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on 23 April 2012
I felt I had to write a review about this printer for others that are looking for a reliable, efficient printer in a small office. It took me ages to make a decision on what would be the best for our needs - a small charity that produces questionnaires and research documents. This printer has excelled my expectations. It produces good quality print, is fast and does not use large amounts of ink like it's predecessor (another HP that lasted ten years)! Ink cartridges are cheaper for this model too. I would highly recommend this printer - watch out for the money back offers from HP.
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on 26 March 2012
This story might sound familiar to you: I needed to replace our networked HP Photosmart family inkjet printer; it suddenly gave up despite our light and careful use for less than three years. Swearing not to buy another inkjet printer let alone another HP product any more I started browsing through the vast number of tempting colour laser printer options around. I tried hard to make the "colour laser printer option" work for me but I struggled, badly: I simply did not see myself in a few months time paying almost twice the cost of the printer for tonner cartridges' replacements. So I was soon back into the inkjet arena, and took me a short visit to the local shop to reconsider HP as a possible choice: when I came across this Officejet 8600 among the sea of all other inkjet printers it was clear to me that this was the choice that best suited our needs.

The ink cartridges are very economical: you will not even blink when the time comes that you need to replace ALL cartridges at 1/5th of the cost of the printer. The resulting cost per copy is similar to the cost of a laser colour print made with the cheaper Samsungs, for example. Ink cartridges have a very smart snap-in system, with no protective caps or venting seals to be removed before insertion. When opening the lid for changing cartridges, a white LED illuminates the internals of the printer for you to see what you are doing, I thought it was a nice and thoughtful touch.

Print quality is very good. Black prints are as good as laser prints, amazing. Colour prints are also very good for all general purpose prints including photos -when using glossy photo paper. Photo prints are obviously not as good as those obtained from dedicated photo printers, but I do not really mind as in my case I always use Photobox for getting serious photo prints done anyway.

Print speed is quite fast for inkjet technology, although double-sided prints are naturally slower than average. In my case speed is not a determining factor.

The appearance of this printer is very sleek: dark grey/bronze textured colour and curved edges; this printer will not look out of place in your study/office (as opposed to the Epson that look like 10 year older in comparison with their cheap black plastic brick design). You will have to make prevision for its location though: the overall body size is on the big side -certainly bigger than my old Photosmart it replaced- especially when you think you will have to access the machine opening hatches and lids around it. A good thing is that the power supply is internal to the printer: good move from HP dropping the chunky external power supplies that were a nightmare to manage.

Ethernet networking works like a dream. None of our 7 PCs sharing this printer have ever had problems seeing the printer and sending jobs to it; very solid and fast drivers. (We have a mixture of Windows 7 64-bit/32-bit, Vista and XP). HP have simplified their software, for better: it works! (this was one of my worries from my previous experience with a large number of drivers and applications updating all the time, taking over my computer and failing frequently). I have not tried WiFi nor USB connections and do not intend to for the time being.

The touchscreen panel is big and clear, although I feel that "hard" buttons for some functions would be nicer. The "touch" action sometimes lands on the wrong option on screen, possibly because of my chunky fingers.

The 250-page feed tray is a bliss (a feature I was looking for); it gives you plenty of time to check it and replenish before running out of paper; also the automatic double sided print and scan are a bonus. NOTE: you need to check when buying as not all models include these features. When printing your job you can configure your layout format, e.g.: booklet, multi-pages per page, etc.

The scanner is very impressive: you can trigger a scanning session from the printer's touchscreen or from any of your networked computers. You can save your scanned document in different formats (jpg, pdf, doc with OCR, etc) and store it in different locations: memory card or memory stick on the printer, or the Documents folder in any of your networked computers, or in a pre-saved network folder, e.g.: in your NAS file server. Oh! There is a whole FAX function and all which I did not even looked into; I find it hard to beleve that Faxes are still among us these days!

There is no limit for Web/Cloud connectivity and applications, but I must admit I lost interest and stopped exploring them fairly shortly; however, I managed to enable a web service that allows you to remotely printing jobs by email and monitoring progress from the web (how much use one can make out of such feature is still to be seen!)

In all, I am greatly delighted with this product. For being more reliable and cost-effective than our previous printer, family are using it quite regularly, with no compains raised to the "IT department" so far.

I am very pleased that I gave HP and its inkjet technology a second chance!
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on 8 June 2012
I purchased an Officejet Pro 8600 Plus printer a month ago for small home office and private use. I have always had HP printers in the past so felt very happy to replace our old printer with another HP product. It seemed to have all the features I needed and has worked well for a month. Now the small screen has gone blank and I am unable to copy, scan or print photos as the screen is required for these options. After contacting HP customer services regarding the warranty, I was informed I would be receiving a reconditioned printer as a replacement for the new printer. As I am not very pleased with this news, I wanted to write this review to warn people that if your HP printer breaks down within the warranty period,(mine after a month), you will not receive a new one in its place or a refund. Please just read Hewlett-Packard's warranty terms and conditions carefully before purchasing this printer. Perhaps this is common practice but due to this policy I would not purchase an HP printer again.
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on 8 May 2014
If I had known I would have not purchased it, you can't print just using a black cartridge. Never had this problem before with HP, but it seems to me that they want you to buy colour cartridges even when you just want to print in black and white, or, like in my case, you have run out of one colour.
Very annoying as I always make sure I have replacement cartridges available, but one was faulty and while waiting for a replacement I cannot print, how stupid is that?
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on 10 August 2012
My old Canon Inkjet was showing signs of wear - though after 5 years and costing £99 that's not bad. I decided it was time to go laser, plus I wanted colour and duplex printing with scan/copy as well - after much research I homed in on the Canon I-Sensys MF8330 and found a stonking deal at £270. I was just about to press the "buy" button when a little voice said "check toner costs" - which I did and was horrified at the running costs.

Return to go, back to research, enter stage left HP OfficeJet pro 8600plus. I'm happy with it. It's a "does what it says on the tin" device and that's what I wanted for home office printing - which is 90% of my printing requirements. The plusses and minuses:

+ good printer for the price
+ toner costs are way way below laser equivalent
+ modern-looking, "titanium-type" colouring to some of the build material
+ the ePrint function is actually very good - I took a photo outside on my iPhone, then sent it to the printer in the house via the HP app and it was on the tray waiting for me. Impressive
+ large capacity paper tray
+ for standard MS Office B&W and colour printing this is a very good printer

- very slight crinkling on the front edge of prints (may be a roller issue in duplex mode)
- on decent quality standard paper the printing is excellent but ever-so-slightly anaemic compared to laser (you pays yer price)
- photo printing is okay but this is not a photo-quality printer, again a bit anaemic (not a drama, if I wanted A1 photo quality I would have bought a photo printer)

Summing up, a great all-rounder at a great price but 4* not 5* owing to minuses above
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on 11 April 2012
After returning an HP 5510 some months ago, which constantly jammed, this printer has been a revelation.

Although a mighty beast, it feels well made and thought through. It arrived early the day after ordering. It was intuitive to set up and worked perfectly from my Windows 7 desktop; my Apple Macbook; my iPad and my iPhone. I had been happy with my old Canon printer but wanted AirPrint. The printer is faster than I expected; is fine as a business printer and has an efficient link for cost effective supplies. My use is not for photo printing but for business documents. I am impressed.HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Web)
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on 15 June 2012
Having tried inkjets years ago and disliking the poor print quality compared to lasers I hadn't really given them a chance since. When I wanted to replace our old HP AIO LaserJet 3030 I instinctively looked for a LaserJet replacement. I soon found out that not only are the machines themselves expensive the replacement cartridges (for colour lasers) will set you back about £150.

Having accidently clicked on a review for this inkjet AIO I thought I'd look into it. The price is great (especially when you consider the current £70 cash-back), the consumables are half the price of lasers, and the functionality (e.g. double-sided printing/copying, touch screen displays) looks amazing. So I ordered one to see what it was like.

Guess what? It's very, very good. It's in a completely different league to the free inkjet you had bundled with a laptop years ago. The print speed is as fast as a laser, the touch-screen display is fast and responsive, the double-sided printing works very well with no ink bleed-through and the scanning functionality is much more robust than our old AIO (e.g. it's able to scan directly to a PDF on a networked computer).

So is the print quality as good as a laser? Well... not quite. If you look really hard you can see that the blacks aren't quite as black (in that shiny laser way) and the edges of letters aren't quite as sharp. I'm quite picky about print quality but, to be honest, given the exceptional value and the superb functionality it's a small compromise I'm willing to take!
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on 30 July 2012
After using this printer for 4.5mths all is not good.

In that time I have had to take delivery of x2 replacement machines / re-setup each time, due to it making a screeching / squealing noise all the time.

At first HP's answer was to clean the rollers, which I did to no avail, and then the sent out replacement machines on 2 occasions.

The actual problem was the duplexer part at the back (which does not come when HP send you a replacement machine) so that part needed to be replaced never was on the 2 occasions, so the noise continued, untill I requested they send a replacement duplexer some 4 months after buying the machine, which is quite a long time to endure not being able to print, scan, copy in peace.

Although HP sent out the replacement machines no fuss, they did not really diagnose the problem, it really was left for me to guess / try to determine by process of elimination.

Due to the unit being replaced / re-installed so many times, the HP software on my PC is conflicting resulting in not being able to scan to network folder, with the printer saying digital filing not set up, but the set-up option on the PC software having disappeared.

I spent 1.25hrs on the phone to a support person who remotely accessed my computer / printer, but could not fix the problem, despite the computer being a HP one also!

In all spent in excess of 10hours attempting to sort this out, communicating with HP 'support' and taking delivery of replacement machines, setting the up wirelessly etc etc, not to mention the hassle / inconvenience of it all.
I have felt like an unpaid HP employee, when quite simply I paid good money for hassle free Printing, Scanning, and Copying.

Have asked for a full refund and will be purchasing an alternative = a cannon mx895 which hopefully will be of better quality and support if needed.
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on 17 August 2012
Like many others I spent hours researching printer/fax/scanner/copier/colour combos and it seems to me that nothing ever gets a good review from everyone. I took the plunge with this one, as on balance, it looked like the best bet and it had EVERYTHING I needed. The printer was delivered at 2.30pm and it is now 3.45pm and it is completely up and running. Wireless set up with no problems. Have printed from computer, from phone and from an email sent from my phone. Have received a fax, sent a fax, scanned a document and copied a document....all with no problems in either functionality or quality. I have no complaints whatsoever and have to say it is one of the easiest setting ups ever....10 times better than the Epson I returned earlier this week to unmentionable High Street retailer! I think if you try and jump ahead of the set up wizard and set up disc for your computer you could come unstuck, but I followed the process as dictated and it all went very smoothly.

The printer also comes with a complete set of cartridges, so I am hoping that it will be some time before I have to fork out any more money, but obviously it is too early to say whether it is as cost effective as it claims. Already saving paper as the duplex function works a treat. It is bigger than an ink jet printer, but given how much stuff this thing does I think we can forgive it a bit of extra room......also with all the desk space I now save with laptops, screens, wireless mice etc etc there's room enough for this!

I know it's early days, but all in all, very happy with this and would recommend.
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on 20 August 2012
I bought this printer to replace my old HP OfficeJet G85 (print, scan, copy, fax) which I bought in January 2002 for £438, and which has been producing good quality documents since then. When I finally decided to pay the extra £60 for the optional duplexer, you just couldn't get them any more. Output was slow and the printer had come to seem clunky; all those buttons on the front...

The HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus has the duplexer in the box. Peel off the packaging, spend a few moments attaching the duplexer, insert the four ink cartridges, pull out and lock the touchpad, and it prints, scans copies and faxes, producing good quality documents. And it prints like lightning! Setup takes a while and you do need the enclosed CD for some additional functionality, but Windows 7 installed the printer without fuss. I use the USB connection, having abandoned my half-hearted attempt to set up the wi-fi printing system for my netbook to use, since I don't actually need that to print.

The 8600 alone takes up about the same volume on my desktop as the G85 did. And it's cheap. Sat on top of the optional additional paper tray (which unfortunately, Amazon doesn't supply, and which takes plain paper only) it's clearly larger than the G85, but taking up much the same footprint. I'm hoping for another ten years' usage.

2012 September 24: seven weeks after purchase, I'm a sadder if not wiser man. I've printed more than 1,8OO pages, of which some 1,550 contained colour. The principal problem is the banding across the printing or pictures (both clip art or photographs), but there's also some smearing giving you mucky-looking documents. Assuming that a new HP printer would give crisp printing like my old one, but much faster, was a mistake. And this on a printer that HP claims has a 'duty cycle' of 25,000 pages per month. Pity about he print quality: I might as well have bought a dot-matrix printer.

2012 October 02: HP sent me a replacement printhead, which comes with four setup ink cartridges. Replacing the printhead was a doddle, all done in a couple of minutes. The print quality is back to excellent.
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