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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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This comes in a beautiful box with what looks like original artwork thats just stunning.

Inside there are four boxes of varying size that store all four series.

Now a series back then could easily be 26 episodes so you have around 100ish episodes to watch, each about an hour in length, a crazy amount!!!

The first series in in Black and White but then changes to Colour for the remaining three series, they also introduce one of my favourite craft, the flying sub in the Second series.

Inside there is also a small booklet 6-8 pages in full colour.

There are lots of extras too even an unaired pilot episode you won't likely have seen anywhere else.

I'm loving this, one of the best boxed sets I have bought in a while.
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This is a great release from Revelation!... Well-packaged, It's simply a case of the company taking the four individual season releases and placing them inside two halves of a strong cardboard outer case, which provides good protection from dust & looks very impressive (while under 5 inches deep). As well as including a 10-page leaflet featuring production notes, each individual series includes a number of special features (see below). The first 32 episodes are in black & white, with the final three seasons switching to colour (78 episodes). The disc menu's feature an episode synopsis. The prints used for this collection are very good, with English subtitles.

This show holds many great childhood memories for me. Originally broadcast from 1964/68, this US sci-fi/adventure/fantasy series follows the exploits of the crew aboard the "Seaview"....a hi-tech, state-of-the-art atomic submarine. Officially titled a research vessel, the sub is in fact a sophisticated weapon against threats of espionage and war. The first season is primarily concerned with the aforementioned threats to national and world security, with further episodes veering increasingly towards more fantasy themed stories, involving the likes of aliens, sea monsters, and even a rampaging gorilla!

The impressive cast put in good performances, the lead characters include Admiral Harriman Nelson (Richard Basehart) and Captain Lee Crane (David Hedison). Series creator and producer, Irwin Allen employed the sets and miniatures from his 1961 movie of the same title, and the special effects are fine (for the time), along with good production values. From the master of 60's family entertainment, the show displays many familiar Irwin Allen ingredients: action, adventure, fantasy & peril. For me, a series that still holds up very well to this day.

*Never Seen Before Pilot Episode - Eleven Days To Zero (Unaired Pilot).
*Home Movie Footage From Irwin Allen (No Audio).
*Promotional Reel.
*David Hedison Interview.
*Blooper Reel.
*Presentation Book.
*Original US Broadcast information.
*Stills Galleries.
*1966 Audio Interviews (Richard Basehart & David Hedison).
*Original Unaired Pilot.
*Eleven Days To Zero (Re-Cut Unaired Pilot).
*Broadcast Pilot With Original TV Commercials.
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on 2 June 2012
I was a young boy during the 1960's, and when shows such as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space and Land of the Giants were the big thing on TV from American Studios.

At school we would recap the latest episodes in the playground.

When I saw this box set for a very reasonable price of £53.99, I just had to buy it......and I can tell you I have not been disappointed. So what that the special effects don't come upto the high demands that this generation of youngsters expect. The storylines can be humerous and inventive, but as with a lot of shows, reflected the political situation and views of the time.

Most importantly this box set is thoroughly enjoyable and nostalgic entertainment for that little boy who never quite grew up!
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At last we finally get the DVD release in the UK of this iconic series created and produced by Irwin Allen. This was the first of the Irwin Allen produced science fiction action series and it dates from 1964. After the success of the 1961 film of the same name, (also created and produced by Irwin Allen) this series made in black and white, brought a big budget film feel to a TV series.
This series is great fun. It`s full of escapist novelty. You cannot take it too seriously, its just meant to be fun.
Some film footage from the movie and even the model of the submarine were used in this TV version that had a slightly different cast. This first series gets off to a good start with some interesting plots, good scripts and good acting.
The production style gave an originality to the small screen and it was well received both in America and the UK. Here in the UK the first series was screened in its original year of release on TV unlike later series.
However every episode from the first series to the last series of Voyage to the bottom of the sea was screened on ITV during a slot around 4.40pm on Thursday afternoons during the early 1970s. Voyage to the bottom of the sea was later repeated on channel four on Sunday mornings during the 1990s.

The seaview is the worlds most advanced nuclear submarine, created by its commander, retired Admiral Haarriman Nelson, and housed in a pen at his Nelson Institute of Marine Research, Santa Barbara, California. It is six hundred feet long. It can dive to and travel faster than any of its rivals and is equipped with all the latest devices including atomic torpedoes. It carries a separate mini sub, a diving bell, a snowcat, and an innovative flying fish, a vessel capable of water and air travel.
The series is set 13 years into the future. Nelson and his crew are meant to be doing research but usually end up maintaining peace below the waves by fighting fiendish humans, fish and aliens. This first series tends to be more serious and generally more sensible. Later series see the story lines becoming more far fetched.
Assisting Nelson is Captain Crane, Chip Morton, Francis Sharkey and Curley Jones.

Irwin Allen went on to produce other great shows, Lost in Space, Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants. All were produced in the 1960s before he went onto produce many feature films such as Towering Inferno.

Series one is in black and white but series two, three and four are all in colour.
The star power of Richard Basehart and David Hedison, backed by an able supporting cast that are very experienced after three series do a great job in giving the final series a strong edge. Also there is the miniature sets and special effects that although not as impressive as modern CGI, are in fact very good even today.
To be honest there are also signs that the series four really should be the final season because the episodes re visit themes from previous series thus showing it was getting harder to be original in plot line.
On the flip side of that, it also means that the series has familiarity and it is good to re visit some characters again.

For example there is the episode Man Beast, where captain crane transforms into a beast man after an accident with an experiment in diving equipment.. This idea was the third time it had been used. Completely wacky stories but this one is actually the best of the beast man episodes and the acting and effects are very good.
Another episode called "Nightmare" features captain crane again who encounters aliens. And aliens appear again in "Attack".
A stand out episode has to be "The edge of doom" which explores deep emotions within the crew as their friendship is put to the test as they search for an enemy impersonator within Seaview's crew
Each series had been long at twenty six episodes each, so to get to the end of season four there had been a lot of stories and the whole thing comes to an end with two great episodes twenty five and twenty six.
These are also stand out episodes and they make a great final stab at telling the stories of Seaview and its many voyages to the bottom of the sea.

The final disc of the DVD set contains special features. There is an unaired pilot episode, and a re cut version of the unaired pilot episode. Then there is the actual broadcast version of the pilot episode with original commercials. Finally there is an interview with David Hedison, stills gallery and American broadcast information.
This series has some great music,. There are great contributions from the likes of Alexander Courage who wrote music for many TV shows from America and Nelson Riddle who was a successful composer of light music

All four series are collected here in this card box and the whole classic experience of Voyage to the bottom of the sea is great and original science fiction.
This is highly recommended.
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on 8 October 2015
Its another classic TV scifi show from back in the day.

Each episode has a story, The characters generally have to get somewhere, discover something, do something and/or survive the episode..If you want a 'what does judy think of fred, and will sam find out' relationship soap, you won't find it here.

The video and audio is good on the several episodes I test viewed today. Better than I remember, but then that memory was from decades ago when I watched it on a crackly little 15" black and white CRT TV - so pretty much anything would be better than I remember.

The packaging is diabolical. Its almost as if the manufacturer's want to punish you for buying the episodes on DVD, rather than paying per view on a streaming service. The set is divided into two large cases (series 1+2 & series 3+4) which are squeezed into a thin card cover fractionally too small to accommodate them, presumably so you have to destroy the dust cover to overcome the friction and suction when extracting the cases. Its a shame as the cover a simplistic, but attractive.

The cases have a number of platters which mostly have two spindles to manage to stack DVDs in two overlapping stacks of two, Seriously? What braniac thought that was a good idea? Its an arrangement almost intended to scratch the disks. Taking the disks on and off the spindles is as difficult as you'd imagine - but, as always, the disks are rattling round in the case on delivery as if to demonstrate they can be removed and provide you some entertainment trying to jigsaw them back together again.

The disks themselves are the 'extra thick' variety, so at least they don't flex as frighteningly as their thinner brethren when being taken in and out the cases.
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on 4 June 2012
An absolutely wonderful series despite the monster-of-the-week 3rd and 4th seasons. And a beautiful set with incredible paintings on the box, a full-color booklet, all 110 episodes + 3 unaired pilots, a long David Hedison interview, and a whole slew of extras. This set is light-years ahead of the U.S. editions that come on funky accident-prone two sided discs and do not have "play-all". This U.K. edition has only one flaw: the episodes are displayed in production rather than airdate order, making the "play-all" feature about useless. I loved this set so much I bought an extra one for a Canadian friend! And it is available at a great price!

Be sure to check out the superb "SEAVIEW: A 50TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE TO VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA 504 page book available from Amazon in July. It has full participation of the surviving VOYAGE cast and is partly written by David Hedison!
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on 15 August 2013
Along with The Time Tunnel & Land Of The Giants this is the programme I grew up with.Ok so the special effects aren't up to much what do you expect for the sixties ?
It was great to see Admiral Nelson & Captain Crane after all these years a thouroughly enjoyable piece of nostalgia
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on 26 April 2014
This was always my favourite of the Irwin Allen profuctions in the 1960's. It had great depth of imagination and was always worth watching, inspiring in childhood. It was repeated many times, but has been off the screen in recent years. It is good to have it back to watch, this time each episode uninterrupted.

The Collection is well presented in a beautiful firm box, that contains each season in tough plastic containers. The disks are well protected. Also included is a colourful 10 page detailing various facts and pictures about the series. The first season has 32 episodes made in black and white, including the unaired pilot 'Eleven Days To Zero'. The plot of that is not unlike the film version that was made with Walter Pidgeon, except floods are the danger, not the Van Allen Belt around the earth. Seasons 2 to 4 (78 episodes) are made in colour.

There are English subtitles. Each disk has a special synopsis feature, which gives a brief outline of each episode.

In the series, the Flying Sub is introduced later on, incorporated into the front of 'Seaview' and stories go top a more science fiction/fantasy level as the episodes go by.

Richard Basehart stars as Admiral Harriman Nelson, creator of the supersub Seaview, with David Hedison as Captain Lee Crane. Other crew regulars are Robert Dowdell (XO Chip Morton), Del Monroe (Kowalski), Terry Becker (Chief Francis Ethelbert Sharkey), Chief Curley Jones (Henry Kulky who was only in the early episodes), Patterson, (Paul Trinka)and Sparks (Arch Whiting)

Kowalski's function, it always appeared to me, was to get knocked out or hit by someone. Count how many times this happens. It even happens in the pilot episode! He probably had concussion by the end of the series.

Encountering espionage, space invaders, sea monsters and robots, there is a range of plots to enjoy. The special effects are by no means perfect, but the viewer has to allow for the fact that it was made in the 1960's. Seaview footage is repeated throughout each episode.

Still, it is a five star Collection of disks, guaranteed to bring enjoyment to VTTBOTS enthusiasts young and older.
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on 3 July 2013
Being a total SCI-FI hardware fan I loved this series to death as a young boy. Just as with Jerry Andersons Thunderbirds crafts I kept drawing my own versions for years. But I do remember that even then I already found the series to be rather repetitive.
Buying the whole set after all these years bears that out. Season 1 and 2 are decent enough, Season 1 seems to be the best written, in spite of some major dated TV clichés. Seasosn 2 adds colour and the wonderful, though aerodinamicaly totally bonkers, flying sub.
Besides some very dodgy effects shots that contrast extremely to the best ones the production values are quite high. The only real letdown is the aforementioned repetitiveness that seems to slump into ever vaguer concepts towards the end (We dunno what is going on but since it threatens our free western way of living we will not take this mysterious shit anyway!”). It seems that all good writers where working on new Irwin Allen projects by that then.

Marc Brassé
As a far as the reissue itself goes there is little do complain about. Very good picture quality (somebody appearnetly stored that stuff well enough) and actually quite a few extra's for a series that is so old (which adds to the proffessional archiving theory). I know, I know, of course it is not an epifamy to see a bunch of effects shots in worse picture quality for 10 times in a row. For real buffs it is however great that the stuff still exists at all and the repetitions somehow fit into the whole picture anyway.
This complete set is recommended, especially when buying series 1 and 2 only is almost as expensive as buying the whole lot at once. Furthermore getting bored by the repetitions can be avoided by taking controlled doses. Why be hasty if you own it in such a durable format anyway?
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on 21 May 2012
I really like this series a lot (all seasons). I had to order it from the UK because in North America presently they only sell each season individually and it would have cost a lot more. In the complete set that I got from you get EVERYTHING and price wise it was not too bad either. Since they are in PAL format, I find they work best on my computer's DVD player. I am still getting through all the episodes and I have been throughly enjoying it. Back in the 60s special effects were not the biggie that they are in today's sci-fi and tended to rely more on the story to keep the viewer captivated. All in all I am quite pleased that I bought this.
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