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on 10 April 2013
My Nikon D7100 has a small buffer (same as the D7000) and so when shooting RAW the buffer fills up quick (in a second if shooting 6fps) - then the speed of the card becomes critical.

There have been some labelling changes recently from Sandisk as I have two 8GB Extreme cards with "30MB/s" on them, so I thought the Ultra labelled ones also "30MB/s" would be the same. They aren't as I found out.

The 64GB "30MB/s" Ultra was too slow, to the extent the camera locked up for seconds and this was a problem even for portrait photography (e.g. walking down the church aisle at a wedding because you can't do anything), where as the similarly labelled 8GB "30MB/s" Extreme ones performed somewhat better. Image review was also slow, although I don't tend to chimp that much when working otherwise you can miss things. But regardless, performance was hindered and I returned the Ultra card.

So instead I bought this Sandisk Extreme "45MB/s" 64GB card as I couldn't warrant spending twice as much on the 95MB/s ones knowing full well that it'd not make a huge difference (as the MB/sec speeds are generally read speeds at peak performance.) In short - much better!

With this card I can shoot the D7100 in CL (continuous low) at 3FPS recording 6-7 frames of RAW in a burst, then the camera slows to about 1FPS but that's fine because the camera reacts if you let go of the shutter release momentarily after the continous burst, and then start shooting again, the camera and memory card is ready to shoot again. In other words, the camera doesn't lock up for seconds at a time. Anyone who shoots things that can change in seconds (i.e. not landscapes necessarily!) will appreciate this.

Therefore if you're shooting a D7000 or D7100 (maybe even the D5200 as that is a 24MP camera with a small buffer too) you need this card if you anticipate any kind of perfomance whilst doing continuous bursts of shots interspersed with single shots and need the camera to be reactive and not locked up clearing the buffer and writing to a card.
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on 8 August 2014
I ordered my item directly (sold and dispatched) from and received a fake card matching exactly the description by a previous reviewer here:

My card would not format properly and camera showed NO CARD.

To spot a fake:

The printing on the back of the packet is not sharp and the Rescue PRO tool logo on the back is fuzzy. The Serial number and MADE IN CHINA is printed whereas the MADE IN CHINA should be embossed into the plastic. The most obvious sign is that the read only slider is yellow on the fake and grey on the genuine ones. The gold writing on the front of the packaging is a little worn, with little black marks.

If you receive one return for immediate replacement. Hopefully Amazon will do an audit of their stock and remove the counterfeit items from their warehouse.

I am sure the genuine cards are excellent.
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on 16 June 2014
UPDATE2: Replacement Card from Amazon has arrived and tests as I have come to expect, so overall am now very happy with the card however I've dropped a star due to the fact the somehow Amazon have managed to let fakes get into their stock. In terms of telling the difference unless you have two packs side-by-side the only visible difference is the colour of the slider lock switch on the card. Yellow was Fake, Grey original. Other than than that the packaging is exactly the same bar a very slight difference in the colours of the print but you wouldn't notice this unless you had an original to compare with.

UPDATE1: Sandisk have reviewed the images I sent of the card and the benchmark performance tests and confirmed that the 64Gb Sandisk Extreme SD Card Amazon sold me was "not a genuine Sandisk product".

I ordered the 64Gb Extreme model as I also have x2 32Gb Sandisk Extreme SD Cards for my Canon EOS 70D and know that these cards work fine across all functions including 1080p All-I video and High Speed Burst in RAW.

On receipt of this 64Gb card is was clear something wasn't right. A quick burst shot in RAW showed a vastly lower number of shots taken and an inordinate amount of time for the buffer to empty. A video test on 1080p ALL-I didn't even start to work and 1080p IPB failed after about 30 seconds of recording.

Advice from Sandisk support to run a CrystalDiskMark test showed vastly different results against my 32Gb version and I'm awaiting confirmation from Sandisk as to the authenticity of the card.

So this is probably my first experience of a dud or fake card from Amazon, I'm always careful to buy direct from Amazon as opposed to a 3rd party market place sellers to avoid fakes. The packaging looked ok and the card was indistinguishable from my other cards so it will be interesting to find out if this is a dud or not via Sandisk.

Amazon customer service have been good though and another card is on its way to me so I'll update this review upon receipt of the new card and when I get an answer from Sandisk.
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on 10 July 2012
The card does what it says on the package.

Bought this card as I have recently bought Sony CX730 which states SDXC support with Class 4 minimum.

It gives me 6Hrs+ of Highest HD setting on camcorder, otherwise will go further when settings are turned down, ie instead of 50p@28mbps you can go 50i@8mpbs which will give much longer recordings.

also a bonus, my card reader which I purchased many years ago before SDXC cards came about actually supports it. Not sure if its a marketing plot to get people to buy SDXC memory card readers, but mine is a basic internal reader.
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on 24 September 2014
I purchased this on August 20, 2015
It worked really great and was compatible with my new Canon Camera.
I purchased it because I didnt want multiple sd cards for my holiday so thought I'd get the big boy.
Upon reflection I should have gotten two smaller 32GB because if one fails you have a back up. This until failed after 2.5 days of use.
All of a sudden all the photos I was taking were not recording.
I've returned from my break and I'm now unable to return it because it's beyond AMAZON's 30 day return period by 2 days.
I'll now try and contact the manufacturer for a replacement or refund. Alternatively, I will advise my credit card company.
It's obvious that the fault occurred on Sept 1 because the files are corrupt.
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on 5 August 2014
I used this SD card only once for professional Videography, and when I reviewed the footage, 80% of them was corrupted. I contacted SanDisk support to figure out what the problem was and after some investigation this came out:

"Thank you for your reply to the SanDisk Technical Support Team. We will be happy to review the provided information and assist you further.
Please allow me to inform you that unfortunately your memory card is not a genuine SanDisk product.
I asked for the picture of the card since the serial number was incorrect and after viewing the pictures that you have provided I can confirm now that the card is counterfeit.
In this case we would like to advise you to contact your reseller in order to ask for a refund."

If you don't want to waste money and lose photos and video, avoid this product.
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on 14 October 2014
I had to return three of these, which were fakes, before I finally got one which isn't a dud and works properly. The first fake was from an independent company, the next two were supplied by Amazon. Two of the fakes recorded up to 1GB, then stopped working. The third wouldn't record at all. If you get one of these cards, make sure you test it thoroughly by recording several GB of data (ideally all 64GB of data if you really want to make sure).

Sandisk confirmed one sign of a fake is the yellow slider on the side of the card - it should be a grey slider.

I now have four of these cards which work fine. It's hardly Sandisk's fault, but the suprising thing is that they actually got into Amazon's supply chain.
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on 14 December 2014
Unfortunately there is something strange about these cards and I only realised it after the valid return date. Use it in Canon XA10 and data was corrupt on it, it also happens when you try to transfer data to a computer. Tried it with the old SD cards and all ok. Did a vast amount of troubleshooting, and it came down every time to be this batch of SD cards I bought. Hoping I can get a refund/replacement with a different batch? I then read reviews where these were fake?
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on 31 March 2015
I ordered this from Amazon who I understand from SanDisk are one of their preferred resellers but the card I received wasn't recognised by my Panasonic video camera or by Nikon Digital ( I already have an identical memory card which works fine in these devices).

I contacted SanDisk and asked for replacement under their warranty. After being asked by them to send photos of the card I was told that it is "clearly and obviously a fake" which I have to say is total rubbish; the two cards (genuine and fake) to the untrained eye are identical and the packaging looks real too. Indeed if they are so obviously fake why didn Amazon note is its that easy to tell.

I did ask SanDisk how it could be possible to Amazon a main and preferred reseller of SanDisk to be receiving and selling fake SanDisk memory cards. SanDisk appeared not to care about this or the damage that fake cards will do to their reputation.

Ultimately I complained to Amazon who were very good and replaced the card for me - I wish I had done that in the first place.

I have been buying SanDisk memory cards for many many years now but never will again. While clearly they didn't fake the card they don't seem at all concerned that someone did fake it and that a valued preferred reseller such as Amazon has them in the supply chain. Its clear from the online reviews that fake SanDisk cards are common.

I now don't trust SanDisk at all I now buy Lexar memory cards!!!
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on 27 December 2012
I bought this 64GB memory card for my new Panasonic TZ30 camera. It doesn't disappoint and is fast to capture and transfer photos and videos onto my PC. I'd recommend anyone looking for a memory card to buy this one!
One thing to note though - confirm your hardware is compatible with SDXC cards as this card will not work in devices only supporting SDHC!
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