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4.0 out of 5 stars35
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 6 July 2011
This is easily one of the better DC animated movies, a huge improvement on the mediocre Green Lantern: First Flight. Here we have an anthology, taking stories from six different Green Lanterns. The strength of this film is the exploration of the history of the Green Lantern Corps, giving you a taste of just how big and how diverse the corps is. Finally we have a sense of a truly inter-galactic and ancient police force, rather than a one man (Hal Jordan) army. Nathan Fillion lends his considerable talents as narrator and the animation is great, as we've come to expect from DC animation. If your a fan of these animated movies and are intrigued at the idea of a Green Lantern film focusing on the Corps rather than just Hal Jordan this ticks all the right boxes.
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on 23 May 2014
This is a nice DVD of Green Lantern. GLs universe is quite complex with characters walking on and off set left and right. It does make GL interesting as unlike many Superheros we get to see how other individuals handle the same power e.g. The Power Ring. And there is plenty of examples in this movie of how other GLs interpret and 'problem solve' using the Green Power of Will. Despite the above - this movie again focuses on the violence that the Power Rings are more than capable of. We need to see GLs doing their stuff in rescues, life saving and property preservation scenarios. As I feel this is where their strength and greater story telling potential lies.
I would also like to add that I do like Hal Jordan as a character, but prefer Kyle Rayner, so it's about time some GL adventures were drawn up with Kyle in the leading role.
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on 15 July 2011
Green Lantern Corps biggest strength as a comic is it's scale being free to move anywhere in the universe. Here we get a sense of that scale through Hal Jordan telling the newly recruited Arisia about variouus past and present Lanterns. Each story has been adapted from a different comic story by some of the best writers in the business at the moment including Geoff Johns who has done so much to build Green Lantern into the second best comic at the moment (Batman will always be the greatest to me).
The animation is excellent throughout ably matched and complemented by the voice acting, Nathan Fillion will doubtlessly convince many of his fans that he should have been cast instead of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and Jason Issacs is superb as a heroic Sinestro (and gets the best inside joke for longtime fans of the comic) while Elizabeth Moss as Arisia goes from confused rookie to (promising) Lantern quite belivably.
Kelly Hu also deserves mention as Laira who gets an action sequence to rival any live action film you care to mention, but be warned this is a rather violent dust up so don't think just because this is an animated superhero movie it's suitable for young children it is most definately not.
Overall then an epic movie that acts as a very good companion piece to the live action film and an introduction to the whole series for the unitiated who have never read or heard of a Green Lantern comic while having the odd suprise for longtime fans such as the genius casting of Roddy Piper as Bolthunga.
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DC's animated universe has knocked out some hits in recent years (Flashpoint Paradox, Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One etc) and Emerald Knights is another slice of fun off the production line.

It's pretty familiar stuff for fans and readers of the Green Lantern comics and a good introduction for newbies. There's a basic framing story of the Green Lanterns preparing to protect the planet Oa from an alien threat. Whilst waiting for battle, Hal Jordan shares some stories from Green Lantern folklore with a new recruit. The stories we get to see and hear include the fate of the first Lantern, the training of Kilowog, a creepy little tale involving Abin Sur and Sinestro and the story of Mogo (always a personal favourite).

The tales are the work of such talents as Geoff Johns, Peter J Tomasi, Dave Gibbons and others. In the true Green Lantern style it's all good space opera and intergalactic warfare with a bit of heart and humour. The animation is great and the voice cast is good, the always ace Nathan Fillion is on board again as Hal Jordan. Top stuff all around.
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on 17 September 2011
If you're a long term Green Lantern fan this is a very entertaining production which manages to closely follow some of the elements from the comics. If you're a new fan coming from the recent big budget film, this with its companion disc "First Flight" is way better than the film and would serve as a great intro into the comics. The Blue-Ray version didn't cost that much more than the standard DVD but even so the barely perceptible improvements in picture and sound really didn't justify the extra cost of either the disc or a Blue-ray player. Go with the standard DVD version and spend the savings on some of the comics - like the excellent Green Lantern - Rebirth.
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on 16 September 2011
After not being too disappointed with First Flight, I decided to give Emerald Knights a go.... well, not really much to be said about it really, it starts off pretty well and I was lulled into a sense of excitement to see the rest of the movie, but boy was I let down!!

After the really cool beginning sequence, we are introduced to our main cast of characters and we hear the tales of a being so evil that every Green Lantern must leave Oa etc, afterwhich we get our first story, where we get to see the insights of the characters and the GL universe. Throughout the movie, we get small segments in the current situation, which interlink with each of the mini stories, though ultimately, the mini stories slow down the overall movie. Apart from a couple of the stories, the whole film is a bit of a bore and then when we finally get to the main villian of the story, the one they're all supposed to be really afraid of because he is so evil and so tough to beat.... it's over in a few minutes and in actuallity the perp is a bit of a push-over, hardly worth all the hype lavished on him, which did leave us wondering, what was the point!

Whilst the overall movie was a huge let-down, the animation did not. It is clean and the actions move fluently, the character designs are nicely done, not too square like recent incarnations, the colours are well chosen and nicely vivid, and the background designs are something to behold. If anything, the animation is the only thing that stopped us from returning the disc, as there was not really much else of interest.... more of a rent movie than one you should really buy, unless you have have some spare cash burning a hole in your pocket! E-
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on 25 July 2011
This movie is rather a short-episodes collection of characters than a movie. The episodes are told together in one big content. It's a littlelike Gotham Knight.

The graphik and some stories are great and also the German Subtitle on the Bluray and the DVD as well, were welcomed.

The stories go deeper in the comics than in other movies, wich just scratch the surface and tell everything that normal people know about the charakter.

Only critic point is the lenght. like the most animated movies it's just roughly 80 minutes.

Buy it! At this price it's a bargain!
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on 12 August 2011
The movie run time is 84 minutes. The movie is basically a collection of short stories that explains the origins/making of/the legend of several of the green lanterns. It's a good place for those new to the green lantern and wanting to find out more about the green lanterns. The PG rating is for some swear words and some dismemberment "for a little kid" scenes. Also recommend Green Lantern First Flight if you haven't watched it! Green Lantern: First Flight [Blu-ray] [2009] [US Import]
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There are all sorts of weird, wonderful creatures in the Green Lantern Corps, from the humanlike to the outright bizarre. And "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" is a solid attempt to flesh out a few of those Green Lanterns -- it gives us a bunch of smaller stories that make us know and like the characters wrapped up in a tense, action-packed framework story.

The evil Krona and his antimatter demons have opened a portal in Oa's sun, and is probably going to destroy the Guardians' world. While the Green Lanterns prepare for battle, Hal Jordan chitchats with a rookie named Arisia Rrab about the history of the Green Lantern Corps, and the people she will be fighting alongside.

First he tells her about the first Green Lantern, a timid scribe named Avra who was one of the first four chosen by the Green rings. Sent into his first battle, Avra's selfless determination helps him unlock the power of his ring.

And then we're treated to the story of Kilowog, who was trained by the abrasive, hard-nosed Sgt. Deegan on many dangerous planets. But when Deegan and his rookies are called on to save a nearby planet, Kilowog discovers Deegan's true nature. And then we have Laira, the princess of a proud, aggressive planet, who must return home to fight her father's mistress, her brother, and finally the father she loves dearly.

After that, there's the story of how Sinestro and Abin Sur captured a criminal who claims to be on speaking terms with destiny -- and he attempts to warn Abin Sur of his friend's future treachery. And finally, "Mogo Doesn't Socialize" tells of a warrior who is determined to be the strongest in the universe, and hears that the Green Lantern Mogo is the most powerful ever. But when he lands on Mogo's planet, he finds that not all is as it seems.

"Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" is a solid accompaniment to "Green Lantern: First Flight" -- for people (like myself) who haven't yet read the comic books, it gives some insights into characters like Kilowog, Mogo, Sinestro and the late Abin Sur. And while all the Green Lanterns spotlighted here are the best-hearted and strongest, it also shows that they have had their own struggles in the past.

Each of the stories is pretty self-contained and brief, but the writers do a good job of making you like the main characters. Well, Mogo is a little hard to warm up to, as awesome as he is, but the others become very "real" with only a short time to see them.

It also has a decent framing story, with a huge threat to the whole galaxy that apparently has popped up in only a few hours with little warning. But the final battle is a pretty awesome affair, with entire PLANETS being moved and a giant cartoon villain rising from the surface of the sun. The only problem with it is that there's a lack of tension, since apparently everybody is just hanging around listening to Hal Jordan talk himself hoarse.

"Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" is a good introduction to the Green Lanterns who AREN'T from Earth, especially if you're not a huge comic nerd. Also: Mogo rocks.
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on 2 December 2014
While the first animated feature involving our emerald knights was a little excessively serious & grim, this film, which also acts as a portmanteau film that tells several stories involving various characters of this universe, is a pure entertainer. Highly Recommended.
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