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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 April 2013
Reading the reviews for this product you get the sense of divided opinion. That opinion is largely based upon the sound emitted by the horn. I've never heard a rape alarm, so cannot comment upon the comparison there; I would liken the sound the horn makes as like a powerful car alarm. Whether it is directed toward people stepping off the pavement without looking, or cars manoeuvring in ways that may cause you problems, in my experience they take notice. One of the supreme advantages is that you can sound the horn in plenty of time to be noticed, because of the range of sound emitted is good. This is particularly useful for pedestrians, with earphones on, or those simply not immediately aware of their surroundings.

The product itself is made to a very high standard; you would find it hard to criticise any of its components. Fitting is simplicity itself. It might be helpful to know that when you are considering where to mount the horn that the wiring from horn to switch is 36cm.

All in all a sound investment (if you will excuse the pun!)
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on 18 October 2013
if you commute by bike in a town, get one. In fact if you ride with traffic at all, get one. I use mine at least half a dozen times each way from home to work (10-12 miles), each day. On a road bike you can have the trigger on the inside face of one brake hood, with the cable run under the bar tape to the horn - so it's pretty universally accessible to my right thumb or forefinger. I can brake and squawk with no loss of control. To the complainers that people don't recognise it as a bike horn - you need to play a bit of a tune on it sometimes, or give them a long long blast - it DOES work, just some pedestrians/drivers are more deeply cocooned in their own world than others ... It's much easier to be pre-emptive with this than I ever would be with a shout - a quick blip to just "confirm" that someone should think again before moving out/stepping off the kerb rather than waiting for it to (nearly) happen and having to holler at them.
I've recommended them to about 4 or 5 other riders during commutes it's so darn good!
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on 25 June 2013
Despite a 1000+ lumen front light flashing away, a strobe rear light, lights on the front and back of my helmet and being dressed in dayglo green or yellow apparently I'm still invisible to drivers and pedestrians; the Hornit is the equalizer. Whether used in its 140db road mode or 120db park mode it certainly gets you noticed. I've used it many times as a warning of my presence, to wake zombie drivers from their sleep and alert the doggy walker plugged into their mp3 player that Fido is about to become road kill.

Frankly this device is brilliant and has saved my life twice now: once from the truck driver deciding to pull away from kerb as I was overtaking his parked vehicle and also from the little old lady awoken from her slumber before she t-boned me at the junction I was passing.

Buy it - it's great and it's loud. Really really loud.

To top it off, the service I have received from Hornit themselves has been fantastic. Second to none. In a corporate world where the customer is just a revenue stream Hornit actually deliver friendly customer service second to none: friendly, helpful and quick to respond.
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on 2 August 2015
I would agree with most of the previous reviews. I like it and was impressed by its very compact size. I did a practical test the first morning I fitted it with my wife passing me in the car and me tooting away in horn mode. She wasn't impressed from inside the car on a quiet road listening to it. So, I have now switched to the 'rape alarm' mode which is painful on the ears on even the shortest burst. Whether that sound is projected forward to alert car drivers I am not sure. The kind of close encounters I am having with other vehicles, that assuming I have it together to get my gloved finger to the horn, I would be in no doubt that they would hear me. With reference to a previous review, the unusual sound, not a horn, not a bell may not register with other road users. I would reserve the Hornit for other vehicles and not for pedestrians. I have kept my bell for politely alerting pedestrians of my presence. I didn't see much choice with this type of horn and the market is crying out for a horn loud enough to warn motorists that they are about run you over. This would be a nice entry level model and the company behind it should start working on a beefier version. I am sure that that one would sell like hot cakes! Final comment would be about the elasticated mounting straps. Mine is fairly stretched and the horn still slips down. I will need to pad that out with something to make it fit better. The button elastic, however, worked well to allow me to attach it to my brake lever so that I can activate it without compromise to my braking.
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on 3 December 2012
Fantastic gadget. Really gets pedestrians to notice you. Really loud and a must for cycling. Easy to assemble and has two settings.
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on 3 November 2014
Boasting '140dB equivalent of sound - 4 times louder than the nearest competitor', is impressive. But the "140dB equivalent" is of little consequence if it fails to exact the desired effect one would anticipate!

Specifically, the Hornit Cycle Bike Horns 'two' high pitched 'sound modes' seamlessly blend with the background noise one hears on a daily basis whilst walking down the street. With 2 sound modes that 'both' bear resemblance to a car/van ALARM, who's going to take notice?
From my frustrating experience, NO ONE - NOT the pedestrians OR road users!!
After all, we expect a vehicle to be both 'parked' & 'stationary' when its 'alarm' sounds! [Evidence that points to why we have become "desensitized" to these types of sounds].

* Horn trigger can be fitted to 'brake' simultaneously whilst sounding horn;
* Can be frequently discharged without having to replenish batteries in one cycle journey (as is the case with 'air' in Cycle Air Horns);
* Good build quality.

* BOTH the Hornit Cycle Horn 'sound modes' sound like a vehicles 'alarm' - NOT it's HORN!;
* From my continued experience, EXTREMELY FEW individuals pay attention to the Cycle Horn 'ALARM' sounds.

Horn Design Improvement:
* Redesign the Hornit Cycle Horn to simulate lower sounding VEHICLE "HORN" MODES whilst maintaining the decibel sound equivalent (140dB).

Without prejudice, should the Hornit Cycle Bike Horn design team incorporate the above improvement (that both simulates & has the 'sound depth' of a vehicles horn) into an upgraded version of this item, then I would strongly recommend & support that future version.
Regrettably in my respectful view, as it currently stands, whilst the Hornit Cycle Horn is of good build quality, I do NOT consider this product to be value for money, as it merely lends itself to being 'partially' fit for the purpose intended.
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on 26 February 2013
I cycle in London, and often find that when I am cycling down main roads, drivers pull out from side roads on my left without looking. This has caused a few near misses and one actual collision, when the driver stopped so I thought he had seen me but then pulled out anyway at speed when I was halfway across the side road.
So I bought this horn with the idea that if these dorks don't look where they are going then at least they would be able to hear my horn and that might get their attention.
Unfortunately, this horn is not loud enough to be heard by car drivers. Also, it does not sound like a horn. The noise it makes is like the squeal of a rape alarm, a very high pitched squeak. I had hoped that it would make a noise like a horn, some sort of beep, but it doesn't.

It's not really much good for getting pedestrians attention either, although they are able to hear it. Pedestrians are used to hearing a bike bell and getting out of the way. I have a bike bell. When a pedestrian steps off the kerb onto the road in front of me I ring the bike bell and they get out of the way. They are used to that. Many pedestrians step into the road on autopilot without looking, relying on their ears to hear if a car is coming. A bike bell is an aural cue for them, and they usually hop back on the kerb.
When I use this horn, the wandering pedestrians have no clue that it is a bicycle horn, they look around quizzically wondering if somebody nearby is getting raped and sounding their rape alarm, by which time I have to stop to avoid running them over.

This horn was very expensive and I am concerned that other people will read the glowing reviews and think that it is suitable for use in heavy traffic situations. It really isn't. Maybe on a deserted quiet road it would be audible by car drivers, but then drivers would probably have the same problem as the pedestrians and not even know that it is a bicycle horn making that squeaky noise.

Maybe I can use it as a rape alarm.
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on 6 May 2015
Dang, it's loud! Trucks and buses somersault backwards like Charlie Brown when I deploy it. Goat herders in remote Austrian valleys put their hands to their ears to try and stop the bleeding.
I would make three improvements to the item:
1. A pressure switch that gave two levels of loudness so that I can alert vehicles with one level and pedestrians with another. It is offensively loud for pedestrians and I'm inhibited from using it because I can't give a gentle, courteous warning - I swear I'm going to get punched one day.
2. The plastic lugs that locate it in the retaining bracket are flimsy and one broke immediately (now superglued on) - it really needs a re-design.
3. The button needs to be either more pronounced (favourite option) or a bright colour. It is quite tricky to locate with a gloved finger. For something that is used in an emergency, this isn't satisfactory.

Finally and curiously, the tone has suddenly changed from a car horn to a security alarm. I preferred the car horn and I'm sad to see it go.
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on 23 October 2015
One of my colleagues has a older model, and swears by it.I feel in love with mine,but then I had problems. The unit became unreliable,it didn't always first I thought it was the batteries,but when I opened the unit,and moved the batteries around it started to work,but when I needed it,it stopped again.hopefully when you make a purchase ,they would of irradiated the fault,but be warned.I had to get the air zound,which is equally as load,minus the demand for batteries.
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on 18 July 2014
This really is loud enough to wake the dead - unfortunately there's no accounting for stupidity, I actually had a person stare at me while I was sounding it and still walk infront of me to be run into...
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