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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 October 2013
I've waited a couple of weeks before writing this to provide a thorough evaluation. Prior to buying this, I've used a few protectors on a number of different devices, and this is certainly among the best in quality. It's incredibly smooth and low friction to the touch, and a good feel. It also seems pretty resistant to scratches, although that's not something I've tested much. It's not exactly the size of the screen, and mine is attached a little wonky, but that can also be a blessing as getting a perfectly cut protector to fit a screen perfectly without overlapping the screen edge will require super-human plastic-placement skills.

However, there are a couple of points of the description that I consider a bit misleading. Firstly -
"Your Expert Shield comes with a no bubble guarantee."

Well, every protector, including 50p ones and 'free with your new case' ones are bubble free as long as you don't have dust under it. But that is EXTREMELY HARD TO ACHIEVE and this protector is no better. I fixed it in a steamy bathroom on a brand new phone without anything having touched the screen, and *still* dust found its way between screen and protector. It took a lot of faff to remove the dust with tape. Advice on the packaging is great in theory but nothing like as easy as suggested. eg. "If there's some dust, lift the corner by the sticker and remove the dust with tape." Lifting the corner with the tape lifted most of the protector off and attracted even more dust underneath!

As the whole dust issue is more about where you apply the protector than what it's made of (they're all a variation on the same theme), I'm not convinced it's fair to claim bubble free - that's down to your skills and preparation, not the screen protector. As it is, after 15+ minutes of affixing, I had one tiny piece of dust I gave up on, but it doesn't show at all.

Secondly -
"Your Expert Shield also comes with a no scratch guarantee."
It does seem pretty resistant. There aren't any micro-scratches present from use. However, I keep my phone in a wallet case with my cards and cash. On my old phone, there was a lot of scratching where the credit card edge touched the screen. This Expert Shield protector doesn't scratch as readily, but is showing tiny scratches in the corner. The real solution is to file down the edges of the card so they aren't so sharp.

But what this means is, though the protector is great, is it really worth the extra money? It's no easier to put on than any other protector, and any cheaper protector would be just as good in my wallet as long as I take the edge off the cards. If you keep your phone loose in your pocket, the extra scratch resistance may be worth it.
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on 6 March 2012
This screen protector is packaged very well in a card package instead of wrapped within an envelope. It comes with easily the best microfibre cloth I've received from any of my past screen protectors (so much so I tuck it into my case); it's fairly big, thick and great at picking up dust. It also comes with a pleasant compliments card which also offers good advice on how to apply the screen protector and even how to correct any errors made with helpful tips.

I followed the advice on the card and used my bathroom after someone had a shower to take advantage of the steamy atmosphere settling the dust. I attempted to align the protector after having removed the first layer ('Step 1' layer) and it was very difficult to see how the whole thing was going to line up while trying not to press the foil down. Naturally, constantly applying and re-applying the protector only invites chances for dust to settle on the screen and/or stick to the underside of the foil. Unfortunately that did happen when I did finally apply the protector and so an air bubble formed.

I emailed Expertshield to mention this, in light of their guarantee of no air bubbles, and the owner Ed Tyson replied himself. He gave me some more tips, including one I didn't know about which was the sticky tape trick which can remove the trapped dust and the most helpful tip (which unfortunately wasn't on the card) - to only peel off 1/3rd of the 'Step 1' layer and align that first, before chasing it down the screen with a card (i.e. do NOT discard the whole layer before aligning it). He also sent out a new Expertshield protector immediately free-of-charge.

There was no hint of frustration or ambivalence on his part; he was genuinely trying to help out one of his customers and did so without being prompted (in my email I did not ask for a replacement, I just wanted advice on how to reapply it). I was very very impressed with the service and his personal efforts to be honest.

The replacement arrived only 2 working days after. This time I made sure the bathroom was even steamier, I used latex gloves (it can be fiddly to handle the screen protector without accidentally using your fingers and fingerprints are a nightmare), I had sticky tape, and I only removed 1/3rd of the first layer before working down the screen with a card. Much easier to align and it worked perfectly with no air bubbles at all. The second layer is a bit tricky to take off without also removing the protector itself (sandwiched between the two external layers) so make sure you apply pressure near the top of it when removing the final layer.

All in all, worked wonders and I didn't need isopropyl disinfectant or special microfibre cloths or using a 'wet application' as some others seem to require. Also, the protector fits perfectly, which is relevant because the Galaxy Nexus' screen is curved and I have tried other protectors that do not sit properly on the bottom of the screen.

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on 18 September 2013
I'm not great at putting on screen protectors, and usually impatient at the first sign of trouble when applying, but what can i say?
What a fantastic product! I carefully followed the instructions, and read them two or three times before starting-I even applied it in a steamy bathroom which makes sense, and used a debit card and sticky tape- I wanted a perfect finish! And if you get a less than perfect finish then its highly likely you've done something wrong! The finish i got was almost perfect had it not been for the marks I had left on the underside of the protector. Needless to say i am being picky pointing this out because its hardly noticeable.
This is a great product,the best screen protector i have ever bought-no bubbles, very smooth, a strong and sleek finish. I was sceptical at first about the cost, but thought i'd give it a go based on the reviews i'd read. It is well worth the money-particularly with the lifetime guarantee, which really is quite a prudent smart idea. Well Done! The follow up emails from this company add a very nice personal touch, which makes you want to wish them well and buy again. Which i definitely will! Keep it up Expert Shield, and if you do expand, don't lose sight of the excellent service you provide!!
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on 11 October 2013
I bought my first ExpertShield screen protector about a year ago, for the original Galaxy Note. When I upgraded my phone to the Note 3, the first thing I did was order the compatible ExpertShield - I was in no doubt that I NEEDED one! These screen protectors are SUPERB.

Now, please don't make the mistake of thinking that this is any old screen protector. It isn't. And if you want a screen protector that you can apply in two minutes flat, this isn't for you. It takes time, and rewards patience. But if you're prepared to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and take your time applying the protector, then you'll be able to forget about it ever after and you'll KNOW that your precious screen is safe for as long as you have your phone. And you'll have to look REALLY closely to see that you're using a screen protector at all - it's THAT invisible.

My tip is to do what the instructions say and apply the protector in a steamy room. Don't fret too much about getting all the bubbles out to start with, just make sure the protector is in the right position on the screen and then remove the top layer. Then, if you have bubbles or dust trapped, pop some sticky tape "handles" on the screen protector (at the corners is easiest) - fold the tape over at either end so you can remove it without lifting the protector. Wrap sticky tape around your index finger, sticky side facing out, so that there is NO chance of you touching your skin onto the underside of the protector. Using the tape "handles", lift the edge of the protector to reveal any dust that has got trapped underneath and, using your sticky-taped finger, dab the dust away from the screen and / or underside of the protector. You'll be able to tell when it's dust-free, as the protector will go back down onto the screen and go invisible. It's worth taking your time over this, get every last bit of dust off the screen and protector - time taken here saves you time in the future re-fitting and you'll be so pleased with the finished result!

I'm sitting here looking at my Note 3 now and I can honestly say it looks perfect! If I look VERY closely around the menu button and the speaker and front facing camera, I can just about see the edge of the ExoertShield, but unless I do that, it just looks like the beautiful screen itself. And not a bubble in sight!
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on 23 May 2013
I have had one of these protectors for nearly a year and it has protected my phone well, so when my wife needed a screen protector for her S3 it seemed obvious to get her one as well. Somehow she managed to get some scratches on it, and the edge started to lift a little. So with great apprehension I contacted the vendor and asked about their warranty. To be honest I was expecting lots of hassle and toing and froing via email, but I was to say the least pleasantly surprised by the excellent customer service. I had a replacement screen protector within a few days, and had excellent communications from Vikki.

As they say it is easy for companies to do well when things are going OK, but these guys also manage the more difficult task of doing well went they didn't.
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on 15 March 2013
Real quality screen protector. Instructions did seem odd but make sense to follow to get best results when applying to the phone. I buggered up applying the protector and email them explaining what I had done and they sent me a replacement free of charge which arrived within 48 hours. A quality protector and fantastic customer service. Couldn't recommend highly enough.
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A new phone, a new screen protector from Expert Shield.

I used expert shield for my S3 and stuck with it for my S4. The protector arrived but it was actually the S5 version, so I had to cut a few corners off to fit the protector. I emailed ExpertShield and they immediately sent me a replacement without and questions. These are superb as long as you apply them correctly (very easy in a bathroom). Once on, you won't notice they're there and it will stay in place until you decide it's time to come off, as they don't come off any other way!

Highly recommended, easy to apply, lifetime guarantee, quality product!
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Not my first expert shield, and will not be my last. As long as they keep delivering this type of quality protector, I will look no further. It's easy to apply and just looks and feels great. Even though the S5 has gorilla glass, I still wanted this just in case I decide to sell the handset later down the line. You won't even notice it's there.
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As a gadget fiend I like to keep my "toys" in pristine condition and therefore have ordered many screen protectors over the years. However, I must say this Expert Shield screen protector for my Samsung Galaxy W really does set a new standard. The shape is perfect and whilst fairly thick, the film seems almost invisible and the touch screen ability of the phone is unaffected. The protector is easily applied, and, what is noticeable, is the fact that very few air bubbles occur during application, and, where they do, they are easily smoothed out with a credit card. I also like the the fact that the film comes well packed/presented with a nice quality cleaning cloth.

It should be remembered a lifetime warranty is offered. Although, I am normally cynical of such claims the communications I have received by email, and with the product, all suggest a very strong focus on customer satisfaction. In conclusion, a quality product with service to match. Recommended.
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on 7 February 2013
Would highly recommend this cover. It took me a couple of attempts as the Note II has a super huge screen. Make sure you are in a steamy shower room when attempting to attach this (prevents dust particles flying on your screen and is more forgiving on adjusting the cover slightly if you get the alignment wrong first time). Additionally, the service provided by Expert Shield was fantastic - will continue to buy for other handsets in the house. Cheers.
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