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5.0 out of 5 stars Cameron's 3D mark. He Did It Again !!!
Yes, he did it again.With Avatar 3D he setup a 3D benchmark and showed how a 3D experience should be. This time he setup another benchmark for 3D conversion and showed how well can the conversion look, if proper care is taken while converting. The 3D is truly amazing and if you didn't hear already that this is a converted 3D, you won't notice it either while watching,...
Published on 11 Sep 2012 by lokeshbade

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3.0 out of 5 stars OK
The film starts with the search for a valuable diamond that is presumed to have been lost when the Titanic sank. An old survivor, Rose (Gloria Stuart) contacts the team who are searching through the Titanic on the ocean-bed. She sits down and recounts her memories of the journey that she had and the love that she found with Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio)........oh...
Published on 7 Sep 2009 by Alex da Silva

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30 of 31 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Cameron's 3D mark. He Did It Again !!!, 11 Sep 2012
This review is from: Titanic - Collector's Edition (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray) [1997] (Blu-ray)
Yes, he did it again.With Avatar 3D he setup a 3D benchmark and showed how a 3D experience should be. This time he setup another benchmark for 3D conversion and showed how well can the conversion look, if proper care is taken while converting. The 3D is truly amazing and if you didn't hear already that this is a converted 3D, you won't notice it either while watching, because it looks as if it was shot in Real 3D. Titanic must be watched in 3D to see How BIG the ship really was and the corridors and ship interiors and decks in 3D really changes your idea about the size of the ship, with great depth it has achieved in 3D. One director said, "A movie should be done in 3D only when it's director has the complete knowledge of 3D technology & can properly use it like Cameron". Yes cameron really is the 3D Guru. After Avatar all directors are trying to achieve it's 3D benchmark. Now whoever thinks of converting movies into 3D will take TITANIC 3D as benchmark. This edition comes with 4 Discs, all Bluray discs and the 3D version is divided into 2 Discs to give the most stunning quality possible and also the Video aspect ratio for 3D is 1.78:1, without any black bands at top & bottom and fills the screen to enhance the 3D experience and the 2D Bluray version's aspect ratio is 2.35:1 and the running time is 206 min. (3 hrs 26 min), not as indicated on box as 186 min. Special Features comes in separate Bluray Disc. As a 3D lover, I highly recommend this. Don't hesitate to buy it...
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5.0 out of 5 stars Cameron pulls off 3d conversion perfectly, 12 Sep 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Titanic - Collector's Edition (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray) [1997] (Blu-ray)
Reviewing the film is unnecessary as Titanic has become a love it or loathe it film, although box office results and media sales show that that a lot of people love it. But is it worth the 3d release and purchasing it again in this format. Absolutely yes if you like film. The 3d is crisp and adds depth to the film especially the sheer scale of the ship in particular. Thankfully Cameron has avoided those false eye popping 3d effects and instead added depth subtlety which makes viewing it in 3d seem natural. The picture is crystal clear and colours appear more vibrant than previous release copies in 2d. The Blu-ray doesn't suffer any of the fuzziness that some 3d films suffer or ghosting by poor conversion.
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5.0 out of 5 stars THAT SCRIPT - II - adagio for eyes, 11 Oct 2009
This review is from: Titanic [1998] [DVD] (DVD)
... Just as Zane's Cal Hockley paints a perfect portrait of a classic Victorian (if not George V- ian) villain, Kate Winslet's Rose makes all the right moves for a classic heroine. A more perfect actor for this part could not have been cast. This was physical and spiritual command of the part by Kate Winslet and if awards were to be given for accomplishments with eyes, none would be more deserving than Kate. That first diffident look into Jack's eyes as she nervously grips his outstretched hand over the ship's railing in their first scene, makes for as touching a moment in the movie as they come. There were no prizes for guessing that from this encounter, dramatically intensified and arm-wrenchingly painful as it seemed, these characters were destined to be lovers. And how obvious it seemed were the scriptwriter's intentions with Jack saving Rose and that big closeup of their hands coming together. But needs must - obvious though his intentions were, the scriptwriter had a mission to start us on a road whereby within but a few brief encounters, the love affair flourishes and matures to the point where Rose will offer up her own life to stay with Jack. So their first encounter, intense as it was, needed to be just that to warrant all of Rose's subsequent actions but especially that which proved her undying love, her jumping from the lifeboat, better to forfeit her own life (assuredly, in light of her knowing about the shortage of lifeboats) than to lose Jack. We had to believe Rose would do that and our belief was instilled by that first encounter.

Again, the way in which Rose looks into the eyes of her newfound love when he beckons her to the bow of the ship to share their first truly tender moment, is so sweetly touching as to bring a lump to the throat. How beautifully this was enacted against the solitary piano notes and deep red sunset! There again, the script required the sunset to stand out, to heighten the sweetness of the moment and to drive home the fact this was the last sunset so many would see. Rose's apprehension at her life-altering decision offset by her calm resignation as she moves toward Jack on the bow, her adulation for this young guy, and all her emotions are captured so genuinely by those trusting eyes, tentative mouth, and that almost hobbled gait. Winslet delivers and convinces at every turn in this movie and with no discernible effort acquits herself with the heart and soul of her character. In the old car in the hold of the ship, when Rose gives herself to Jack, who but the sour-faced curmudgeon that I once was would not be moved or could deny these kids their rapture? She, just seventeen years old, trapped like a bird in a gilded cage, her world in disarray and craving for solace and he, the charming and talented young rover, were meant for each other. The poignancy of their clinch infused our hearts, not by the sight of the steamy cabin nor their naked embrace afterwards, but before that, by Rose's entreating Jack to touch her and unforgettably, by those eyes so trusting and soothed by the sight of him. This young kid had shown her joy, opened the cage and let her fly. He was worthy not only of her love but of her eternal love and yet something in her doleful, glimmering eyes foretold this would be their one and only congress.

The love story, regarded by many as the weakness in the script, for me is the backbone of the script. It is played out perfectly and weaved into the story so expertly that, despite its corny perfection and its fiction, is as respectful a tribute to those who perished as any re-enactment of the sinking of the ship could be. Had the real victims not lived, loved and been loved before that fateful night? Who knows what their thoughts were and who they longed to see again as they awaited almost certain death? Jack and Rose as victims, lovers, and as innocents, facing these events, represent the souls lost, and in their love and tragedy, all those dreams, hopes and lives broken by this disaster. As they lowered her in the lifeboat, did the character Rose not suffer the feelings of loss and hopelessness of so many women separated from their loved ones on that night? The desperation of that moment, the chaos and hubbub, and the gut-wrenching feeling of losing someone forever were as clearly written in Rose's eyes as in the faces of the family crying for their father. The actors showed due respect to the real victims' plight. The scriptwriter and score-writer showed due respect likewise and if ever a musical accompaniment was timed so well or captured the longing of the human heart so beautifully, it was this one.

This film, despite the historical inaccuracies and misrepresentations, despite the schmalzy homage to love's young dream, and despite its debatable corniness and cliché, is a gargantuan achievement. Attention to detail and quality of story, without even considering the spectacle, are truly remarkable. This is a wonderful film with the skill and devotion of its contributors stamped into every frame. It's also as warm a tribute and fine a memorial to the victims of the tragedy as any eulogy that could possibly be composed so long after the fact.

James Cameron, I applaud you. Your dedication to your art is astounding. If ever a moviemaker took so seriously an obligation to bedazzle and delight, or tried harder to return the cost of a theatre ticket with interest, you are that moviemaker. The script is magnificent and with a real affection for the least and largest of your characters that runs right through and is so plain to see.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A truly special film - extra features don't do it justice, 20 Oct 2006
Lally (London, UK) - See all my reviews
I'm sure you have already formed your own opinions about Titanic as a film. I personally think it is an excellent and beautiful film, despite its flaws. And if you are looking at this "Definitive Collectors Edition" and considering purchasing it, I assume you would agree with me. Therefore I will go straight onto reviewing the extra features included in this edition of the film.

So, onto the actual product. The first two discs are the theatrical version of the feature. As promised on the box, the film comes with superior sound and picture quality (I'm no expert but I know it plays seamlessly and magnificently on my 42" plasma screen). There are four commentaries on both discs by James Cameron, the cast (not including Leo DiCaprio or Billy Zane), a crew commentary and a historical commentary by a couple of Titanic history buffs. All are worth listening to if you have the time, but James Cameron's commentary is by far the most insightful to the whole filming process of the Titanic, providing many titbits and points of interest. Both discs also include several action "pods". These are short clips that give more detail about how a particular sequence was filmed. You can watch them all together or one by one, or you can choose to watch them integrated with the film itself. The second disc also includes an extended ending, with Brock playing a bigger part. I believe they were right to cut this out of the theatrical edition but it is interesting to see anyway. An obligatory music video of Celine Dion's famous song is there as well.

Disc 3 has quite a few deleted scenes which are extremely interesting to watch for any Titanic fan, as not only is the relationship between Jack and Rose further explored, we also get deeper insights into the other characters. However, I agree with the film-makers about their decisions to cut these scenes as including them would have affected the pace of the film and would have killed the momentum, especially towards the end of the film. The disc also contains three Titanic parodies, none of which are ESPECIALLY funny, but hey, the disc needed a filler.

Disc 4 has many a documentary about the making of Titanic. A few of the TV publicity documentaries are a bit repetitive. I think they all used clips from the same interviews with the cast and James Cameron, which is why you hear the same comments being repeated through the different documentaries. This can be annoying so I wouldn't suggest watching them all at once. Other documentaries include detailed explanations of effects, filming processes etc. Obligatory trailers, TV spots and publicity poster galleries also included. There's also a gallery of images from design through to filming. Overall, I feel this disc is a bit of a let-down in terms of the limited interviews conducted with cast and crew members. I am susprised how little we saw of the actual people involved in the film-making in the documentaries since they are the people most knowledgeable about it. The majority of the documentaries are about the building of the set, the techniques used for filming and camerawork and the construction of visual effects.

So, do I think it's worth you spending your hard-earned cash on? Well, if you're not a die-hard fan of the film, what's the point? You're not going to want to spend hours of your time exploring the extra features anyway. However, for the Titanic enthusiast, this is a great edition. There's plenty of interesting behind-the-scenes info and you can immerse yourself ever deeper into the legacy of the great ship. The commentaries of the film are enlightening and interesting and the deleted scenes also give the film even more depth. The tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic really does hit home. And the thought that you will go away with after having watched and listened to everything on these DVDs is the amount of hard work that went into making this truly unforgettable piece of cinematic history.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Astonishing!, 27 Dec 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Wow - just seen this movie on a rented DVD and thought that it was so good that I had to buy it from amazon - and then I just happen to stumble across some of the many reviews and couldn't believe some of the comments in here: "Thank goodness that the Titanic sank and gave us such a wonderful tragedy" or "Insensitive to the dead passengers & their families"... and many people, for some reason, is also turned off by the love story - and some for the reason that Kate Winslet is too old looking for a 17-year old...etc. etc.

I can't believe my eyes! OK - here is what I think - this film is amazingly well made and directed - what a fantastic work - thumbs up for James Cameron... also the acting and casting is outstanding - not a single one let us down and the two in the lead roles are marvellous.

This film really touched me, not just because of the love story, which I saw more as a thing that could had happen anywhere and do happen all the time - also on a ship - although it of course is very moving (there were actually four couples on their honeymoon on the ship) - but most important as a sort of "documentary" of the terrible horror that the 2.227 passengers had to face. Because this REALLY HAPPENED!!! Out of the 2.227 passengers, only 705 survived, which meant that 1.522 died a most horrible death.

That some people can get offended by a director, who out of his imagination, creates a love story to go along with the story - I don't understand - and I don't believe for one minute that it distracts you from its true mission, because I for one, was really seized and moved by the realism the film - showing how a gigantic "unsinkable" ship tragically hits an iceberg and slowly sinks into the ocean along with all the people on board, whose lives stops in their tracks right there and then. It is so well made that it makes you feel you are on board and it is a great relief that the film avoids the typical hysteria and heroism - a trap that most disaster films falls into. This film not only provides you with a gripping story, but will most certainly also stand the test of time as a true classic - keeping the memory of this tragic occurrence alive for generations to come.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A tour de force of excess, 5 Jan 2008
This review is from: Titanic [1998] [DVD] (DVD)
It is no mean feat that James Cameron managed to make the historical sinking of the infamously unsinkable Titanic revolve around the relatively insignificant romance of an upper class girl and a traveling pauper, but he does it. The first section of the film, set in the present day as excavators resurrect the skeleton of the ocean liner is unfortunately rather dull and the peroidic interludes throughout the film where the older Rose recounts her experience on the ship break-up the relatively small amount of action between the young Rose and her lover Jack Dawson. Suffice to say the most interesting part is therefore the middle section when Rose is rescued from suicide at the ship's prow by the refreshingly straight talking Jack. What ensues is a clash and collide of culture, class and social standing that is ultimately transcended in the name of love. There are interesting aspects to this section, the arbitrary division of social class by sections of the ship is particularly resonant when the ship is begining to sink and those in steerage are cadged in like animals. Similarly Rose's mother's concern that the lifeboats be appointed by class smacks of the disgusting prejudice and ignorance of the upper classes to the plight of those in 2nd and 3rd class. Having said this, this is a film by James Cameron so execution of class divisions are to a large extent discussed superficially: the upper classes are either snobbish conservatives or ruddy, over fed liberals, the lower classes are cheeky chappy Irish lads and lasses, slapping their thighs and playing fiddles. It's all just a little too cartoonish and the 1912s by numbers to be entirely convincing. Furthermore the script does not lend itself well to authenticity with hammy and repetitive dialogue ... 'I'll never let go Jack' ... 'never let go' 'your so stupid Rose ...'. I wonder if one would address a member of the upper classes as a 'spoilt brat even'? Despite this the leads are charismatic enough to elide the more obviously silly dialogue, charging through the ship on their adrenalin, good looks and humour alone. Unfortunately Cameron cannot contain his action roots and as the film reaches its ending the race for surivival decends into an race against time. Axe welding Rose wading through the flooded bowls of the ship in persuit of her Jack, underwater key searches off set by strobbed lighting and a pointless cat and mouse chase involving a trigger happy Cal (Rose's miffed husband to be) are just some of the action based antics that culminate in the dramatic buckling, snapping and raising of the ship's prow before it sinks vertically into the ocean with Jack and Rose hanging onto the railing where they first met. Contrived? perhaps, over the top? in places, dramatic? definately, touching? Yes, because despite all the noise, action, and Celine Dion this is undeniably a sad story with almost universal resonance. Loss at sea has permeated humankind's psyches for as long as we've known the ocean has existed and the story of a supposedly unsinkable ship, sinking half-way towards the new world dashing the dreams of the many on board who were simply making their way towards what they thought would be a better life is powerfully sad. But its not all doom and gloom. Rose survives, renames herself after Jack, goes horseback riding, has children and dies warm in her bed, an old lady with a heart that is an ocean of secrets ... It seems Cameron can't help himself and the injection of Hollywood smaltz adds to this bustling and at times overblown piece of cinema. Yet in its own special way 'Titanic' is a tour de force to excess (it was the most expensive film ever made at the time) and entertainment. Okay so it isn't the most intelligent or profound film I have ever seen, but its success is surely testament to it's universal appeal, engaging love story and charismatic leads. Enjoy!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth the money, 29 Oct 2005
This item was released in Sweden on October the 26th, and I bought it rightaway.
We all know the story of Rose and Jack, and their struggle for love in a world full of social boundaries, so let's just take a look at this edition of Titanic.
The film itself is on disc one and two, and bonus material is practically everywhere!
You can get a lot of interesting footage of rehersals, computer manipulation and behind-the-scenes DURING the movie by turning on the special feature Behing The Scenes Mode, which "automatically branches you out to related video "pods" about the making of the movie."
This adds a new dimension to the movie, and is very interesting.
The deleted scenes are also interesting since they add some new information to the story. We find out what really happened to Lovejoy and Cora, for an example.
Disc four is the cream of the cace, with documantaries, featurettes and trailers, among the goodies.
(My favourite part is the news reel from 1912...)
What more can I say? Buy this box NOW!
P.S. There is one little surprise during the end credits, don't miss it! D.S.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Titanic: 4-disc definitive collectors edition - the ultimate box set for the ultimate Titanic movie, 5 Mar 2006
Michael J. Rolph "M J Rolph" (Exning nr. Newmarket, Suffolk, England, UK) - See all my reviews
Before I begin this review, I would just like to take a few moments to comment on the excellent service Amazon provide. When I purchased this DVD only months ago, I was absolutely gob smacked about the service that came with my purchase! After I ordered it on-line, it arrived just two days later, two days!!! I was over the moon!!! Although I used the 1st class delivery service, the time it took for the DVD to arrive blew me away!

That's for the service, on to the actual DVD... As soon as it arrived, as I do with any DVD, I immediately put it on. It was fantastic, it was even better than I was expecting - and I often expect a lot. Not only is the classic film there, there are also endless amounts of special features contained on two full discs (the movie is on the first two discs) - some of my favourites are the 29 deleted scenes - some excellent never before seen extra scenes that are a must see; the two documentaries on the making containing numerous facts and info' - another must see; the animated sinking presentation; the comedy feature documentaries; the commentaries - there are four options for these and they tell you everything you need to know from the director, the cast, the production/special effects teams as well as commentary from Titanic historians whilst the film is actually playing; additionally the similar little feature scenes ('action pods') - which when added in with the playing film, tell you everything about how certain parts were done and these a great feature; and last but not least - the 1912 news reel, this is a real short 'n' sweet little jewel and is a nice touch to the collection. Still, amongst all these features there are literally dozens more that really will amaze and astound you.

It's an excellent DVD set and I have spent days and days exploring its endless features. The movie itself is a masterful achievement in all areas and I very much like it for the huge amount of historical accuracy and authenticity of the whole ship and the whole event itself; the drama, the suspense and the emotions you feel whilst watching really make this an incredible piece of motion picture. And of course, you can't help feeling for Rose and Jack as they are both trapped in their own, so different worlds, and who finally break free in love to one (very short lived) glorious haven through a whirlpool of treacherous events.

I became addicted to the Titanic event (and the film), when we were doing an English project on the subject back in 2004 in Year Seven. I asked my parents if I could watch the movie and so one weekend we sat down to watch. I was stunned, the sound track was unfortunately a little distorted (it was a video), but I saw through that because the film was amazing. This launched me into wanting to find out exactly everything that happened to this, the world's most famous ship - which, of course, had had splendid movies made about it. I must admit I am now definitely a big Titanic geek, I know many things about the ship, and the whole event, right from the very first mentioning of this grand new ship (and her sisters), through to her sinking, and to modern day exploration. I know many, many details, and this is what makes this movie absolutely breathtaking. From a historian's point of view, this movie, this DVD box set, really does give us a huge picture of what the Titanic itself was like, and what happened to her crew and passengers on the ships' first and last journey. Every single minute detail, both in acting, and in the sets, is included, even down to the designs on the china used in the dining room. Something as realistic as this, is what Titanic buffs have been craving for years, although it must be considered that never, ever will there be anything that tells us about the event with complete 100% accuracy. From a film reviewers point of view this movie, even today has stunning visual effects, highly professional acting, a greatly immersing sound track, massively accurate historical authenticity, and overall comes out as a highly successful ambitious project, but the list could go on and on - the film did win 11 Oscars! To this day, I may still sit down on a rainy day and explore this DVD thoroughly. I am very proud to have this in my small but ever growing DVD collection. I give a huge thanks to James (`Jim') Cameron and the whole movie team for creating this masterful movie in 1998 and this masterful DVD-box set with it.

I would recommend this DVD set to anyone - especially Titanic enthusiasts, Titanic movie enthusiasts, and all movie enthusiasts... generally everyone who even takes a vague interest. If you're considering buying it - consider it no longer - just BUY IT!!! It is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Titanic (4 disc deluxe edition) - A masterpiece for anyone and everyone to own - own it now!

Thank you for reading this review. I hope you found it useful and you'll buy this DVD - I did and I didn't regret it!
Michael J Rolph.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Emotional, tear jerking and desperately tragic!, 13 April 2012
This review is from: Titanic [1998] [DVD] (DVD)
This is my favourite film of all time. I love it so much and every time I watch it I cry! It is fabulous and words can not describe how emotional and amazing it it. Jack and Rose are destined to be with each other but when the world is against you and you are thrust in to the face of death things are not exactly easy. It is a classic which you can never bore of. Love, love, love.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Edition of Titanic if You Simply Want The Film, 14 Nov 2005
This two disc special edition consists of the film and a limited number of extra features. Not long after Titanic came out there was a DVD released which was sadly a huge disappointment. Since that time I have patiently waited, no doubt with many other fans of the film, for the release of a DVD which does this great film justice. Now at long last that time has come and this DVD special edition does not disappoint. This DVD film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and the print quality is first class. When shown on a large wide screen it is stunning. The extra features are limited but are still a must for any fan of this film and others interested in the Titanic. The extra features include 'My Heart Will go On' music video from Celine Dion, Alternative ending on disc 2 and features from behind the scenes in the making of this film. I would recommend this edition of the film if you are not interested in lots of extra features because the film alone is worth the money.
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