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4.1 out of 5 stars236
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 December 2012
Having watched the finale of 'Blood and Chrome' on You Tube today I can now confidently say that this incredible pilot definitely lives up to the legend that was its predecessor. What made the 'Battlestar' genre shine in the re-imagined series of 2004 is that not only is it an amazing sci-fi series but it's also really good television in general, I defy anyone (be you sci-fi nerds or sports fanatics) to watch an episode of Battlestar and not be entertained. This phenomenon definitely remains strong with 'Blood and Chrome' (as proven by several You Tube comments from newcomers to the franchise). It's this kind of inspiration that makes the Battlestar Galactica franchise worth hanging on to, and while the budget was indeed small for 'Blood and Chrome', what they accomplished with that budget only left me wandering what this could have become with the support of an entire channel.

The budget aside however, this pilot still managed to tick all the boxes that count: The acting was engaging and believable, the writing was flawless (typical of BSG) the music was...well Bear McCreary, 'nuff said...and the action sequences were just frakin' awesome. So watch this on You Tube to see for yourselves and if 'Blood and Chrome' gets your seal of approval then I highly recommend buying as many copies as possible as Sy-Fy's ultimate decision on whether or not to make this into a fully fledged series will depend how well this sells. (True story) SO buy the crap out of it, and hopefully Sy-Fy will see the error of their ways and revive the Golden Age of Science Fiction that was: Battlestar Galactica.
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on 11 December 2012
I was never a die hard fan of the Galactica reboot,and I wasnt overly impressed with Caprica,I only mention this so you dont think Im just another fan boy kicking off.But if Blood And Chrome has indeed been cancelled,and Ive no cause to doubt the other reviewers,then it is indeed a tragedy.Ive just finished watching the pilot movie,and it is very good.Im not giving away any spoilers,but it follows the young William Adama as he arrives on the Galactica,instantly volunteering for duty,he finds himself on a classified mission deep into cylon territory,if you want to know more,then your going to have to watch the pilot.Its fast paced and action packed from start to finish,with an engrossing storyline,that had me hooked within ten minutes.Yes the budget could have been bigger,but not the potential.As the credits rolled you could see just how far this series could have gone,and what it could have become.

Ive never been a fan of the SyFy channel,their habit of killing off series after series is beyond a joke,but to cancel one before the pilot has even been properly aired,just proves that their heart just isnt in it.I hope the reviewer who said that if it does well enough on DVD/Blu-ray,it may yet survive,is right,because if it isnt picked up,I think we may have lost,what could have turned out to be,a truly great show.
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on 9 November 2012
It is a crying desperate shame that SyFy decided to pull the plug on BSG-Blood and Chrome as a series after having made, but not yet broadcast, the pilot. On the evidence of watching the first 12 minute extract as a webisode on YouTube (in full HD), they appear to have made a gargantuan mistake. For something that is almost exclusively SFX and CGI driven, the attention to detail and the compositing is absolutely brilliant. But far beyond the amazing special effects, the opening to this prequel story of William Adama's initiation into the first Cylon War is gripping from the start. I cannot understand why SyFy got cold feet: even on just 12 minutes alone, the production is everything that fans of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica were looking for, and then some. Not that Caprica was bad, but this is awesome. This deserves to be in every BSG aficionado's collection.
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on 17 November 2012
I 've watched the beginning of Blood and Chrome yesterday on Youtube.MINDBLOWING!!
You got me begging, please continiue it.Bring it on TV ! Don 't let it die in the shadow of the internet.
I will definetly buy it and so should every BSG Fan.They can make money with it so there might be a chance to
become the proper TV Series that it was planned to be.
After loosing Caprica, please keep it alive.
The producers had the chance to make the biggest SF Series trilogie in history ever,but they didn 't take it.
What a pity !

I hope you understand my english,I am from Germany
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 September 2015
"It's up to each of us to make a difference." - William Adama

When Ron D. Moore and SyFy channel ended the run of the acclaimed and highly-rated version of "Battlestar Galactica", Moore went on to make his planet-based, pre-Cylon BG prequel "Caprica". There was talk of a spaced-based "Blood and Chrome" series, which would be a prequel about the First Cylon War, with younger versions of the main characters. The series didn't happen, but this very good pilot was shot. It takes place 10 years into the war and Caprica citizen William Adama joins the war as a pilot. It stars Luke Pasqualino, Ben Cotton, Lili Bordan, Jill Teed, John Piper Ferguson, and Brian Markinson. Visually stunning, It is mostly about hot battles, brave missions, personal relationships, and slick-looking Raptors, Vipers, and Cylon robots. Visual effects are by Gary Hutzel. Music is by SciFi music master Bear McCreary. Directed by Jonas Pate. Highly Recommended. Four and half INTENSE Stars! (Universal. NR-Not rated but brief nudity, language, and much war violence. Color. CC. Time-1:33:32)
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on 10 January 2014
As a kid I watched re-runs of the original Series' on TV with my parents, so naturally when they announced BSG: 2003, I was all over it faster than a dog chasing a tennis ball. It ended up having a slightly disappointing ending, but overall it's one of my favourite Science Fiction shows along with Firefly and Stargate. When Caprica was released, I felt like it had taken a step backwards from what made BSG so loveable, yet I found the concept to be wonderful. Sadly it was cancelled before it got to the point I'd imagine it would have gotten to: Cylon revolt.

Blood and Chrome came along with an almighty bang. The First Cylon War, young Adama (Freddie from Skins...really?? At least that was my first thought on casting before actually watching it), lots of space battles and warfare. Then Syfy go and cancel it before it even aired the pilot. It was such a sad thing at the time. Having watched it on Youtube I was taken aback by the story. I really really enjoyed it, and could only think of how things would've been had it not been cancelled.

So why only 4 stars? Well, I bought the Blu-ray version over Christmas with one of these 3 for £17 jobbies. Paying £5.65 on BR rather than £9.99 for DVD seemed a no brainer. I watched it with my mum who was yet to see it, and she really enjoyed it - like me incapable of seeing why Syfy would cancel it. When watching it on Youtube, it was obvious that the CGI team didn't have the budget that had been given to their predecessors for the Galactica reboot. Sadly, this only became more apparent when watching it on super duper duper high definition. I wouldn't go as far to say it looked dated, but it didn't look spectacular and kind of detracted from the show as a whole.

Still, I really enjoyed the story. I was happy with the cast, and the cameos by minor characters from BSG and Caprica was a nice touch. I was really looking forward to watching Freddie and Dr Kavanagh on their journey through the First Cylon War, but alas this is all we get. I'd let it drop in price before buying it, but it's definitely worth watching if you like BSG.
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on 29 October 2013
The post- 9/11 Battlestar Galactica reboot is harsh, relentlessly dark and totally unafraid to put its major characters through one mincing machine after another, and it remains, in my opinion, one of the best all-time dramas ever to grace my TV.

I love it a lot. And one day I will build a shrine to it and worship it daily. But..!

Sometimes I just wished there'd be more spaceships, more Cylons, more laser battles, some (alien) monsters, some alien worlds, some kind of cinematic spectacle and scale that would lift it away from the intense human character-driven drama that fuelled the shows creative engine.

This is where 'Blood and Chrome' comes in. Because that's what it is: an all-out action take on the Battlestar formula. There's still a level of intensity to the performances. The three major characters are put under great stress from early on, and they spend most of the film in conflict with each other. The tension is edgy, and if you've spent any time with Battlestar, then you know that any character is dispensible. OK - maybe (in this case only) apart from young Adama. We know he's going to survive, but the writers don't make it easy for him, and at the end of B&Ch we catch a glimpse of the scarred, haunted man that we know he becomes.

Blood and Chrome is definitely weighted more towards the action end of the scale, and there are some truly stunning (I mean STUNNING!) set pieces in this thing. I was goggling right from the off, and then goggling more, and then even more, when I thought it was impossible to do more goggling.

Verdict: Blood and Chrome is a very worthy addition to the Battlestar collection.
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on 9 January 2014
What I believe made the new 2004 series such a delight to watch was the relationship we had with the main Central characters but Blood and Chrome I felt disengage with the characters as the CGI took most of the stories ark, and not focusing on the key topics that make both BSG and Caprica an interesting subject to relate to our issues that human relations still suffer today.

Don't get me wrong, Blood and Chrome as the most fantastic special effects compare to other Science fiction shows now on TV, I will like to see more inside the ship and struggles to fleet had to overcome to survive this raging war between the Cylon's.

I think if Blood and Chrome was a complete separation from the 2004 series and Caprica and focused on new characters when the war broke out, Then I believe the story would of developed more. You have to remember Adama only played a small role in the final battle's with the Cylon in the first war. So trying to make a film or series about this, really feels like 'WHAT WAS THE POINT FOR BSG RAZOR!"

3/5 for the CGI work and keeping it relatively similar to the 2007 series.
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on 29 November 2013
So, a load of web episodes thrown together to make a story...or not. There is substance to this with some good acting, great effects, albeit on the cheap in places, but let's not forget not a huge amount was spent on this. It's a Greek tragedy this was cancelled as it's what most of the fans were screaming for, good story, plenty of in space fighting, well put together. Miss it at your peril.
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on 8 August 2015
A good little film. We enjoyed it,

Audio and video quality is as good as you'd expect for a modern production on bluray, so not much to say about that - but 'Blood & Chrome' feels a very different production to the other Battlestar Galactica remake shows, so a bit on that ........

Blood & Chrome was clearly designed as a 'TV action film' rather than 'a squabbling soapopera character TV series'.

Yes, all the sets look suitably grimy, yes the central characters have personality dysfunctions the size of Cylon Battlestars - yes they help each other one moment then dysfunctionally threaten each other the next - but those are the window dressings that pass for realism in modern shows.

Still, there is a clear 'stand alone', A to B journey, start/middle/end adventure tale in 'Blood & Chrome' - and, in that, its noticeably different to the remade series, or even the 'Plan' and 'Razor' spin off films.

An entertaining film,and something a bit different, for BG fans.
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