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3.5 out of 5 stars15
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 May 2012
This is not like the other UFC best ofs. What you have here is a collection of highlights, not entire fights.

Disc 1 consists of lots of back story on the year plus highlights of key fights, usually the last 30 seconds or so. So for example you don't get all of Big Nog vs Schaub you just get some back story followed by the finish at the end of the fight. And I later learned that the entirety of Disc one is actually a televised special shown on fuel tv! It's not even original content!

That. Sucks!

Some of the fights highlighted on disc one are on disc two in full like Wand vs Cung Le and Edgar vs Maynard 2. Disc 2 is actually not bad but I can't really get across how baffled I am by the shoddy presentation on disc 1. Why on earth you wouldn't provide the full Shogun vs Hendo fight on disc 1 just to have it on disc 2 just seems insane to me. Get rid of all the nonsense about fox and let us see the fights in full!

I'm really gutted by this DVD some of the fights this year were awesome but without them being shown in their entirety it just comes across like those poorly thought out Knockout DVDs.

Really disappointed and not worth the money when you look at past DVDs in the series. In fact I kind of take it as an insult that this was released like this, it's pathetic.

Post Script: Here's a thing. The DVD says 30 matches. The DVD doesn't have 30 matches, it has 12 (two on disc one are JDS vs Cain and Wand vs Leben plus 10 on disc 2). A blatant case of false advertising.
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on 19 May 2012
Wow ... False advertising or what ? THEY ARE ONLY HIGHLIGHTS !!!!!!!! I am extremly dissapointed in this item as you probably will be ... I am a huge ufc fan but they just really took the liberty this time !!!!
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on 20 April 2013
Don't listen to the negative reviews! I own this same feature on DVD (I presume Bluray gets more special features, though) and its great! Yes, the first disc is highlights but it covers 2011 in its entirety and shows all key points of most top fights through-out the year. The 2nd disc has an array of full matches and most of which are brilliant. I see the first disc as more of a documentary type of feel, covering the whole year, so if that doesn't bother you, I think you'll enjoy this Bluray.
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on 1 August 2013
This DVD does an excellent job in presenting the best of 2011 fights. Yes, alot of the fights are chopped-up but this for me is redeemed by the sheer volume of fights covered.

It loses a star as there are no longer 'tale of the tape' stats before the fights, and I was always interested in seeing some stats.
And also, (particularly later fights I noticed), as others have said before, sometimes the fights are overly chopped-up.
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on 19 February 2013
I totally agree with all the reviews already posted. This DVD only features small snippets from fights and never actually shows a substantial section of any given bout. The previous UFC yearly round-up DVDs (2009 & 2010) have not done this, so I would defiantly purchase them opposed to this DVD alone. Real shame.
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on 3 July 2012
Only highlights of fights and in some cases not even highlight worthy moments. The Bonus fights are all already shown in highlight form on the main DVD except for one, which lasts about 10 seconds so it's barely bonus footage.
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on 24 May 2012
The first annoying thing on this dvd is that the dvd shows the finishes and results of the fights in the intro before it shows the highlights of those fights. So you know who has won each fight before you start watching the main part of the dvd.
In addition, the highlights of each fight are short. They are cut up so much that they do not let you get in the mood for the fights. This is unnecessary. The UFC suits did not cut out all of that action so that they could fit more fights onto each disc. How much material can a dvd disc hold? Over 3 hours? The first disc of this 'best of UFC 2011' only has 2 hours worth of footage and yet the UFC businessmen have chopped out most of the action from the fights. For example, Noguiera vs Mir, they don't show you Noguiera's initial domination of Mir with his superior boxing and just cut it to the last moments of the fight where Mir submits Noguiera.
Why have they cut so much out of the fights? Here is my guess: the UFC are using this as a 2 hour long set of trailers that is supposed to give you a taste for the full events so that you buy a dvd for each event. This is cynical and aggressive marketing and I will be boycotting all of the UFC dvds until I have heard that they present a proper 'best of' dvd. If this dvd is meant as a trailers package through which to advertise the full event dvds, then the UFC suits are sly almost to the point of crooked.
This snippets of action from each fight on disc 1 will insult the intelligence spans of probably all who watch it.
This dvd is a waste of money; watching the first disc is a waste of time. It is a waste of time ordering and waiting for this product. I could have played my guitar last night instead. What a waste of time watching the first disc was!
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on 2 July 2013
I read some of the negative comment about this DVD; they all seem to be from people saying that they only got the highlight of the fight in 2011, rather than the full fights. I was actually expecting highlights so I though the DVD was great. It shows clips and back story and post-fight interviews. They start at in the Heavyweight division then work their way down to the newly formed Bantamweight division. I did have 2 problems with the DVD. The first in the highlight of the Henderson vs. Shogun fight they seemed to show the highlight of Shogun coming back from adversity to dominate the fight. They do put the whole fight in the second disc. Personally I still gave the nod to Shogun so I am not too fussed by that. The second point is that they should have put the third Edgar vs. Maynard simply because it was the end of the trilogy, and it was a great back and forth fight. Just remember you are really buying a highlight DVD if you watch it that way I think you will enjoy it like I did.
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on 22 May 2012
I generally buy the full event DVDs and this was bought on a bored Saturday night. Disc 1 is as the other 2 reviews say a (approx 90 mins) highlight reel, also giving the name of the victor in many cases before seeing the knockout which added to the bizarre structure. I simply rate this higher than the other reviews due to disc 2. For anyone who isnt a huge fan but enjoys the sport, fights like Edgar v Maynard, Shogun v Henderson are what makes this sport what it is. The edge of seat excitement some of these fights produce to fans who havent seen the event previous is worth the 13 pounds. I still watch in amazement at these fights, MMA at its best. However be warned, if you watch disc 1 first as most sensible people would you will know the outcome of all fights on disc 2 which does waste the twists some of these great fights have.
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on 11 December 2012
Having watched UFC through the year this was a very good version of the events condensed into an excellent double dvd I highly recommend this if you like UFC. I have put the 2012 version down on my Christmas list.
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