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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 15 June 2014
I really enjoyed this book. The writing is modern, the writing style unique and takes a little time to get used to. The more you read the more you want to. The story is great and I love the characters I am defo team Leo he is lovely and HOT. Brilliant start to a new paranormal series already downloaded the next one x
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on 17 June 2014
This book had promise, the woman with extra abilities, a handsome vampire and other magical beings. Unfortunately, there were few too many things that irritated me. Firstly, she seemed to 'shout' things rather a lot. The constant use of the word got really annoying - there are other words out there, she could simply say something, or shriek or squeal or something else!

Then, it felt very Sookie Stackhouse at the start of the book - a barmaid with abilities, a vampire, fairies.... I loved the Sookie Stackhouse books and it just felt a copy at the beginning.

Then there's the love triangle - both men seemed to just fall for her straight away and then she's basically stringing them both along. One minute she's going to sleep with one and they get interrupted but by the time they are together again, she's changed her mind. It was just a bit annoying, her indecision. I felt the vampire character was a bit weak, he's supposedly a really old vampire but he doesn't behave like one.

Finally, the villain and reasons behind it were a bit weak really. I won't give too much information as I don't want to spoil it, but it was a little disappointing for me.

Perhaps the second book is better but this one does need some refining.
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on 4 April 2014
OK lots to say about this book yes if you have read any H P Mallory books you will have a de ja vous feeling there are certain bits that are REALLY like another book but have to say I still liked it anyway the story is quite good and I love a sexy paranormal read. Would have given more starts if I had just not been so similar to H P Mallory books but hey its free see for yourself x
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on 1 October 2014
I loved this book from start to finished. It only took me a couple of days because I just couldn't put it down! Absolutely brilliant and I'm totally rooting for Karli and Leo! Buying the next book right now :)
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on 8 April 2014
And it feels like I have read it all before
Very sookie stackhouse like
The slightly helpless heroine and 2 men that love her
Who will she choose
The phone that rings right at the moment that she would choose someone got old after the third time
And I have a slight problem with her kissing and cuddling with both men
I mean you can have a connection with both but you shouldn't actually get physical with both
That's just gross
The villain in the book was so unforgettable that I had to go back to the beginning to see when they were introduced.
The rest of the characters were good
But I didn't really get a sense of the heroine
I don't know is she funny or strong or sarcastic
It could have been a really good series but ended up average
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on 13 June 2014
Weak, very weak; that's my assessment of this drivel. That's right I said it. I usually try really hard not to say insulting things. I know it's extremely hard to write even a weak book. I do. I'm sympathetic. But just about every aspect of this book and its main character grated on me.

Starting with the ridiculous attempt at regionally hip dialogue: “True dat, Bitches!” Ugh. This followed immediately by the cookie cutter caricature of a slutty BFF. I'm not slut shaming here. Eri seems really comfortable in her slut role, even giving instructions to dress sluttier, etc. More power to her. But as a character, she was beyond unidimensional. There simply wasn't anything else to her (or anyone else).

Then the movie comparisons started...and never stopped. It's a poor way to describe something or provide familiarity, but also a pet peeve of mine. Both because I no longer own a television or bother with Hollywood (so I often don't get the references and kind of resent the assumption that everyone will) and because it dates a book quickly. Plus, it just clutters up the narrative.

Just about the time I'd ground my teeth and persuaded myself to stick with it. I was blindsided by a series of instant and baseless attitude and character changes. One second two characters are cocky and hating each-other, the next throwing themselves at one another in sexual heat, then suddenly all shy and hesitant. So, enemies to lovers to touchingly sweet love in about an hour. Oh, and this happened more than once.

About that touching, all consuming love...There were two of them, for starters. And while I love a little ménage here and there, this wasn't that. It wasn't even a love triangle. It was just two men who for no apparent reason suddenly fell madly in love with one woman (on sight), were willing to do anything for her, and apparently didn't even mind the other. Hmm, I guess maybe that could have been a little further developed...maybe at all.

Even more confounding than the sudden, obsessive love of two sexy, powerful men who didn't know her from Eve was the question of why/how the vampire managed to overcome the bloodlust that plagued EVERY VAMPIRE THROUGHOUT DOCUMENTED HISTORY as if it was nothing at all. No explanation provided or even attempted. And if that wasn't enough to make me gnash my teeth, the question of why she would put herself into the position to find out he wasn't going to kill her immediately is. Hello stupid!

But stupid was a running theme for her. For example, being a fairy is supposed to be some big secret she's kept her whole life, but her slutty BFF knows and she's only been Karli's BFF for a year or so. Which means Karli couldn't have waited long to tell her the oh-so-big secret. She then easily (accidentally) revealed herself by displaying her powers to someone she just met. Shortly thereafter, she walked into a possibly dangerous situation and orders 3 double shots of vodka. Guess being clear headed isn't important or anything.

Could she really be that stupid? Yep, 'cause next Ms. Clutso sliced herself open in front of a vampire and let him lick it clean. (You know those vampires who almost exterminated her entire race for their blood, yeah, them.) Really. Not too careful, our MC. She basically approached Too Stupid To Live territory and camped out there.

Then there was the juvenile shouting, yelling, screaming, etc. Maybe this is just a symptom of the verbs the author chose to use, but it made everyone (but especially Karli) feel overly dramatic and tween-angsty. Especially since more often than not the circumstances didn't call for all the extra emotion. For example, she Karli didn't want to have a conversation with Vance (a perfectly reasonable one, BTW), so she screamed at him, slammed doors, tried to throw him out and eventually threw herself into idiotic danger with a smirk. Someone just go ahead and shoot this woman for me, please.

Add to all that the obvious attempts to add pointless titillation and I'm darned near toasted. As an example, one night after meeting Karli the detective asks her to accompany him to seek out a suspect (obviously proper police procedure, that). He then takes her to a sex-bar. This was pointless for anything but to showcase her apparent naiveté and allow for a whole boatload of sexual snippets. It was also almost too cliché (and over-used in PNR) to bear.

Plus, in an atmosphere of complete sexual nihilism there isn't a single non-hetero act to be seen and the whole scene seemed oddly male-centric, making even the women seeking their own pleasure feel like sex workers instead of equal-part satyric. Seems unlikely and mildly insulting.

This theme of pointless titillation continued in the make out sessions that leapt out of no where, but never actually went anywhere. This irked the hell out of me because they were so jarring, but also because it made the book feel very stop-start. Not to mention there was a whole heck of a lot of internal monologue-like fantasies, posturing, and petting and NO ACTUAL SEX. Seriously?!

Then I had to tolerate all of Leo's pet names: sweets, my sweet, dearest, my dear, love, my love, etc. (There were an endless supply of them.) This drives me crazy in general. I find them belittling. But here they were especially annoying since he and Karli had no relationship yet for him to so casually, use them. It felt false.

The writing itself was fine. I found it a little repetitive at times, as reader saw events and then characters relate that event to others. There were also a number of infodumps that made things feel clunky. But beyond my basic loathing for first person points of view the writing wasn't too bad.

To wrap this sucker up, I disliked this book. I hated the main character. I found her a weepy, bratty, juvenile woman. I probably would have liked the men if they'd been developed at all and if I understood where their obsession for Karli came from. But they weren't and I didn't. But as much as I disliked it all, it's almost all personal preference sorts of material. The nuts and bolts are there and another reader might (does, since there are plenty of great reviews of Pixie Dust out there) really enjoy it. Just not me, not me at all.
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on 1 April 2015
I was looking for a book similar to LOTR/the Hobbit/Hunger games and good reads recommended this book.
I have always been into fantasy books, but they often end up being predictable, this book however was not the case. If not the complete opposite!
I couldn't put the book down, not once or twice. Even if I'm at work I have to re-read the book again- what a page turner!
Laura lee you have me hooked!
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on 13 May 2014
Thoroughly enjoyed this book which was a freebie! Looking forward to moving on to the next. Highly recommended, compulsive read.
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on 13 June 2014
I love this book at the beginning I thought it'd be just. True blood rip off but it ha it's own story I really enjoyed it and will be buying the second book!
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on 9 July 2014
excellent :)
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