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4.4 out of 5 stars48
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 November 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
[Edit Dec 2012 - see footer of this review]

I've only had this unit for a couple of days so it's far too soon to discover whether it "works" or not. There are, however, a few points worth mentioning even at this stage.

Firstly, although it might look like a table lamp in the pictures, it's actually about 50% bigger than what I had anticipated. So a LARGE table lamp are the proportions you should expect. I mention the table-lamp design because I felt it would be easier to place on a shelf or small table than some of the other SAD lamps which look like mini sun-beds (square or rectangular). In this respect I was correct,it's easy to put it anywhere.

It appears very well made (although of white plastic, not painted aluminium) and the neck is quite wide (my wife said it reminded her of ET's extendible neck and she's not wrong) and its strength makes the unit very sturdy. The lamp head does not wobble about like some standard desk lamps I've had. It wouldn't look out of place on an office table or lamp stand, for instance.

I like the fact that it runs on a low voltage from a plug-in transformer (wall wart) just like your mobile phone. This means that there are no mains voltages anywhere near the lamp itself. And if you, like my wife just did as I was writing this review, trip over the cable connecting the lamp to the transformer the plug just pops out the back, the lamp being sturdy enough to resist being dragged to the floor (unlike my laptop).

The lamp has 4 levels of brightness; the brightest setting is an independently certified 10,000 lux which is what you want, apparently, from such a device to provide the necessary benefit. The other levels of brightness are there should you find you eyes aching from the bright light. The touch switch to turn the lamp on and adjust the brightness is conveniently placed on the base so no fumbling around the back of the unit is required. I say "touch switch" but I found it more of a very light touch-and-press switch. It's easy to use although there's no indication at what level of brightness the lamp is current set to (other than OFF, obviously).

So is the light bright? Without the diffuses it is VERY bright. And to get the benefit you should ensure you have the light aimed at you so you can actually see the lamp bulbs, which are cool-running LEDs actually. Having the light behind you (like a reading lamp might be positioned) isn't good enough.

With the diffuser attached the light is more comfortable but necessitates an increased exposure to the light up from 30 minutes a day to 60 minutes a day; easy enough, I'm finding, when watching TV.

So far so good; I'm certainly expecting some good SAD results from this unit and so far I've not been put off using it which is a good first step. After all, if I disliked it, either because of its looks or the way it worked, then the chances are that I wouldn't use it at all. As it is, I think it looks stylish, if a bit bigger than expected, and it not something I want to hide away.

I'll give it a few weeks and hopefully update this review with the details.

Interim conclusion is that this is a well made, stylish, sturdy lamp that could be used all day long.

[EDIT: December 2012. It's been three weeks now and the interim results are inconclusive. It certainly hasn't done any harm and if anything I'm leaning towards the "improving" end of the scale. Certainly there appears to be more energy to be had in the morning, I feel, but this may be just the "placebo effect" at this early stage.

More updates as I continue to use it.
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As a sufferer of winter depression for many years I originally bought a lumie desk lamp about 6 years ago and have found myself using it regularly ever since as a general desk lamp but using it extensively during the dark months . During that time I have found it a massive boost, I struggle badly with the lack of light and the lamp has given me a lot of help during those years.

This lumie SAD therapy and task lamp is the latest version of the lumie lamp and comes with some key improvements. First the lamp is now a lot smaller than it was and thus needs less space on your desk, the bulbs also apparently need less time to act as light therapy. On top of this it comes with a diffuser that can be placed over the bulb when used as a task lamp , making the lamp less intensive for general use.

One little negative for me is that the light is now adjusted digitally in steps via a touch sensitive switch, stepping up in intensity and then off again. My previous lamp had a simple old analogue dial and for me it was just easier to use and that bit more flexible.

Overall I am really impressed with this new model. I wouldn't be without my lumie lamp these days, it's a genuine lifeline for my winter depression and this model comes with plenty of improvements and is cheaper. I'd highly recommend it for anyone wanting some help with the winter blues.
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on 10 January 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have only started using SAD light therapy last year to combat winter blues and have found it very effective. This year I delayed starting SAD light therapy to see whether it truly made a difference. Working indoors all day and daily means that I don't get so see much sunlight during the winter season. As soon as the clocks moved back I was beginning to see the usual signs of tetchiness and just general lack of enthusiasm for a lot of things. I then started treatment with the Lumie Desk Lamp twice a day, in the morning and evening at full brightness for half an hour to an hour. After a week I was starting to feel more like my chirpy self, and now I can get away with just a session a day in the morning or evening. I tend to have it on in the morning as I have found this to be more effective.

The colour of the light itself is white, which makes a nice change to the `blue' light you commonly see in other SAD lamps.The lamp consists of 96 LED lights which are irreplaceable but has a lifetime of 30,000 hours.

The lamp isn't very portable, it's quite large and works best when placed on a desk, so you would either have to take it to work or keep it at home. The spine of the lamp is bendy which makes it very adaptable to different angles. The lamp head is fitted with a diffuser which can be removed if you needed to have a short session of half an hour, otherwise I find the diffuser, even with the brightest setting very comfortable to sit under for a long period of time.

There are four brightness settings, I tend to use the brightest for all my sessions which is approximately 2500 Lux at 50 cm. The brightness is controlled by a touch control dimmer. You tap to increment the brightness before turning it off.

It's one of the nicer SAD lamps I have used and the build quality feels good. The diffuser and the colour of the light makes it comfortable to use for a long time, which might be the case should you want this to be your reading or task lamp. This is actually a Class 2A medical device which comes with 3 years warranty, and an informative manual which encourages you to update it's symptoms chart diary to make your progress tangible.
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on 3 December 2015
Delivery was THE fastest ever in my life and I was very excited to start using my SAD lamp. Sadly, when I opened the package I discovered that instead of EU mains plug there was a UK one.
I looked through all product descriptions if I had missed that detail but I did not find any reference to UK plug. In the past 5 years I always received EU mains plugs to all my interntional orders given that the destination was Hungary.
Now I have to go and look for a UK -> EU adapter before I can start using my new lamp.
Then I can come back and upgrade the rating.
Update after customer service contact.
After contacting Amazon customer service, I was suggested to by an additional adapter 7-8 GBP and Amazon would take on the shipping cost of a separate UK->EU plug adatpter. This very much surprised me because as the attached picture shows the lamp was fitted with a mains plug that was designed to support different slide-in plugs like a universal travel adapter kit so all it is needed is to get the slide-in EU part for it from the manufacturer probably.

Onto the lamp: indeed, it is a big and expensive desklamp :) I like it though. It is a focused brightness unlike most sad lamps with the light tubes. Directing it on the wall or ceiling to reflect and shine the whole office room in does not work the way I imagined. The dimmer cover is fairly easy to take off on put on. I use the lamp from the side all day on the lowest brightness setting, lighting my desk and laptop while some of the light gets into my eyes. I am not doing the therapy use and still I think it must be working somehow because I am still "awake" at 4 pm in my dark office, I feel to be in a better mood in general despite the cold and winter dark so even if it is the power of suggestion that is at work here I am glad I bought this lamp. The lamp is 5 stars, Amazon however, disappointed me on this occasion.
review image
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on 24 October 2015
I am loving this! I have MS and have just returned to Uni as a mature student, so had two issues, 1- anything to help me get through winter and hopefully avoid a relapse, and 2 - a light to work under that I found comfortable.
This is perfect, it not only meets my issues of 1 and 2 so far, it is also the best light to do your make up by I have ever encountered!! No more dark mornings when you get to work and as day light emerges you discover you've overdone the blusher and are now rocking the crazy clown look!
Worth every penny. I don't care for the control panel, but that's my only niggle, and very minor.
Highly recommend.
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on 24 November 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When fully upright, the lamp stands approximately 52cm tall, and the head is 29cm wide. So it's definitely not a small lamp, meaning you will need a fair bit of room to position. The lamp column is fully flexible, and even when positioned as far forward as possible, won't tip over due to the solid weight base it sits on. Unlike traditional LED/Bulb lamps the lamp omits no heat; there isn't the problem of knocking against a hot surface or the worry about resting the lamp close to other materials.

There is a diffuser which sits over the head which dulls the brightness of the lamp, but not as much as you might think. This is a great idea and allows you to use the lamp perhaps as you would a normal light-source. There are four brightness settings which is a simple yet useful feature, this coupled with the ability to take the diffuser off gives you a number of brightness options.

So does it work? I and my partner have been using it for the last week or so, and have definitely noticed a marked improvement in mood and general well-being. The instructions suggest that a morning dose is the best time to take a dose, but the evening is the most suitable time that we've found to use it. It's also been used as a general light-source (low setting/diffuser on) not just as getting a quick blast.

The only niggle I have is that the touch-sensitive brightness button is a little fiddly, and you may have to touch it a couple of times to make it go up one setting. Whereas the classic touch-lamp relies on the connectivity of touching a metal surface and works very well, this lamp's plastic base doesn't work as effectively as you might think. This small point aside, I think this lamp provides a stylish and effective solution to help you combat the winter blues.
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VINE VOICEon 13 December 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First, a slight word of caution. This lamp is big and heavy; it takes up far more space than a normal desk lamp, so just make sure you've got enough space to accomodate it. The light is nice and white, with a range of brightness settings operated from a single point on the base. This switch loses the lamp a star - it is touch-sensitive, but I found I had to press it really hard (and sometimes several times) to get a change in the light level. A simple dial may not be quite as aesthetically pleasing, but it would do the job better. So does it work? Well, I've been using it as my "waking light" for around a month now - it's the first light I switch on in the bedroom, and I generally have it on for around 30-40 minutes every morning. I HAVE noticed I feel a little more lively after using it, and my energy levels seem to last a little longer. Even on dark and foggy mornings, I seem to feel just a little more "with it". Could all be coincidence, but I intend to carry on using it all through the winter months to really test the theory. Yes, it's expensive. But it seems to be having a benefit on me at the moment so I feel that, if you were looking for a "SAD light", this is a well-constructed, sturdy one that seems to do what it says it will.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 November 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My small flat is full of lamps: a 7ft red Anglepoise knockoff and a Lumie Arabica in the livingroom, a John Lewis LED lamp on my desk, two daylight alarm clocks on either side of the bed (a Lumie and a Philips), and now this. I could probably heat the place if I turned everything on at once. My wife is Californian, and any bit of brightness to drive back the dingy Scottish Winter is welcome.

So, first up: is this thing bright enough? Yes, it is. I'd say it's just about as bright as the larger Arabica, though the Arabica's larger surface area means it fills a room more effectively. That's fine - this is, after all, a desk lamp. Turning it on when I come home in the dark brightens my day, both literally and metaphorically. The light is perfect for reading, and I imagine, crafts and close-work of all kinds.

Why three stars, then? The lamp fulfills its basic function as an extremely bright, endorphin-encouraging desklamp, yet it has a number of foibles that conspire to knock two stars off the review.

Design -
It doesn't look that great. The shade itself is quite sleek and accommodates the large bulb well, but the segmented neck looks ugly and clunky, like the hose of a hoover. My wife had people over and actually asked me to move it out of the livingroom.

The stand is a peculiar lopsided shape, with most of its surface area 'in front' of the stem. This means that the thing will topple if you angle the lamp too far back, since there's nothing to support it. The lamp will be facing down most of the time, but it seems like a bizarre design decision.

The lamp has a single touch sensitive pad on the base. In principle, I can understand the utility of having a pad that doesn't need a mechanical action - it can't break and it's ostensibly easier to operate than a switch or button. However, the touch control can be unresponsive. I often find myself tapping past the brightness setting I want, and it can take a few tries to turn the thing off. I'm not sure if I have a slightly defective model or if they're all like this, though. The lamp is still operable, but such a simple function should be flawless.

If you need an extremely bright light and you can deal with how it looks and handles, this desklamp does its job well. I'm a fan of the Lumie range and generally find their design agreeable, but I feel they've dropped the ball somewhat on this one. I'd suggest interested parties try it out in person if they can.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'd never used a light therapy lamp before this one and so was sceptical of its purported benefits. Having used this one I'm still not totally convinced that it's the only answer but I do feel that it has some benefits and can help with wintertime blues. The fact that I'm using such a pleasant, bright light certainly has a positive effect on me and if nothing else then it is a great light for reading with, or doing any kind of work that needs clear, even light. It's also very well made, and although it's expensive I do feel sure that it will last a long time. I particularly like the flexible neck of the lamp which allows for accurately directing the light, and also the touch sensitive switch on the base which turns the lamp on and controls the light level (I usually have it set to maximum). The style of the lamp makes it ideal for a desk although it can be positioned elsewhere, only limited by the power cable which is 2 metres long and supplied from a transformer style plug.
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on 1 January 2015
I wasn't sure what if any difference the light would make to my mood, but after a month of use I would say I definitely have more energy and am generally more positive. As other reviewers have noted its maybe not the prettiest thing in the world but it is sturdy and functional and yep sometimes the brightness button doesn't respond but overall, for me it does the job so looks and giving a button an occasional extra tap aren't messing with my particular mojo
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