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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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EDIT: Have just noticed on 7/8/14 that the reviews for the Region I release have been placed under the R2 copy (and vice-versa) which only serves to confuse the issue - nice one Amazon!

It's been a long time coming, but at last it's finally available on DVD. Not sure how much (if any) remastering has been performed, the picture and sound quality while certainly not great, is for the most part still OK/acceptable. The soundtrack is in English only, with English and French subtitles. There are no extras. The added bonus is the fact that this Region 1 release will play on a R2 DVD player.

Adapted from the movie of the same name from the previous year & broadcast from 1977/78, LOGAN'S RUN was brought to TV audiences by Ivan Goff & Ben Roberts, (Charlie's Angels) and features some colourful costumes & sets, along with some cheerfully cheesy 70's dialogue. The scripts provide some interesting and entertaining storylines in this enjoyable sci-fi adventure series. Set in the year 2319 & following a nuclear holocaust, the Earth's population has been decimated & only small communities survive. The 73-minute pilot opens in one such community - the "City of Domes" with one of the city's "Sandmen" - Logan 5 (played by Gregory Harrison) and Jessica 6 (Heather Menzies - coiffered a la Farrah Fawcett) fleeing the closed city to avoid "renewal" (death).... a fate facing every citizen on reaching the age of 30.

Pursued by the determined Sandman, Francis 7 (Randy Powell) the fugitive "Runners" eventually discover a hovercraft and escape into the desert landscape with their enemy hot on the trail. For me, the addition to the series of the friendly and helpful android, Rem (Donald Moffat) is a welcome one, the character brings extra warmth and humour to the series, as he joins the two fugitives in their search for the mythical "Sanctuary". The series also benefits from a sizeable collection of guest stars who along with the regular cast, all contribute to this bright & cheerful slice of 70's retro TV with good performances.

Along with the pilot, another thirteen, 50-minute episodes were produced. The included 2-page leaflet features an episode synopsis which I have included below (a full episode synopsis can also be found on the IMDb).

*LOGAN'S RUN (PILOT)....Logan 5 and Jessica 6 escape the City of Domes. With Francis 7 in hot pursuit, the pair revive a solar-powered vehicle and discover a peace-loving clan, a city of robot slaves and an android named Rem.

*THE COLLECTORS....Logan and Jessica are abducted by aliens who have the ability to make the Runners believe that their wishes have come true - along with all the other misled Runners who believe they've found Sanctuary.

*CAPTURE....Francis and his Sandman team capture Logan, Jessica and Rem, who in turn become targets for a weapon-collecting couple with a taste for human trophies. Can Logan and Francis join forces to save them all?

*THE INNOCENT....A young woman, Lisa, is the sole human inhabitant of a strange, computerized complex in which the Runners find temporary safety. But when Lisa develops a crush on Logan, Jessica's life is in danger.

*MAN OUT OF TIME....Logan, Jessica and Rem encounter a scientist who has travelled 200 years into the future in order to find Sanctuary and prevent the nuclear apocalypse...which means none of the Runners would ever even exist.

*HALF LIFE....When the primitive, warlike Castouts capture Logan, Jessica and Rem, the Positives - their peaceful counterparts - intercede, only to "process" Jessica by creating two perfect selves: one good, one evil.

*CRYPT....Six cryogenically frozen geniuses of pre-holocaust civilization are awakened by the Runners, who must decide which of them should receive the life-giving serum, of which only three doses are left.

*FEAR FACTOR....The Runners are lured into a mansion by scientists who plan to use them in their experiments to create a docile race by eliminating all independant thoughts and emotions - of which Jessica has far too much!

*THE JUDAS GOAT....A Sandman disguised as a Runner is assigned to convince Logan and Jessica that they should return to the City of Domes to help others fight for freedom. But then they encounter Matthew 12, the original Runner.

*FUTUREPAST....D is for dreams...and death. Rem's circuits spark for Adriana, a female android who performs dream analysis on Logan and Jessica. While the Runners sleep, the Sandmen arrive to apprehend their prey.

*CAROUSEL....When Logan is shot with an amnesia dart, he remembers nothing of being a Runner and returns to the City of Domes to testify that there is no Sanctuary. How can Jessica and Rem save him if he can't remember who they are...or who he is?

*NIGHT VISITORS....A storm causes Logan, Jessica and Rem to take refuge in an eerie, mysterious house, where strange events convince them that spirits abound. And the homeowners have a deadly way of extending their hospitality.

*TURNABOUT....When the Runners stop to help a woman, they are captured by the horsemen of Zidor and sentenced to death. Now Francis must rescue them to ensure they will face justice - and probable death - in the City of Domes.

*STARGATE....Beware the fallout of global warming! When aliens from a sizzling planet become stranded on Earth, they realise the only way to repair their spacecraft is to dismantle Rem for spare parts.
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on 3 June 2015
Logans Run The Series. was a spin off from The popular 1976 Movie of The same name The first half of The pilot episode simply called Logans Run Is a recap of The movie With Logan & Jessica fleeing The City of Domes With sandman Francis in hot pursuit The only difference to the movie Logan & Jessica travel around in a land vehicle And along the way team up with an Android companion named Rem in The Mr Spock Mould Superbly played by Donald Moffat who chews the scenery as The likeable Rem. Gregory Harrison makes a good solid Logan While completing The cast is Heather Menzies as Jessica. Menzies is cute in her short Mini-skirt But she is no Damsel in Distress needing to be rescued all the time And makes a good feisty Heroine. During The 14 episode run The series touched on all the major Sc-Fi Themes Time Travel Evil duplicates of The characters so often used in Star Trek This Time its Jessica Menzies shines in this one playing Good Girl Bad Girl My Favourite comes from The episode Turnabout Which climaxes with Logan in a light sabre duel to the death This would have been done just after Star wars Hit the big time. They did manage to turn out some notable Guest stars familiar to viewers at the time from TV and movies. Morgan Woodward - Star Trek Angela Cartwright - Lost in Space Melody Anderson - Flash Gordon The Discs have no special features just the episodes With the prints a little soft in places Logan is an outdoor series with plenty of hot blazing deserts on view. The only Downside after viewing all 14 episodes You do wish Logan Jessica & Rem had run on just that little bit longer. Buy it because its cool Buy it to see Heather Menzies as Jessica Buy it Because they just don't make them like this anymore.
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It's not hard to see why the 1977 TV spinoff of Logan's Run was so short lived. Despite the pilot epsode boasting the presence of William F. Nolan, one of the novel's co-writers, this follows the earlier, also short-lived Planet of the Apes series' format as a sci-fi version of The Fugitive, with the two runners joined by Donald Moffat's amiable and dignified android (the show's standout character despite obviously intended as a cheaper cybernetic equivalent of C3PO) and encountering various survivors of the nuclear holocaust with varying degrees of technical know-how beyond the city's walls (some parts of civilisation seems to have held up very well to the end of the world as we know it), most of whom either want to exploit or kill them. It's a very 70s vision of the future, particularly when it comes to fashions and design. Sometimes that's a good thing - Heather Menzies does look very fetching in her very mini miniskirt - sometimes not - guest stars like Lance Legault don't in theirs, while their solar hovercar brings unwelcome comparisons with Damnation Alley (it even shares the same designer, Dean Jeffries).

On the plus side it avoids the temptation to remake the movie and go overboard with stock footage from it in its 72-minute pilot episode but falls into a host of different pitfalls instead. Chief among them is the lack of plot and character development: with only the most perfunctory of introductions to the premise and no real sense of how the City of Domes functions, it's only ten minutes into the running time that `Sandman' Logan Five has gone from state assassin (though you never see him kill anyone) to runner and has escaped the city with Miss Menzies. While she at least is able to create a character, Gregory Harrison makes an exceptionally bland lead, but in his defence he has nothing to work with. Where Michael York in the film was a hedonist who enjoyed killing and was going undercover to discover the hidden Sanctuary runners believed in, allowing for tension and character development as his mission proved every assumption he'd lived his life by wrong, Harrison just gets swept along by clumsy deus ex machina without ever developing much of a personality. The cheesy production values, where most of what we see in the city turns out to be underground corridors with dreadful painting backdrops, don't help the feeling that the first two reels are a rough cut that never got properly finished or sound mixed because they ran out of time.

Thankfully things do improve when his former friend Randy Powell is sent after him with the promise of old age and a place on the ruling council of elders if he succeeds. (The elders aren't the only change from the film: where the Carousel ceremony saw its victims explode, here they simply disintegrate Star Trek transporter style.) Unfortunately this just results in a series of limp and uninspiring episodes loosely strung together in a particularly unimaginative fashion, giving the impression that no-one seriously thought it would be broadcast until the success of Star Wars suddenly led to the series being picked up. While never being especially good, the subsequent episodes are a marked improvement, with more polished albeit generally predictable plots and less shoddy but still less than lavish production values while Harrison's role is considerably improved even if he's still written as a rather bland goody two-shoes.

The episodes vary in quality, though some do surprise, with Man out of Time offering a particularly satisfying Twilight zone-style time travel tale that sees Paul Shenar's scientist travelling forward in time to prevent the nuclear holocaust that reshaped the world - which would mean Logan and Jessica would never have been born if he succeeds. While that's the highpoint of the series, it's not without some interesting ideas even if they're not always given scripts that live up to their promise: in one episode the very first Runner has become the `benevolent' dictator of his own personal sanctuary and will kill other Runners to protect it while another sees an amnesiac Logan return to the City of Domes. But generally it falls into standard light TV sci-fi clichés as they encounter telekinetics, alien invaders, haunted houses, nomadic tribes like a cross between Bedouins and medieval barons with light sabres and the odd mad scientist in scripts you get the feeling were written for other shows and have just been reworked for the series: episodes like The Collectors and Stargate play like castoffs from Lost in Space or the umpteenth rehash of tried-and-trusted-and-done-to-death formulas like the Most Dangerous Game-inspired Capture or the Ten Little Indians-inspired Crypt that sees a group of cryogenically-frozen scientists being killed off one-by-one because there isn't enough of a plague serum to go round.

Guest stars including Mel Ferrer, Kim Cattrall, William Smith, Horst Buccholz, Nehemiah Persoff, Mariette Hartley, George Maharis and Nicholas Hammond, TV's future Spider-Man and, like Menzies one of the Von Trapp children from The Sound of Music, overacting wildly as a Sandman posing as a Runner. Overall it probably veers more to the guilty pleasure end of the scale, its appeal largely to those who saw the show on its brief first run and want to revisit it, neither terrible nor terribly good.

Warners' DVD release is well beneath their usual standards, offering unrestored transfers of all the episodes that aren't much of an improvement from videotape with no extras.
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on 11 January 2016
Takes me back to my youth. Although the packaging is in Spanish and there is a Spanish Language option it is still as I remember it. There are two episides that were never shown on UK tv although it still feels unfinished.
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on 2 July 2012
This is a good tv series form 1977. The movie was better of course and I remember being completely thrilled by that movie. Everyone was. This didn't have the money of the movie but they did some decent work here. The best episodes feature the runners out ine post apocaplytic world, the not so great feature aliens and such. But they were trying to make a interesting series here with different bad guys each episode. Most of this series is pretty good actually as they runners make their way accross the world. For a sci fi effort from this era. This wasn't low budget , it was just a regular tv series budget though which was far less than lets say 'battlestar gallactica' of a year later. ALthough the cost of that one and not the ratings drove it from the air. I do like the android addition in this story. He adds alot to the show and I think the acting was up to par for what was required. The andriod steals the show though, this could have been called the ram show. The series looks mostly pretty good , however some scenes have some ugly print damage on them. But many do not and that makes this a good set considering that there was a good chance that we were never going to see this on dvd ever. All 14 epsidoes are here and they are worth watching because the whole premise is a good one. However snobs who snicker at older sci fi need look elsewhere. Of course the sets are well of their era and not of higher grade even with spaceships that have clearly panels of the 1970's era! This isn't near the standard of 'v' which came out five years later but it was a welcome sight for sci fi fans of the seventies. It wasn't great but it engaging. And in terms of the seventies you didn't have much sci fi ever on tv. You had some good brit shows and some good sci fi movies but rare indeed was the sci fi tv series. The hair and sexy outfits the women wear are from the seventies too, at least they aren't dressed in disgusting baggy clothes like the nostyle 90's!
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on 2 June 2013
I bought this mainly because I have fond memories of watching this as a kid. Following up on that can be a gamble as in the past, I've found shows that still hit the nostalgia spot (The Fantastic Voyage) and others that get me thinking "Why the hell did I watch that?" (The Hardy Boys Mysteries). This one definitely hit the mark. OK, there are some very dud episodes (one with a set of vampire ghosts is particularly bad), but overall it's stood the test of time well. It's a very loose adaptation of the film (which is fair, because the film was an extremely loose adaptation of the book), but keeps all the essential elements.

It's probably only going to be of interest from those of us who remember the original run. Certainly, anyone expecting TVSF of the kind we see today would be sorely disappointed. But, if you're after a good blast of yesteryear nostalgia, this is well worth giving a go.
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on 23 June 2014
A brilliant scifi tv series a highly enjoyable romp. Well worth adding to your scifi collection loved the film so gave this a go and so glad i did. If you thinking of getting this if you like the wonder woman battlestar galatica ect from the seventies you like this. Now to get buck Rodgers in the 21st century.
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on 31 July 2012
Yes, that's what REM stands for!

Adapted from Michael Anderson's 1976 movie, based on the 1968 novel by William F Nolan and George Clayton Johnson

It's the year 2319 and the survivors of the nuclear war 200 years earlier are scattered all over the world having evolved into wildly different societies, largely unaware of each others' existence. One of these societies is the City Of Domes where life is unending bliss and pleasure - until your 30th birthday when you have to enter the quasi-religious ritual of Carousel to be reborn into a new life-cycle. But Carousel is actually an exterminating machine, and those who suspect the truth become runners, fleeing from the system and hunted by elite policeman called Sandmen whose job is to terminate, or kill, runners. Logan is a Sandman, partnered by Francis. Jessica is a member of an underground movement that helps runners. Logan has been having doubts himself and finds himself on the run with Jessica and an android called Rem. They are now hunted by Francis, who also knows the truth and has been promised a life beyond 30 and a seat on the Council of Elders, by the elderly men who secretly run the City behind the scenes, if he brings them back for brainwashing to testify in favour of Carousel and against running. Logan, Jessica and Rem discover strange new societies as they explore the world outside the Domes and try to keep one step ahead of Francis.

Objectively, this series is no lost masterpiece due for re-evaluation. It's actually a pretty tame, sanitized reworking of a much better movie which nevertheless itself threw away most of the source novel's original ideas in favour of SF cliches.

But as nostalgia for Seventies Sunday afternoons, it is priceless magic. And it's not all bad. Man Out Of Time fills in the details of how Logan's world came to be, a time paradox story with a bitter sting in the tail. The Judas Goat has a Sandman altered to resemble a runner known to Jessica, in order to trick the runners into going back to the City Of Domes, plus their meeting with the first ever runner, Matthew 12. This too has a number of surprises and a fittingly ironic ending. Captured shows Logan and Francis operating as a team, as they must have done before Logan ran.

The main problem seems to have been the producers' desire to aim the series at family audiences - the fundamentally dark concept of a society where citizens have to die at 30 (or 21 in the novel) is at odds with this approach. Perhaps if it had lasted a little longer, this might have been addressed.

Still, for all it's faults, there's much to enjoy here - Donald Moffatt brings a dignity and - ironically - a humanity to Rem the android, a character created for the TV series, who could have been simply embarassing in the hands of a lesser actor.

And male viewers will certainly appreciate Heather Menzies' skimpy little minidress!
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on 1 June 2012
When you know that Ben Roberts and Yvan Goff were the ones who invented Charlie's angels you can guess that Logan's run will be great to watch. And indeed it is! Not only are the screenplays well written (I especially loved the crypt which is a tribute to Christie's Ten little indians) but the actors are also really convincing (especially Heather Menzies's hairdo that is not doubt inspired by Farrah fawcett's); besides for those who enjoy bad taste and kitsh there is no denying that they will be delighted by some of the camera's angles, the very vivid colors and the ecstatic score. The only thing that bothered me was the poor quality of the material. The dvd can only be watched in english however there are french subtitles, the series being unaivalable in France.
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on 5 March 2014
this information is for those peaple who do not have an all region dvd player and so can not play the region 1 USA version . you can get a region 2 dvd version of logans run complete series from amazon spain web page the spainish version is called La Fuga De Logan which you will need to type in to find it . you can buy it from amazon spain with your amazon account an password information . Two things about the spainish version i have noted is that it is shown as 698 miutes long which is shorter than the USA version which is shown as beig 711 minutes long on the its back cover of the dvd . This may be a type error on amazon spains web page i do not know . Also the spainish site states Inglés (Dolby Digital 2.0), in other words it says that the dvd has english in dolby digital 2.0 as well as spanish of course it lists all 14 episodes of the series as being on the 3 dvd set. hope this helps
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