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This was purchased to replace an upright daewoo FF that was 12 years old and was one of those about 5foot 6 tall 6ocm wide, three freezer drawers, fridge on top type. We also have a very small chest freezer in a cupboard for when that overflowed. This is just said so that you can see what I am comparing this Beko USA style FF to.

So, I want to mention the freezer side which I have seen other reviews complaining about the lack of size. Well when we go this new one, the day before we had emptied the old FF that was 2/3 full & decanted into the chest freezer that already has stuff in & was now full to bursting. When we moved this into the new Beko FF I found that I had filled about 2/3 of the new one and that was with interesting stacking that may be modified later. So our family of three is happy with the freezer side, we have a months worth of frozen bagged veg from the frozen food shop in there, some large pizzas (was worried they would not sit flat as the gaps looked small, but the freezer shop brand and a well known brand fit fine in their boxes), frozen whole chickens fit three in a drawer with room for more squishy stuff to fit on top. The lack of drawers makes this possible to stack packets and boxed two deep (or more if you are a fan of fish fingers). I was worried that the lack of drawers would mean 'stuff' would fall out when the door is opened - it does not. Some of the shelves are moveable so depending on what/how you stack you can make what you need of the space. As the gaps are pretty cuboid there is not much wasted space. (you can buy spare shelves if you want).

Tippy ice thingie! This is cool! (no pun intended) you slide out and fill up with water, two trays. Put them in and then two hours later you twist the knob and the ice falls into the holder below, you can then refill and do the same again, you can probably do this 4-5 times before the collector is full. You can slide out the collector to then use the ice.

Fridge side (on the right hand facing door) The door shelves are not adjustable. This so due to a couple of things: the bottom two fridge drawers would hit badly placed shelves and cause damage, the water dispenser must be fixed in place so the things around it must be also. You get a random egg holder thingie, it will fit in any door shelf. The bottom door shelf can just about if you get the angle right & like it being snug fit 4 x 4pint milk 'cartons/jugs' None of the other door shelves will take that height of container. Ok so there are some silly little 'shelves' around the water dispenser....we keep for the moment daughters sweets, babybel cheese, some garlic, jelly in. So they are bit naff but credit is due for not just blanking them off. So far we have failed to even half fill the fridge. Inside the main unit there are two bottom drawers are the usual 'salad' drawers for the bits you don't want to squish. There is a vent to regulate airflow in these. There is also a 'meat' drawer in the middle, obviously you can put what you like in it but I like the idea of a 'hanging' drawer to make better use of the space provided. Some of the shelves are moveable. There is a bottle rack that has two obvious low & one higher...This rack will take 1.5lt bottles of water as well as wine...We filled the rack up with these water bottles and it had no issue with the weight. Again the space is sensibly shaped to allow for stacking of tubs etc.

The drinks dispenser (when unpacking please note there is polystyrene kind of wedged up there to protect this - remember to take it out!) is instructed only for plain water use. It keeps the water very cold. It works well from the lever. The splash tray is very small so only for drips...we have not had any yet, but if you are careless you would have to empty this a lot. You need to remove the shelf from above the unit to fill it up. There is a nack to this (lift both sides at the same time for ease). It is annoying but not to the extent of complaining about it - just noting it for the sake of the review.

Temp display/buttons. I have seen other reviews that complain that the screen shows only the set temp and not what is actually in the unit. Well to be honest our old FF had one knob that did both units together and could be set as , high, low, mid with no thermometer inside. Well compared to that this is great! I can set a precise temp and as before trust that the unit is working. I can set independant fridge & freezer temps.

You have a fast freeze button and a boost for the fridge - basically they are the 'just got back from the shops, was stuck in traffic & my food isn't cold anymore' buttons. The fridge one lasts 2 hours and the freezer 24 hours.

Alarm: The display shows which door is open or closed and after 1 minute it beeps at you to remind you that one of the doors is open. This is quiet so if you are in a different room you may not notice, but as we are open plan we can hear it fine.

Delivery. The manual (available online) says that you can get this in a 75cm doorway. We ordered ours from a VERY well known catalogue shop, and it was delivered by the well known computer universe shop people...when they phoned to arrange delivery, I explained that we needed the (advertised) longer delivery slot to take the doors off...they tried to tell me they didn't need to take them off & I explained that our door was 72cm so they agreed, but on the day 'chanced it' and scratched the handles of the fridge deeply (we got money off as it was either that or a new unit!!!)

The books says, leave to stand for 4 hours, then turn on & leave for 6 hours before using (so recycling the old unit may need to wait a day). You may also need to adjust the doors so that they are level (instructions in the book).

Above link is to the manual (available in silver)
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on 23 December 2013
Very pleased with the performance and aesthetics of the fridge/freezer but what a performance to get the appliance into its place in the house! Delivery men were reluctant to remove the packaging as they said they would be responsible for all marks and scratches and it was just too big to go through the kitchen door. We ended up unpacking it and then dragging it up a couple of steep steps through a patio door and I had to remove two internal doors to allow it safely through the door frame and even then it was quite a tight fit. Allow 720 mm for it to just squeeze through with it's handles but WITHOUT the packaging. The delivery men told me that it was not possible to take off the doors to get it through the doorways because of the electrics going into the door but, reading the leaflets and instructions later, I discovered that the wire has a socket which can be disconnected to allow removal of the doors but beware as this could be a specialist job. It would be better if the 50 mm handles could be easily removed.
At first, I could not get the water dispenser to work and had to read the instructions thoroughly to discover that there is a 'hidden' lock which needs to be clicked. This was difficult to fathom but a great 'child-proofing' idea!
There is a bleep warning to indicate that a door has been left open - great for when the door is accidentally left ajar but annoying if you need to be in the appliance for any length of time (e.g. for cleaning).

Overall, the appliance looks wonderful and works well with a very low noise from the motor. Except for getting it through doorways, it is reasonably light enough to be manoeuvred into position and the temperature dials are clear and easy to see.
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on 8 January 2014
Love the fridge freezer, excellent price and everything I expected and looks good. Used to have a side by side fridge freezer before and when it broke could not afford a new one. I could with this and is ace
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on 10 October 2013
only downfall was, i had to remove the packaging, the front door off its hinges and remove the fridge handles to get it in the building! buy boy does it do its job well!!
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on 26 December 2014
When I first got this product I thought it was really good value for money at £458. 6 months down the line, the fridge side started spoiling food followed shortly by the freezer. I contacted the seller who said to me that they do not do any warranty. The fridge freezer itself is fine but do not buy any products from this seller -Syeda Adeel, he is a rogue trader. We called out a refrigeration engineer who said to us that the freezing system at the back was cracked - the worst he has seen- and this would cost us £300 to repair. Be warned Syeda Adeel is wolf dressed in sheepskin.
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on 10 May 2015
nice fridge freezer had trouble getting it through the internal door though
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on 22 November 2014
good value . took it to my second home in malta .
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on 28 August 2014
no connection for water pipes, there is a tank inside which isnt great
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on 6 September 2014
Very pleased with this item
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on 2 August 2014
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