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4.3 out of 5 stars206
4.3 out of 5 stars
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This film is obviously a show vehicle for Taylor Lautner and Twihards won't be disappointeed by the amount of screentime he gets but he only takes his shirt off briefly at the beginning. As one forum has debated at length there is no abduction as such in this film, it should really have been called 'Relocation' but of course that doesn't have a ring to it.
Basically Lautner is 18 year old Nathan Price, a high school boy who lives with his parents in suburbia and has an unrequited love for the girl opposite. Dad is a real go-getter and relentlously trains his son to be fit and fight. Nathan and the love interest are thrown together by a school project and whilst researching he discovers that his cosy life may not be all that he thinks. He contacts a missing person website and next thing armed men come looking for him and his life goes to pot as he goes on the run trying to discover the truth about who he is. Having been trained to fight all his life he does better than the average school kid obviously. From there it goes pretty much to formula as both the CIA and some Eastern European bad guys pursue our hero.
Lautner is a competent action hero though he falls short on emotion and Lily Collins is sweet as his love interest. The blu ray print is perfect although it is in letter box format and the soundtrack is 7.1 although I can't say I really noticed any audible action behind me.
This film is nowhere near as bad as some reviews have made out, its a competent action thriller and made an enjoyable 90 minutes viewing.
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on 27 March 2014
Lautner stars as a guy who sees his picture on a missing person website.

Pouting like there is no tomorrow, he confronts his parents, who state they are not really his parents, and soon after, they are killed.

It turns out that he has something to do with the CIA, and Dr Octopus and Ripley are out to help him. Or are they?

He brings along a girl he fancies, and they get into all sorts of scrapes. Or do they?

Singleton blasted his way into our lives twenty three years ago with his phenomenal debut, and now he's directing a vehicle for the one from Twilight who isn't a vampire.

And it's what you'd expect. A bland teen action movie, with no subtlety or common sense. But it's not a horrid film to watch.

Despite it's blandness, it's quite watchable, but runs out of steam toward the final act.

Lautner proves there is no life after Twilight with the exception of Stewart, and looks out of place whenever he has his shirt on.

Issacs and Bello are wasted in their minor roles, and Weaver and Molina are just there for filler and a bit of gravitas.

But still, it's the best thing Lautner has been in other than Twilight, but that's not saying much really.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 February 2012
Abduction starts out in what seems like a traditional American teen High School flick, following Nathan (Lautner), his friends, Gilly (Whitaker) & Jake (Peltz) having a blast & getting drunk, what High School kids do. However in his social studies class he is paired up with his summer love, Karen (Collins) , and as they research at Nathans parents home, Kevin (Isaccs) & Mara (Bello), they start looking at websites about missing children, and Karen stumbles across a picture of a small boy who looks spookily similar to Nathan. As Nathan investigates further, his World is soon turned upside down as those he loves are put in danger, can he make sense of it all & manage to survive ?! one thing is for sure, he is going to have to grow up quick!

Overall after the initial slow build up, i thought Abduction was an enjoyable bubblegum for the brain thriller. The production value was good overall given the films modest budget, although some of the action sequences & special affects were a bit bargain basement, it detracted a little, but not enough to ruin the experience as a whole. It managed to keep me guessing about who was on who's side, so it really had me fooled in places, where i started to suspect everyone. The acting talent on show is of a high pedigree overall, the experience of Sigourney Weaver (Alien) , Alfred Molina (The Sorcerer's Apprentice) , Michael Nyqvist (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Maria Bello (A History Of Violence) & Jason Issacs (The Patriot). Combining & backing up the youthful talents of Lilly Collins (Mirror, Mirror) , Denzel Whitaker (Great Debaters) & Taylor Lautner (Twilight) ensured a stable backbone to the film. On a side note, Taylor Lautner, was alright, upstaged by his abs guest staring, but certainly not a patch on his peers acting abilities TBH. Trivia: Lilly Collins is the daughter of singer Phil Collins.

In conclusion, while it's not genre beating, if you stick with it past the initial slow build up, you will be rewarded with a decent thriller that ticks along nicely. Recommended.
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on 31 July 2013
A boy named Nathan, who looks like he might turn into a werewolf at any time, has anger management issues. He boxes and wrestles to help control those issues. He also has a weird reoccurring dream which he relates to his shrink, who has an alien growing inside her (Sigourney Weaver). He is thrust together with his neighbor, Karen (Lily Collins) into a HS sociology project. They have been making goo-goo eyes at each other for the first part of the movie. They are looking up abducted children when Nathan finds a photo of a child that looked like him. He decides to investigate further.

Since the title of the movie is "Abduction" we now know the bare bone plot. The question remains are the details and twists going to make this an interesting film? Yawn!

But then all of a sudden the action literally explodes onto the screen. The movie becomes fast paced with a good rapid sound track. Nathan along with his traveling girl friend quickly develop the skills of a movie CIA operative while Taylor Lautner's acting abilities have remained unchanged. In one scene Karen is screaming, but her lips aren't moving...some poor dubbing. Nathan's flashbacks to his father teaching how to fight was very cliche. There is also the teen heart throb aspect of the movie, as clearly this movie was geared toward them.

This is an action film for teenagers. 5 stars for teenagers, 3 stars for adults.

Teen safe. No f-bomb, sex, or nudity...just some teens making out.
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on 5 March 2012
We sat and watched this with popcorn on a movie night in and found it rivetting.Good entertainment, with thankfully, not too many "popcorn moments" so I didn't have to clean up much mess.I don't know just what I was expecting but I did find it great with not too much thought required. I want to be entertained, not sit trying to figure out "who dun it" and that is what this film did for me.I thoroughly recommend it, and I'll be watching again soon.
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on 11 November 2012
I have been avoiding watching this for a while, I like Taylor Lautner (what woman doesn't) but that isn't reason enough for me to watch one of his movies if I don't think it's any good. But I was a bit bored today and felt like an action flick and as the choice was limited I watched this...

Even though it's my preferred genre, I find most action flicks quite contrived, overdone and lacking substance but this one had just the right balance of the right ingredients. It had a good enough plot and the acting was good by Lautner, even emotionally (I have to disagree with previous reviewers who said he lacked this. I have emotions, lost a parent, which was devastating but I didn't cry about it in front of anyone. For me he was convincing because I could see his emotions how I and many similar people would have expressed them - it's not always about tears).

I take off a star for the cheesy love story and ending but all in all a very entertaining film with no special effects to hide behind. I don't watch many films twice but this I would.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 February 2012
I don't know whether I should be ashamed for liking this film or not. There's absolutely nothing new here that you haven't already seen (assuming you've been consuming a basic diet of Hollywood mainstream movies for the last two decades like I have).

Abduction is about a boy Taylor Lautner (from Twilight fame) who discovers he is suddenly on the run from a group of baddies (you know the type - foreign accents, plenty of disposable henchmen and can only shoot bottles when firing machine guns at a teenager). Um, that's about it really. Taylor gets chased here, Taylor gets chased there, hooks up with a pretty young girl with big eyebrows along the way - that sort of thing.

However, Abduction's big difference is that, instead of an adult being hunted by baddies who can't shoot straight (or overpower a fifteen year old), it's the afore-mentioned fifteen year old. And, baring in mind that there's minimal violence (defined by a lack of the red stuff when people get shot), this film is largely aimed at mid teens. It has plenty of pop culture references to Lady Gaga and Facebook that will amuse their generation.

I couldn't really think of anything wrong with it. Okay, I've seen it all before and it ticks all boxes. It's not a classic, but it's entertaining enough.

If you haven't seen this type of sinister-conspiracy-CIA-chase-type-film before, you'll probably love it and give it 5/5 (or just someone from `Team Jacob').

If however, you grew up collecting the original Star Wars toys and can remember when Transformers had nothing to do with Michael Bay, you may feel like it's Beverly Hills 90210 mixed with Jason Bourne and your score will be more around the 3/5 mark.

Maybe I'm just a child at heart. I actually appreciated it for a piece of silly, chase-orientated action entertainment. Plus it had Sigourney Weaver in it - and Ripley rocks.

Give it a go. There's worse out there (Michael Bay, are you reading this?)
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on 21 February 2012
This movie has lots of action but its not mindless violence there is actually a plot that makes sense. The story all starts with Nathan Price (Taylor Lautner) doing a school project (yes a kid that actually dose homework) that is randomly picked from a board of different options he and his neighbor/fellow student get the option about missing kids, So whilst looking at a website they notice that one kid looks like it could be Nathan so he asks his mum if she really is his mum...

From here on the movie starts fully and is griping with barely a moment to catch your breath.

I rented this movie with lovefilm but loved it so much that I then purchased it. If you have any reservations then I suggest you rent it, but I don't think you will be disappointed its fun for everyone as I said even my grandparents enjoyed it
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on 19 April 2014
Over-buffed, over-sized teen American "high School" students doing their usual thing, sguaring up to each other over cheerleader type "high School" chicks, much bluff and bravado and a few cartoon fisticuffs of violence. Soon to be followed by a "deep" thriller invlving the CIA and some Balkan types chasing the son of an ex CIA man who may have access to some codes. It's just Top Gun re-written for the 90's/00's and the same vacuous audience. Well, there's a diffrence between leaving your brain at home in search of good old fashioned no committment, pure entertainment, and opting for a lobotomy. The worst film I have ever seen, ever.
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on 24 February 2012
I can't really understand why people don't like this film. I went to see it with my teenaged daughter in the cinema and she loved it so I bought her this DVD and she must have watched it at least 10 times. I like the film too, I think it's a bit different and Taylor Lautner isn't that bad of an actor.
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