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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars284
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 1 January 2014
I bought this case a year ago now and still very pleased with it. It combines a good design, lots of room and some nifty features.

Unlike what the product picture might suggest the case is white, not silver. It is painted very well, the only slight niggle I have is that the plastic front and top panel are a bit brighter white than the aluminium side panels, though it is not very noticeable. Especially the combination of black and white makes it a very good looking case. The side panel window complements the design as well.

You'll have lots of room inside the case and you should have no problem fitting the largest graphic cards and CPU coolers in there. I myself have a Sapphire 7950 and a BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 2 in there, which fit easily. The PSU is mounted on the bottom of the case. On the bottom on the case you'll also find an SSD cage, which will only accept drives in a 2,5" format, so you can use the HDD cages for your 3,5" drives. If needed the SSD cage can be removed in order to make room for another fan.
There are 2 HDD cages, which can hold 4 HDD's or SSD's each. The is also a fan attached to each cage and the cages can be rotated so the fan either faces the left, front or right side of the case. Best airflow is achieved when the fans are facing the front of the case.
There is room for a total of 7 fans in this case. You can attach two 120mm fans to the HDD cages. Two 120mm can be fitted on the bottom of the case (or only one if you want to use the SSD cage). Two 120mm or 140mm fans can be fitted on the the top of the case, or you can mount a 200mm fan there. Finally you can mount a 120mm/140mm fan on the back.
Four fans are supplied with this case. Two 120mm fans, one 140mm fan and one 200mm one as well. There are all white and have blueish LED's which can be turned on or off with the built-in fan controller. They aren't great fans, but they are adequate for most users.

Like I said in the previous paragraph the case has a built-in fan controller. Nothing fancy, it lets you choose from 6 different modes and has an LED-controller, which only works with the supplied fans.
It also has a nice "secret" stash box behind the Cooler Master logo on the front of the case, which holds all the screw and cables. Very nice solution to an old problem ("where on earth did I leave those screws!")
Each fan position comes with their own fan filter, including the PSU and the front panel (the bay covers have built-in filters), but excluding the back fan position, which isn't really a problem since this fan will be blowing air out anyway.
Hidden behind the right side-panel is a substantial amount of room to route your cables through, so that they don't clutter the inside of your case, which has to loot pretty, because you can see it through the window!

All in all, a very nice case for the money!
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on 11 February 2013
this case looks great case, very good quality, every intake has a filter, only two fans have led's (the front ones), a lot of accessories and spare screws and i think the best feature of this case the secret compartment at the bottom (in which i keep all of my screws and other accessories that came with this case. If you like the design of this case buy it because its a really quality case and im happy with it.
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on 18 March 2013
When it arrived I'm surprised it didn't arrive on a pallet! Huge case with plenty of space for everything you could want, real sturdy rock solid case no cheap nasty products used here, recommended to anyone looking for a case for a new build.
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on 16 November 2015
The Cooler Master web site describes the Silencio 352 case as being fitted with two XtraFlo 120 case fans; their web page for the XtraFlo 120 fan describes it as a 4-pin PWM fan. What they don't tell you is that the case fans are not the same as the retail fan. The case fans are only fitted with 3-pin connectors (fine if your motherboard only has 3-pin fan headers), but are completely useless if your mother-board has 4-pin PWM fan control.
Consequently my case fans have to be powered via the PSU, run constantly, resulting in a computer that is noisier than the 7 year old computer it is replacing!
Silencio - not by any stretch of the imagination!
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on 29 April 2013
Just want to say that this case is amazing, do not know even where to start.Quality of materials, paint, space, fans, noise,customer service,airflow,design I give all a 10/10.The case is heavy but with the handle is easy to move around but in pcs the heaviest the better :D. Just fitted a H110 corsair Hybrid solutions on top (its a 280 radiator ) no problem and with some patience can fit a 140 mm fan on the outside/top and a 100mm fan or 80mm for push pull configuration. Running a i7 3820 with exhaust on top , with 24-33 degrees ide and on load 33-36 degrees. Man so happy with this case took me some while to get the proper one, had to send back a Aerocool Strike X advanced because would not fit on top the H100 or the H110 from corsair. Then i found this case with good reviews, it came not to bad packed. And cant take my eyes from it. Believe me that you would not cons only the weight but that I have explained. Please do buy this case you have a good support from CM and in case the fans come noisy or whatever they will send you a new IO panel with no fuss. BRILIANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
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on 21 November 2010
There's a lot of places that sell this case (considerably cheaper than Amazon) and it is well worth the cost. As a full tower case it is taller than most other towers and you seriously need to check the size with a measure to see how tall it is before you buy it.

In terms of mod-ability the case is perfect. Comes with 4 fans fitted (200mm exhaust roof, 200mm intake window, 140mm exhaust at back, 230mm intake at front) and has space for an extra optional 80/92mm, 120mm & another 200mm in the roof. I dare say anyone that intends to buy this will check reviews anyway, so I won't bother doing a full write up of the insides aside from saying that there's a lot of space, a lot of places to hide cables & a lot of anchor points for cable ties. Loads of space behind the mobo tray as well.

If you're getting a case for a 1k+ build, get this one.

One small problem is the placement for the extra 200mm roof fan, the holes provided are way too small for any sort of screws. I ended up just drilling them bigger and using vibration bolts that came with an Xigmatek 200mm.

The fans that come with it are pretty inaudible. Certainly under 26ish dba. I've got mine on fan controller but they would be fine on stock with their acceptable sound level. The cfm is great.
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on 6 August 2013
It arrived on time and packaging was solid. Everything work as it should, I had no problems setting it up. This is by far the best case, i truly recommend it. I bought it mainly because i am building a gaming machine and for every enthusiast, space (it is designed to accommodate almost every size motherboard, heat-sink, water cooling, graphical card on a market), style, choice of upgrade is a must. This case has loads to offer as well as it adds good look to the room.

Thank you to the seller and to Amazon!!!

Please note, that case weights quite a bit, hence could be some problems moving it about, but it is not a mobile device, so it does not matter to me, in addition, its weight/thick walls damps any vibrations/minimize noise penetration, which in turn improves working/gaming experience.

Well worth money, get one for your self! I love it, Cheers.
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on 28 May 2016
I was looking for a case for a fairly standard i7 based build. Didn't need to be fancy, in fact, I wanted something fairly nondescript.
I've owned cooler master cases in the past, and have always felt happy with them, so when I'd narrowed down my case choice to 2 or 3 cases, I figured why not go with the brand I'm familiar with.

Paying what I did for the case, I knew there would be a few compromises. The toolless disk installation not being as 'nice', less in the way of cable management, no built in fan-control, etc. On balance, I was fine with all that.

But - lets not forget, in its literature, Coolermaster call out the case's support for 'high end graphics cards' and 'water-cooling' - this case in targeted at the budget conscious gamer / computer enthusiast - not only as a basic 'get the job done' case.

First impressions were good. Build quality is reasonable for the price. But it doesn't take long for more 'compromises' to rear their heads.

- Only 7 of the required 9 motherboard stand-offs were included - and the others I had, whilst looking identical did not take well to this case.
- The PCI expansion back plates are soldered on and have to be snapped off - be sure to work out before installing your motherboard which slots you need and remove the covers beforehand so as not to damage your board!
- There is zero clearance at the top of the board - meaning trying to plug in the CPU power sockets and fans up there was painful (literally - cut my hands on the aluminium fins of the heatsink!). The case really need to be a couple of cm taller
- The biggest gripe is that the motherboard sits recessed within the plate. On most boards I looked at, the SATA ports are right-angled off the side of the board. On mine, I have two rows of ports on top of each-other. However, the bottom row of ports are virtually inaccessible due to the 'lip' of the plate coming upwards. I've tried to show this in the image - just remember - there's another row of ports below those being used!

Any one or two of these 'issues' may not have been a deal breaker, but by the end of the build I thoroughly regretted not spending the extra £20-£30 on something better.

(That said, I did manage to fit an Hyper 212 Evo cooler, which is a pretty tall cooler, so bonus point for that I guess.)
review image review image review image
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on 11 April 2015
Bought from Amazon UK because I did not want to over pay and was not in stock in the US. First off, it arrived undamaged, and in perfect condition. First impressions aside from the obvious are that it's not as heavy as the reviews make it out to be. I'm coming from a Silverstone FT02 which I thought and still think is the best case I'd ever owned in terms of quality and usability. I also own a Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 which feels cheap, and uses way to much plastic. I have owned Cooler Master cases in the 90's when they were very heavy and well built. Now in terms of quality, I think this case, even though well designed, falls somewhere in between the Silverstone and the Corsair, in terms of build quality. On the one hand it is well designed, and very usable with lots of options. On the other hand it also feels less sturdy then I would like, compared to the Silverstone. The inside drive cages and fan mounts use cheap feeling plastic that I could see myself breaking with frequent usage. To be fair the Silverstone drive cages also are plastic, but they feel more sturdy. I'm all about quality, and I am willing to spend more money on a product to ensure I get something I know will last. I still own the Cooler Master case I purchased in the 90's to give you an example. Now the second area I am concerned about are the front and top slide doors. I probably won't be sliding them very frequently but they also feel less sturdy then I like. The third issue I have is with the doors on the hot swap bays which I know I would use frequently. When you open and close the door a small flimsy plastic piece is the only thing that secures the door in place. I haven't even placed any equipment into this case yet and I don't think the hot swap bays would stand up to frequent usage. Now I realize that Cooler Master probably was trying to keep weight down, but I would have used aluminum instead of all the plastic. The reason I am giving this case 3 stars is because although I think it's well designed, I think that it will not stand up to long term use. For me this case was a toss up with the Lian Li - PC-D600WB. Lian Li much like Silverstone has a wonderful reputation for build quality. At this point I think I will purchase the Lian Li case and see which one I like better.
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on 20 September 2015
I purchased this case as an upgrade from a previous Cooler Master case. I was upgrading because the previous case was too loud and the mesh front was a dust magnet, I still wanted the quality from Cooler Master at a great price, a quiet machine and less of an eye-sore.
I have split the review into pros and cons.

- Very Quiet, I wouldn't say extremely as I can always hear the CPU cooler when it gets faster, but placed below my desk it is hardly audible in a silent room.
- Extremely well built case in a number of aspects, the side doors and front door is lined with foam
- Comes with two Cooler Master fans, not the best and not the fastest, but are perfectly fine for small to medium powerful builds. (If you add in a graphics card, you will definitely need to add an additional fan to the front to keep it cool, because of vents at the sides on the front, you need more power to pull in the air)
- The front IO includes two 3.0 USB ports and an SD card slot
- Dust filter on the front and bottom both easily removable, as well as a cover for the top if you don't have a fan there.

- There is not much room around the back of the motherboard tray for cables, so much so that I had to route the 8-pin straight to the connector, not the cleaner way through the back. (But, no one can see inside, so does it matter to you?)
- The front door opening direction cannot be changed
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