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Customer Reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars256
3.2 out of 5 stars

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on 22 March 2014
I purchased this camera as an alternative to buying a branded video baby monitor and was not disappointed! This came in about a quarter of the price of some of the baby monitors and is a lot more useful as both myself and my partner can access the live stream from our mobile phones (1 android, 1 iphone) or laptops. The quality of image is more than adequate for our needs, we don't use the audio as we have a separate audio only baby monitor with better quality sound, however it would be ok to use if we needed to.
Setup was straightforward, the instructions in the documentation were clear and there is decent scope for you to tweak more detailed settings if required. To access the camera using phones you need to get hold of an app from the apple appstore or googleplay - this however is easy, free and the app is simple to use (and allows you to change settings and control the camera): no problems with either of us and the apps.
One great feature is that it automatically changes from regular video to infrared as light levels drop. You can also setup preset video positions if you need to monitor different areas and want to flip between them easily (good in a room with two cots).
It is also possible to setup alerts when the camera detects movement and it will email you still shots when movement is detected - I initially used this as an additional alarm (as well as the separate audio of the baby monitor) to alert me to baby moving, however it did seem to be a bit sensitive as I received alerts when there was nobody in the room (I put this down to shadows moving and changing light at that point of the day) and therefore deactivated this feature. One word of warning: if you do setup the email alert on movement remember to wear clothes if you walk in front of it to deal with crying baby in the night, otherwise you get a nice emailed picture of you naked in nightvision!
In summary a great product delivered promptly that lets us keep an eye on baby without disturbing him and without being ripped off for buying a product marketed for babies.
Pros: Cheap, effective, adaptable (not tied to a video unit or operating system), can control the camera remotely, can get email alerts if it detects movement), can add extra units in future if needed.
Cons: No packaged ethernet cable (essential for initial setup to get the wifi working), needs to be setup near a power point (therefore some people might need extension cables to power it), no zoom function (as far as I can tell), audio is not as good as a proper baby monitor but is ok, quality of video dependent on wifi speed at home.
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on 22 July 2013
Connected the camera on Friday from my local Post Office. Was well packed in a secure box.

I read the setup instructions, (and all the helpful comments in the reviews)and plugged it directly into my router. I installed the software and chose the setup wizard (it couldn't find my camera). I tried the Expert function (it couldn't find the camera either). I went to the Tenvis site and downloaded the latest versions of the software (still no joy)

On the base of the camera is an IP address, a port number, account ID and <null password>. After a bit of playing I was able to connect to the camera directly through my Internet Browser and a configuration page comes up. You ideally need to use IExplorer as some of the functionality requires Active X, although you can see video and access some of the configuration through Firefox.

I played with it for a bit connected to my desktop and then enabled WIFI and DHCP. It connected to my router OK (go to Network/WIFI in setup to see which IP address has been assigned).

I moved the camera to its new location and observed it from my desktop and android tablet. The picture was good and the frame rate not jerky.

I left it running overnight. On Saturday I struggled to connect to it and when I only got 1 frame every few seconds. To check if I had any issues with my WIFI I wired it back into my router. Still very poor framerate.

I powered it off for 24 hours and did a factory reset and lo-behold it worked for 5 minutes and then froze up.

Went onto Amazon, printed a return slip and it will go into the post tomorrow.
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on 31 August 2015
The Tenvis TH661 (also available as the Deecam D200 and Tenvis D200) is a network-attached camera. The box contains the following:
• The camera
• Ethernet (network) cable
• Power adapter
• Mounting bracket, with screws and wall plugs
• Software CD (Mini CD)
• Manual

The camera housing is made of shiny black plastic but it feels nicely weighted and solid. There's a wifi antenna on the back (it doesn't appear to be replaceable, unfortunately), a Micro SD/SDHC card slot (documentation claims that cards up to 32GB are supported - I had no problems using a 32GB card), an Ethernet port and a socket for the power adapter. The manual is surprisingly good - it covers the initial setup steps clearly. The manual and provided software is also available online (see below).

Setup is straightforward. I connected it to my wired network and it found an IP address within a few seconds. I did initial setup using the Life Online app on my iPhone but it's also possible to use the Tenvis app (available for Apple iOS and Android). The camera supports both wired and wireless connections - the wireless worked fine for me (2.4GHz only) but I prefer using the wired connection for performance/stability reasons. Connectivity to your wireless network can be setup using the app.

In addition to managing the camera using a mobile app, there is also a web interface - just browse to the IP address that the camera is on and log in with your administrator username and password. The web interface allows you to configure far more options than the mobile app. For example, it allows for some advanced functions like triggering an ftp upload of a photo/video or email from an alert, which is very useful. If you're unsure of the address of your camera, you can use the provided Tenvis Search Tool, which will find it automatically (this works for Windows and Mac). You can also view the camera feed from the web interface and I had no problem accessing it from a Mac.

In use, I'm very impressed with this camera. The image quality is excellent, both during the day and at night, and maximum resolution is 1280x720 (ie 720p). Setting up alerts (to record when movement is detected) is very easy and works well but you will need to provide an SD/SDHC card to record to the camera itself. Another thing I like is that it's easy to move the camera (tilt and pan) remotely. Unfortunately movement below the horizontal is limited, so if you're not using the bracket, don't mount it too high up otherwise you won't be able to see too far below the camera's position. But that's a minor criticism, really.

The camera has a built-in microphone and can record audio. I can also be used for two way communication but I found it a bit clunky as you need to switch modes in the app from listening to speaking each time you want to say something and then hear the response.

Note: Disable the UPnP and P2P settings on the camera or make sure the appropriate ports are blocked on your router so that your camera is not accessible from the Internet. In the past some models of Tenvis cameras have had security problems (just search online for "Tenvis security hole") so you *do not* want these cameras exposed to the Internet.

+ Easy to set up
+ Very good image quality, both during the day and at night
+ Excellent functionality
+ Fully-featured web interface

- Limited movement below the horizontal
- Two-way audio a bit clunky
- Very important: make sure you disable the UPnP/P2P functionality

As mentioned, you can download the manuals and additional software online (just search for "Tenvis D200" or "Tenvis TH661" for this particular model).

Overall, I'm very impressed with this camera. It offers a lot of features for the money - for under £50, it's a bargain. Highly recommended. Note - this camera may be available from a few sellers, so make sure you price compare before buying!
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After three weeks use and testing it’s safe to say this is a very good home IP camera with some nice features. The new Tenvis app is a big improvement over the previous version and is much more reliable too.

In the box you get:

IP Camera (records in 720P)
CD for installation on PC
Power Supply
Ethernet cable
User manual
Wall mount bracket should you wish to mount the camera
Screws and wall plugs

Personally I really like the black gloss look of the camera unit and it fits in well with the surroundings of my home. There is a micro SD card slot on the bottom of the camera should you want to record directly to this (for example when motion is detected)

The camera was very easy to set up; simply plug the supplied Ethernet cable into the camera and your router, plug the mains power into the camera, download the TENVIS NEW app and manually add camera, the set up process is well laid out on the Android App and I have had no problems in setting my cameras up this way. From here I also configured on my wireless network (all you need to know is your Wi-Fi code) then there was no need to use the Ethernet cable, meaning it can be used wherever there is power (as long is it’s in wireless range of your router).

Now I am able to live view our kitchen from anywhere in the world, but for the most parts I view it from my office. You can remote record and also there is two way audio available should you wish to use this function and have a conversation through your camera.

You can set up a motion detection alarm so you get an email when the camera detects motion – which is a feature I have yet to use.

The thing I like most about this camera is the ability to be able to control its viewing angle remotely and pan/tilt; this is particularly useful if you have set the camera up in a large or wide room as I have, and naturally it covers a much larger area when you are controlling it.

All in all I am impressed with the video quality and the control you can have with this camera, it is easy to use but very useful too, as well as for security use I would also suggest it would be especially good as a baby monitor as the audio feedback is excellent combined with the night vision which is very good.

I was kindly provided a sample by the manufacturer for review; the opinions expressed here are entirely my own view of the product.
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This Tenvis JPT3815 Wireless IP WifI Network IR Camera (available in black or white) comes neatly boxed together with an adjustable mounting bracket/screws/wallplugs, power adaptor, network cable, mini driver CD and quick start guide. The quick start guide is quite well written and illustrated plus contains QR codes for downloading the Tenvis camera app. I tested this camera by installing it in our garage to monitor our cat as he comes and goes through the cat flap during the day and night. I connected the camera both wirelessly and then by a TP-Link Power line link to my BT Home Hub 5.

Out of the box the camera looks pretty well made considering its very modest price - before you get started do remove the almost invisible plastic protector over the lens as that will instantly make the picture much clearer! Tenvis provide QR codes to access their New Tenvis App for the iPhone, iPad or Android device - I recommend that you change the default passwords etc. for security reasons once you've set things up on your device.

The camera was easily detected on my iPad and Moto G smartphone. The picture quality is surprisingly good for a camera in this price range. In common with other cameras at night the IR view is clear but in black and white. The Tenvis App (New Tenvis) gives you control over lots of functions including tilt, pan, talk (you can talk through the camera from your host device and pick up sounds via the built-in mic), alarm, motion sensor etc. and you can configure the device to send email notifications by email to your device. You can also take stills and movies etc. from the camera and they can be saved to the Micro SD card which sits in a slot at the back of the camera. Overall, I found the Tenvis App worked quite well and there are a number of features to discover including a built in link to Tenvis Shopping with offers etc.

I've been using this camera for a few days now and I'd say it works pretty well, in common with most of the other Wi-Fi cameras I've used it works okay over Wi-Fi, however, for extra resilience I've found connecting via a network cable/powerline adaptor increases the reliability considerably. I say this particularly as we live in an area where there are often power blips and the wired connection makes recovery after one much more reliable.

In summary, this Tenvis camera does a lot pretty well considering its very modest price tag. Recommended.

(I was supplied with a sample for review purposes).
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on 28 July 2014
I am very tech savvy. But this is completely beyond me. It worked once about 18 months ago when new out of the box, but we changed the internet hub abut 3 months later and I have never been able to get it to work easily since. Not on any of 3 laptops. Not on my Nexus. Not on an Ipad. Not on my Blackberry. Not on an Iphone. It seems that if you do something as normal as unplugging it, or you have a power cut, or you loose your internet connection, the whole thing needs to be set up again from scratch, which is no easy task. You need third party software to view it, which needs deleting and reinstalling each time you need to get it working again (because the software can't see it, which might be to do with none of my hubs not seeing it), and the camera needs to be reset with the little pin hole thingummy. Should be easy - connect it to your hub, connect your viewing device to the hub. Nope, apparently it's not that simple. Far from it.
And as for connecting it to view remotely from the internet, don't get me started. Never did get that working, not once.
There are no instructions with it, and support are as much use as a chocolate tea pot.
I also got a little worried about 6 months ago... I'd read reports of wifi cameras being hacked in to, and someone having a good snoop around with it. Suddenly one night, it took on a life of its own and started panning around the room. I unplugged the thing. Perhaps I should have held up a sign asking the voyeur to pop round and show ME how to set it up.
Anyway, it's not been working for about 4 months now following a power cut, because I just couldn't face the whole rigmarole of setting it up AGAIN. Tonight I needed it to work as we're going out and it makes things easier for the babysitter. Spent an hour trying to get it to work. Gave up and took it to the bottom of the garden and smashed the sodding thing to bits with a rolling pin. Best thing to do with it I think, and now I feel a whole lot better.
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on 30 July 2014
The first camera that arrived did not work and had to be sent back. Replacement worked fine for about 6 months and then stopped working. Loud buzzing noise and nothing else. Have other make cameras that have been no trouble. My advice is do not choose Tenvis as completely unreliable. You have been warned

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on 18 January 2013
I bought this camera to use as a baby monitor. As such I chose this model because it has night vision capabilities and can be watched from our devices elsewhere in the house. Another great feature is that the video can be viewed over the internet, brilliant for us as one set of grand-parents live abroad. This way they can 'check-in' on the new addition when they like.

The camera arrived securely packaged and with accessories to mount it on a wall or piece of furniture. The necessary software comes on a mini-CD and can also be downloaded easily from the Tenvis website. There are useful online tutorials to help you set up the camera, the Youtube videos are particularly good as you can easily follow the steps.

Unfortunately I ran into difficulties during set-up. First you have to set-up the camera with an ethernet connection to your router. If you have no experience of configuring your router you might find this tricky! Once this is done you unplug the ethernet cable and the camera should show up over the wifi network. After a few hours of trying to find the camera on the network I was ready to give up. It just would not register with my router.

Instead of asking to return the camera straight away I tried looking on the Tenvis forum, there seemed to be a few people having trouble setting up the camera too. I left a message and received a reply with a Skype username and a request to contact customer services using Skype. I was a little apprehensive of calling a customer service agent on the other side of the world (Tenvis is a Chinese company) but I really shouldn't have worried! The advisor took my details via Skype chat (phew no live conversation, great for asocials like me!) and had excellent written english. They asked me to install a small remote access program which they then used to find and correct the problem directly. All the while using the chat to ask questions or give instructions e.g. how far from the router is the camera? The whole process took about 20mins and was totally stress-free! Afterwards I simply uninstalled the remote access program and my camera works perfectly! The advisor really made the whole thing simple, compared to IT problems I have had in the past which require lengthy calls while a 'technician' runs you through their troubleshooting protocol from a to z. I wish there were more companies with this sort of customer centered service.

So although at first I had bought a dud the customer support at Tenvis has completely changed my point of view! With such a well made product, at a good price and with excellent help available I would not hesitate to buy from them again. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a camera for home security, monitoring etc. Even if you are not an IT wizard you can rest assured that you will get the help you need to make your camera work! I am so satisfied that it has pushed me to write a review on Amazon for the first time, if I could give more than 5*s I would! Enjoy your camera :)
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on 11 May 2015
Well, I got this for my bedroom (think what you want to!!) for my 2 year old son when he is sleeping.

Setup was a bit hard I found, didn't really make sense to me, being a 22 year old guy who's quite up to date on technology etc I found it slightly difficult.

Finally sorted. Nice app on iPhone, nicely laid out and also a pretty decent camera quality. After having the camera for 4 days it's just stopped working. It's not receiving any signal or picking up on the app. Find it slightly frustrating. I presumed by the price it would have been about 8-12 months before I would have to get a new one. But obviously not.

Also, being a little bit picky, security of the camera isn't actually that good. If you know someone's email address and some of their most often used passwords then you can basically hack into their camera(s)

We have hackers all over the world currently scamming people of their money in their bank accounts so I doubt it wouldn't take much to hack a tenvis camera and watch your property or in my case, my son sleeping.

You get what you pay for really my own fault but I could have spent the £35 on a takeaway for tonight instead!!
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on 24 February 2014
I think my headline sums it up. The actual video returned by the camera is pretty decent, and it feels solid enough (for the price).

However, all of the written instructions appear to have been translated into English using Google Translate. The information on their website is just as bad, and it's pretty hit or miss to set up. I've worked in IT and related industries for over a decade, but my wife would have had no chance setting this up.

The interface of the software that comes with it is terrible, and the Android app they offer just doesn't work for me. There are 3rd party ones out there, but they're pretty shocking too.

The biggest failing though, that should be made absolutely clear on the product page here on Amazon, is that the audio capability only works when accessing the video through Internet Explorer! They make no apology for this when questioned on their online forum either.

So overall, if you're happy with setting these up with limited instructions and messing about with router settings, go for it. Otherwise you may want to spend a bit more money...
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