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on 15 May 2012
I received this tags with my new Xperia S but thought I'd write a review. I customised all 4 to what I need on a daily basis which was really easy; I have "Night", "Morning", "Out and about" and "Home". For example "out and about" turns off my wifi, turns my ring to vibrate and starts my music player. You can add a lot of tasks to each tag but so far I don't need any more than 3 at any one time. I wouldn't have bought them had they not come with the phone as they're not life changing or massively time saving but I do quite like them!
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on 16 October 2012
There's an Android App called Tasker - give it a set of conditions and it will do things to your phone, change wifi settings, switch Bluetooth on or off, launch the music player, etc. That's what these tags do, only the tag itself is the condition.

I've got one of these by the back door - called it "In or Out". Swipe the phone near it as I go through the door and on the way out it switches Bluetooth on, mobile data on, wifi off, starts the media player. Reverses those settings on the way back in. Yes, you've got to remember to use the tag but that's not too hard. That's how it's programmed on my phone, my wife uses different settings.

Now. These are official Sony tags and came bundled with my wife's Xperia phone but work perfectly using their "Smart Connect" app (free in the Android store) and my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Under £10 for 4 of these? I wish I'd found them sooner.
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on 7 September 2013
Excellent product, makes managing my phone settings really well. Each colour is automatically assigned a function (like Home, Car, Bedroom etc.) but if you want to reprogram this is very easy to do in the settings. This is useful if you want to use a particular colour in he car or in the bedroom. I changed all of mine and they all work very well. Once they are all programmed mobile life is a breeze... go to bed at night and everything turns off automatically so the phone cannot disturb your sleep, wake up in the morning and tap your phone again and everything you want turns on, brightness, volume, even an application can start if you want. Get into your car, tap the NFC tag and the bluetooth turn on, the car app opens and all volume is turned up. Arrive at work and tap the NFC and Vibrate mode is activated so you don't disturb your colleagues. Brilliant! I love these and I can highly recommend them. I'm using them with my Sony Xperia Z.
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on 29 November 2012
I have a Sony Xperia T which didn't come with any tags so I bought these. These are the NT1 tags and there is a newer version called NT2; however, these are the same apart from colour. You will need to download the "Smart Connect" app to use the tags and NFC needs to be turned on (you can leave it on as it uses very little battery power).

As soon as you swipe your Xperia over the tags the phone will open up the relevant app and you can assign almost any task or tasks. I have one set up for "Home" which turns on WiFi, changes sound profile to loud, turns on bluetooth to pair to a wireless speaker etc. They work very well and it's very well integrated to phone functions. The tags themselves are quite attractive and well made, I have one on a keyring and it appears to have survived all the knocks. I've tried the tags with other NFC android phones and they do recognise them so if you can find a relevant app then you can use these as well.

Things I would improve:
-You can only use the NFC on the Xperia T whilst the phone is on and unlocked so you can't just pick up your phone and swipe it over a tag when it's on standby. This is not a problem with the tag but with the phone but I'd like the option.

-The commands are stored in the Smart Connect app and not the tags so you can't buy 2 or 3 sets of the tags and assign different tasks to two red tags or example. Again, this is a limitation of the app rather than the tags.
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on 21 July 2014
They do what they say on the box but whats the point? You have to unlock the phone for it to recognise them after which you could select something on screen. They are good but a decent dashboard app would be better. Nobody makes one though that I know of so I suppose these are useful. I just don't get it.
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on 11 January 2014
So I'm completely new to NFC technology, since I only got my Xperia Z1 about a week ago. I have to say, it's really easy to use and understand once you start. Just hold your phone close to one of the tags, and if it is your first time using the tag, it'll show you the pre-set tasks assigned to it. You will be able to change the settings though, so you can get the tags to do what you want.
You can get the tags to do a number of things on your phone. For example, I have one of mine to switch Wi-Fi off and to put my phone on silent, and then vise-versa when used the second time.

As useful as they are, I've found two small issues with them...
1. Even though most (or maybe all) of the functions that you want are there, there isn't a great deal available. You can only use the tags to change some of the most common settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Volume and to launch applications or shortcuts. This doesn't seem to be restricted to these tags though, as I had the same problem with the magnetic charging dock. It's not a big problem though, but it can be a little annoying at times when the function you want isn't available.
2. Sony phones (or the Xperia Z1 at least), have to be on and unlocked. If the phone is sleeping/on standby or is on but locked, NFC will not work.

At the moment, I think that some improvements could be made, but at this price, they are a steal, and it's a great introduction to NFC. They are surprisingly useful, but don't expect to be able to do a lot with them other than getting them to perform basic tasks.
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on 28 May 2016
Love using these NFC tags about the place to automate various actions on my Sony phone, such as navigation mode in the car, night mode next to the bed, ringer volume to full when at my office desk etc.
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on 2 November 2013
These are very lightweight, a great size - big enough to be used easily, small enough to not get in the way - and the variety of colours makes it very easy to visually identify them and know their configuration (e.g. bedroom, car, work etc).

The keyring clip seems sturdy enough to last a long time (nothing worse than keyring clips breaking and you losing something!).

The range of these is nice too, certainly with my Xperia Z1. You won't find them accidentally doing things just because they are close, it does take a conscious effort to engage, yet they work from just far enough away to not have to physically tap them.

Overall a great product and being writable (rather than read-only, like some) you can use any of the NFC-editing Apps available.
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on 22 September 2014
I also got only 2 colours and so only 2 functions. Hopefully seller has sorted it. They offered refund but for a few pence didn't bother. Useful? Not really for me. Needs to be unlocked first and using macrodroid app means one button does as much and much more. Gimmick value £2. Some may find them cute to use I guess.
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on 18 April 2013
I bought these thinking that it would be easier to hold my phone up against them to switch various functions on/off and I can see how they would be very handy to someone who uses their phone in various environments where they need to change their phones settings to suit the occasion.

For me I predominantly got them to turn Bluetooth on/off whilst in the car for my hands free system but in truth I found it just as easy to switch Bluetooth on directly from the phone.

Gimmicky, work well, can see how they would be handy for some people but not for me.
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