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4.5 out of 5 stars279
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 October 2012
My first truck sim, and I am lovin' it. The visuals are good and the weather effects and day night cycles are well done. I am using an xbox 360 controller and it works well ( with a few changes like setting the right stick to be the look around in cab view and some extra key assignments such as wipers and lights ), so it seems very configurable. I like the facility to play your own mp3's or even select to stream internet radio while driving. I am using version 1.1.3 on windows 7 and it runs fine, my PC is almost right on the recommended specs and it runs smooth and looks great.

The developers have done a really good job here, it is currently competing for my attentions with Forza Horizon which was released the same day and when you consider the resources and marketing power of the MS Forza franchise, the fact that I have spent more time with ETS 2 since they both arrived is quite telling.

I recommend it thoroughly. I must get back now, as I have some earth moving equipment to take to Amsterdam, and a ferry to catch.... .
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on 23 January 2013
You! Stop right there! Yes, you. You know who you are. Came to look at Euro Truck Simulator 2 for a laugh, and now just about to toddle off and update your Facebook or something. Well, you just hold your horses.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "geeky". You're thinking "sad". You're thinking you may have left that pizza in the oven a tad too long, but I digress.....

Euro Truck Simulator is a genuinely good game, by the standards of any game. Take me for example, I have an eclectic mix of titles - in the last three days I have played XCOM- Enemy Unknown, Battlefield 3, X3: Reunion, The Sims 3 and Portal. Yes, I'm unemployed, but this doesn't detract from my point, which goes thusly; I have played all those games, and Euro Truck Simulator stands up to them. In fact, it's even commanded the lion's share of my time, so at the least it deserves a goodly amount of fair consideration. To business!!

For the slower reader, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a game which simulates the driving of trucks around Europe. For this reason alone, it is best perhaps to imagine this as a driving simulator, a very good one, but it actually packs a good game mechanic behind it. You start off as Jimmy Tenbellies, or whatever you decide to name your prospective trucker, and you're given a small garage and access to a small number of contract jobs. Initially, you have to use the equipment of others, which pays less overall but carries less financial risk as all petrol, repairs and other associated costs stay with the employer. So, you ferry their cargo back and forth, earning some money, admiring the rather good graphical engine, and generally "earning your bellies" as a truck driver. After each job, you'll earn experience points (XP) and use it to boost your earnings with various types of cargo, from heavy machinery to explosives, milk to toxic gas.....and all goes to increase your earning potential.

Time passes, you stop hitting railings and piddly lesser vehicles, and you have some money to buy yourself a truck! Here's where the game expands. As you explore you will find truck dealerships you can then visit later to browse nice new, shiny trucks. These come with a variety of upgrades, attachments, bells and whistles for those with the cash and inclination. Once you obtain your fine chunk of mobile metal, the business management side of the game kicks in, with your onus switching to job selection, driver hire, business's a fully fledged simulator!

There are obvious foibles. Driver AI is (mostly funny) erratic occasionally, and I have experienced the odd crash to desktop and blue screen of death issue, but by and large this is a game that will grip you, with a few provisos. Obviously it helps if you're into trucks, but it isn't mandatory. If you're looking for a title that is strategic, with character progression, business simulation and a good, solid, extremely playable gameplay element, then this could be that "something different" you're after. Hell, it'll even throw in an in-game .MP3 player and real time internet radio streaming function, just for realism.

In short, dismissing this game at face value would be a crime. I am learning to appreciate simulators like this (Railworks 3 is also great) as good games in their own right, and they deserve attention equal to mainstream titles. In my view it's worth a shot and more, it'll leave you pleasantly suprised, I think.

G. Morris
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on 2 October 2015
I'd read and watched quite a lot about this before I bought it, but I nevertheless feared it might only be any fun for people either too young to have a driving licence in real life, or hardcore truck enthusiasts. I was happy to find that it has more broader appeal than that, however, and overall it's a strangely compelling experience.

In many ways it's quite an interesting approach to a simulator. There's a real joy at exploring the different landscapes in the beginning and unlike many simulators the "game" side to it (i.e. trying to make money, levelling up skills, starting your own business, saving up enough to buy a new truck, etc.) is quite well balanced. Genuinely good simulators usually have something to give you a target to aim for (rather than just being sandbox type games) and this game does that very well.

I will admit, though, that after a while my interest started to drop. Perhaps the fact that I regularly drive long distances already has something to do with that, but it got to a point where I was looking at a planned long distance delivery and cringing at the amount of time it would take. That familiar feeling for anyone who drives in real life of sitting patiently for what seems like an age, checking the satnav and realising you're only a third of the way there, was something I experienced a few times. I almost had to motivate myself to keep going and at that point you have to question why you're playing a game that generates that kind of response in the first place.

What really saves the game for me is the modding community. It's extremely easy to use mods (you just pretty much drag and drop them into a folder on your computer) and there's a big variety of maps for other parts of the world, different trucks, and outright nonsense available that you can play around with. When you start browsing the mods the game becomes more of a loose shell that you can use to do something much more fun and I'd definitely recommend looking at that if you buy it.
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on 27 July 2013
Nowadays there are many games that fall under the category of simulator. There are primarily flight simulators, business simulators and transportation simulators. These vary in quality from Sim City and Transport Tycoon (great games) to Prison Tycoon and Mall Tycoon (bad games).

Euro Truck Simulator 2 challenges the player with the world of the heavy goods vehicle. In this game it's the player's job to take goods from one e part of Europe and move them to the destination. It covers the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and most of Eastern Europe. While cities are fairly basic, the motorways and rural roads are done with exceptional detail. You will also see roadworks and construction sites along the way which again look very realistic.

In terms of physics, driving a large vehicle feels realistic and you really get a sense of weight and scale. It's not like driving a large version of a car, there's a lot more sophistication regarding turning points and acceleration up hills.

The main aim is to try and transport the goods without causing too much damage, taking too long or falling asleep at the wheel. You have to repair your vehicle, refuel, stop at rest areas and look at the GPS to find your destination.

The AI of the cars in the game is pretty solid but occasionally they will pull some very risky maneuvers and are outright dangerous. Thankfully for the most part they will act like normal road users and adds to the immersion.

Your character levels up throughout the game and unlocks extra cargo options for longer distances and more dangerous types of goods to transport. You get extra experience for longer distances and for parking the cargo in the correct place. You also get to buy extra lorries and can hire drivers, who will also level up and earn your company money.

Overall this is a fantastic example of the Simulator genre and for what it promises, it delivers on every single level.
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on 10 December 2012
Let me start by saying that this is not my usual choice of game. I generally play FPS or racing games, typically fast-paced action. These types of game lean towards arcade. ETS2 is most definitely a simulator.

I had not heard of the developer but had read a lot of good reviews about this title. I did yearn for something more 'realistic'. The PC was very good at this many years ago with military flight simulators and other titles that were highly technical.

ETS2 is most definitely a success. You control everything in the truck right down to the ignition and light settings. I started off as a driver in Manchester and you can quickly take a paid job driving freight on familiar roads like the M6, M56 and M62. I can make out a couple of the main landmarks in Manchester. You may think it is dull to drive for hours on end across the country but the time is speeded up and the journeys fly by.

Graphically, this looks like an OpenGL title so it doesn't have the gloss of a DX11 title. Nevertheless, the frame rate is good and you can enable lots of detail, anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing. I patched the game right away from the website and so have not seen some of the issues mentioned in other reviews. Cars generally stayed away from me whilst driving, even in city centres. The controls were readable and the sat nav works pretty well.

I do think the developer has cut some corners with the road network (for example, motorway exits often looking exactly the same) and it can be irritating to receive a fine for driving through a red traffic light or not using headlights appropriately. However, I can forgive these for the speed of install, low load times, user-friendly interface, decent graphics, attention to detail with the truck itself and the sense of achievement when you successfully reach your destination. ETS2 exceeded my expectations.
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on 13 November 2012
Firstly this game is generally fantastic, and I am only playing with a mouse and keyboard. The graphics are very good for a trucking sim and the level of detail and customization options for the truck are excellent.

Before I started using mods the game was getting slightly tedious - trucking accross most of Europe at 55MPH was relaxing, but made me sleepy (like the in game driver does). However after adding a realistic physics mod, that also removes the speed limiter the game has become a lot more fun. You can still set the cruise control at 55 if you just want to have a leisurely drive.

I also use a Xenon lights mod that gives the headlights and nice blueish tinge, a real company mod that adds real world company skins to trailers, petrol stations and delivery points.

Mods are incredibly easy to add - the developers provided a mod folder you simply drop the mod files into, and it is as simple as that, next time you launch the game it will be running seamlessly with mods. I don't think Amazon allows me to include URL's in a review but just Google "ETS2 mods" and select the first result.

As well as the driving side of it there is also an aspect of business management - having to buy and upgrade garages, mange a fleet of trucks and employ people to drive them.

The previous trucking game I played was Rig 'n Roll, but ETS2 is miles better (excuse the pun)!

Overall if you like trucking games, or have ever wondered what it is like to get behind the wheel of a big rig then this is well worth the money!
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on 8 September 2013
I have been playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 for 2 or 3 weeks now and have enjoyed it a lot, but it could have been so much more.

The basic premise is quite simple, you drive trucks all over Europe and get paid accordingly. The drivable map covers the UK, Germany, most of France, northern Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, parts of Poland and a small part of the west of Slovakia.

The actual distances between places have been greatly shortened but to compensate, when you are driving, the in-game time is speeded up so an hour takes about 4-5 minutes. The graphics are very good when set to high. Although the distances are concertinaed it does feature some bits scenery that really exist, such as Sweethope Lough and the Scottish border post at Carter Bar which I know and recognise along with the A2 Medway Bridge. I assume this is true of the whole map, but I don't know the places well enough to be able to tell. The cities are a little strange at first, apart from a few places where there may be a well-known bridge or something, you are stuck with the industrial estates and factories on the outskirts. You can occasionally glimpse a landmark off in the distance, but don't expect to drive past too many.

At first, I found the controls rather difficult and did quite a bit of reorganising so that they were where I wanted them on my game pad. There are various options from keyboard only, keyboard and mouse, through joysticks and pads to wheels and peddles, if you have them. It would have been nice to have clickable controls in the cab, similar to flight sim.

You start by driving as a freelance to make money and `discovering' cities from which you can then be offered jobs. Once you have enough money, you can buy your own truck and start working for yourself. You are also given a one truck garage which you can locate in one of the discovered locations when you buy your first truck.

Driving also gains you experience points which you can use to increase your skills and payments in one of six categories,

ADR (flammable, explosive etc loads)

Long Distance, allows you to take jobs of greater ranges

High value cargo, gives you greater payment for carrying high value cargo

Fragile cargo, gives you greater payment for carrying fragile cargo

Just in-time deliveries, gives you access to more urgent jobs

Ecodriving, which reduces your fuel consumption.

There are a number of different trucks available from various manufacturer's showrooms which can be discovered in the cities you visit. These can then be repaired, upgraded and repainted for a price when you visit the workshops. Each city has a workshop where your truck can also be serviced and where it can be taken if you have a bad smash.

Each city also has a garage for sale. They start as 3 slot garages but can be upgraded to 5 slot garages. For each garage slot you can then buy another truck and hire a driver to work for you. The 5 slot upgrades also have fuel at a reduced price. Despite them being garages, there is no onsite workshop and you still have to take your truck to a separate workshop for maintenance and upgrading. An option to have an onsite workshop in your own garages with free or reduced maintenance would have been a good feature.

Your employees can be selected from recruitment agencies, which again you have to discover in cities. Potential employees range in skill and wage demands. Once you select an employee to drive for you, you allocate them to a garage slot with a truck and they will start taking on jobs and earning you money. You can set which skills your employees improve from the six above and you can move them from garage to garage and dismiss them but beyond that you have no control over what they do or where they go. It could have given this game a whole new second half if you could decide which jobs your employees take, making it almost into Euro Truck Manager. They could even have put in a managers desk option!

I have not played Euro Truck Driver 1, so cannot compare it. I have enjoyed playing Euro Truck Driver 2 but feel it could have been so much better with a little bit more thought.
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on 22 February 2013
A very high quality truck driving simulator with a multitude of features. Fully customization of trucks and a huge explorable world map covering most of the UK and Europe. Its surprising how addictive this title is, at the time of writing this review I've only played several hours but I've enjoyed every moment. Unlike many other simulators trucks in this title actually feel weighty but responsive. I've also found there are a multitude of mods and an expansive community for this title. If your uncertain on weather to purchase this then I'd recommend searching for the official Euro truck simulator site as there is a free demo that can be downloaded.

Overall I'd highly recommend this title.
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on 2 February 2013
Whats the worst thing about driving? traffic lights, traffic jams, slow cars and motorways. This game has all of them but I keep going back for more. Drive a truck from a to b and get paid and then pick up another load drive it to another location and keep saving your cash, but along the way you get fined, fined if you drive past a speed camera to fast, fined if you hit another vehicle and fined if your late with your load ect. You also have to stop and rest when the game tells you too otherwise you get an annoying man yawning although that only takes a few seconds game time, finding the rest stop can take a bit longer.
Trucks can be upgraded or a new truck bought as you progress, Start your own company if you like, but my Scania only just gets above 55mph and if you do long haul like me expect the drive to take at least an hour if not more.
I doubt whether speed freaks will like this but saying that I normally go for rally games and this is far from those but I for some reason like playing it.
The graphics are quite good and there's miles of roads, one thing I like compared to other games is it loads fast no hours staring at rally or race cars whilst waiting to play, it just gets straight to the action.
will appeal to truck drivers and those like me that would love to drive a big rig, it also gives you an insight into the problems lorry drivers have on a day to day basis.
works well with my G27 wheel so all good.
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on 15 March 2013
If you have managed to decipher my title with the hash tag then good job.

Right lets go into this review of the game:

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Epicness meets Epicness. This game is frankly the best simulator i have ever played. The scenery / traffic / ports / eurotunnel / everything about this game is amazing. Having never played the first one and reading up on the reviews from others i decided to buy this game and was not dissapointed.

I started off by doing some Quick jobs, then you eventually can buy your own truck and start up your own Company. Its a buisness/driving simulator in one. The driving on the game is impeciable. You must pay attention though, you will get fined for speeding, hitting other traffic or being a geniune penis when driving on the road.

You will not get bored of this game.

My HQ is currently in Grimsby, and i drive to all places, you gain XP which when you 'level up' so to speak you can put these points into different catergories, they are:

ADR classes (delivery of chemicals/Gases etc)
Deliveries that are of a longer distance
High Value Cargo
Fragile Cargo
Deliveries that are urgent

Obviously the more points you put in each catergory the better it becomes and you'll be offered more money as you increase your skill points in a certain catergory.

Next - Your company:

Currently im sat an upgraded garage with myself and 2 other drivers in their trucks. You can specialise your 'minions' into different catergories too also, for example i have Tim (that looks like Derek from Mafia 2 if you have played that) who is specialised in long distance and Lucy who is spec'd in High value cargo. Im currently Spec'd in Fragile cargo, so between us we make quite a bit of money for my company and in keeps increasing, more money = more garages slots = more people + vehicles = more money. You can also buy garages in other neighbouring cities within Europe, or you can even start in Europe should you so wish too.

So far so good, and enjoying the game alot. This game works wonders with an Xbox 360 Controller, so much easier to use and control the vehicle.

Its at a bargin price now and you can pick it up i think from Steam or Gamefly for about £12.

Damn is that the time, i must dash i just realised 'Tim' has just crashed his vehicle into a Bus on the M62, now i get the bill, awesome!

Enjoy guys!
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