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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 September 2014
This little gadget - the size of a small lighter - can be connected to your headphones or your stereo for example, so that you can use a smart phone or a computer to play music or audio books through it without the need for cables or wires.

It uses A2DP Bluetooth 2.1, has a range of 10 meters (although not through walls or does) , needs no drivers and can sit on standby for 140 hours before it drains. Continual play lasts about 4 hours before a recharge is needed.

I have reasonably good hifi equipment that was made before cassettes came out, let alone WiFi or Bluetooth, and it now has a totally new lease of life - leads are provided in the box, and it's so simple to set up:

1. Charge the device for a bit

2. Hold down the power button for about 10 seconds until it flashes red and blue

3. Put your phone next to the device and toggle the Bluetooth on your phone; search for new devices

4. Connect

5. Play, play and play again

This has given life to my dinosaur equipment, and more justifications fir keeping it. I have nothing critical to say about this product yet; it's easy to use, and and feels well built. It feels and looks like a quality product; exceeding my expectations completely. Even the manual is written in clear, concise English on good quality paper (certainly not always the case with imports from China).

Full marks so far - I would have preferred a micro USB port for the recharging cable rather than this mini one, but that's a minor quibble.
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This little rubber coated black box which measures only 3 inches x 1 inch receives audio via Bluetooth from your Bluetooth devices and puts it through any kind of speaker system you can connect to.

With a glossy black finish to it, this is a cracking little piece of kit with great build quality.

In the small box you get

- the receiver box
- USB charging cable
- a RCA cable
- instruction manual

To charge up you just attach the usb cable to any usb port and the receivers power socket. The LED glows red and turns off once charged which took around an hour on mine. (it came with charge)

In use -

I connected it to a sound bar via the audio out socket and RCA cable. Switched it on with the on/off button, the LED flashed blue/red and then I scanned for Bluetooth devices with my Samsung galaxy note 2. It found it in around 2 seconds and I was connected, the LED was now a solid blue. I went through some music in my playlists. Some Heavy metal, Rock, Electro, Motown and a bit of Classical.

They all sounded great to me. No loss of audio quality to my ears, no hissing or crackling etc. I don't claim to be any kind of audio expert but I know what I like and if what I usually like is not as good as usual. This was all good to me!

I had my phone on full volume and it wasn't deafening through the speaker by no means but loud enough. You can of course higher your speaker system up if you wish. My son also played a sound effects app through it which was quite funny. . .to him. You don't want to know trust me! So you can play audio books, Youtube audio or radio/music apps, pod casts etc through this. The range is around 25ft I found.

It's a great little discreet plug and play gadget which will prove very useful pumping heavy rock around our house I fear.

This was kindly provided to me by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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The TaoTronics®Bluetooth Dongle Wireless Stereo Audio Receiver for Headphones, Portable Speakers, Home Stereo, Car Music Sound System, Bluetooth Transmitter & More with 3.5mm Audio Jack + 2 x 3.5mm RCA Male / Female Cables has a really long description for such a tiny device.

It is tiny less that 2 and a half inches in old money and well under an inch wide.
and this is a BIG BUT (as seen on Fat Ladies)
It really does outperform its tiny size.

What it does is allows your headphones, home stereo, Hi-Fi system, and even car audio system (provided they have an AUX input) to be connected to your Blue Tooth device.

In practice connection was simple.
In just a couple of minutes mine was up and running.
The sound will of course depend on the device you are listening too and the device playing the sound.
But I used a high end set of headphones by Brainwavz and they sounded magnificent.
Stories in audio sounded wonderful and the sound was spot on. (Jago and Litefoot)
Music was superb. (Frank Zappa, Steve Miller).

Now a couple of quibbles.

I must admit they did not concern me at all but the buyer needs to be aware.
You cannot control the sound from your listening device be it head phones or speaker etc.
You will need to go to the originating source.
Secondly you won't be able to stop the music and answer your phone then continue the music.
The first 'quibble did not affect me in the slightest and the second is a positive reason for buying this tiny yet excellent device.

(I was proved with my set by the company for review purposes)
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Sent for review this product is a Bluetooth Receiver that receives audio from your Bluetooth device wirelessly and connects to your headphones or stereo speakers directly which allows them to be Bluetooth enabled. Inside the box you get the TaoTronics® TT-BR01, USB charging cable, 3.5 mm to RCA male and female cables and User Manual.

The product is made of high quality lightweight black plastic (surrounded by rubber) and is about the same size and weight as a USB Memory Stick. The design is very simple in that it contains a single multi function button and 2 ports that enables it to connect to the USB charging cable and 3.5mm cable.

When I received the product it had no charge therefore I charged it fully (recommended). The LED turned red to indicate that it was charging and turned blue when charging was complete. When the battery is running low it flashes red. To turn it off hold down the button for a few seconds and it turns to Red followed by no visible colours.

Paring iPhone 5 to Bluetooth receiver: After I turned on my Bluetooth setting on my iPhone 5 and held the button down on the Bluetooth receiver for just over 5 seconds the LED light flashed Red / Blue. When the pairing was complete it turned blue. You don't always find this LED colour changing feature on this type of product and it's an useful addition to have.

After I connected the Bluetooth Audio Receiver directly to a number of different devices around my home and in work (sound system, car stereo, tv and speaker dock) it connected to them successfully and played audio to an acceptable standard. Although the overall sound quality of each speaker varied (as expected) they all produced clear sound with no crackling or distortion. They did not lose clarity until I increased the volume maximally. I found that the range varied between 8m and 10m before the Bluetooth signal broke and will be ample for most users.

Note: if you are playing music through your car stereo system you can only do so if your car has an audio auxiliary input which every car wont have.

Verdict: Decent Bluetooth Audio Receiver.
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I was sent this item by the manufacturer to test, review and keep in exchange for an honest review.

The receiver is quite small being about 3 inches in length and about 1 inch high. It has a rubberised coating and so is designed to be put through some tough conditions, such as being attached to an MP3 player whilst exercising. TaoTronics also supplied me with a set of Bluetooth sports headphones, so as to use this device whilst exercising. The receiver can be attached to any type of speaker, sound dock, laptop, tablet etc and it will allow whatever its attached to, to give off a Bluetooth signal. IT comes with a USB charging cable, an RCA cable and an instruction manual. Charging is simple, via a USB port and the unit displays a red light and then switches off once charged.

I connected the receiver to my MP3 player and used the aforementioned Bluetooth headphones. It took seconds to connect the headphones with the receiver and once connected the LED on the receiver displayed a constant blue light. The receiver worked perfectly and the sound was great, no distortion or any kind of drop out.

This is a great little device and it works exactly as it should, transmitting Bluetooth signals/music from any non Bluetooth device. It is very well made, comes with all the cables you require and I am very happy to highly recommend the product.

Highly recommended.
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It quite easy to plug this into a non bluetooth device, For example I plugged it into my car stereo, TV, radio and paired it up with a pair of bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

I have an iPhone 5 and it paired up with this quite easily.

I managed up to about 10 metres from the gadget before it would disconnect.

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This is an excellent little Bluetooth receiver. I was sent a sample by the distributors to test and review and I am very impressed.

It is small, light and easy to set up and use. Pairing is simple and I get a range of about 5 metres (possibly more) indoors including through plasterboard walls. I have tried it with both my stereo system and a very good pair of Bose headphones and the quality is just as good as direct connection as far as I can tell.

The connection to the receiver is a jack socket rather than a plug. This is ideal for me as they include in the box a jack to phono lead. The phono plugs connect to the AUX input of my stereo and the receiver to the jack plug. Headphones plug directly into it, as does the jack-to-jack lead for the little speaker I use in the kitchen. They also supply a mini-USB charging lead and a mains-plug USB charger (a handy bonus).

The good performance and sensible connectivity make this a better receiver for me than others I have tried. I think it's excellent and I warmly recommend it.
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on 6 July 2014
This is quite a capable little unit. As well as having a 3mm mini jack socket for your headphones/earphones/speakers it comes with a couple of other cables for hooking up to your sound system or another gadget. There's also a mini USB to full USB charging cable and it seems to charge pretty quickly when plugged into the powered USB2 socket on my PC. The battery seems to last a long time, too. I haven't timed it yet but I've used it for 3 or more hours with my tablet while viewing videos and it hasn't run out of charge yet.

There are two reasons I've given it four stars instead of five. First is the price, which seems just a little excessive for a device coming from a relatively unknown source. I paid around £19, which would be OK for a single-function device from a company like Samsung or JVC. Secondly, when it's paired and connected to a sound source, but there hasn't been any sound transmitted for a while - such as while choosing another video to watch - it seems to be late in noticing the new sound and it seems to ramp the volume up from 0 over the course of about 2 seconds, so you might miss the beginning of whatever it is you're listening to.

No big deal, but just a little niggly if you have to keep going back to the start of the video again and again while watching a number of small videos, e.g. the tutorials I've been watching.

Having said that, it seems a solid, reliable unit and I'd recommend it.
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on 25 January 2014
I just wanted to let people know there is away to clean up some of the sound quality problems & give you a volume control by putting a "FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier" between the headphones & the TaoTronics TT-BR01 Bluetooth Dongle Wireless Stereo Audio Receiver....You then have a volume control & the Fiio E5 charges up the same way as the TT-BR01 .. But all in all a great bit of kit that works with ether TT-BA01 or TT-BA02
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on 26 June 2015
I bought this product together with it's counterpart the TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter. The intention being to be able to use my (wired) Bose QC25 headphones wirelessly from a Yamaha hifi amplifier and I'm glad to say they worked perfectly. After charging them fully I paired them together, plugged the transmitter in to the headphone socket of the amp and the receiver to the cable of the QC25 and voila! I now have wireless headphones. The sound quality is excellent with no (noticeable) delay when watching videos. The quality of both of the devices is very good, having great feel and looks.I can now use my QC25's wirelessly and my quality hifi system that was made before the days of WiFi and Bluetooth, now has a totally new lease of life.

This product has exceeded my expectations completely. Even the manual is written in clear, concise English on good quality paper (certainly not always the case with imports from China).

Overall an excellent bit of kit, thoroughly recommended.
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