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on 23 December 2013
Why would anyone want to read this book? It's got heart. It's got twists. It's got turns. It's got depth. The only thing wrong with this tale is that it's not long enough! It leaves you wanting more and wishing there was ten or twelve sequels already posted to dive into! Seems there's quite a few reasons to ride shot-gun with Gabe Quinn! I'm sure we haven't seen the last of this hero and I, for one, am keeping a close eye on Houghton's Twitter and Facebook pages so I can be first in line to go for another spin! Support indie authors - buy this one now!
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on 24 December 2013
"Killing Hope" is a fantastic read. I very highly recommend this book.

The protagonist, LA Detective Gabe Quinn, is in pursuit of a serial killer who is dubbed the Undertaker because he folds his victims hands across their chests; he strews rose petals around their bodies; he dabs a cross of ashes on their foreheads, and seals their lips with crazy glue. One of the victims is a ten-year old girl, which haunts Gabe. Another victim is the niece of the FBI Director, and with this, the investigation is escalated, and Gabe is put in charge of it with a top FBI Agent, Bill Teague.

Gabe, a widower, is a veteran detective, with two adult children, who has his own demons, which he is dealing with, and which demons are gradually revealed throughout the narrative. Eventually the serial killer contacts Gabe on his cell phone, disguising his voice, and taunting him with his gruesome deeds. A newscaster, Stacey Kellerman, is also taunting Gabe with character assassinations of him in her newscasts, which she has been encouraged to do by the serial killer in return for an exclusive taped interview from the killer.

There are so many incredible plot developments in this book that at times you are left stunned. The author, up until the last part of this book, introduces new conflicts that amazes the reader. And, yet, he resolves all these conflicts. What is most amazing, however, is the ending; in fact, it is downright shocking. It is mind boggling shocking! Not for one minute did I anticipate this ending. I defy anyone who has read this book to say that he or she anticipated this ending. Moreover, this ending, also completely and totally shocked Detective Gabe Quinn. Amazon Verified Purchase.
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on 7 May 2013
I came across this book while trawling on amazon looking for a book that would hold my attention, and boy am I glad that I stumbled across this little gem. The writing style, in my opinion is excellent with short, fast paced chapters that make you want to keep reading with a touch of hard boiled noir style which I absolutely loved. The main character is flawed (everyone is) but very likeable and the supporting cast also manage to get fleshed out. The body count is huge and plot manages to twist and turn right up until the dramatic ending. All in all, I am very much looking forward to another stint with the Celebrity Cop.
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on 28 April 2012
Gabes character is so deep, he is wonderful. I had to chech if I'd missed previous books!, it's great. Poor guy cannot save the world, let alone himself!

The plots just twists and turn, with all the different characters showing their own personalities and depths. However major they are. I thought I had it sussed, but was gobsmacking at the end!!!

A fantastic read - I recommend it to everyone.

Cannot wait for the next Quinn novel.
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on 25 July 2012
Bought this book after reading many reviews and thought I would give it a chance. Really glad I did as the book had me gripped from start to finish. All the characters in the book are perfectly analysed with descriptions and accounts of each. This book is a must and I cant wait for the next installment. Well done!!!
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on 7 April 2012
Six months ago I would never have believed that an indie author could have written something this developed. Intrigue, mystery and chaos collide in every chapter of this fast moving epic that was an absolute joy from the first page to the last.

In this, Keith Houghton's debut in the genre, our hero, and accomplices, embarks on a lofty quest to track down the man responsible for a series of heinous and gruesome crimes. Behind every murder is a motive, and from every murder there, of course, exists a trail. Following the trail is our hero, LAPD cop Gabe Quinn. Seasoned pro Quinn has seen it, done it and succeeded: in fact, so much so his exploits have made him something of a celebrity. But fame and catching crime rarely match. And in this, Quinn's toughest quest yet, his resilience is put to the ultimate test. This is not simply about stopping crime. The world is watching - and judging.

Without question, Keith Houghton has written his heart out in this enthralling thriller where the ordinary and the extraordinary merge and the furore of a high-profile nationwide murder mystery is undermined by the protagonist's personal vendetta against the internal and external demons that haunt his past. Houghton's ability to establish such a tight connection between his protagonist and readership is nothing short of commendable that, coupled with his extensive effort to ensure his background is all spot on, makes it extremely simple to live and breathe every aspect of Gabe's predicament as if you were there.

Written in a style somewhere in between a James Patterson thriller and a unique internal monologue Scorsese would be proud of, Houghton delivers a thrilling narrative, beautifully presented against the backdrop of vibrant settings, fully-rounded characters, and described in fascinating detail and impeccable accuracy. The standard cat and mouse scenarios, although thrilling, are largely preferred by an intriguing exploration of the physical and mental limitation of the key characters, and thanks to the author's skill in juxtaposing all the key areas with the rigours of the LAPD, insight into the ancient mysteries of Christianity and the horrifying effects that can arise through the devastating skill of personal vendetta carried out by the mind of a twisted killer, the result is nothing short of mouth-watering.

Killing Hope is an absorbing read for cop lovers, mystery lovers, thriller junkies and, quite simply, anyone who enjoys a read that makes the pulse race. This was a fast-paced, rollercoaster of a novel throughout. And I could not get enough of it.
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on 21 June 2012
I have been aware of Mr Houghton for some time,I finally got round to reading his work and wasn't dissapointed. His clipped writing style is distinctive and he certainly knows how to weave a plot that keeps you guessing right until the end. Well crafted, Keith.
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on 3 November 2013
Being a sinister, evil, blood thirsty person i love it when i can pick up a book that doesn't shy away from its story and purpose, leaving you to use your imagination. This book is far from shy, it takes you on its gruesome journey with no apologies. Its hero is damaged and has flaws and faults - which gives him dimension, instead of the "chisel jawed, ruddy raced cop.....blah blah" Brilliant, more please!.
PS I'm nice really!
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on 10 November 2013
i read a lot of crime/thriller books and can usually predict the ending, see the plot and where it is going. This ending was a complete surprise to me and that is saying something. Well thought out and told. A bit repetitive and descriptive at times in the explanations but overall a great read, good characters and keeps you interested. Now moving straight on to the next one and looking forward to the next instalment
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on 8 December 2013
I loved this book. I don't usually like this type of book but I was hooked on the character Gabe Quinn on the first few pages. I use the kindle on the bus to make the long ride to work go quicker and I was actually looking forward to it so I could read more. Lots of clever twists and turns. If you read this you will go straight to Amazon to order the next two books that follow on. I can't wait for the fourth!
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