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on 29 December 2011
This is a (mainly technical) review for Camberwick Green (Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy - Re-scanned 2011 by the BBC) released in 2011.

There are some films and shows that are rated as being in the stratosphere of unlikeliness for release on the still relatively new high-definition Blu-ray format. 'Camberwick Green' must certainly rate as one of these shows - but here it is!

I'm not going to review the show itself - enough has been said about it and there are plenty of comments to read elsewhere. If you're like me - a 40-something child of the 70s who grew up with this show - you will be primarily interested in hearing about what the show looks and sounds like on Blu-ray.

Every episode has been lovingly cleaned and restored. The colour is bright and the soundtrack is at a suitably high volume with little or no hiss. It must be remembered, however, that the original films were sourced on 16mm. 16mm film of the 60s never looked the best, but this is the best 'Camberwick Green' has ever looked. There is a certain point-of-view that 'old' material like this does not benefit from the high-definition treatment and should therefore be avoided. It is not a philosophy I agree with and is one that generally takes its benchmark from the latest HD digital technology in cinema and on television. In my opinion, anything sourced on film will always look better on Blu-ray than on standard DVD, and deserves to be exploited.

A brief word on the packaging: This is a 'triple-play' release; a Blu-ray disc and a DVD which also contains a digital copy housed in an official Amaray Blu-ray face-on-face double disc case.

This 'Camberwick Green' Blu-ray is never going to be a reference-quality disc to show off your system, but if you are an advocate for the high-definition format, grew up watching this show, or just a fan of classic children's animation, this is definitely a disc worth adding to your collection. I can only hope that the other series in the trilogy - 'Chigley' and 'Trumpton' - will also see a similar release.
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on 24 January 2012
The quality of this reissue of an old childhood favourite is superb, and although most of us would watch these episodes in any quality, it is a treat to see them so clearly. Speaking as someone who did not even have a colour television as a child, this bluray is an extra treat! The work which has gone into the restoration has obviously been a labour of love. Don't think twice, buy this and join the queue for the later restorations as well. Don't even pretend you are buying this for the children or grandchildren, sit back and indulge yourself.
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on 22 August 2014
Considering their age, I was only three when they were first televised back in 1966, and the poor quality of its original 16mm film, this Blu Ray HD transfer is quite a step up in quality over everything else we have witnessed in the past.

Those expecting great clarity may be disappointed, and in certain episodes especially with Mr Caraway the Fishmonger, you can clearly see that the very old original film has seen better days, with the picture quality almost on par with the standard dvd losing a lot of its clarity and detail.

We must not forget that Camberwick Green was the very first television programme to be broadcast in Colour all those years ago, and the choice of film used was hardly ideal for quality and longevity.

Certain episodes particularly Peter the Postman and Jonathan Bell are particularly impressive, you can clearly see the bits of string used to manipulate the characters arms and heads suspended from the trees and sky.

Its a real surprise that anyone thought it would be a good idea to have a go at digitally enhancing very old 16mm film, but its a testimony to the almost cult status of the Trumptonshire trilogy that we can enjoy Camberwick Green like we have never seen it before.

The sound quality has certainly improved and this new HD transfer is certainly clearer than anything we have heard before, but certain episodes are really beyond 21C digital help with immense picture grain and quality almost on par with the standard dvd, but all is not doom and gloom with a few episodes pretty spectacular and worth the tenner asking price.

One interesting highlight was being able to read the letters in Peter's hand whilst visiting the post office, with Dr Mops name clearly printed on the envelope, they could have printed anything on it not expecting nearly fifty years later technology able to bring out the blurd detail.

This DVD set is certainly worth purchasing and depending on the quality of your tv and disc player you may be in for a treat, but we cannot escape the fact that Camberwick Green was the very first childrens programme made in colour in March 1966 and because of that we could not expect miracles with 21C digital technology.

I was certainly impressed with what has been done to the picture quality but this is by no means a superb transfer, certain episodes are ropey to say the least whilst others are eye popingly good, but at ten pounds this twin disc set is a steal especially for those die hard fans ME INCLUDED.

If you are looking for the best quality picture we are ever likely to see, even better than the original 1966 broadcast then this Blu Ray set is a must have purchase, but be aware certain episodes are beyond help due to their age and in particular the Mr Caraway episode was dodgy to say the least.
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on 17 January 2012
My review is based on the DVD Disc played a LCD TV. Being a grandfather, I bought this to watch with my one year old grandaugher. Within a minute of opening she was sitting on my lap watching and enthralled. Its not CGI, but its timeless, certainly from looking at the effect on my grandaughter. The colours are vibrant, not pristinely sharp but the models, simple story line, songs and comforting naration by Brian Cant take me back and seem to have the expected effect on a new generation, now viewing on new media. Well done to all concerned . The DVD was delivered within 2 days of ordering on Amazon from Gordon Murrey (Trumptonshire) Ltd. What a great job!
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on 13 January 2012
What a joy this was to watch! The memories from my childhood came flooding back, but even more enjoyable was the pleasure my boys (aged 6 and 7) had watching it. I thought the pace would be far too slow for them but they were engrossed. They really enjoyed trying to guess who was going to emerge from the music box and haven't stopped singing the songs. It's now one of their favourite DVD's. I can't wait for the rest of the trilogy to be released.
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on 14 February 2012
Camberwick Green was always a pleasure to watch with the children. The re-release of the series much enhanced by technology has allowed the charm of the original to remain but with the brightness and freshness enhancing the colour. It is not a remake but a lovely cheery look into a simple world which will cheer youngster of any age - old and young!
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on 6 December 2012
Beautiful, beautiful... congrats to all concerned for locating the original master copy and preserving it so well for future generations to enjoy. I can't wait for Trumpton and Chigley to join it on my shelf. Also, thanks for including all three formats in one package!
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on 6 February 2012
Since the days of 405 line black and white television the daily lives and tribulations of the folk of Camberwick Green have been entertaining both the young and the young at heart.

As anyone who has seen Camberwick Green on television or DVD will attest, the surviving prints had seen better days; with warping, drop outs, scratches, dirt and colour fading from scene to scene. The good news is that restoration work performed for this blu-ray has worked wonders on both the visual and audio elements. To put is simply, you can now view the programme better than it appeared on the original transmission in 1966. On first viewing I was amazed at the little details I'd never noticed before.

Blu-ray was never intended for something as low definition as 16mm film, and the disc does show plenty of film grain and noise artifacts from the restoration work. However, after a few minutes you will stop noticing these and focus on the stories. When compared to all previous versions it is simply stunning. Those without blu-ray player are not forgotten as you also receive a dvd version as well. By way of extras there is an all too brief interview with the great Gordon Murray himself.

In short I thoroughly recommend the blu-ray of the restored Camerwick Green. Money well worth spent.
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on 18 February 2013
A priceless collection of endearing stories which my children thoroughly enjoyed when it was shown on TV in the 1970s. They have a timeless appeal and an innocent charm which is totally lacking in today's TV cartoons. Warmly recommended for young children and viewers who have remained young at heart.
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on 4 February 2013
This is definitely one for the hardcore Camberwick Green fans who would appreciate the technical wizardry and hard work put in to bring these loveable episodes and their characters filmed back in the grainy sixties up to the speed with our current media entertainment devices.
Each episode has been diditally re-mastered and cleaned up to remove all speck and crackles and the colour, clarity and definition has been lifted and enhanced too so this would appeal to both the older and much newer audiences! These characters and their blissfully idyllic scenes are priceless so for those appreciate them, this cracking blueray digital version is an asbsolute must have.
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