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I've owned various Turtle beach headsets for about 5 years now and have loved each of them, the latest being the X31. It took it's time coming over from the US to the UK but they have finally made an appearance in their basic form in the high street shops. The XP400 is Turtle Beach's latest model having just been released in the US on the 11th April which is where I bought mine from.
The main reason I bought the XP400's is the fact that they are one of very few true wireless gaming headsets. The most significant difference is that unlike many other gaming headset on the market the Bluetooth functionality allows you to use gamechat without any wires from the controller to the headset. The other difference is that you have the ability to take/make calls from your mobile phone on your headset.

What do you get in the box?
You get a rechargeable headset with a very very long Mini-USB to USB cable to charge it with; a sound transmitter; an optical cable; a thin instruction booklet (in English only); and a Bluetooth puck that plugs into your Xbox controller (PS3 won't need one as the controllers are Bluetooth enabled already)

Set up was straight forward.
· plug in the optical cable from the input of the transmitter to the back of the Xbox360 (or PS3). If you have an older model without an optical input to your console you can purchase an audio adapter but this is sold separately and doesn't come packaged.
· Plug the transmitter into the USB port at the back of the Xbox (or PS3) and switch the headset on -this enables sound from the game.
· Plug the Bluetooth puck into the Xbox controller and switch it on and it should automatically pair with the headset- this enables gamechat. For the PS3 just pair your controller with the headset.
Aside from following the main instructions on setting up the headset I had to go into Xbox dashboard>personal settings>allow voice output to be put through both speaker and headset. For some odd reason when the voice output is set to go through the headset only I can't hear anybody in game chat. You can also use an additional optical cable to plug into your home theatre system but again this doesn't come packaged.
A nice feature with the XP400's is that you can pair your headset with your mobile phone so that you can take phone calls which again is easy to set up - Just press and hold the Bluetooth button on the headset to turn it off, turn it back on again by holding it for 5 seconds and turn your mobile Bluetooth on. The instructions say to enter a code but I didn't need to.

Headset buttons/inputs/outputs
On the right side of the headset you have a Bluetooth button and volume controls, the mic-mute button, charging LED light indicator and headset charging port. On the left side you have a variable mic monitor (which allows you adjust how much of yourself you can hear through the headset from the mic), tone and blast limiter button (which adjusts volume of sudden loud sounds like explosions to protect your ears) and optional talkback cable jack in case you want to use a wired cable to your Xbox controller.

If you're a serious gamer like me, then you know how important sounds are during gameplay where you can hear every detail like feet walking in the room in Call of Duty and the XP400'd don't disappoint. The sound quality is very good and you have the ability to change the level of surround sound to your liking depending upon which game you are playing. You can really hear the difference with this as sometimes I find myself wondering if an earpiece isn't working as I hear a sound or movement (again in COD:MW3) to my right or left (so I only hear the sound in the right or left earpiece).
I loved the fact that I'm free from all wires while playing with a wireless controller and I think that this is how all gaming should be. I also like the fact that you can charge the headset via the USB cable even when the Xbox is switched off (I have the black slim console and I don't know if it makes a difference with older models). I don't think you can charge via USB on the PS3 when it's switched off as I have other charging hubs attached for some PS3 Move controllers which don't seem to charge.
The headset I find they sit slightly lower on my ears when resting the top of the headset on my head than my older X31's which surprised me and it feels much bigger. I consider my head to be of average size so I wouldn't advise these headsets for anyone with small heads as you will probably find that they won't be comfortable. The foam ear pads were also on the firmer side than I'm used to on my X31's but this could just be because they are new and I expected softer ones.
You can cycle through presets which change the angles of the sound in your ears to give you some depth of sound from in front or behind you and this works really well. There are 2 downsides though; the first is that you can only cycle through the presets on the transmitter itself as this is where the button is which means that you can't really experiment easily during gameplay; the second downside is that it's not easy to see which preset you have chosen on the transmitter as it only shows in sequence of LED flashes. There is a tone button on the headset which changes the bass/treble boost and there are 4 presets which cycle through and you can hear which one you've chosen by the number of beeps you hear in the headset.
Pairing the headset with my Iphone 4 was easy and sound was clear when on the phone whilst talking to someone. If a call comes in on the mobile and you are in the middle of gameplay, the game sound cuts off to take the call and resumes when it's ended.
It should also be noted that the Bluetooth puck that plugs into the Xbox controller draws power from the controller battery so you'll be changing your batteries significantly more than normal. I use rechargeable AA batteries and seem to switch them every couple of days rather than once every week or so.

The XP400 series are related to the XP500 (which allows you to programme your own surround sound and equaliser settings instead of having presets on the XP400) and the XP300 series (which are cheaper but are only stereo sound and not surround sound).

You should also be aware that Turtle Beach claim that the Bluetooth chat adapter (puck) may not work with non-official Microsoft Xbox360 controllers but I haven't tested this as I only have Microsoft wireless ones.

All in all I love being able to game without having to worry about any wires at all and the sound is very good. The headset is on the large side so those with smaller heads may want to avoid this model. The major downside is the price tag which is still extremely high even having bought them in the US but is now priced on Amazon UK proportionally. In my opinion it's definitely worth it for me as a hardcore gamer and would definitely recommend them.
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on 27 September 2013
I use these with my Xbox 360 Slim, I've had wired TB headsets before and this was my first set of wireless - OHHHH baby, didn't realize the difference it would make. The sound quality is brilliant and the sound can be adjusted (I have mine set up specifically to dull explosions but heighten footsteps - In COD Black ops II).
This product is also FORWARD compatible with the new Xbox one and PS4 out in Nov 2013. It uses the optical port on the back of the console. (might need an additional adapter for the controller though)
Battery life is good - I'd say 8hrs play with the settings I use.
Can charge while using easily.

I don't know why I ever bothered with the other wired headsets!!
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on 22 November 2014
First off let me state the obvious - this is NOT a PC compatible headset.
Unless you have a sound card with optical out (which most of integrated cards save on) - you are out of the game. That's right - optical out. Apparently they bothered to build toslink support, but made the usb connection of the transmitter only for ... drawing power.
And then, even if you can use it (the toslink) - this Dolby function will be "virtualizing" channels for you rather than playing the real game surround, so you are out of luck in case you are a PC gamer.

But the worst surprise came with their Bluetooth "support" - turns out you _CANNOT_ play music over it (and that one I had to discover on their official forum after loosing an hour playing with my mobile devices). A £100 wireless headset that does not support music over Bluetooth (unlike the cheap £10 ones) makes no sense unless you are a marketing guy from Turtle Beach who wants to push people to the more expensive sets.

The build is great, but the software support for this headset makes it useless for anything but modest console gaming. Sorry, but for me this is not what premium headsets should offer and yes, nowadays gamers use more than one platform...
Fortunately switching to a bit more expensive (ofcourse) Z300 did remedy all this, as I was about to give up on this brand...
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on 22 April 2013
If you have a PS3 or Xbox, and you play games like Call of duty or Battlefield, then this is a great headset to purchase. The sound is fantastic, as there is virtually no crackling at all unlike most other headsets. It's very comfortable and I could easily use it all day if I really wanted to. This headset is also a great solution to having a wireless headset, because the is no interference as it automatically changes frequency when there is interference, so having multiple Bluetooth devices in the room will no affect sound quality. I have to say this is one of the best headsets for it's price range, as it has amazing quality and comfort as well as offering Dolby Digital 5.1, which can honestly make a difference in FPS multilayer games, and I would like to add that this isn't the headset for you if that is not your normal type of game, as in other gaming genres, there is not a need for surround sound, and so a cheaper alternative should be found in my opinion. I would only not suggest getting this headset, if you want to invest more money into one and get better surround sound and the ability to stream music via Bluetooth, then I would suggest getting the XP 510 for Xbox users, or the XP 51 for PS3 users as they both have Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound, which in my opinion isn't totally necessary. Overall it's amazing!
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on 29 December 2014
Works perfectly on the PC and Xbox 360. Blue tooth music works ok on PC if you know how to set up Windows. Quality is average though. Best used for chatting and Skype. Yes it has Toslink but it also has a standard 3.5mm jack input for wireless sound via PC which is infinitely better. The bluetooth adapter for the Xbox 360 controller is fantastic. Full wireless game sounds and live chat in one go. Terrific.
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on 13 May 2013
these were a birthday present for my son. took him an age to set up as he doesn't read instructions! his friend set them up in a couple of minutes and all I got were they are ACE, so that says it all in my world :)
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on 21 January 2015
Not much to say about these that have not already been said.. I love them one of the best headsets I've ever owned and recommended them to anyone who wants a truly wireless headset..
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on 30 December 2013
This headset was bought to replace an older Turtle Beach headset and again we have not been disappointed. The sound quality is outstanding and crystal clear at any volume.
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on 19 February 2014
Had brought turtle headphones before, took a chance with these as so much cheaper, So glad I did as they are just as good.
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on 13 February 2014
Bought this as a gift for my fifteen year old and she couldn`t be happier. Great product with a great service form Amazon.
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