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4.5 out of 5 stars228
4.5 out of 5 stars
Style Name: 300R-Non-Windowed|Change
Price:£69.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 23 December 2014
First of all I would just like to say that if you are thinking of buying this case...take the plunge and just do it! It is simply SUPERB on every front. The build quality is absolutely fantastic. A solid metal case with a (good quality) plastic front. The drive bays inside are screw-less so you literally pull out a tray and slot your hard drive/s with minimal fuss. The same goes for the CD/DVD drive bay - Just a simple clip in. The thing I love most about this case is that it is designed for OPTIMAL airflow...and let me tell you it does exactly what it says on the tin....It even got to one point where I had fully built my machine and I just sat there for 20 minutes admiring at the cable free look. I was amazed (compared to my last case - Antec 300). This case does not come with motherboard risers. Instead it has its own built in so installation was quick and easy. I really cant stress enough at the quality look and feel of this machine. If you are going to buy this you might as well get some "Corsair AF120 LED Quiet Edition High Airflow 120mm Fans" You can get them as a dual pack for about 17quid...I bought 2 sets and it is SUPER QUIET! (I took out the original case fans).

To some up - A simpy awesome case, solid build quality, great look and its not too big either. Its definitely the best Mid-Tower range case I have ever come across...and It will take some beating! I really don't know what they could have done better.
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VINE VOICEon 7 September 2013
It comes in a well packaged box, however, no gromets seemed to have included - a poor over sight.The case is light, robust and practically noiseless. With the added built in sound proofing along with the supplied Corsair fans - makes for a much quieter PC. The front panel is plastic and has a smart 'brushed' finish. The openings are from the right with the hinges on the left, revealing an effective detachable dust filter and access to the 3 5.25" external bays.
The side panels are easy to take off. The interior design gives a good and mainly tool free `environment' to work in - generally speaking of course some may disagree but that is reviews for you.

There are 4 3.5" internal bays there is, however, the option to upgraded this with the `Corsair 300R HDD upgrade kit (LN48978)', which in turn will give you a total of 8 3.5" internal bays which is good if you need to produce un-Raid or other type NAS system build.
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VINE VOICEon 14 January 2014
The case is light, robust and practically noiseless. With the added built in sound proofing along with the supplied Corsair fans - makes for a much quieter PC. The front panel is plastic and has a smart 'brushed' finish. The openings are from the right with the hinges on the left, revealing an effective detachable dust filter and access to the 3 5.25" external bays.
The side panels are easy to take off. The interior design gives a good and mainly tool free `environment' to work in - generally speaking of course some may disagree but that is reviews for you they are so individual.

There are 4 3.5" internal bays there is, however, the option to upgraded this with the `Corsair 300R HDD upgrade kit (LN48978)', which in turn will give you a total of 8 3.5" internal bays which is good if you need to produce un-Raid or other type of NAS system build. Although the price quote here is high, best to shop around for a better deal.
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on 3 August 2013
The first thing I noticed about this budget case was the very solid build quality it certainly didn't feel cheap once I'd wrestled it from the box. The corners cut to keep the price down are not immediately obvious and it has a feel of quality good job corsair. On opening the case the first thing I spotted was the lack of stand offs for the motherboard. This threw me as on previous builds I've always used stand offs and so was taken aback!
No need to worry the bolt holes are raised from the back plate so that stand offs are not required to stop a short. There is one dummy stand off located in the centre of the back plate to help orientate your board but this can be taken out with pliers if it doesn't line up with your motherboard. If it does line up it can be replaced with the one stand off supplied it is the only stand off you need and then its simply a case(bad pun) of screwing in the mother board screws to the back plate and if you don't have your own those screws are provided. The drive caddies are a nice easy way to fit HD's and SSD,s.
The screwless design and holes for cable tidying are well thought out. Two fans are supplied a 140mm front fan and 120mm exhaust fan. I replaced the front fan by simply grabbing the front of the case by the bottom whilst its on the edge of a bench and tugging with manly pressure. This exposed the front fan mounts which allowed me to remove the 140mm fan and accommodate two 120mm fans. I ended up mounting the 140mm fan on the roof of the case as an extra exhaust. All required bolts were supplied..
The cable tidy system is very good and my overall impression is of a well thought out design however there are a few minor problems hence the four out of five.
Firstly the front HD audio connector is a little short another inch or two would have been useful. It just about reaches the connector in the bottom left corner of my mobo.
Secondly the front USBs are 3.0 which would be fine if they had included an adapter to facilitate connecting to the USB 2.0 port on my old mobo. We dont all have 3.0 front panel connectors on our mobos yet so an adapter would have been a nice welcome addition.
All in all however a first rate case for the money with only a few minor issues that will happily house your PC for years to come well done corsair !
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on 3 June 2014
Case looks very nice and very silent, however in a quiet room with some decent fan control it is possible to hear a low hum that isn't from any component. I think it's the HDD, the mount for which is directly connected to the front panel, causing it to vibrate as well and cause this hum. It isn't the end of the world and I do not regret purchasing this, but any people looking to buy a very silent case and still own mechanical HDDs might want to look at alternatives.

E: After looking further, all of the noise is caused by the vibration of the CD drive bays, more specifically a (rather dumbly designed in hindsight) hollow tube on the edge of the bays, so that it doesn't have a sharp edge. This is connected to the HDD bay, hence the vibrations. I do not have a CD drive in this build, so it is entirely possible that this is a problem that will be avoided with the additional weight of a CD drive. As a temporary solution, I have stuck a rock in there and blu-tacked it to the tube, which has stopped all noise. I will leave this at 4 stars since I feel that many will agree that a 5 star produce wouldn't need rocks blu-tacked to the side :)
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on 23 July 2014
If you are looking for a clean, high quality case then the Corsair Carbide 300R is defiantly a strong contender. It has a great build quality which is expected from Corsair and some great features that are really useful. One of which are the dust filters on the intake fans (front and bottom PSU fan) that can be removed for cleaning, stopping unwanted dust from damaging the computer components. Corsair's tool less mounting system means that less time is spent screwing in hard drives and the thumb screws allow quick removal of screws to take off the side panels. The case has plenty of room inside and has the option to increase cooling capabilities. I was a little disappointed to find that this case was not compatible with the Corsair H100i water cooling system and did not include any extra fans other than the 140mm intake and 120mm exhaust however for this kind of price it is not a big issue. I would recommend this case to anyone who wishes to build a PC.

Good Points:
- Large mid tower case provides adequate room for micro ATX and ATX motherboards and longer graphics cards.
- Easy to install motherboard to case by removing unnecessary stand off's as case is labelled.
- Large side window and tool less drive mounting.
- Area behind motherboard for cable management.

- Only includes two fans (140mm intake, 120mm exhaust) out of a possible 7 that can be mounted inside the case.
- No dust filter for side panel so an after market filter may have to be used.
- Not compatable with Corsair H100i water cooling system.

Overall, very impressive and great value for money!
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on 25 June 2015
I really should of bought a case like this the first time round but instead I decided to buy a cheapy crappy £20 mini tower from Maplin because it came with a 500w psu, a couple years later when I had finally thrown out that dodgy cheap power supply for an efficient corsair one I decided to invest in a new case because the old one had poor airflow, not a lot of room for long gpus and literally no room for cable cable management behind the mobo. I went for this one because it looked spacious and well built and it was Corsair of course. The case arrived in a huge box, my first impressions were that it is well built, good quality, bloody heavy,very tall and good looking (especially the badge on the front I love it).

Moving parts from my old case to this one was a very long process, I found the removable drive bays to be handy. My 3 pin ports for my fans are on the far left side of the motherboard and and the cables were to short to stretch behind the back to the nearest hole so I had no other choice just to leave the cables hanging, if the case had a hole closer to the top left of my mother board this wouldn't of been a problem. Cable managing in this case in general is okay, there isn't much space behind the back of the motherboard which meant that closing THE SIDE PANEL IS SUCH A PAIN! because every time a cable pushes against the panel or a cable hangs out the couple of small hooks helped a bit I suppose for keeping a few cables in place. My motherboard doesn't support usb 3.0 rendering the front usb ports useless so I bought an adapter of Amazon as well.

The case on my desk 3 weeks later still looks good, I've gotten use to the size another feature I like is the feet you would struggle to accident knock it off your desk unless you have it on the floor but if you do what are you doing man there is dust down there?
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on 6 March 2014
This case is exceptiobal value for money.
It has many good points that even many expensive cases lack.
Firstly its very easy to neatly wire, as tere are internal plates that you can weave the cables through.
Its comparatively very large, capable of holding the biggest of parts. This could potentially cause problems if you have limited space in which to put it, but if you can facilitate it I would recommend it.
It is pretty future proof, since you can easily upgrade to better (and bigger) parts in the future. Equally, large cases take longer to heat up, if you cram all your parts into a small case the temperature will get much higher, a lot quicker.
On that note the case also comes with two fans, which saves you time and effort. You can easily remove and replace them, and the case supports additional fans should you find them necessary.
The dust filter on the base Is nice too, making maintenance that little bit easier.
The transparent side panel is also nice, mainly as an asthetic, but also as a reasurance everything is working as it should.

The case was heavier than I expected, although that isnt a great issue.
It also has 4 trays for hard drives and here is where the price shows. The clips holding them in place are exceptionaly fragile, so care has to be taken. I did, eventualy, break one when I was a little too rough in removing it which was irritating. To remove the trays you must squeeze two clips together. The point of release and simply snapping them, is very close, a poor design. However once youve done fitting your drives its not an issue any more.
Another point is the side panels. One transparent, one metal. Very easy to remove. The fact both come off makes it much easier to wire your pc. They are slightly more awkward to put back on however, especially if you have both panels off and dont want to lay it down.
Again, minor problem.
The instructions were pretty poor too, I felt like I was building an ikea chest of drawers. Mostly it was easy to figure out but the drive bays were pretty counter intuitive.
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on 23 February 2014
I bought this case with 'future proofing' in mind. I chose this case to replace my aging Antec Three Hundred series case for several reasons. Firstly, I've recently upgraded my machine from top to bottom. (specs at the end of this review) With those upgrades came some interesting challenges for the above mentioned Antec case.

Room inside to fit all the new stuff was one reason I chose to purchase this Corsair case.

GFX cards are getting huge nowadays and the Corsair Carbide offers that in abundance. You can fit ANY card on the market without any problem whatsoever.

Another reason was because of the need to change over stock CPU cooler to an aftermarket one. Possibly even a water cooled solution later down the line. This meant changing the mounting bracket on the motherboard, which, of course, needs access to the rear of the board. This means either taking out the entire board or, as offered in generous quantity by this case, removing the back panel and finding an impressive hole in the mounting plate that gives access to change to any sized bracket, for any sized cooler.

Then there's the case cooling itself. This case offers plenty of options for drawing in and venting air. 7 fan mountings are offered ! A huge amount. Granted, 2 are on the side panel, but still, a great deal of cooling can be gained using this case.

Lastly, cable management. A huge plus over and above the Antec. Which had none. Managed to fit most cables into the rear space saving on clutter and increasing performance cooling.


Now the reason for 4 stars and not 5


I know it's on the budget side, so some of the following may fall into the 'you get what you pay for' category.

Firstly, I think the case looks pretty good. As mentioned, it is a budget case, but, it doesn't look it ! It does, however, feel it I'm sad to say.

When un-boxing, I was struck by how light it was. Hardly any weight at all. Not a judgement to be made from that though as it may be solid and just built with lightweight but good quality materials, I thought.

Firstly, I have the 'solid Grill' version of this case and the side panels feel very thin and flimsy. In fact, once removed, they are easily bent or warped with minimal mis-handling, so be very careful when taking them off.

Also, I snapped one of the retaining clips on one of the removable drive bays when trying to remove the cardboard box containing all the accessories that come with the case. It is stored in one of the bays and with very minimal effort, one side snapped off with very little pressure.

Once installed, the old HDD that I have fit well, but it makes an annoying vibration noise when in use. No noise damping was provided so I recommend taking this into consideration when installing an 'old style' Hard Disc.

Installing the SSD drive was straight forward enough, but, with very little instruction offered by the only the quick start guide, I had to scratch my head for a bit to work it out. Basically, you have to screw the drive into the removable tray but only after removing the rubber mounts designed for larger HDD. (the screws for this are thankfully included). Although it is designed to take SSD's, the tool-less drive bay does not apply in this instance.

Also, the trays themselves are weak and very flimsy. As mentioned, the tabs brake easily and once returned into the bay itself, they only just fit and have room to wiggle in their space.

Dust filters. There are some, but not (strangely) on the top of the case. Maybe this was intentional as most people will fit two 140mm exhaust fans at the top and these will probably catch a lot of dust and prevent it from falling inside. However, even with 140mm fans fitted, there's still some room around the edge that dust can easily fall into.

I think that was a big mistake not including it. They're hard to find without buying a full kit that would needlessly provide you with filters that are already provided. A bit of a shame really. It leaves you with a gaping hole at the top of the case depending on what you choose to mount there. Only a custom solution will fix it and that isn't a good thing to me.

Conclusion :

A great budget case that does offer everything a PC needs. Great cooling, good cable management, access to the main parts of the board for changes and offers ample room for future upgrades.

But, it really is let down by some of the quality of its parts. I know, it's cheap, but some things needn't have been overlooked in quality for the sake of a few aesthetic touches like rolled mesh and fake bolts to add to the 'look' of the case. I think more could have been spent on the quality of the internal mechanisms and less on things that don't really matter when choosing a case in this price range.

Overall, worth the money and I do recommend it. Just be aware that it may let you down if you want something a little more robust.
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on 6 February 2014
This case is very good for £60 (although it is worth noting that when I bought it the price was advertised as £114.90 discounted to £60 when in reality this case usually sells for between £60-70 as standard just about everywhere). There are a lot of cooling options available, 6 120/140 fan mounts and 1 120, although I did find it strange that the rear exhaust mount is the only one that is 120 only. The case is solid steel and weighs a ridiculous amount for its size but its incredibly solid and you won't have to worry about breaking it. There is plenty of room inside so you don't have to worry about large graphics cards or CPU coolers. There are a few problems, the top grill is completely open to allow fans to be mounted but there's no filter and the grill holes are quite large so dust can just fall in very easily, the filter on the front grill can't be removed so its very difficult to clean, very little space is provided behind the motherboard mount for cable management, you can still get a great looking system but it's very awkward and the window is a dust and finger mark magnet and builds up ridiculous amounts of static, whenever I mess with my internals I touch a radiator with the side plate before I put it back on my system, I don't want that much static anywhere near my system. Also if you want a fully watercooled system there is only officially enough room for one dual radiator near the top, I have seen some where people have squeezed one in in the front but I wouldn't rely on it.

Overall, it's great for the price but it is missing a few of the bonuses you get on more expensive cases.
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