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4.6 out of 5 stars64
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 31 March 2012
*Deadlocked 2 starts off right where the first story ends, so if you haven't read the first book,Deadlocked,this review might contain spoilers.*

Laura has taken some pretty devastating blows and it`s far from over. Not only is she having to deal with the unimaginable, a zombie apocalypse, but she has just watched her husband, David, sacrifice himself to keep her and their daughters safe. As much as she may want to fall apart, she can't. With Billy gone in search of his mother, keeping her daughters safe is now solely on her. It will be a fight that will pull back the layers of her humanity, unleashing a fierce mother who will not let anyone or any zombie come in the way of keeping her daughters alive.

I didn't think Deadlock 2 could be better than the first book, but I was so wrong. Once again, this is a story driven by emotion thus making this story and the characters all that more believable. I think it takes an exceptional writer to be able to pull you in and have you feeling the emotions, and A.R. Wise does it so perfectly. Like the first book, this is fast paced and you are hooked from the start. The character development with Laura is very well done as well. The things that Laura must do to protect her daughters are admirable and sometimes frightening. Another great book by A.R. Wise, who is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors.
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on 1 January 2013
As soon as I finished the first Deadlocked novella I immediately went and bought the next 3 in the series, and book 5 as soon as it was available. I love a good, hardcore zombie tale, and this is a series that definitely hasn't disappointed me so far.

After the first novella in which David witnesses the beginning of the zombie outbreak and goes through every terror imaginable to resuce his wife and young daughters, the perspective shifts to that of his wife, Laura. As she fights to protect her daughters not just from the undead but the humans that are starting to take advantage of other survivors, she endures some pretty hairy situations, but never gives up on her goal.

To put it simply, Deadlocked 2 is the story of the incredible lengths a mother will go to in order to protect her child. Emotional, action-packed and perfectly gory, Deadlocked 2 is the perfect example of how a zombie novella can really work - the characterisation is perfectly balanced with the zombies, and at the end, I couldn't wait to get to the next installment.

Deadlocked is a series that I truly enjoy and highly recommend to any zombie lovers, or even as a first foray into the world of the walking dead!
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on 16 July 2013
Longer than the first in the series gives the characters time to develop a bit. This is Laura's tale. Her husband has sacrificed himself to save his family and Laura finds herself almost doing the same. Fair play to the author for not shying away from the gore. We now find ourselves with Laura, her two children and billy (son of the boat owner from the previous book). They now sail out into the lake to escape the zombie apocalypse. They meet various characters along the way, few of them benevolent. Events forces them to reach shore again and billy leaves the group to look for relatives. This leaves them very vulnerable and sets up a very tense climax which I'll leave you to discover for yourself. The pace is frantic at times but there are some moments of respite where things slow down enough for the characters to reveal a little about themselves. I would recommend this book to anyone who is into apocalyptic literature. You can really see the author start to develop his own style. Yes, it probably is a bit nerdy of me as a 44 year old man to be reading zombie literature, but I like what I like and this series is the best of them.
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on 10 June 2012
I have to say I downloaded the first book of this series with purpose of just testing the new ipad with the intention of deleting it right away. From 3 or 4 free books I downloaded, book one of this series was the only one I kept and read! I ended up downloading the second one as I really liked the way the characters were developed. There is deeper level of humanity tied to the characters that makes it easy to become emotional towards them and that is what makes this story a great one.

Now, book 2 was not as good as first one as it felt it had many events just for shock purpose, more like one of those poor story hollywood movie full of great special effects! Sometimes you have to slow things down before picking up speed again otherwise you lose the value of shock if all you have is shock after shock scenes.

Over all great writing style and pretty good ovcerall, actually better than many well known writers!

Perhaps he might want to consider lowering the pricing on books to get more exposure.

I'll probably download book 3 and 4. I hope he keeps up the good work.
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on 28 July 2014
After reading the first in the series I thought I would give the second a try... after reading the second I wish I had bought the series as a whole for a little cheaper.
The book is a mix of something always happening and humour. It's a little more believable than other books I have read and I personally felt a connection with Laura's desperation to do anything to for her two daughters, putting herself at absolute risk to do this.
The authors notes at the end are also worth a quick scan through just to see his thoughts on how the characters progress - feels a little like a psychiatrist giving his view of opinion
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on 28 December 2012
After reading the first book of the Deadlocked series I was suitably excited to continue the story and the sequel did not disappoint. This second instalment surpasses its predecessor in both emotion and brutality and brings yet more refreshing ideas to the well trodden zombie genre.

From Chapter 4 onwards I found myself unable to stop reading until I'd finished the volume and despite being drawn to one of the author's other titles I may have to continue straight on with book 3 after this one's thrilling conclusion. An excellent series so far, for more than just fans of horror.
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on 15 September 2014
I'm a huge apocalypse/zombie story fan and this is one of my faves because the characters are like real people reacting to a disaster. It's not like regular zombie characters at all and this book of the series is probably the best. It is made for all the mums out there who have to raise their children without a dad's help and want to vent the frustration and anger at people who say 'you can't do it alone' well if your anything like the main character Laura then you will be able to conquer the world Alone. Long Live Laura!
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on 26 September 2012
I read Deadlocked and thought it was a good zombie (short) story so I was curious to see where volume 2 would go.

Deadlocked 2 features Laura mainly (wife of David) in her fight to protect their two daughters and stay alive herself along with the help of Billy.

The story is fast paced and although so parts are a little OTT the plot goes along nicely and the author pulls off the desired effect.

So much so that I will certainly be picking up volume 3 of this set which tells Billy's story.
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on 25 January 2014
I've read a few zombie books now and honestly feel the deadlock series has captured me and made me what more!! Just about to start the third book and have a feeling, if it's anything like the first two then I won't be disappointed. From the first paragraph the book takes off and I love a book that starts off feet running. It's fast paced, full of action and still retains an emotional connection to the character and her fight to protect her family. If your into zombie apocalypse genre then definitely have read!!!
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on 2 June 2013
OMG i literally feel knackered after reading the 2nd instalment of the deadlocked series,just when i thought you couldn't top the first one deadlocked 2 is awesome.
Like the first one it's the emotions you feel for the characters that is staggering given the length of the books.
The other thing about deadlocked 2 is how ferocious it is,A.R.Wise has gone full bore on this one,especially one scene you will know it when you read it!!!
So don't hesitate,get it and continue this brilliant series.
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