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4.5 out of 5 stars109
4.5 out of 5 stars
Size: 5 mm Thickness|Style Name: King|Change
Price:£21.73+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 9 November 2010
The product itself, the mat has a high build quality and a very generous size, huge, in fact... it reads 400 x 320 mm on the packaging.
I can tell you it isn't going to slip, even if you try pushing it sideways, the mat doesn't move.

The mat is very consistent, in terms of both resistance (or friction between the mouse and the mat) and quality. Not much to say about it being having this product no more for than 60 minutes...

The packaging... I would say it's trash. It uses some form of hard but brittle clear plastic, even though it was wrapped around with a sheet of multilayer, very durable sheet of plastic with a bit of duct tape securing the ends.
The package (the box protecting the mat) was already broken in the inside before it arrives and continues to shatter as I attempt to open it.
Keep away from children, LOL... the harden yet brittle plastic isn't the greatest in terms of child ingestion system. Just beware of that you might hurt yourself when opening the box.

In conclusion, as a student / casual gamer, it is a very promising yet cheap product. The only thing wrong with the product is the packaging, but this is not the distributor's fault, it's roccat's the use of hard and brittle plastic is so no so user friendly. Also, the packaging isn't really designed to be reused, as a rather frequent traveler like myself (I am an oversea student from HK and studying the Newcastle University at the moment) isn't so ideal.
Improvements for Roccat, the packaging, reusable packaging wouldn't be that hard to design nor it would cost more. The product is very nice, what would be better is that if the packaging is better.
I shall upload some photos taken wild I "unbox" the product.
review image review image review image review image
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on 19 April 2013
Quick pointers.

- Speedy glide with a slight resistance, good for high sensitive gamers that like snap precision.
- Big, massive, gigantic!... it's big.
- rubber back, will not move on most surfaces.

- Cheap for the size and quality.
- It's ******* massive!
- perfect glide with all mice I tested with it.
- The glide is just how I like it, ultra fast but very slight resistance.

- Almost, almost, nearly.... too big :D
- The text on the bottom right of the mat is not weaved into it, its printed embossed ink.
- This is a previous generation mat, so it will fray at the edges.
- The packaging will cut you as you open it, this really disappointed me.
- The smell of the actual mat is like 5 week old rotting seals, sweet chemical smell... awful.

Fantastic valve for money, buy it! *sniff sniff*
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on 24 May 2010
This mousepad is great. I cannot compare it to its much more expensive competitors but I don't see how you could improve it. It is thin but still comfortable for your hand and the mouse glides with very very low friction. It is relatively big which I like as well. The only possible criticism would concern the edges which don't seem too solid but so far I cannot complain. It smells really bad when using it for the first few days. I would buy it again.
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on 12 January 2010
Works like a charm with my razer diamondback, very smooth, precise movement.
The grip on the back is perfecct, so far the best cloth mouse mat ive seen.
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on 7 December 2011
This is an excellent mouse pad. Since it is "cloth", it has a great feeling of control. the used material is perfect, i use them for 2 years, and its the best mousepad i ever owned, and i tried all the major brands. best value, best mousepad ever. and i've owned dozens over 15 years of first person shooters.

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on 25 November 2010
Brilliant mouse mat, do not regret purchase at all. Stays in great condition, great surface for any mouse and very comfortable. Stays in position, does not go out of shape, and does not irritate/scratch the wrist. Best of all, cheaper than the equivalent razor pads.
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on 10 October 2009

I purchased this mouse mat to compliment my new Razer Deathadder.

It is very thin, about 3mm, and is about the size of A3 paper. It is large enough for unrestricted mouse movements.

It is jet black except for the logo, and goes well with my Deathadders blue lights. The description says its shiny, but it is more matt than shiny.

The backing is very grippy and stays put on your desk very well.

The surface is a cloth type surface, with a very fine weave. My mouse glides around very smoothly, with just the sligtest hint of grip. This trait is unique to cloth mats, and I actually prefere it over hard mats, which I sometimes find are too smooth, with even the slightest virbration in your arm, or muscle twitch will move the mouse.

The tracking of the laser on my mouse is very smooth, with no jerky cursor movements or anything like that.

It can easily be rolled up and put back in the box, or a tube for traveling, and rolls out completely flat almost straight away. But please take it out of the box carefully using the perforation on the back, as this will leave a nice hole for you to put it back in. I was too excited and just ripped the packaging right open, leaving me with a mess on the floor, and nowhere to store my nice new mat.

If I had to mention one bad point, it is this. The edges of the mat are slighty rough, from where the mat has been cut when it was made. It sometimes itches my wrist or forearm, but only slightly, but honestly, I don't really notice it.

Overall, I would really recommend this mouse mat. 5 Stars.
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on 8 November 2012
I usually prefer plastic/hard mouse pads as they tend to glide a bit more and some textiles can be very resistant to movement.

I wouldn't say I'm a high sensitivity user. I probably use about below average sensitivity for aim an for being a "mini" this certainly has even more space than I need.

I use it with my sharkoon fireglider and it tracks perfectly. The teflon feet work great on it and I get a perfect mixture of consistent glide and control which is what you want for precise aiming. While the logo looks nice and all it has a different texture but my mouse doesn't cross the are so it's no bother. I've only had it for a few days now but so far no issues with curling up edges and it' staying nice and flat.

I think some of the other brands that offer mousepads that are pretty much identical cost 2x 3x more are a waste of money. I speak of experience since I've had steel series, qpads etc and this works just as well.

The only thing I can't speak on is longevity. Whether it will develop inconsistent areas/texture changes from use quicker than more expensive mousepads I do not know. The other problem is flat mousepads can easily get frayed edges but I've seen no sign of it so far. Basically, if you get these texture changes from regular use it becomes useless. Since your aim will suffer due to random resistence of mouse movement.

What makes or breaks this product is how long it will stay as is. Because as is it's perfect 5/5. Nothing lasts forever but if it starts getting unusable due to prevously stated reasons within a month or two I would not recommend it- I will return and amend my rating.

For now it's perfect and despite being 3mm flat it actually offers comfort for your palm if you use finger grip technique. The size is perfect, this is coming from someone who prefers below average sensitivity. Buying any larger sizes than this is a waste of money unless you've some abnormally low sensitivity; having to move your mouse the length of your desk just to turn 90 degrees.

If my review is unchanged in 2 months then buy it. Personally I won't care if it starts becomming unusable in 4 months or so (I ue my momuse heavily) because the cost of this is so low.. but not low enough to have to replace it every month or two.
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on 7 June 2015
Good quality large mouse mat. My optical mouse glides over it with ease reducing the build of RSI pain in my arm after long hours of use. I often go to other peoples desks to use a mouse and I am horrified by the amount of pressure or muscle power people have to use to move a mouse around. Use this and it feels like you pushing a feather. Strongly recommend for anybody with pain in their wrist/arm through sitting at a desk for long hours with a mouse and for those who are building up a problem they don't yet realise will hit them through bad mouse/moue mat ergonomics.
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on 21 August 2012
Been using the Roccat Taito for over 8 months now, and got it to use in conjunction with the Roccat Kone +. For a cloth mouse pad I'm surprised it has lasted this long. I move my computer around to LAN parties etc and roll the Taito up a lot. When I wash it I put on the floor of the shower when I take one, the corners and the bottom edge are slightly frayed but only noticeable at very close inspection (I'm sure a little smidgen of glue would hold it down). I did have the Taito rolled up for over a month and forgot where it was put, after I eventually found it I put it on the desk to check how much it changed shape and not lay flat but to my amazement it still remained completely flat on the desk.

Right to the gaming aspects. The Taito doesn't move at all while in game great grip (having a polished wood desk and I don't know how that compares to glass for grip). Still tracks well with the mouse and the printed logo and text in the bottom right hasn't actually faded at all. It's also very comfy while using the mouse. However I have bought three Roccat products in the past and had very good packaging however the packaging with this was very disappointing. Its rather brittle and cheap as pointed out in another review and I cut my self trying to get it open. That said i still think its worth five stars.

Be sure to read the size dimensions it says mid size but this Taito is very large.
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