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on 2 September 2012
Firstly I have to say that I was most impressed with the delivery on this, I received it less than 24 hours after placing the order.

I bought this camera for my daughter's 16th birthday, after much reading of reviews of this and other bridge cameras. She wanted somthing with a bit more versatility than her little point and shoot, but not too complicated, and this sounded perfect. She used it on holiday in Cyprus, and the results are superb, lovely clear images, and gorgeous colours, and some lovely close up shots of flowers and lizards, using zoom and macro mode.

The negatives that people have mentioned, the fact that the battery cover is a bit hard to close, but hopefully it will get easier, and if you want to view your images immediately, you have to wait a few seconds, but we havent found it a big issue, and it certainly hasn't hampered the enjoyment or the quality of the camera. All I can say is I want one now!
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on 29 March 2012
I was looking at getting a decent camera to start my photography hobby, after lots of searching and reviews, I had my mind set on the Nikon Coolpix L120. A big name retailer has it at a very competitive price but no store around me had it in stock. Being an Amazon prime member I decided to have a look on here and saw that a new model was available on Monday. Without hesitation, I placed my order and the camera arrived on Tuesday.

Had it out of the box and was taking pictures in minutes, I was impressed by the pictures It produced (remember I am a novice and have no idea what iso and exposure mean but still managed some decent shots). Got it out last night to take a picture of the moon and I am very impressed with the results. (Image uploaded to gallery)

It should be known that like the L120 before it, this is a point and shoot camera with super zoom, it is not a proper bridge camera with advanced controls, it does not save images in RAW format, and its optical zoom whilst recording a video is quite slow. These are not really of bother to me as I will move on from this camera when I am more confident with my photography to a better one.

There is one major gripe with this camera though. It writes to memory pretty slowly. There is almost a 2-3 second delay after taking a photograph before you can view it. That is way too slow for some people who might want to take shots in a hurry.
I am pleased with the images it produces and think it's worth the price (Hey, Amazon, you reduce the price by £11 two days after I buy it? what's that about? Where do I ask for the refund?).

I shall however give it a 4 out of 5 rating as I do not believe this camera is that much of a significant upgrade over the L120. If I could return it, I would return it, get the L120 and save £60.

I shall update this review as time goes on. Perhaps this is initial buyer's remorse.
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on 21 July 2012
This camera is a very pleasant surprise.

I got it for a super price, from a different seller. I have only had it for 2 days. I am quite a experienced photographer, yet this is only ever with digital compact cameras.

I read reviews, and saw that it had problems with blur etc. I decided to go for it anyway, because of the amazing price.

A minus is no viewfinder, this would be great as the zoom and image sensor(16mp) is incredibly powerful, But I knew it didn't have one so I knew what I was getting into.

There is a slight bit of blur, but YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO HOLD IT PROPERLY! I first tried it and I got many bad shots, yet after a little bit of practice, you can nail every shot, and if you get good, then you can get some real crackers that look well over professional, again due to the fact that is has a 16MP sensor.

For example, when I first got it, I took it out to take some photos and it was blurry and frustrating. If you hold it with your right hand over the trigger where it would normally be, then position your left hand under the scope bit so that your thumb controls the side zoom, then it will be sure to give you great shots. For example, I took it to a raceway and took some great shots of cars moving really fast, and as long as you left it focus and give it time, you can get an amazing shot.

A HUGE benefit is the VR. I dismissed it as some trash that won't work, but it REALLY helps you get some good shots, you just have to let it kick in.

The build quality is exceptional, with a strong body and beautiful solid buttons. One TINY little thing is that the side zoom lever is a tiny bit loose and does not give you a confident pull on it.

The screen is VERY good for the price, it is the same pixel density as some of the cameras out there which cost £500.

So, On the whole, it is a GREAT camera for the budget and it takes a bit of getting used to, but when you get the hang of it, you get some AMAZING professional-looking photographs.

A personal recommendation would be to get some 2000 mAh or more batteries, this will give you a huge amount of shots on one charge. Also, to solve the slow save speed etc, Get a class 10 card. Then, make sure you sort out a folder on your PC to transfer and keep up to date with it. Otherwise you could find that you run out of memory quick!


After having it for a good while now I have dropped one star from it. This is because of the hugely unreliable autofocus. At full zoom, it can't focus at all. I wanted to take some photos of the moon, and even on a tripod, it wouldn't focus. At all.

Another problem is from time to time the screen will go black, as it if has took a shot. But it actually goes straight back to the screen and later takes a photo.

For all of those that feel strongly (I had high hopes for this camera), then I would advise you to contact Nikon and pressure them to DEVELOP AND RELEASE SOME FIRMWARE FOR IT. It is not hard for them, and as a customer, you really deserve your product to work well. I am now highly critical of Nikon for not noticing and taking heed to the reviews which dictate that there is huge problems with its focus.

That said, it can take some cracking photos at macro-mid zoom, better than my friend's two thousand pound DSLR, because you don't have to have an array of lenses to do so, making it great for a budding photographer.

Also, as I said before, the VR (Vibration reduction) is INCREDIBLE. It is lens-shift, not sensor-shift, which makes it worth while. Huge bonus for this camera.
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on 7 July 2012
A very good choice. We were looking for a reasonably priced, high quality camera with a powerful optical zoom and the Nikon L810 fits the bill perfectly. The 3 inch screen can be seen clearly inn strong sunlight, something we have never had before. We are looking forward to doing some competitive photography with this model.
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on 13 July 2012
first of all the positive aspects of this is well designed and looks good and the dials are easy to boasts 16.1 mp and a quality nikkor 26x optical zoom lens.the AA battery system works well but you do have to buy your own 4 rechargeable batteries and charger, once the ones supplied run out. you can operate the zoom function when in movie mode. in good lighting conditions the results are very for the negative points! the printed instructions are not comprehensive enough. it is slow to switch on and has too long a delay when taking pictures and in storing them, despite using a sandisk extreme 111 SDHC card, so not good for action is much slower than my lumix LX3. when employing the impressive telephoto function it struggles to focus properly. in poor lighting conditions the image quality drops below acceptable levels. overall i am disappointed with this camera and if i could choose again i would probably look at a lumix the mean time i will persevere with it and hopefully squeese out some better results within its limitations.
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on 12 February 2013
This camera replaced a compact camera, so glad I bought it. Shots are so good, it's like being there. Brilliant!
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on 12 September 2012
I'm sick of reading wanna-be David baileys if you own a 100-130 pounds camera this is a great upgrade sharp at almost full zoom and great 16.2 mp frame to enlarge your pics . Better than any Fuji and other competators at the same price . Good colour and no drag in moving shots . Let's just say most of these "reviewers" take shots of people at the park . I took mine to Tanzania on a safari and It did more than impress. I'm very happy .
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on 20 September 2012
Maybe it's not professional camera, but hell - i'm not professional photographer. It fits my needs excellently and i'm happy, beacause at last i have camera which reproduce colours exactly as they are in real, on my my oil paintings. so if you need good gear for reasonable money - buy it and you won't regret. Software attached to camera is very useful and allows you to do wide range of colour/brightness/contrast/hue corrections. :)
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on 2 February 2013
I have the L110 and this is the newer version. It is a winner. This was a gift for my wife who wants a more flexible camera than a compact but does not want the weight of an SLR. Even if you have an SLR, when you just want to grab a camera to put over your shoulder as you go out, this is much more flexible, lightweight, cost effective. In particular:
Enormous zoom range
Good close up ability e.g. Flowers, insects
Vibration reduction works well
Good quality sensor
Good optical quality bearing in mind the zoom range
The presets for scenes work well
Gts the white balance, exposure, focus right

I would have preferred a custom made lithium battery, but they all seem to use AA cell, I don't know why. A small point. Get good rechargeables or you will spend a lot of money.

Go for it and get shooting.
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on 18 March 2014
Takes brilliant pictures, but the flash is terrible, it is temperimental so you dont know whether its going to flash or not, when it does flash its good, but when your wanting it to flash it doesn't?
And no, I am not just been thick, I know about technology and there is no solution!
Even google tells me that it is temperimental.. will teach me to buy something without researching first won't it!
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