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3.9 out of 5 stars
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 3 September 2011
Just the best series opening episode yet since the return of the Doctor! After the great David Tennent how could it be followed but every time I watch this it just gets better. Matt Smith is just so brilliant with his reactions and comments. Writing this nearly 18 months later we still haven't had all the answers from this first episode! The other episodes can't obviously live up to the opener but are still great.
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on 24 August 2012
There's no denying the influence and impact that Russell T Davies and David Tennant had on Doctor Who, the level of success it has enjoyed since its revival is incredible and could hardly have been predicted when they first announced its return. However like all things, eventually things run the risk of becoming stale and losing much of its impact and whilst David Tennant never lacked playing the Doctor, the shows formula and writing was becoming a little repetitive and 'Stolen Earth/Journey's End' was, for me, a general low point about for the whole series but still managed to show signs of greatness. The Specials were equally uninspiring.

This first set of the fifth series held out a lot of hope for the rest of the new series with an absolute triumph in 'Eleventh Hour' followed by the unusual and slightly more anti-climactic 'Beast Below' and the forgettable 'Victory of the Daleks'. All change is hard and it seems that for many, especially those who fell for Doctor Who under Tennant, that this new series won't measure up. If that's the case they should pack up shop and stick to the earlier dvd's because they will not like Moffat/Smith Doctor Who and should simply leave the rest of us to it instead of muttering the same unhelpful nonsense of 'Bring Back Tennant'. It's annoying because it's disrespectful to new Doctor, Matt Smith who admittedly does struggle to assert his presence initially; not helped by a massive departure in terms of style; a more clownish, clumsy, English professor. It's different but for me again, different in a good way as it feels fresh and Moffat's writing offers not just a change of maturity but also in the relationship between Doctor and Companion.

In 'Eleventh Hour' the relationship between the Doctor and new companion Amy Pond is depicted, from Amy's perspective, as a fairytale come to life, in fact the whole fifth and sixth series has played on this and relied on this even though at it's worst it becamse slightly repetitive. Karen Gillan is a quirky and feisty new companion who enjoys great chemistry with Matt Smith. Many critics indeed noted that Gillan may be too sexy for the role and the character a bit too much for children. I disagreed on this point and in fact find Amy the most relatable companion since Rose Tyler in series one.

'Eleventh Hour' is the highlight episode of the set; funny, moving and exciting with a visual style to suggest a more darker edge than before; it had a feel about it similar to way the show felt back under Eccelston who was the darkest Doctor of them all. 'The Beast Below' is a strange one because it doesn't have the fast paced thrills of the opener but it isn't a predictable monster mystery either with a few decent twists along the way. It doesn't feel as satisfying as maybe it could but it does seem to be the one episode of the fifth season that seems better and better the more times you see it. 'Victory of the Daleks' finally draws a line under the increasingly tedious last Daleks in the universe yet always another one somewhere element. The new Dalek designs are interesting but sadly this episode still has a lot of the cheesy and silliness that I very much dislike and it doesn't do much to aide the Daleks weakened image in recent years. But each episode is well acted and there are plus points to each one, especially the first two.
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on 5 May 2015
I have been a fan of DR who since the 1960s/
Even though i;m now 55 ,i still watch the show. Matt smith remind's me of Patrick troughton it's like Troughton has come back to life,
Even the bow tie .
Nice acting .and the doctor's new Assistant is a feisty Scott's girl played by Karen gillan .
Nice to see how the Female character has moved with time' my day she was a frightened little girl .now she is very confident level with the doctor himself ,
I was not so keen on David tenant ,or Christopher eccelston But Matt Smith is right up there with Troughton . Pertwee .And Tom Baker.
Good new stories ,and Monster's too.
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23 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on 15 June 2010
You can all relax now, Matt Smith is BRILLIANT as The Doctor. What is shaping up to be a marvellous series, this DVD contains the first three adventures of The Eleventh Doctor. Kicking off in bombastic style is 'The Eleventh Hour', a feature length episode introducing the new Doctor and his companion, Amy Pond, brilliantly played by Karen Gillan. Within minutes you should fall in love with Matt Smith's portrayal of the 900-something year old Timelord - his awkward, jerky mannerisms and rich tone of voice, he certainly takes the role somewhere different from more recent predecessors, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. The Eleventh Hour is great fun, with some genuine laugh out loud moments courtesy of Steven Moffat. We then move on to the Starship UK in the second episode of the series 'The Beast Below'. With generally creepy villains, The Smilers, and sassy heroine Liz Ten, 'The Beast Below' is a pleasant episode that has some touching moments.
Our next trip in time and space is an adventure that seems to have divided much fan opinion, 'Victory of the Daleks' by Mark Gattis is not, I repeat NOT a dark, chilling, War epic as many believed it to be. Gattis delivers a romp and a bloody good romp it is too! Daleks serving tea, a Spitfire dogfight in Space with a Dalek saucer and yet another stand out performance from Matt Smith, Victory of the Daleks is not as bad as some would make out. The main problem here are the new Daleks, chunkier, taller and colourful, some have criticised, moaned and complained about the new design, however I think if something like that generally 'bothers' you, you really need to grow up.

Overall a great start to the Eleventh Doctor, and I honestly cannot praise enough the brilliance of Matt Smith as The Doctor.
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on 5 May 2013
Adventures in time and space with the Eleventh Doctor and his companion Amy Pond.

The Eleventh Hour: The new Doctor has 20 minutes to save the world, and only Amy Pond can help him.

The Beast Below: The Doctor takes Amy to the distant future, where she finds all of Britain in a spaceship!

Victory of the Daleks: Winston Churchill summons the Doctor to Blitz-torn London, but the Daleks are waiting.

03 - 17 Apr 2010
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on 23 December 2013

as i will keep saying. Matt Smith possibly my favorite time lord of all time.
just fantastic to see him bring this character to life. action. comedy. and suspense.

Great way of bringing him into the role of the Famous Doctor Who. Brilliant. Very Impressed and Excited. Theme song also amazing.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 16 April 2011
I've only been a Doctor Who viewer for less than six months, and I'm not going to lie, after finishing up the specials and having to say farewell to David Tennant, I was pretty down about it. Especially since I had not heard much praise for Matt Smith as The Doctor. Luckily, Matt Smith makes a charming entrance to the series, bringing in his own style, and it for the most part, it works. He had a really tough act to follow, but he does it well.

Of course, the Doctor always needs a companion. Enter Amy Pond... a Scottish redhead with a lot of spunk. I really like her as a companion and look forward to seeing where the story takes her.

The three episodes on the disc themselves are decent. None of them will go down as Doctor Who classics, but enjoyable nonetheless. As most, however, I am not a real fan on the new Dalek designs... not only do they look too artificial, it's just really an unnecessary change. But it's really not that big of an issue, and these things have a way of sorting themselves out.

This was also my first Doctor Who to watch on Blu-Ray! And I have to say, it looks pretty good. Seeing things like the inside of the TARDIS in beautiful HD adds even more to the show's charm.

I would definitely recommend that people watch this season, and form their own opinions, because when it comes to a new actor taking over a role, you're never going to please everyone.
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on 6 December 2011
Yet again the Doctor doesn't disappoint,great mystery,
adventure and action for all ages.Need to buy the next series even though we have seen them all.
my 9 year old is a big Dr fan
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on 20 December 2014
good Doctor Who DVD. And Cheap too. I got this to replace the same DVD that i had already because it got scratched. And Matt Smith is just Great.
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on 21 August 2014
brilliant, amy and rory are fantastic in this ,love the continuation of the crack in amys bedroom wall story .matt is getting better and better .
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