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on 15 May 2013
This is my second Garmin Sat-Nav, the first one packed up on holiday in Italy, so we had to replace it with the 2445LM (Note no traffic feature on this unit)

As usual with a Garmin, the maps look great on screen and it locks up to the satellites very quickly.
The 2445 is compact and has a good screen mount that stays put very well and a power supply that works more reliably in a better range of car power sockets than others.

Life time maps should be a good idea, but they still lack a few of the newer roads in Europe. Also the traffic camera data can be out of date. Why they try to include temporary averaging speed cameras in the UK seems daft. My unit, completely up to date, indicates speed cameras in road works that were removed almost six months ago.

Routing is generally good, but still occasionally routes via small roads that really aren't quicker at all. Sometimes via ridiculously(dangerously ?) small roads, beware.

There are a few annoyances that make this unit less than wonderful;
1. The voice instructions are often played too early. This can be confusing when there are several turnings close together.

2. The visual images of which lane to use on major junctions, whilst a great idea, often don't cancel quickly enough meaning you're into roundabouts with no instructions at all.

3. Using the map to set destinations without addresses is frustratingly awkward. It's difficult to describe in words how poor this is, but the pressure needed to activate the screen is very sensitive, so press and drag often becomes a single press and a destination is added in the wrong place. Compared to my previous 360T it's a nightmare.

4. Trying to set a destination by road name is also complex when the name you have might not be complete. It won't offer 'nearest guesses' so if you don't get a name EXACTLY correct it doesn't exist. A pain in Italy where businesses often just use part of street names in their published addresses.

5. £10 for a slip in case as an extra ? rather mean compared to the supplied nice cases of previous units.

Overall 3/5 If this fails I'd buy another Gramin, but not this particular model.
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on 27 November 2012
I bought this in October 2012 and after having used it for a few weeks, thought it's time for a review.

When shopping around for this unit, note that the "LM" in the 2445LMT model number means live maps (=free map updates for life - that's the life of the unit, not me!) and the "T" means live traffic which is picked up from FM transmitters scattered round the country. You can buy a Nuvi 2445 without the LMT for around 30 pounds less. But the LMT features sound like useful things to have especially as there are no extra charges once you buy the unit. There is also a 2495LMT model (which has bluetooth and voice control) and there are also 2545LMT and 2595LMT models which are large screen variants (5 inch screens instead of 4.3 inch screens).

There are numerous design changes from the old Nuvi 760 I owned, so it took a little getting used to. Instead of "recently found" you have to use "history" to call up locations you asked it to find in the past. Garmins always show the arrival time on the main map but this unit also shows the current speed on the main map view. (you can change this to show other data if you wish) but I find it useful to be able to check the current speed. On one of the sub panels you can access a couple of trip meters and things like your average speed, time spend stationery etc.

The map contains preloaded speed limits for almost all roads and shows this on screen. It beeps when you enter a speed camera area and then beeps repeatedly if your speed is above the speed limit in the camera area. However, be warned that near and around villages the indicated limit is sometimes wrong - so you do still need to pay attention to speed limit signs. There is a fee to pay if you want to update the speed camera database. The junction view comes up to show which lane you should be in when at major junctions on motorways. Another improvement over the 760 is that it shows a mini preview of the next turn or roundabout so that you know what is coming up next. The unit also pops up icons to show petrol stations, eating places etc. as you are driving around. I assume this can be turned off if you find it annoying.

The power cable contains the FM radio receiver which picks up the traffic information. It is rather bulky and ungainly and much thicker than the non-traffic cable you'd get with a basic 2445 - fortunately the Nuvi itself is quite light, otherwise I'd be worried about the cable pulling the unit off the windscreen mount. I went to the expense of buying a mini-USB extension cable to allow me to position the radio receiver nearer the windscreen (for better reception) but unfortunately the power cable stopped powering the Nuvi when I did this. Not sure if the extension cable was faulty or whether the power cable contains proprietary wiring. The first trip I took, I ended up in a 40 minute traffic jam and wondered why the Nuvi hadn't alerted me. It turns out that apart from plugging the cable in, you also have to enable traffic signal reception in one of the panels in the unit! According to the instructions the traffic icon is green if there is no traffic hold up, red if there's a traffic problem and grey if there's no reception but I am sure it showed green that first time. Since that first instance, it has alerted me a couple of times and automatically suggested a new route. So I think the feature works, but I still haven't worked out how to get it to show me a comparison of the new route vs the old route. Since the traffic info depends on FM transmitters around the country I expect it to only work on major roads, i.e. it isn't going to be infallible - there is a crude map of the coverage on Garmin's website but it's impossible to decipher.

I've used the unit to take me to a few new places and it's got me there each time so no complaints there, although it did choose a slightly unusual route once. It is very fast at recalculating a route so if you don't like its suggestions you can just carry on and within a couple of seconds it will start to guide you on the new route. Overall very pleased.

1) A lot of people have asked - does Western Europe cover the UK? Yes!
2) Can the unit be used straight out of the box? Yes! Many of the negative reviews are from people who tried to update the unit and found that they had to buy an extra memory card and spend several hours downloading large files from Garmin - and even ended up bricking the unit.
3) The speed camera alert can be a single beep or continuous. In settings, scroll down to "proximity alerts" then "audio" then choose single tone or continuous tone. Also under settings, choose "map and vehicle" scroll down to "audible speed alerts" and make sure this is ticked.
4) The unit accepts microSD cards for map upgrades. Another reviewer mentioned that Garmin suggested using 4GB. I fitted a 8GB and although I've not done a map update yet, files which were present on the microSD card were readable when unit was attached to a PC.
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VINE VOICEon 9 February 2013
Really impressed with this Sat Nav. It replaced an older Garmin model and is much improved. The screen is very clear and easy to see what's coming up. There's a handy roundabout and 'turn' icon in the top left so you can always quickly see which exit to take at the next roundabout, junction etc. Speed limits are also displayed which is really handy if you're in an area you're not familiar with.

The lifetime maps (and traffic) is great too which keeps the maps up to date for the life of the product.

I've used this a few times now on quite long trips and it has performed perfectly with no errors, which is just what I was after. Easy to set up, use and it's accurate - excellent! I can't believe you get all this for the money! Well done Garmin, i'm a happy man, especially when you gave me an extra 10% of accessories when I registered it. I downloaded the USA maps for an upcoming trip at a reasonable price.
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on 25 July 2012
We already own a Nuvi 250W with Western European maps and it has worked very well for a few years. Because of this we bought the Nuvi 2445LMT as we need European maps and the offer of lifetime updates was compelling.
The satellites are acquired almost immediately when switched on, a great improvement on the 250W which can take a few minutes.
The menus are easily followed.
The 3-D mapping is good but other options are available if preferred.
I like the announcement of street names when told to turn.
The route planner is great and all the local amenities are accurately displayed.
I wish there was more information on paper about how the traffic facility works.
Also, I wish that all SatNavs were programmed to avoid narrow country lanes. They should not be available, even under shortest route. I haven't used passing places for years, and my wife found reversing down a lane to a passing place quite a challenge.
Tha traffic facilitiy is good and works well, but we had to discover how when we were automatically diverted because of an incident.
On the whole I'd say that this is a very good SatNav. Recommended.
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on 14 January 2013
I have just updated from an earlier Garmin GPS which cost a fortune at the time. It however did a great job, but because I found my self driving in fields, and on unknown roads I either needed to upgrade the maps or obtain another GPS. I was rather sceptical as to whether the Nuvi 2245 LTM would perform as well or better than my original, particularly as the price was so reasonable.
Well it seems to perform extremely well, and I am impressed. My only criticism is the poor information given in the full manual that I had to download. None of it is fully intuitive and I had to spend quite a time finding out how to navigate through the various features, without much help from the manual. Even adding a location to the favourites folder is not shown clearly. I am sure there must be other features that I haven't found out so far, but will keep trying.

I did an update to the maps which took an age. My first attempt failed with a number of error messages to contemplate. I was however successful on the second attempt, however it took a good hour for the update to upload, so be prepared.

On the whole I love it.
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on 6 February 2013
Well the first ever Satnav i owned was a Garmin and it started to go out of date, so i decided to get a TomTom which had a years subscription to live services. The set up of the TomTom was nice, it was a lovely portable unit, however it just didn't navigate well! I seems to regularly go into dead ends or wrong routes... when driving in Central London, I would find me way around before the TomTom would keep up! it was just rubbish, But anyway after the year all the pop ups to update the maps started..... and the live services had run out, so i decided to update, Well.....for 1 years maps and 1 years Traffic came to £122.50..... REALLY!

I swiftly told TomTom to do one :-) and came across a NavMan, with unlimited upates etc....well I picked it up and the traffic just wouldn't work! the whole unit was slow and plastic feeling, and you couldn't customise it how you want it set up, how it came is how you have to live with it! so it went right back to the shop...... All the time I longed to go back to my Garmin that always did me so well before it went out of date but they were just to expensive,.... well that was until this amazing piece of kit from Garmin popped up on amazon, the nevi 2445LMT 4.3 ....Well what can I say for £109.99.... Free updates on maps and traffic for LIFE! I snapped one up right away and wow, what a piece of kit it is for the price, It has EVERYTHING on it, it feels solid and good quality, its fast, it feels good! its got soooooo many options to do didn't things to set it up how I want it, and it just works! everything works!.....Totally recommend this.... will never leave Garmin again.... worst thing I ever did. I 100% recommend this device guys. Buy it now!!!!

A**************************** from me honestly...........
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on 16 May 2013
I bought this to replace my lost Via Michelin satnav. I managed to do the updates with no problem; it took about 3 hours but all went well. Though the instruction book is brief I found this easy to work out and quickly entered my favourite addresses and saved them. I also ordered a memory card because of comments in other reviews but haven't needed to use it yet. I like the way you can look up restaurants and coffee shops really easily without having to know the address.

I tested on a couple of familiar journeys to begin with then did a longer, unfamiliar journey. It gives instructions in plenty of time and is very clear and easy to understand. The traffic alerts worked and offered an alternative route and further information on the length etc. of the traffic problem. The roads were very congested on my journey and the satnav did show information relating to this. I like the fact that it tells you road names rather than just when to turn, it makes the instructions very clear.

I love this little unit and the 4.3 inch screen is perfectly handbag sized. I did consider the larger screen but decided it would be a bit big to carry around for me. I find this screen perfectly clear to see and large enough for my needs. It mounts easily on my windscreen and the lead is plenty long enough.

I haven't seen the photo view yet but assume this will just be at large and complicated junctions. All in all I thoroughly recommend this as very efficient and simple to use.

I love the fact that there are lifetime traffic and map updates with this unit, I think it is great value for money.
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on 23 June 2013
I have always believed in the use of a map and a good wife sat next to me to guide me to where I want to go. Now I am a lot older and the wife's eyesight is fading I decided to move into the 21st Century and get a sat nav. I decided on the Garmin Nuvi 2445lmt as it had lifetime maps, and also the reviews about it where all good.
I have used it now for the past month and all I can say why didn't they invent these things in my youth. The screen is clear and large enough to view at a glance and the volume is just great. You can understand everything clearly and the directions on screen are clear. It tells you your the name of the road you need to turn into next and gives constant warnings re speed cameras. ( I have a heavy right foot). I have even ventured into Bham city centre using this something I would never have done in the past. The wife and I are already planning more trips farther afield now.
This is a great bit of kit and I am so glad I purchased it.
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on 2 April 2013
I bought this sat nav two weeks ago and have used it on half a dozen occasions in and out of my home in London. My sense of direction and map reading is terrible so purchased this middle spec sat nav at a nice discount to help me find my way around. The unit comes with basic instructions, usb, power cable and an easy to fit clip and suction cup. Full instructions and free map update can be downloaded, but to be honest i havent yet as i like tech but cant operate a pc to save myself and the satnav works well straight from the box.

The screen is agood size easy to see, but doesnt obscure too much of the windscreen. I use mine on battery power so the cable doesnt get in the way and find having it on the right side keeps blind spots to a minmum. The battery lasts about 3hours and i charge mine using an ipad charger head and a usb to mini usb cable as the supplied cable is either in car or connect to your pc, not the most convienient when you first buy the unit.

When your on the motorway and coming to a junction the screen will split in two and give you a detailed look at the junction on the right and a broader view on the left, its really well thought out. It will also tell you which lane is best to be in well in advance of any lane changes.

Negatives? Driving from Kent to NW London the satnav sent me straight through the middle of London on a scenic trip through the Blackwall tunnel and past St Pauls. A lovely trip but definately not the easiest or quickest, luckily outside of the congestion charge time! I know you shouldnt follow these things blindly but as a novice driver in London i didnt know any better way. You can choose a different route when starting the journey so my fault there and most journeys have been the shortest.

All in all a good satnav and recomended, hope this helps.
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on 21 October 2013
It sort of does the job. Navigation, on first try wanted to send me down a track and through a deep ford, then the wrong way down a One Way Street. The speed warning is annoying set it to say 69/70mph on cruise control and the excess speed alarm goes off quite often after going under a bridge - I guess algorithm is trying to adjust for loss of signal.

With it set for shortest or quickest route across country to Uppingtham either way it wanted to send me on a route longer and slower than the route Google Maps suggests. I ignored the satnav but it kept trying to re-route to its original route until I had almost reached the destination. On checking the old satnav it chooses the google map route in either case - short or slow.

Garmin's web site is a joke - I have never managed to update the maps - web site either reports a technical problem or if it does connect to update it appears to do nothing - immediately reports less than one minute remaining and the status remains like that for hours until you just have to disconnect.
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