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4.4 out of 5 stars3,313
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 April 2013
Enjoyable film as usual excellent opening action sequence. Craig is good and adds the intensity that many like to the Bond role. (he's starting to look a bit older here though)
I do think the film could have been trimmed down a bit or tightened up sequence wise. After the opening there is a bit too much non Bond stuff going on for my tastes, I've no problems with a bit of exploration and talking stuff... some call it getting to know the characters. You could chop 25-30 minutes off this and it would be improved for it.

1 hour and 7 mins in we finally see Javier Bardem, ala Silva the disgruntled ex agent complete with a nice blonde dye job (it does make him very unusual and menacing looking) Javier is superb as the bad guy in this film his presence is felt in every scene he is in (some humorous moments too "oooh Mr Bond chair scene is memorable!). It's just a shame we have to wait this long to get to him.

This Bond film is thin on the gadgets, and some say the better for it. I've no issues with the back to basics take, or the non rule the world plot. Yes it does make a change to have an ex agent theme for this movie. There are some good sequences, but for me it's only when Silva arrives we really get stuck into things (and that's a good half way into the movie). Ending wise I though a little bit basic for me. And the pace of the movie felt too stretched out; as above a good trip to the cutting room would have helped in a lot of ways.

Overall I enjoyed it and surprisingly for a Bond film it does benefit from a second viewing. For me a 4/5 film one of the better Bond movies..but die hard gadget and all action Bond fans might not appreciate the more leisurely pace of the film.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 October 2012
This is a movie for grown-ups. The screenplay and the direction had me mesmerised as a captive in the cinema. We were all so intimate with James Bond. The silences as dramatic as the chases over roof tops. These actors had to act.

The simile of the two rats meant we were in serious Bond territory here. From the old world of shadows without grief, to the new age of touch-screen decisions. Without grief. As an old man of fifty I understood the flaws. So does Danial Craig's James Bond. A superman without compassion. Nietzsche's shadow. It some how made the humour shine. Long gone are Ian Fleming's rich villains undeserving of life.

Skyfall is a top flight movie. Never mind comparisons with others in the franchise, I noted respectful glances at: The Usual Suspects, The Third Man, Citizen Kane, Gladiator before other Bond movies. And a whiff of Silence of the Lambs. See this movie in the cinema. I left as 007. Hands in pockets, ready for anything.


19 February 2013. The dvd version of the movie has just been absorbed. Thunderous soundtrack of music, guns, bombs and crashes. Cinema sound at home blasts like no cinema I've ever visited! Subtitles I was looking forward to, especially what Bond says as he leaves a gambling house. Hope you note the Citizen Kane scene when the simile of the two rats is explained to Bond and ourselves. Very famous focus trick as one man approaches another who is close to the camera. Delicious Mendes.

Now the film is filed next to the other Danial Craig 007s. Do you mind if I fantasise about working on the screenplay for the new Bond film? People actually get paid for such a thrill.
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on 10 May 2016
I'll admit that when I first saw Casino Royale I was underwhelmed, Craig just felt like too much of a thug to be Bond; and the less said about Quantum of Solace the better. Subsequent viewings of Casino Royale have changed my opinion, but it's safe to say that I went into Skyfall with mixed feelings.

I remember watching the pre-credits sequence with an irrepressible smile on my face; Bond was back, exactly as he should be. Everything was perfect, from the humour, to the action, to the little tug to straighten his cuffs (as every gent knows, a finger of cuff below the jacket sleeve is essential), and then the film just got better. I know that if you consider Silva's plan it really doesn't stand up to scrutiny, but this movie is made with such joy and respect to the history of the franchise that I just don't care. Not since Goldfinger has, for me, an actor nailed Bond as perfectly as Craig does here. He's weary, cynical, but absolutely brilliant at what he does. And of course there's Judi Dench as M. Trying to decide whether she's better than Bernard Lee, or vice versa, is like trying to decide whether chocolate is better than fudge; they're both brilliant. But i loved her speech at the public enquiry, stirring and yet relevant to the world that we live in.

So I loved it, sure it has faults; but nothing's perfect. I recommend this to fans of the Bond franchise and to those who just enjoy a great action movie; it's blooming fantastic.
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on 8 December 2015
When I went and watched this film at the cinema I came out at the end unable to stop thinking about it and unable to get it out of my mind.I was truelly staggered at how good it was and I was hungry to see it again,it had a real magic to it that casino royale and qauntum of solace CLEARLY lacked and although SPECTRE is an improvement it Simply cannot match or compete with This Film it terms of sheer quality and entertainment.The story works has one of the best bond Villians ever and is easy to understand and the film is the same is full of scenes that you want to watch over and over again because they are SO ENTERTAINING And ENJOYABLE.It Definatetly has an ingredient to it that the sean connery and some of the roger moore films as James bond had that made them so enjoyable,and that is why Skyfall is A VERY,VERY GOOD FILM why it was only given a 7.8 out of 10 I simply cannot understand as it a definate 8.7 out of 10 and is why I will give it 4 Going onto 5 stars.
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on 17 March 2013
A baddie who has nicked a list of all the worldwide undercover operatives in terrorist organizations, is threatening to release the names of the individuals concerned if M doesn't give herself up to him, so she calls in her favourite attack dog, the best secret agent in the whole wide world, ever, James Bond...
A mostly entertaining Bond film, which despite its probably excessive runtime never gets dull. I didn't watch Quantum of Solace, due to both the poor reviews it received and the fact it sounded like a brand of suntan lotion, but with the exception of that film and Die Another Day (another stinker by all accounts), I have seen all the Bond films several times over the years. This one coming up about slightly higher than average. Which, for such a strong franchise is no mean feat. Bardem is good, Craig is good, Dench ~ for a Bond girl, is not so good, but fortunately she does refrain from wearing a bikini! There's one or two exciting action set pieces, with the finale taking place at Bond's incestral [sic] home in Scotland. An ending that although is well crafted, lacks inventiveness.
Dunno what all the Oscar fuss was over the title track either? As the song , though admittedly well sung, was dull and rather formulaic, and when compared to other Oscar winners such as Isaac Hayes with Shaft you have to wonder why it is so highly regarded?!
I found the story fairly underwhelming over all but I think that that possibly worked in the films favour for me.
With all said and done, it is without doubt a solid actioner, however one does wonder if it will still receive the same level of glowing praise 10 years from now, which any viewers of a contrary disposition should take note of before viewing this and go giving it the 1 star backlash it doesn't deserve, after all this is no more a 1 star film, than it is a 5 star one...
The dvd looks as you would expect! All extras fat and shiny!
3.5/5 star Bond rounded up.
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The makers of the Bond franchise in my opinion quite rightly concluded that the cheesiness of the Roger Moore years was not the way forward. The Brosnan films were pulling back from that. With the three Daniel Craig films they have been deliberately going back to the Ian Fleming character of Bond: vulnerable instead of immortal, ruthless and a tad frightening, doing a distasteful job.

I have heard people say 'it's a good film, but it's not a Bond film'. They hanker after the gizmos, girls and gags. I understand that but I'll settle for the 'good film' bit. The makers have upped their game to such an extent that this film was being spoken of as an Oscar contender.

The thing is ... the producers had nowhere to go with the old formula. What could they possibly have dreamed up after an invisible car? The whole thing would have become sillier and sillier and the franchise would have been damaged. They had to go back to 'Dr No' and produce what is, in effect, a classic spy thriller.

The plot is a good one. Bond is on the trail of a villain worthy of the name, a man motivated by revenge rather than world domination. Bond has been through a near-death experience: he is unfit, feels he is ageing (both themes that Fleming explored) and the question is whether he is ready to meet the challenges ahead. That vulnerability increases the sense of viewer involvement with the hero.

Many features of the Bond formual remain: the suave dinner suit, the set piece fights, the 'Goldfinger' Aston Martin. This time they are linked to a more robust plot, a more sinister villain and a more developed characterisation of Bond himself. All in all, a film that is more heavyweight that most of its predecessors.

On the technical side, the print is very high quality and the surround sound is well done with subtle use of the rear speakers that adds value.

I recommend this film. If you like your Bond with cheese on, it may not be for you. But as an action film, it is up there with the best. Five stars.
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Yes, this is a review of the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy - which I purchased from Amazon. It was played on a Sony PS3.

When Bond's latest assignment in Turkey goes gravely and spectacularly wrong and agents around the world are exposed, the MI6 HQ in London is attacked forcing M to relocate the agency underground to Churchill's WW2 operating centre. These events cause her authority and position to be challenged by Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes), the new Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee. With MI6 now compromised from both inside and out, M is left with one ally she can trust: Bond. 007 takes to the shadows - aided only by field agent, Eve (Naomie Harris) - following a trail to the mysterious Silva (Javier Bardem), whose lethal and hidden motives have yet to reveal themselves.

Well, thankfully this is a complete change of direction, style and concept after the rather disappointing Quantum of Solace. I expected a good film with Sam Mendes at the helm and I got it; I must admit that it took a while to really pick up speed and in many ways Javier Bardem is the catalyst for rescuing something that was teetering on mediocrity before he appears halfway through, with (up until then) a rather wooden script and not-always-funny one-liners. But save it he did, and now looking back on it I can see that this Bond outing has something of a style all its own and could even be regarded as yet another 'clean-slate' re-start, something that I reckon the franchise needed after the previous film. This was a must-win match, and it has done that. There's a lot of high-quality action stunts (not least the 'death of 007') and it's only when I went through all the extras afterwards that I realised how much there was and what good value you get for your money. As a Blu-ray film it's well up to standard and seems to get better and better as it reaches its conclusion. The audio soundtrack is also worthy of a mention, although once again the second half of the film seems better than the first.

Although it's not exactly a criticism of the film, I was rather disappointed to see how much Daniel Craig seems to have aged since Casino Royale. He's got a bit baggy under the eyes and although he's still in excellent shape, he doesn't look quite as lethal in the hand-to-hand combat department. It could well be that Mendes wanted to make Bond look and feel more vulnerable; I would have preferred to have seen Bond (played by Daniel Craig) back in bulletproof nick as he appeared first time out seven years ago.

As a Bond film though this one hits the money and the best part of it, perhaps, is that it rarely feels recycled or old-hat. Despite the fact that this is the 23rd ('official') Bond film there is plenty to enjoy here and it's lengthy conclusion is pleasingly old-school with very little in the way of high-tech widgetry - indeed Sam Mendes said the denouement could have been filmed in 1962, complete with the iconic 60s Aston Martin. Action spans the globe as usual, starting off in Turkey, and after a spell in London we cross the planet to Shanghai and Macau before repatriating to the UK - including a memorable ending in Scotland.

The extras are lengthy and fullsome, with many of the best action sequences 'explained' with narratives by the director, leading actors and writers. There's definite value here, and of course this is one of the most obvious benefits of having the DVD/BD as opposed to seeing it at the cinema (which I did not do). Subtitle options include English, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish and four or five others which to be honest I cannot translate. There is also the option to watch the film with a running commentary by Sam Mendes (in numerous languages), as well as by the producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson. Apart from English audio dts-HD Master Audio 5.1 there is another option for English Descriptive Audio 5.1; the film can also be listened to in French (although there are no French subtitles), as well as Spanish, Italian, and two other languages that again I cannot transalte with any certainty - the closest I can copy them here is PYCCKNN and YKPAIHCbKA. I haven't timed the length of the extras but they could well run for an hour.

In the end, although this film wouldn't be the same without Daniel Craig - he's the perfect contemporary Bond and he does a lot of the stunts himself - I think Javier Bardem as the baddie plays just as big a part in making it the success that it is and he's the ideal foil for a slightly vulnerable 007. There are plenty of 'wow' inducing stunts although the one described in the extras as the 'piece de resistance' - the underground train crash - was less than 100% convincing and I reckon quite a bit of it was edited out - I hate to think of the cost of this relative to screen time, which was barely 30 seconds.

There's no doubt in my mind though that this is a Blu-ray/DVD worth buying, it's certain to be seen more than once and it's suitable for anyone over the age of 12 I would say, in keeping with its certificate; obviously there's death on view but little or none of it is likely to disturb or shock, there is almost no nudity and what little sex I remember lasted about three seconds and was not graphic in any way. There are a few expletives, but little that is likely to offend.

Skyfall does have its weak points, as I have mentioned, but in spite of them the film still works and thanks in no small part to Bardem as the villain the finished product is quite memorable; ultimately it's not as exciting as Casino Royale but it's so different in style that comparisons are somewhat meaningless. I've only seen it the one time so far but I have a feeling that I'll like it more second and third time round.
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on 24 December 2014
Great film, completes my collection so far, very techy content but still enjoyable. No so many corny but funny quips as the earlier films with Sean Connery and Roger Moore. The action is well done with brilliant sets.
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on 13 March 2013
I've always struggled to pick my favourite Bond film... until this one came out. I love the classic Bonds, I'm an 80's child so the tongue in check style was definitely popular with me. (I know it did irritate some fans!) This film is well paced and doesn't skim on the plot, there's as usual things you'd expect in a Bond, action packed chases, a beautiful car, lots of drama, a tragic love interest, a dastardly baddie with an evil plan! I don't want to spoil it for anyone with too much info on the plot.

When they initially chose Daniel Craig for Bond I was unsure about the selection; he's a serious actor with an incredible talent and I wasn't sure how that would work after the more 'tongue-in-cheek with action' style previously adopted. I'm happy to admit when I'm wrong, he is just fantastic as Bond! And this film is the best of his Bond films so far. The cast is jam-packed with outstanding actors - I love Judi Dench, she is perfect in this, isn't she always though. She's a treasure, always such a delight on screen. Javier is fantastic as the baddie and I love Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny- I loved her in 28 Days Later so that was a bonus that they'd signed her up.

So now I have a favourite Bond film and a favourite Bond- Daniel Craig! Enjoy! :)
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on 9 July 2012
When i got told that the story line to this film wasn't a continuation from the Quantum story, that straight away was a negative for me, and before i watched it, i did really have high expectations, but before i put it on, i knew i would have a Casino vs Skyfall on my hands. I do admit i enjoyed it a lot more than i thought, i thought that i'd hate Q and MoneyPenny in it but they were actually pretty good and solid characters, plus i thought that at times it did get pretty tense watching it. Furthermore, i read reviews about if it mentioned anything from the previous 2 and i read that it didn't. But in a way it did because Bond orders a Vesper Martini, and a conversation he has with a Chinese woman, in which i liked that it was fully forgotten. Overall i have given it 4/5 stars simply because of 2 reasons, 1)the change in story, but it is still good, though i fell in love with the first story. 2)Bond isn't as human as a real life. What i mean by that is with the other 2 of Daniel Craigs Bond, he was a lot more vulnerable, more emotionally and more human like but with this he portrays a character of Bond that has already been done before in the past.
My final verdict is that Skyfall is a couple of inches from winning the trophy from Casino Royale.
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