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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2012
Like so many others I was shattered at the passing of Elisabeth Sladen. She was my favourite Doctor Who companion and i loved this series. In SJA she really shined and showed what a great actress she truly was. I think SJA was tremendous in being able to bridge that difficult line between a children's show and an adult one. I think it achieved exactly what it set out to do, and kudos to Russell T. Davies for making it possible.

This series is of course sadly short due to Lis Sladen's untimely passing. But at least we did get some more stories after series 4 and there is a fitting ending to the final episode which is a nice tribute to Ms Sladen.

The 3 stories each have some nice moments and it would have been so nice to have seen more. However, in this final series, I do feel that there was a slight backward step with the character of Sky. As mentioned, upto now the series has not been aimed at just kids. This has been largely due to the three-dimensional and interesting characters. We have seen the kids grow and mature and how their view of the world has changed due to their adventures with Sarah. Unfortunately Sky is more one-dimensional and comes over as very childish. Also the actress portraying her is very inexperienced and the result is very school-play. This jars with the good acting of the others and tends to give it a slight amateur feel which it never had before.

Still it would have been great to see more and am so sad to see it go. Congrats to all involved at producing such great material and especially to the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen. She will be in our hearts forever!
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on 4 January 2012
Due to the death of Elizabeth Sladen, this is the final series. It is only 3 episodes long, and unlike the past series there has been little Doctor who references (as opposed to in the past where the brigadier and doctor guest starred or they fight the slitheen) other than that there is very no complaints about this series
Sky introduces a new character, an alien child named sky, who Sarah Jane adopts. She is used to bring back the child factor, as the original children are grown up by now, and it is a children's program. The episode sky is quite childish, but otherwise good, and I was a little concerned that it would go back to the childish show it was in series 2.
Episode 2 is the curse of Clyde Langer. This is the most emotional and grown up episode of the entire series, and it is sad and lets us see the best side of Clyde, the man he has become that is usually hidden by the cocky cheeky boy. Clyde, a character we have come to love and care for since pretty much the beginning, has been cursed so whenever anyone hears or says or even thinks his name, they see him as the worst person on the world and shun him like he is a monster. Sarah Jane, rani and even his mum shun him in an emotional opening episode. In part 2, we see Clyde getting by as homeless person and falling in love, we see him managing at rock bottom. The ending is a little bit simple, but managed brilliantly, and the story as a whole is possibly the best Sarah Jane episode ever.
The final episode is the man that never was. This is a pretty good episode, but the worst of the 3. It is full of funny scenes, but the plotline is not great, the motive behind the villain's actions is one we have seen dozens of times before over the 3 whoniverse series', and it is a very childish episode. But on the upside, we see Luke and sky meeting in the flesh, and the dynamic between them is a good one. They ended it with a montage of clips and the same speech Sarah Jane says at the end of series one, and end it with the brilliant line "And the story goes on... forever." I feel this was the best way to end the series.
As a whole the series is the best series to reach out to such a range of people, and if this is where the series was heading, I wish there would have been more
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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2011
A short final season of the very enjoyable Doctor Who spin off that feels more like classic Doctor Who than the new Doctor Who series thanks to the cliffhangers and half hour episodes. The first story introduces new girl Sky who Sarah Jane goes on to adopt. The girl's one of those annoying kids that keeps asking why every 5 minutes but sadly as it's only a short season due to Elizabeth Sladen's death half way through filming she's never given a chance to develop. The remaining 2 stories are enjoyable and the final episode is a fitting tribute to a fine actress allowing the series to go out on a high. A fun show and while it's sad to see it go the BBC did the right thing cancelling it after Elizabeth Sladen's death as it wouldn't have been right to carry on without her.
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The truncated Season 5 - three two-part adventures, watching inevitably tinged with sadness. Sarah Jane in her sixties is again awesomely active - thwarting OTT villains, rescuing enslaved aliens, saving our planet for the umpteenth time.

A newcomer is Sky, so named because she descended from it - she quickly morphing from a baby to a teenager, programmed bomb capabilities a complication. A gruesome totem pole renders Clyde an outsider in the most disturbing episodes. A revolutionary computer launch scam is excitingly and amusingly exoceted.

Yes, parts are uneven but it seems out of place here to dwell on weaknesses. Overall the signs are that Season 5 would have ranked amongst the best.

The bonus is a moving tribute to Elisabeth Sladen, whose death so shocked - reminders of past Doctors she teamed with, current Doctor Matt Smith striving to control emotion as he praises. He points out how rare it is for one who inspired such affection amongst current young to have achieved the same loyalty from their parents, perhaps grandparents, when they were young too. Those who played Rani and Clyde share memories of the colleague always so full of fun and warmth.

An essential addition to the collection of Elisabeth Sladen's great legion of fans.
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on 4 December 2011
This final series of the Sarah Jane Adventures demonstrates just how much longer the series should have been on air. The stories are all well written, humorous and clever. Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde, Rani and Sky saving the world from Bannerman Road will be missed forever.
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on 16 January 2016
All such a terrible shame that these were the last three stories of a series that was going from strength to strength and had developed its own unique , independent identity under the super Liz Sladen and her capable young support artists.
Having said that, i think Mr Smith, the computer , is underused this season and K9 is completely absent, i miss the friction between the two computers.
And the first story, 'Sky' is awful kids TV with dodgy support guest artistes and a new young companion to replace the clearly now adult Rani and Clyde. But I love the tramp and the look of the Metalkind. I shudder to think what happened to Miss Myles (?) after the stories conclusion.
"The Curse of Clyde Langer" is my favourite of the whole SJA run, brilliantly acted by Daniel Anthony, though Sky is great in this, too, to my surprise and Lis gets her final chance to play 'nasty Sarah Jane' which she does so well when hypnotised ; taken over or whatever.
The story deals so well with the real issues of homelessness and isolation, it really is brave and well done, a superb piece, though the main totm pole plot is a bit silly.
"The Man Who Never Was" has an excellent guest cast and is funny, sad, and not quite as good as it should be all at the same time.
Nice to see Dan Starkey (Strax) do an SJA.
What a shame it all finished there, there was so much more this series could have said and done.
Thanks and bless you Lis.
PS. The extras consist only of a tribute to Elisabeth Slade, and not as good a one as was shown on the telly. Shame.
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on 9 January 2012
Tragically cut short by a real life enemy, what was made of series 5 showed the true potential the series had to continue for many years to come. Yes, Sky takes a bit of getting used to, but as she bonds with Luke in the final episodes, you see the magic, and proof that this series had much left to over.
Why, though, have "The Sarah Jane Alien Files" been excluded though? These six half hour episodes, broadcast on CBBC straight after Part 1 of the series four episodes are ready made bonus material, yet were not on the series four release or on this one. Unless they're getting their own release (which I very much doubt) it seems a shame to throw them away when they would have made an excellent Disc 2.
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on 2 December 2013
Excellent. Just what I wanted. It is a great shame that Elizabeth Sladen should have died when she did. It took the BBC a long time to get the last series out. I am glad that AMAZON did not waste time getting the set to me!
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on 27 June 2014
Sadly incomplete. Would the new girl have developed as a character? How would they have coped with Clyde and Rani leaving school? The decision to stop with Elizabeth Sladen's death was the right one so these episodes are interesting but cannot really be viewed without the knowledge that they were prematurely brought to an end.
The E.S tribute is appropriate and the old Tom Baker era episodes showing Sarah Jane as his companion are good. So much so that I had already bought them on DVD an now wish I'd saved my money as I have them twice!
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on 16 October 2013
The DVD arrived quickly and safely and I have enjoyed watching it.. As with all the previous series, the episodes were well acted and produced and I am only sorry that Elizabeth's untimely death means that this series was the last. It was a nice idea to include the tributes to a lovely actress and person.
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