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3.9 out of 5 stars54
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 2 April 2012
I recently purchased the 32gb Sony tablet s and it is definitely the mutz nutz. As a regular receiver of Saga bumf and parker pen insurance policies I am not exactly a tech head but setting this up was relatively simple. Before I commited to this tablet I did plenty of online research and was originally going for the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 not even realising that Sony did a tablet. Having read literally hundreds of reviews both the Samsung and the Sony had plenty of plus as well as several minus points. A common theme with some of the reviews for each tablet was an obvious dislike by certain reviewers for anything that did have a piece of fruit as a logo stuck on it. After reading many reviews it was easy to spot the 'spoilers' and I based my decision on the more constructive reviewers who not only gave some very good positive feedback but also gave solutions to most of the problem areas. My main concern with the Samsung was the 'oil slick' that appears under the screen, I evidenced this on two occaisions when test driving in Currys. I was also aware that several reviewers had noted problems getting the Sony to connect with their modems, especially BT Home hubs, which I have recently switched to. The main reason that I opted for the Sony was based on price linked to spec, I was able to get a 32gb Sony for £20 cheaper than a 16gb Samsung Galaxy.
Having unboxed my tab I was immediately impressed with the quality, no its not an aluminium case but it still feels very robust. I turned on my BT hub and worked my way through the very easy to follow start up guide. At this stage I should point out that there is no user manual, which I knew from reading the various reviews but I feel would be helpful. The on screen instructions were fairly easy to follow and I attempted to connect to my hub, when initially asked for the hub id I entered the password that I had allocated to it. I tried this a couple of times with the net result that it failed to link up with the tab, my immediate fear was that I should have heeded the reviews re this problem. I then decided to flash up my laptop and opened my hub settings and decided to try my hub id number rather than the password and, thankfully it worked first time. I have had no problem with wifi connection and my tab is faster at downloading than my laptop. I have also never experienced any loss of connection, time outs or screen freeze.
Whilst not a complete android novice, I've had an LG 700me smart phone which is quite basic for three months, but I found the tab interface very easy to use and the touch screen is very responsive.
The remote control feature is great and allows you to control the tv, dvd etc with one device.
The unique folded design makes it very easy to hold and view the screen and the screen resolution and clarity is suberb.
The battery is more than adequate for my needs but if you are planning on doing a long journey you might struggle. I'm getting approx 6-8 hours depending on apps etc.
Due to having a 32gb model I have not had to use the sd card yet but will probably keep my movies on them, when I get around to doing my first movie download (first time for everything!).
Overall I am very impressed with this bit of kit and would recomend it to anyone who wants a quality item at a very good price. To my fellow Saga club members I would say don't be afraid to take the plunge.
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on 4 December 2011
After much contemplation, I recently decided to take the plunge and buy a tablet. The Sony Tablet S appealed to me because, in addition to its solid specs, its ergonomic design promised a device that could be held comfortably for reading. I've yet to explore its full potential, but my experience so far has been very favourable:

The build quality is very nice - it doesn't go the iPad aluminium shell route, instead using high grade plastic. I actually prefer this, since it feels 'warmer' and more natural in the hand, and keeps the weight down (important if you want to hold it one-handed). The overall build and feel is nice. The most important difference between this and every other tablet out there is the unique 'wedge' shape - if you yearn for slenderness, this isn't the tablet for you. However, its relatively thick profile on one side, along with the textured back, actually makes it much more comfortable to hold in one hand than the standard tablet format.

The performance is equally impressive. It's fast, smooth, and Sony's UI overlay on Honeycomb is slick yet unobtrusive. Battery life is good - it easly goes 10 hours plus in normal use (probably somewhat less if one is watching video). Android marketplace works seamlessly, enabling customisation with apps, and Sony offer its own additional apps and services.

The screen is nice - it packs a lot of pixels into its 9.4 inches, and looks great. If there is a limitation, it is that the screen isn't as bright as some others (iPad, Samsung Tab) and would struggle a bit under outdoor conditions - but this doesn't bother me greatly, since I bought it to use as an entertainment/media device at home. If you're planning on a lot of outdoor use, then this would be a negative mark against the Tablet S.

The only major niggle I've noticed so far is the custom connector for power charging - it's the only way to recharge the device, since the micro USB works for synch and data transfer to/from a computer, but doesn't charge the battery. In other words, if travelling, you *have* to take the charger with you, rather than simply plugging it into a PC/laptop with a standard micro USB-to-USB cable (which pretty much everyone has these days for their smartphones).

In all, I'm very happy with the tablet thus far - sustained use over the coming weeks and months will give me a better idea of its capabilities and limitations. So, I might update the review in due course if I change my view as a result - but for the moment, I'd certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a slick, well-designed and ergonomically usable tablet.
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on 7 July 2013
Sony have abandoned this product. It is Full of bugs and getting worse. I cannot recommend anything from Sony if this is how they treat their customers. My recommendation is Do Not Buy. The keyboard is the worse part, followed by their built in browser and the remote control is grim, doesn't remote control properly. It was all such a good idea, very badly implemented and now not supported by Sony, no future os updates are planned. Really hard to type in this review as the keyboard keeps going wrong, waste of money and time :(
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on 23 November 2011
I have been thinking about buying a tablet for a while but was not entirely sure what I would use it for.I was aware of the limitations of Ipad. After comparing the samsung galaxy tab and sony, I went for sony.This is because the sony was very fast, the touch sensitivity was actually faster than ipad.Also the SD card slot was a is also very ergonomic. With all the apps in the android market, I found that you can do virtually anything with a tablet.The only limitation is doing complex powerpoint/word/excel presentations for which you would need a PC.The DLNA works very well and I can stream media from PC/tablet directly to the TV.
I would also mention that unlike the ipad, one needs to spend some time with android tablets and apps market to personalize the tablet and use the best apps for oneself.But this is fun and once you get the proper apps and get used to the system, it is fantastic.
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on 5 March 2012
Okay where do I start.. Not having the personal experience of a tablet before, I was tempted to follow the sheep and invest in an Ipad. However having been a regular purchaser of Sony equipment for many years, I just could not invest in another brand.. Fortunately I was not dissapointed in my new Sony S 32gb tablet. I found it good looking, easy to get up an running to smooth running of all Apps I chose to have. I liked the connectivity with my other Sony products like TV, AV, Blu Ray etc, plus the useful remote control options.

Of course I did check other reviews on the Sony S before my purchase and they too helped my choice. So I have another Sony product which sits nicely in providing me with an exceptional alternaitve to having a note or net book computer.. Yes it ticks all the boxes I need to use..
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on 1 November 2011
I brought this from my local electical store(I couldnt find it cheaper anywhere else), but I am very happy with my purchase.

On the plus side:

- Very user friendly application.
- PS certified (I've only played Crash B. But I expect there to be more titles in the future).
- Screen quality is very good.
- DLNA connectivity is very good after downloading the relvant apps. I hear so many times from people who struggle to watch their avi movies with their Ipads. I have a central server which I can access my movies. Its very similar interface to the PS3, one of the reasons why I think this is a great product as it gives me the ability to centralised everything from my TV, PS3, Laptop and now my Tablet.
- Apps that I have downloaded have worked fine. No compatability issues so far.
- Browser is fairly quick.
-SD and micro USB connectivity. This is best thing about Sony IMO. They make devices which interact with other devices easily. Most laptops come with SD slots as standard and therefore transferring from one device to the other is very simple. In terms of the USB connectivity, you should check out some of the cool things you can do with this on the net. For example I've seen videos on youtube where the PS3 controller is connected to the tablet allowing you to play PS games! The possiblities here can be vast.
-Pleasant to hold. when I pick up the Galaxy and Ipads I feel like they might snap. This tablet is comfortable to hold and its also built solid.
-Remote Control app is brilliant.


- As someone has pointed out the Charger is slightly "flimsy".
- The Battery on Standby completely drains. I think there are settings to switch off certain activity on standby, but obviously you should switch off the tablet when not using it.
- For those of you are thinking about getting the 16GB version you should note that the Tablet has 2 seperate storages. One for the Programs and Apps and the other for your Media. The problem here is that your only left with about 8GB worth of Media. Around 4Gb goes on to the other half. If your going to use this for movies, games, music etc I would go for the 32GB (I dont think that 3G is neccessary for tablets). Obviously having the SD card slot helps in adding space but this apparently your not able to play media off the native player from the SD.

I only gave it 4 stars because of the small issues I see, but these can be overlooked easily. No doubt this is a good product and I am happy with the purchase.
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on 19 April 2012
I love this tablet so much. I use it every day, for movies, youtube, facebook, games. It's perfect. It's actually got me into reading, with the book style design to it, it feels perfect in your hands. Not to mention you can play ps1 games on it perfectly! With ps3 controller support! It's got everything you could ever need and more. (Sd card slot!)
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on 8 June 2012
I've owned mine for 7 months now and have had enough time to give it an extensive trial. I have to say that I am delighted with it. It is a bit limited compared to my PC, for example typing long documents is easier using a proper keyboard, but for most tasks I need it is very good. It is ideal to take away on holiday as I can easily download and view pictures from my camera, one of the main reasons I bought it. This can be done either using a USB adaptor or the SD card slot and works fine for me, giving me a back-up of my pictures and a decent screen on which to view them. I don't have any problem using the file transfer process and the SD card is effectively another drive, ideal for back-ups or storing files. I store all my files on Google drive and this syncs well with it giving me access to everything I have at any time as long as I have wi-fi access. I don't need to print very often but when I do it works well with my wi-fi Epson printer/scanner. Wi-fi works brilliantly and surfing the internet is a dream. I have no serious gripes with this tablet, it does everything I want it to do well, however if I was to pick one thing I'm not so keen on it is the wedge shape, which doesn't really work for me as my case acts as a stand. If you want a top quality tablet, this one definitely fits the bill and I have no hesitation in recommending it.
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on 1 June 2012
Im very pleased with the sony s tablet. Ive had no wifi problems and the touch screen responds very well. The sony extras are very usefull too. I recommend the sony s tablet for all android users.
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on 17 October 2011
I am a sudent and have been looking around for a tablet for quite a while and I am extremely pleased with this one! the camera is pretty good, although no flash. The movie app which comes with it is great for watching films on the go, and the quality is perfect as the tab can play back in HD. The tablet has a gell inbetween the screen which is great because there is no glare no matter what angle you hold it at. The charger is small and easily portable. The design of the tablet is good for holding and you can grip it easily. Also you dont have to worry about the touchscreens sensitivity and whether it laggs when typing, because it is crystal smooth and clear, plus you dont need to press hard at all to get a response (which is how it should be). if I had to compare the touchscreen to something, it would be the ipad. A cool little feature this tab has is the voice control which is really fun to play with when you cannot be bothered typing haha. The remote control is really fun and useful, as when I got the tab I tuned it into everything around the house without telling my parents, and went around switching things on and off, adjusting volume, changing channels ect.. so another fun feature of this tab. There are many other cool things about this tab, but bare in mind you can get it for 399 at pcworld, which is unusual.

All in all, great tab, strongly recommend to anyone who cannot decide which tab to go for.
(p.s wrote this review with he tab)
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