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3.5 out of 5 stars91
3.5 out of 5 stars
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Lilly was left by her violent husband after a brief marriage. Left as a young, attractive woman with no kids to support, a well-paid, interesting career, a supportive family, plenty of friends, and enough cash to keep the marital home.

Yet this book reads like one of those childhood-abuse memoirs, the type with a grainy photo of a teddy bear on the cover, sprawled at the bottom of the stairs. "I turn my face away, into my 245th glass of wine, as another close friend tells me how thin and young and attractive I am, and how I never did a single thing wrong in my marriage except to be non-stop incredible.

"But a tear rolls down my high-cheekbone and I find myself sending more texts to my ex, and calling him, and hacking into his emails and voicemail, but that's acceptable because I'm a hack. Then I change into my new dress, which is a size 8 today but was a size 10 yesterday and might be a 12 tomorrow (don't worry, I'll keep you updated). And I think to myself, will I ever stop bleating self-pityingly?"

The Fleet Street newsroom stuff is fascinating and funny. But the constant wah-wahing over the world's least-damaging divorce just got on my tits.
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on 1 November 2013
I really should pay attention to book reviews. I read film and music reviews but rarely for books. If I had I would have avoided this like the plague.

It's not a bad book, certainly well written and tells a reasonably interesting story. The problem is its almost nothing to do with life in a Fleet Street newsroom which is why I wanted to read it.

This details, at enormous length, the protracted and venomous divorce of the author and her husband. He sounds like a complete git but then this is only one side of the story so that is pretty much a given. The prose is full of long rants and ponderous musing which I found hard to wade through.

There are some insights into the life of a Fleet Street hack but for those who follow Foxy on Twitter and read her blog you are better sticking with them. This is a divorce story and a divorce story only. It's occasionally witty but not enough for me to recommend.

I can only hope that writing this has proven cathartic for the Fox and that her next book delivers what is promised in the cover.
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on 16 June 2013
A tedious and repetitive story of an angry woman whose husband cheated on her. Was expecting far more insight into Fleet Street rather than page after page of wallowing in self pity. I almost felt sorry for the husband by then end, despite him clearly being a hideous excuse of a man. Not recommended at all.
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on 8 September 2013
Gosh, it was so informative. Let me see, what did I learn?

a) being fat is a sin and makes you a totally worthless person
b) phone hacking is totes acceptable except possibly if done to families of murder victims, and even then is probably okay if you get a good story out of it
c) Madeline McCann jokes are funny. No, really they are, especially if you can drag the Fritzls in too.
d) you can get a book contract for a pile of the most self-pitying tosh known to man or woman, yippee!
e) you don't even have to spell the pseudonyms you give your colleagues consistently

In case you can't tell from the above, I loathed this book. I regret paying 99p for it, it was 98p more than it's worth. I wish I had back the couple of hours I spent reading it so I could do something more worthwhile with them, such as filing my nails or staring out of the window.
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on 21 February 2013
I've followed Foxy's blog for a while, and found that I really enjoy her expressive style. The book is like the blog, just longer..... We follow Foxy through her divorce, and it's a real roller coaster. Brilliantly written
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on 2 June 2013
Like listening to a sort-of friend wail about her divorce for 173 hours straight. I thought I was going to get great newsroom stories and colour about the life of a hack. Instead it's pages and pages of bitter, repetitive teeth-gnashing about the ins and outs of her dying/dead relationship, which frankly we don't give two hoots about because both in the couple are awful. Gah.
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on 7 June 2013
I was looking forward to this book. FSF has witty tweets and insights into tabloid journalism. From the build up I thought it was going to be an explosive look at behind the tabloid scenes, what goes on and how journalists really are.
Instead I got a book all about the divorce of a young woman who happened to be a journalist. Phone hacking was justified and made to sound ok, journalists painted as all idiots, constantly smoking, drinking and shagging and FSF comes across frankly as a pathetic woman lacking the intelligence to realise she had a lucky escape from a loveless marriage.
Feel let down and certainly won't be waiting in any queue for the next one if there is indeed one.
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on 3 April 2013
I really loved most of this book. I really did. Let me start by saying I read all of FFF's blogs, and although I do not agree with a lot of what she says I do think she has a point.

However, to the book:

The book is a part-fictionalised account of the author's spearation and divorce from her now ex. It also goes on to explain life in a tabloid newroom. The parts detailing the separation and the fall out are laugh-out-loud funny and her ex's attitude is nothing short of stunningly tackless and sef-serving.

What does jar is the parts where she tries to explain not all tabloid journalists are phone-hacking creeps who would seel out on their mother for a good story. And how the news room works.

Where this books works, and work over most of its pages, is how she describes how her life changes with the weeks and months after the arrest and she learns to take control of her life and its direction. It is so funny and rings true that it can be described as essential reading. Maybe it should be required reading for all men with wandering eyes, that your fumbles in the dark have far reaching effects not just your spouse. Hearing how the author's father cried for the only time in her life at the fact he could not help with her pain was particuarly gut-wrenching.
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on 30 December 2013
I think I liked it! It was certainly an insight into the tabloid newspaper world and its denizens.

And on a personal note, the story of a woman of startling emotions, with fiery overtones, told in the first person singular, all raw emotion and violently expressed fury.

Her husband betrays her with a woman she views as so unworthy of any respect from her or her fellow trend-setting literati friends that his choice of partner in the matter seemed a greater humiliation than the actual betrayal itself. She seemed to be red-eyed and screaming most of the time, and you ended up thinking - why don't you just get on with your life and forget him, for goodness sake.

But maybe she wrote the book by way of exorcising what was a heart rending experience for her, or maybe more a piercing reminder of her own failure to retain the love of the man she had chosen as her mate.

She does towards the end of the book however contemplate that, well, perhaps it was partly her fault that everything fell apart. And that it might have had something to do with her own failings as well as his.

No, maybe I didn't actually like it enough to give it the 4 stars I was intending to - more like 3.
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on 27 April 2013
Started off as your typical girly read, however the author seems to just go off on rants about what are obviously personal points of hers eg phone hacking was one of them. On the second rant (not really relevant to the story line) I put this book down and started another. Would not recommend.
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