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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars459
4.3 out of 5 stars

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on 12 July 2012
Talk about does what it says on the tin... This is a TELEPHONE! End of! Fantastic.
If you don't want a movie studio/ dating agency/ missile tracking system/ shopping centre/ paperweight but just a phone then get this one.
*** Proper keypad with buttons
*** Battery lasts AGES
*** Sleek discrete design
*** Dead cheap
*** Avoid "Death by Apps"
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on 13 January 2012
This is a brilliant little call and text mobile. It's classic Nokia almost from way back when. It's very small and light with a really good screen and the key pad is very good too. Texting is excellent with different font sizes to choose from... The phone is so lightweight you'll hardly notice it. The screen has some great themes and colours to customise your profiles. There is a really good choice of ring tones and message alerts along with a speaking clock and alarm call! It's a really classy little phone but the real bonus on this phone is the audio quality. On both internal earpiece and hands free it is exceptional for such a small phone. I bought it as a back up, support phone for my other Nokia but it's become number one. The battery life is excellent too... it lasted well in to 10 days with average sort of use. Totally recommended especially for the functional simplicity and that audio quality..... the only bad news is that the back cover is a real pain to remove as highlighted by another reviewer too. It's worth that little struggle however as once you have your battery and sim sorted that'll be that for a few years... a terrific little phone.
Update: If you struggle to remove the back cover... pop on a pair of rubber'll give you the downward grip necessary...! works no problem! Suggested by my wife who is more practical than me!
Hold the phone at the top between thumb and fingers with the screen facing in to your palm... then with other gloved hand pull down from the top of the phone's back. Hope this helps, Z
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on 17 January 2012
In case you are wondering: this phone is supplied totally unlocked, so you can use it on any network. It is the best phone I have ever owned. I am in my mid-20s, have owned plenty of different phones, and hate texting because phone keypads are usually way, way too small for adult-sized thumbs, and always found myself avoiding sending text messages because of the sheer frustration involved in composing them, but not with this little beauty. The keys are well-spaced, large, and responsive, making texting an actual pleasure now. Plus it looks good, no-one's going to mug you for it, it has great battery life, and plenty of customisable colour schemes.

Future classic from Nokia - phone manufacturers take note: there is a market for phones with good user interfaces and large separated keys.
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on 27 December 2011
In a nutshell, I have found this Nokia 100 RH-130 phone to be much better than the earlier Nokia 1800, 6070 and 6300 it replaces. It is light, has easy-to-press buttons, has a very clear and bright display, has good battery life and has good sound quality and volume. There are some additional optional features in the set-up menus, for example to help you control the cost of calls, which are very useful. Although it hasn't got a camera it does have a torch if you want to use it (but I haven't yet). If you want a cheap no-frills mobile phone this one is a perfect choice. And it feels good in the hand too.
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on 23 October 2012
Once upon a time the engineers made mobile phones.
The engineers realised that the people wanted to be able to phone and text their friends and family.
The engineers realised that the people wanted a phone that once charged would work for days.
The engineers created that phone, but something was missing.
One dark night one enlightened engineer realised what was missing. A torch!
soon after.... they created the best phone in the world

** The Nokia 100! ** (Angelic Singing)

The engineers presented their phone to the people.

\o/ \o/` \o/

But sadly the people could not see the beauty of their creation because the evil software developers had spent millions of pounds brain washing the people into thinking that what they really wanted was a computer.

They made them believe that that less battery life was something they had to tolerate in the name of progress.

They made them believe that they wanted their mobile phone to be able to crash and catch viruses and expose all of their personal information over the Internet and all the other fancy things a computer could do.

They made them believe they had to pay hundreds of pounds every year to own one.

And worst of all.... they made them believe a torch was a computer program you had to buy from the App store :(

The Nokia 100 - The best mobile phone in the world. For those that have seen the light.
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on 2 February 2012
At last a long awaited example of thinking outside the box by a mobile phone manufacturer. This phone does what just phones are for i.e.ring people up and send and receive texts. Despite reviews saying "it's got nothing on it" it has actually got quite a lot "on it" viz. reminder, alarm, calculator, spreadsheets, torch, radio and several other handy features. Because it has no camera, music player erc the battery lasts practically for ever thus removing a major cause of frustration with most mobiles. It is beatifully designed and ergonomically superior to a great many contemporary designs. it is built like the proverbial brick s******e and for all that only just over £20. This should do well for Nokia, and if it doesn't then we are all fools!
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on 12 March 2012
Need a phone for just calls and texts? This is the one. Buy it unlocked for £15.97 from the supermarket and buy a SIM only deal or a Pay As You Go. I don't care what others say, it is made from HQ plastics, if you want brushed aluminium and a large screen .. pay £50+. This is an ideal business phone IMHO because it only does calls and texts. RTFM because it is so simple you need to 'unlearn' all the fancy stuff. Thanks Nokia and a well known supermarket!
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on 25 May 2012
My old Nokia was simple but not easy to use because there is nothing on the front screen to start you off and, for an old codger, I needed to see what buttons to press. As I don't use it much, I tended to forget what was where.
But this one is brilliant. All the routes are on display on the first screen and it shows where you are at any step. You have two simple 'yes' 'no' choices at each step so even I can use it.
If you don't want all the latest gimmicks this is for you.
Geoff Harmston
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on 24 January 2014
This is a superb phone for those who just wish to make phone calls and send / receive texts. The battery life is unbelievable, the sound quality is excellent, and it will work almost anywhere except the USA. I've just bought the unlocked version for use in South Africa, and subsequently in other countries, by buying a local PAYG SIM card.

However, a lot of negative criticism is posted here from people who won't RTFM (look it up). This is an attempt to address these problems and hopefully make your lives a little easier.

1 I can't get the back off.

This is a very valid criticism, but the only one which is difficult to address. It's a low budget mass produced item, and the manufacturing tolerances on the plastic bits are not NASA grade. Most people can open it without even thinking about it about it, but for some it is a real problem. I have to say that with both of the phones I've bought it has been tricky. There are YouTube videos which purport to show you the technique; there are sites which recommend the use of rubber gloves (worked for me); there are sites which advocate WD40. The only thing that I can say is that once you've done it for the first time it's a whole lot easier - just hook your fingernail into one of the four rectangular indentations near the bottom of the back cover and pull down.

2 The phone is locked to a particular provider.

You probably didn't read the description when you bought it. An unlocked version costs £19.00 new from a well known supermarket chain; the version locked to their network costs about £7.50. If you paid less than a tenner then you have a locked one. There are people out there who will unlock your phone to be SIM free, but I've never done it and so can't provide advice; it's probably cheaper and easier to buy an unlocked one in the first place.

3 I can't turn off predictive text.

Do the following:

Menu | Messages | Create Message | Dictionary | Dictionary Off

4 The only option available is demo mode.

Put a SIM card in.

5 The charger mains plug looks squashed and won't fit in a socket.

Slide the black earth pin away from the other two and it will click into the normal position. No, I have no idea why they make it like this either.

6 I can't adjust the volume.

During a call or while listening to the radio, press the left side of the square 4 way button to reduce the volume; press the right side to increase it.

7 I can't switch the torch on.

Press the top side of the square 4 way button twice to turn the torch on; press it again once to turn it off.

Hope this helps.
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on 16 December 2012
This phone is fine for taking to festivals or for using whilst you get your main phone fixed but I wouldnt use it permanently because my sim card keeps slipping out of place meaning I sometimes don't get messages for ages without even realising which has been very inconvenient. Apart from that it is great. I especially like the flashlight and the radio which works really well and has been useful when my ipod has run out of battery.
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