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IncrediSonic's Mini HD Media Player is surprisingly one of the most handy little media devices I have ever owned, I've had a media player with an inbuilt memory which was worth £90 at the time, and I can honestly say I prefer this little device, even if it means having to connect an external HDD, the interface is much smoother and better overall.

The contents for this product are:
* Main media hub.
* Power Adaptor.
* A/V Cable.
* Remote control (batteries included).

Those who want to view in full HD(on compatible TV's), you will need to buy a HDMI cable: Wired--up v1.3A HDMI to HDMI Gold Plated Connectors 1.8m Cable for HD TV's/ Xbox 360/ PS3.

It's a really simple device; you connect either the AV cable(provided) or HDMI to the TV, and the other end goes into the hub, connect the power cord and you're done!

The interface is extremely user friendly, it's a basic yet not too bland design that anyone could navigate around with no problems.

There were one or two issues I had with this product, but it was to do with the remote control:

1) There is a dark patch of background on the remote, but the text is black thus making it hard to read the text in this area, if it were a brighter colour, or white text, this issue wouldn't exist.

2) When viewing photos, it's easy to zoom in, but to zoom back out you need to keep zooming in until it pops back out, or alternatively you can skip to the next picture where it will reset the zoom.

3) No "Fit too screen" option, this would be a bonus, but it does display photos fine regardless.

Those issues aside, I've had a good experience with this product and find it very useful. Although I have a PS3 which I can view video files on through a USB stick, there are some limitation to certain file extensions and a lot of the time I get an "unsupported format" message(even some PC's can struggle reading certain files), but with IncrediSonic's HD media player that issue is non-existent, this device can support pretty much every file extension available!

Not only does it support USB's & SDHC's/MMC's, it can read from external HDD's, U-Disks and apparently even E-Books too!

Due to it's size it makes it very portable, whilst not being able to play on the go(unless you have a power source and output display), you can bring this device a long with your external HDD with films on it and view them on a TV around a friends house or hotel, you could even hook it up to a projector for a business meeting to show some video.

So many possibilities, so top stars from me!

► Note: I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.

♦ EDIT - 27th December 2012 ♦

Turns out IncrediSonic have listened to peoples feedback about the remote control, anyone who buys this product from now on will get the updated version which not only looks better, has a clearer layout and of course has a "Zoom-Out" button as well as Zoom-In".

♦ EDIT - Questions Answered ♦

I have put some questions I have answered here, hopefully this will quickly help people who are wondering the same thing:

- Subtitled extensions compatible: 'SMI' | 'ASS' | 'SSA' | 'SRT' | 'SUB' | 'SUB+IDK' | 'TXT'.

- DTS sound is supported.

- To my knowledge, you can't make playlists.

- You can fast-forward and rewind at speeds of; 1.5x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x when watching video files.

- You can view the video/audio information, file name, how long the video is as well as how far you are into it.
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on 30 July 2014
Such a shame! Stopped working after just a few months. I was initially very impressed with this little media player for all the reasons already listed by other reviewers. Compact, seemingly well made and definitely plays most (almost all) formats of movies, photos & audio files and plays them in superb quality including HD which looks great on a 1080 HD TV. I bought it to enable my daughter, who lives away from home, to view video and photos on her TV So both families are now very disappointed that it has suddenly stopped working altogether after about three months of occasional use. The unit just does not "power on" we have checked the external power supply and this is ok and have tried a substitute power supply (of correct rating of course) but the problem seems to be with the unit itself. As I said, such a shame (especially as out of warranty) - on the other hand if you want a good mini HD media player but only need it for about three months then this might be the one to buy. Very disappointing!
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on 3 February 2014
I recently purchased one Ultrasonic media player from Amazon UK.

I opened the Amazon box when I returned from holiday to find a device which did not look new finger marks and the user guide was also creased and had clearly been used previously and probably sent back out the remote was in a similar used condition.

The device was connected up as per instructions power lead, HDMI cable (ENABLED HDMI 2 IN) and a USB to our 2yr old Sony TV and basically nothing happened NO DEVICE DETECTED? the blue LED light shone and the device seemed to get rather hot? the remote neither turned off/on the device the only evidence that the device had power was a blue LED I then decided to try and connect the device up this time using the AV cable provided and switched TV to AV and once again absolutely nothing I unplugged then plugged in the power lead again and still nothing.

I disconnected the device power lead and tried it on a 2/3yr old Samsung TV and went through the same procedure once again, enabled HDMI 2 IN via TV and nothing and then enabled AV and tried the AV cable connectors and once again NO DEVICE DETECTED?

Then I tried to contact seller? apparently Amazon UK deal with any issues? Please contact Amazon UK via Returns Support Centre page once on that page it asks REASON FOR RETURN their is a Drop Down Box sadly Just like the device the Drop Down Box is not working either? and as a result was unable to proceed to notify Amazon UK about my faulty IncrediSonic device.

Some customer reviews left mention that their device arrived with batteries? some mentioned that their TV found the device however they could not continue because the remote was not functioning so they were unable to progress and scroll and configure the device within the various page menu settings which failed to be displayed within the guide, my issue was that both TV's failed to recognise any device whether it was via HDMI or the AV connector lead.

Finally before ordering I read the customer reviews their were some remote issues and device issues however the majority if believed were positive reviews but get this on page 13 (unlucky for me) in the user guide under the heading WARNING This User guide is for specific product and all it's contents which are processed with due care but are not ensured fully correct?.

Due Care: Where is the ENTER button on the remote exactly?? I think it means the OK button.
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on 18 January 2012
Couldn't be happier!! Firstly I opened the box and was surprised at home small it is. Its about the same size as a pack of cigarettes so it sits nicely next to my tv without getting in the way.

It works perfectly and does exactly whats expected of it. There's a very good menu system which is easy to navigate with the remote provided.

So far I've had no problem with any of the picture/music or video files I've tried with it using a memory stick. I'm planning on buying a small external hard drive so that I can transfer my dvd box sets onto it to save all the disk swapping and save wear and tear.

Only a couple of very minor bad points, which are as people have mentioned previously. Firstly the bright blue power led can be annoying but i plan on just covering it over!

Secondly there are no controls on the box itself, only on the remote so if you break it then you'll have to buy a new box!! I do use a universal remote control however so I've programmed that to operate the box on keep the original remote safe. Problem solved!
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on 21 May 2013
easy to wire up but it only lasted 15 min switched its self off that was .it would not come back on again waste of money
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on 5 October 2013
Hands on review:

Plays almost all I throw at it, including 8GB-mkv files.
Player have options to improve displaying subs. Adjusts subtitles: colour, rim colour, size, text encoding, time sync [limited to I think 1.5s both ways], 3 vertical locations on a screen.

Subs supported: srt, smi, ass, ssa, idx+sub [as written in manual]

When I played *.txt subtitles they were very much out of sync. After converting to *.srt are OK. If using external subs I'd stick to this *.srt pattern of naming files for one film: / ...

I have noticed that using various extensions for subs - for one film - may limit how many subs, player will be able too load/read.

On 2 occasions device stopped playing film and skipped to next one. It could be reproduced then in certain [the same] point during a film. To fix, it is necessary to fast forward few seconds. [also I was reading that it may be caused by size of the hard drive's partition, being over 1G - but not in my case]

USB socket should rather be located at the back, so when you have a large hard drive plugged in to it - big USB cable wouldn't be just in your face [to use remote you need to have it this side to you].

Problem with POLISH fonts. Shows only "ó" from special fonts - all others are not being displayed. To circumvent it separate *.srt without special fonts need to be created. In theory it have settings to read them [UTF8, Eastern Europe], but it doesn't do it - so it is possible, it will not display properly some other languages fonts too.
Same with interface language... Polish language is very badly translated!

Player can't cope with *.m4v films. If you trying to play m4v, you can't change audio streams if more than one is build into a film, it will just play one. It also can't display the subtitles built into this format. It only play film and also can't FFWD or REV.

Recently it also has switched off itself few times.

That'd be good idea to place some link in product description for firmware update.

If you need help in translating OSD menu to polish let me know in comments.
review image
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on 19 February 2013
This piece of kit is amazing, so far it has not failed to play anything I have thrown at it, inclouding all different kinds and ages of MP4 media (video). I have not suffered one instance of it playing an MP4 file and having no audio. The setup of this unit has some great otption including the quality of the output image such as 720p and 1080p at various rates including 50hz and 60hz for each and others in between. I set mine on 1080p at 60hz and the picture was superb.

The new remote has a myriad of functions not mentioned in the specs:-

The buttons are as follows:

Mute, Setup, Source, Move, Music, Photo, File, AV, HDMI, Goto, EQ, 16:9, Home, Return,
Volume up and down, Rotate, Info, Subtitle, Audio, Reset, Slideshow, Repeat, Zoom in and out, and others.

Some useful functions I have noted are:
You can move subtitles up or down on the screen (with the use of the navigation buttons).
It has different display modes for aspect ratio from 4:3, Fit Screen and 16:9.
You can select audio streams.
It has its own volume control and for the price this is a superb bit of kit.

It is extremely simple to use.
Put in a card or connect a HDD, from the home screen select the type of media to be played, then navigate to the drive where they are stored, open the folder, select your file and play it.
To go back to the home screen press the 'HOME' button, or to go back to the file selection in the directory you chose hit the 'FILE' button.

While playing you can adjust aspect ratio, volume, subtitle on or off and position etc. It is Brilliant.

Just one little issue is that, with mine at least, the picture is a little on the dark side and there are no adjustment modes to correct it so it has to be done with the TV controls.
review image
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on 30 January 2013
When I received this player, I was surprised with how small this item was! It is tiny!
It was really easy to set up with only 2-3 connections required for it to work in HD, All you would need is plug in the power adapter, connect the Media Player via an HDMI cable (not included with item, but you do get your standard AC cable), and your USB device or SD card which in my case is my 500gb Hard-drive.

I haven't tested this device with music or picture files as I mainly bought it for the fact that it can play HD video files. It's recognised all the video files I have thrown at it (h.264, MP4, MKV, AAC, MP3, AVI, etc...) which is definitely a pro.
My only con is that it doesn't play HD files as well as say playing it with GOM player and hooking my laptop up to the TV. The player seems to downgrade the quality of the image ever so slightly no matter what setting I put it on ranging from 720p_50Hz to 1080p_24Hz to 1080p_60Hz. You can see the pixelations especially in the darker spots, when if I was playing the same file though my laptop it doesn't have these minor afflictions. This is the only reason why I have knocked this device down to a 4, Since I mainly bought it to play HD files to avoid connecting up my laptop to the tv but it just doesn't quite play or transcode the video as well as it should. Although for a budget device I cannot complain that much since it still watchable.
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on 22 July 2012
This is a tiny little box, that does most of what it claims to do. The Incredisonic IMP 150, seems to perform better than some others that look the same.

The key feature of difference is it's ability to play back .flv type files (those from Youtube etc). This plays back about 75% of the .flv files I have tried, the remaining 25% just will not play. There is also a problem with not being able to playback .mov apple movies.

I have tried to contact the manufacture to see about a firmwear binary upgrade, but no luck to date.

For the money it's great being able to playback DVD formats, and many others. The remote control looks cheap and fragile and probably is the weakest link in the system.

If you use it with an external Hard disc to USB, you have to unplug and plug it in again when powering up the unit as it is not detected otherwise, a small software bug but also a fix that needs to be done by manufacturer.

So overall it's good and easy to use, but needs a decent remote control and access to firmwear upgrades to remove bugs and not playing issues stated.

If this did play back all .flv format files I would recommend it unconditionally.
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on 6 November 2013
Like a lot of folk I originally bought the VonHaus by Designer Habitat Nano 3.0 Media Player- HD TV Digital Mini Media Player from Amazon in 2011 at the time it was the cheapest medial player in the list. Almost six months later it did not work at all, so I purchased this one which was more expensive and to date (it's over a year old now) it works well.

The unit connects to the TV via a HDMI or AV cable. I use HDMI. The set up is easy and the remote works well with the unit as long as noting obstructive is in the way and the remote is not too far from the unit. I have noticed you must point the remote directly toward the unit. The fast forward and rewind functions are awkward and this is why the rating is 4 star.

As I use mine for film and photographs, I can confirm that they work well on this on this unit.

The unit is small and neat as is the remote control which looks bigger in the picture than it is. The unit will fit in the palm of your hand (unless you have really small hands or are a young child)

I would recommend this product.
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