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4.6 out of 5 stars2,136
4.6 out of 5 stars
Colour: Lavender|Size: 2.4 L|Change
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on 31 May 2013
We have now owned at least four different designs of Brita filter jug. We currently have 3 on the go, all of which use the Maxtra cartridge.

I really DO wish Brita would stop using its customers as its beta testing team. I say this because they keep tweaking the design. One has a lift-off lid (bad idea) then they go for the flip-top (better), then they go for the auto-close (not so good).

The lid is push-fit. Once it has even a small amount of lime scale on it, it stops being push fit. It then becomes 'thump really hard' fit. Then the spout lid flies off like a bullet from a gun.

The main problem with these jugs (from my point of view) is the stupid little flip-top lid on the pouring spout, which doesn't actually flip. The result is that the water you wanted to pour into your kettle ends up on the worktop surface. After a certain time, the pegs on the spout lid get gummed up with calcium deposits etc. and stick, or they simply wear out or get broken off as you keep having to put them back on every time they fall off, which is virtually every time you fill it. They keep redesigning the lids, but the spout thingy stays the same. Is this perhaps deliberate policy to make you keep buying new jugs?

The auto-close design on the latest Elemaris seems good in principle, but when you put it in the sink and fill it from the tap it closes by itself and you have to leave it in the sink until all the surplus water has run down the sides or seeped through the top. The previous Marella version (flip up) was better, and probably more hygienic too, as the dust and bacteria from the air doesn't get swilled into the water as you fill it. Avoid at all costs the Aluna model where you have to take the whole lid off to refill.

As for the timer, I set my Google calendar to remind me when to replace the cartridges and I buy much more economical compatible cartridges which last 2 months, so the timer device is completely irrelevant to me.
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on 10 November 2009
We live in an area where the tap water is very hard and often tastes of chlorine. This jug removes all the nasty taste from drinks and prevents the kettle from furring up with lime scale.
I wouldn't be without my Brita jug.
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After looking at a cup of tea I'd made which had a slight film on the top, I decided that I'd had enough of drinking and making tea & coffee with hard water and looked to amazon for a reasonably priced water filter. After looking at a few products, I decided that this was the size I wanted and, more importantly, the amount of money I wanted to spend.

A day later, my Brita Marella Cool White Water Filter Jug was in my hands. After a quick and easy assembly of all the parts (and a quick wash, naturally) it was ready to use and looking very smart. I took a glass of water from it and I was immediately impressed by just how clean tasting the water was - it was difficult to believe that the water I was drinking had come from my South London tap.

It also passed the tea and coffee test with flying colours. The taste of my freshly brewed coffee really comes through when it isn't fighting the impurities of hard water. For the very reasonable price of this water filter, the improvement in the quality of your water - and subsequently your life - is very noticable.

For those thinking of getting a water filter and worried about the running costs, it apparently gets through one cartridge a month on average and I bought myself a pack of three cartridges to go with this from amazon for just over the £10 mark. They are also available at all leading supermarkets, so you don't have to go hunting around specialist stores to keep your water filter going.

If you have noticably impure water, I would strongly recommend you invest in one of these handy little jugs. It fits right on my fridge door and, to be honest, I don't know why I waited this long to get one. Go on, treat yourself, you deserve great, clean tasting water.
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on 22 September 2012
Does what it should. Good cover on the top prevents bits from falling into the filter hopper and the design overall is more sturdy than their other large jugs which I have owned in the past. Very pleased with it.
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on 4 March 2015
I bought this to replace an Aluna XL, which was becoming increasingly frustrating with constantly having to remove/re-align the lid to fill it. The Marella has a thumb operated flap, which enables easy filling without having to remove the lid. The capacity is listed the same for both jugs, but the Marella appears to hold more filtered water. (Perhaps because it's easier to fill?)
I noticed a few comments about leaking handles. I'd like point out that there's a line on the side of the handle, so as long as you don't fill above that it's not possible for water to enter it or leak.
It's also the XL model, so if you want it to fit in the fridge or have mobility issues you should consider the smaller size.
As far as filtering water, it does that as well as all Brita jugs do. It removes the awful limescale taste, and greatly reduces the need for descaling.
The only reason I give it four stars is due to the monitor on the lid. As with most jugs this is basically a timer, and will count down even if you don't use it, so it's largely redundant and consequently I rely on taste to gauge when the filter needs changing.
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on 26 February 2014
We bought this to replace a Brita jug we've had for many years, and were very pleased with. This jug is better looking, fits nicely in the door of the fridge but its capacity is limited. The jug claims to filter 1.4L but this means the water sits above the filter, making it taste metallic. If you want to avoid this and get the best tasting water, you can only really filter 500ml at a time. Most official pictures of the jug show the water below the filter, which represents 500ml of water rather than the advertised 1.4 litres.
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on 28 March 2012
I was almost put off buying this filter by all the negative reviews others have left. Unlike them, i do not regard myself as a "water expert" (!), only as someone who wasn't satisfied with the quality of water where i live and didn't want to continuously buy it bottled from the supermarket. The filter itself is cheap and easy to use. The colour is absolutely fine, the filter works fast, and the filters themselves are easy to change. I can taste the difference between the unfiltered and filtered water - it tastes fresher and i feel healthier with it. I'm guessing that this is what most people want from a filter, so i would recommend it to others.

If you are slightly more picky with filters then maybe its better to shop around, but personally this is a good, well priced option.For 10-20 pounds I'm not expecting a filter with an in-built screen or a wireless capabilities that can recharge my phone and play music - this does exactly what i expect and I'm happy with it!

p.s. If you fill the jug with more water than it can carry, it will leak. For example: if an elevator says "max 5 people" and 30 people get in, there is a probability the elevator will break. - For those who complain that "the lid keeps falling off".
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on 5 May 2012
We have had a filter jug in our home for many years, but never has the water been as pure as it is now. The taste of our tea and coffee is GREAT, and our kettle remains unscaled. The larger size of the XL jug serves a house full of adults well, and the Maxtra filters last longer and filter more quickly than the old round ones. This is one happy customer.
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on 2 August 2011
I have been using filter jugs a few years now and I remember when I was purchasing I could not find good comparative reviews, which is what I will try to do now.
So, I am concurrently using this Brita jug (have had it for over a year) and a Strix Aqua Optima jug, and in the past (while in the US) I had used a PUR filter jug. Therefore I can compare this to the Aqua Optima quite effectively, and also compare my PUR experience.
Of course, I don't have a lab to measure the actual filtration performance and will have to stick to what is perceivable to a regular user.

Review Spoiler: I can say that this Brita jug is adequate and I would probably recommend it if I had not tried better alternatives. As it is, you can do better. Let's do a quick analysis.

This is the most important aspect for me and it is a point where Brita comes after both Aqua Optima and PUR. If you give me a glass of water from a Brita jug, I can immediately recognize it - it has a slight yet distinctive taste. Of course it is a great improvement over tap water, however Aqua Optima and PUR give me water closer to good spring water.

-Filtration speed:
Brita is in the middle of the "speed" spectrum between the fastest (Aqua Optima) and the slowest (PUR - especially when the filter is getting old).

The jug looks nice. However, for the same external dimensions it holds somewhat less filtered water than my Aqua Optima jug. Also, even though I regularly clean it, the mouth cover on a few occasions has failed to open fully with the water flow resulting in the water coming out in a very wide and flat flow and spilling on the floor. So in the functionality department the jug could do better.

-Filter replacement:
You get an electronic display which is really a simple timer that blinks after a specific interval (1 month I think). Aqua Optima has a less fancy manual dial where you set the current month to help you remember when to change the filter. I am not crazy about either of these methods since the PUR water filters I used would come with a built in indicator that was dependent of the actual filtered water. For example, during the winter I change filters less often than during the summer (due to about half usage), which means Brita/Aqua Optima indicators are not very useful to me. The PUR filters would simply tell me when I had filtered enough water and it was time to change.

It is a bit more expensive than Aqua Optima, especially if you buy the double life Aqua Optima filters, so when it does not perform better as it seems to me, it is not such a good value.

Summing up:
Again, I cannot judge the chemical composition of the water that comes out of these filters, so I simply rely to my taste buds which tell me Brita is the least good filtration of the three I have owned. This is reason enough (but not the only as analyzed) to go with either PUR (if you can get it, e.g. if you are in the US), or Aqua Optima (especially if you like quicker filtration).


I just realized the electronic timer is cheating. It is supposed to count down a month, but it expires in about 25 days!
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on 30 May 2007
I live in an area where the water tastes absolutely foul, and after wasting money and effort buying bottled water I thought I'd give a water filter a go. I'm so pleased I did because this jug gets rid of every last trace of the nasty chlorine/chemical taste and is really easy to use with the lid flap you can flip open with your thumb. I've also found I drink a lot more water than I used to because I don't have to worry about supplies running out! Very pleased indeed.
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