been.

It's a bit similar to Rise Against's latest offerings in all honesty, which isn't exactly the best praise I can offer. Worth a listen all the same.
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on 3 April 2012
It may have been four years since the last album but it is well worth the wait. The album is brilliant from start to finish every single track is good, really good. I haven't stopped listening since it arrived!!
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on 10 March 2016
Shinedown are artists. They care about their fanbase, but not to the point where they construct songs for any expectations formed by previous material. Like say Rush, who are all things considered my favourite band. Always surprising and innovating.

Amaryllis is my favourite Shinedown album, the fact that it follows, and betters, the awesome The Sound Of Madness makes it all the more impressive. Like Pink Floyd followed and bettered the groundbreaking Dark Side Of The Moon with Wish You Were Here when nobody thought it was possible. There is massive variation on here, from Miracle (a mid-tempo love song) to the aggression of Enemies or the ballad Through The Ghost, and others in between all those.

The highest points of Threat To Survival (How Did You Love, Cut The Cord, Oblivion, Dangerous) hit the level of Amaryllis but there are weaker tracks that drag it down, Amaryllis is more consistently brilliant. But all Shinedown albums are great, and are different. I look forward to everything else that we will hear from them.

And Brent's bite, and power, and expression, are pretty much unrivalled in rock, and he is great live, commands the arena with ease, like you'd expect from the best front man around.
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