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on 9 January 2013
I have experienced exactly the same issue as other people have, ie it disconnects after a while, you need to unplug it and plug it back again in order for it to reconnect. This is an unreliable product that should not be on the market until this issue is fixed.
On the other hand I own 2 other regular devolo dLan500 (NOT TRIPLE) that work perfectly well with effective 275Mish speeds. So this issue seems to be specific to the triple version.
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on 16 August 2012
I've been using three Devolo dLAN 200 AVplus Home Plugs in my house for over a year now and they have been 100% reliable. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the dLAN 500. Even though my dLAN 500 is plugged into the same power socket as previously used by one of my dLAN 200's, the 500 intermittently loses its connection with the rest of my Home Plug network. It only appears to do this when coming out of power save mode. If the 500 is prevented from going into power save mode by connecting it to a computer or other device that doesn't ever power down its Ethernet socket (such as a Sky HD box) then everything is fine; the 500 reliably keeps its connection with the rest of the Home Plug network. But if the 500 is allowed to "go to sleep", then sooner or later when it wakes from its sleep it won't be able to connect to the Home Plug network and the only way to make it work again is to unplug it, wait a few seconds and plug it back in again.

I thought my dLAN 500 might just be faulty, so I returned the first one I bought to Amazon and requested a new one be sent. Unfortunately the new one behaves in exactly the same way and so this leads me to believe that dLAN 500's are just not as reliable as dLAN 200's - or at least are much fussier about getting a really good connection with the other Home Plugs in your network. I would point out that I live in a modern house with good quality electrical cabling, so if the 500's are indeed much more fussy about the quality of the electrical cabling they work over, I wonder how they would operate in an older house with lower quality cabling?

So based purely on my own experience of using dLAN 200 and dLAN 500 Home Plugs, my advice would be that if reliability is important to you, I would only buy dLAN 500's if their extra speed is vitally important to you, or you must have the extra Ethernet sockets the AVtriple provides. Otherwise I'd just go for the dLAN 200, which seems to be rock solid in its reliability.
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on 5 September 2012
I have an iMac connected to the dLAN AV500Triple+, providing connection to the router .
When I put my iMAC in Sleep status, the dLAN AV500Triple+ goes to Stand-by status. I know this is normal.
But when I wake-up the iMAC, the dLAN AV500Triple+ stays in Stand-by status. It does not wake-up.
I need to wait few minutes before it starts and get ON status. Very annoying.
Devolo Support says that there is no way to avoid the Stand-by status, and that there is also no way to get the dLAN faster out of the Stand-by status.
Moreover, often the dLAN AV500Triple+ is hanging and there is no connection anymore for few seconds, sometimes minutes. I verified that behaviour using multiple ping sent from different devices at the same time, and I can demonstrate that only the dLAN AV500Triple+ has this problem, the other devices of the same brand that I have in my network work normally, so I don't think this is due to interferences.
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on 18 April 2012
Like all the other Devolo dLAN 500AV+ adapters it works well and is a pleasure to install - if it suits your set-up it can be highly recommended.

However, this last point above is very relevant. At its current (at time of writing review) competitive price on Amazon it may represent good value, but at its previous price levels or high street prices its value is debatable.

It is also great if you need just two or three connections. Probably enough for most I guess?

However, you can arrange the same multi-point flexibility with more outlets and often cheaper by the use of a cheap ethernet switch, which is typically less than the premium between a one port and three port adapter. I recently picked up such a switch for £3.50.
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on 7 February 2014
I bought one 500 AVtriple+ after having a pair of dlan200s aveasy for years that are still running strong. When I bought this one I had to update software on the 200s to make them work together. The integrated 3-port gigabit switch was the main attraction.

The device was working well, but after one year it died (all lights went off) and unplugging, plugging it back did not work. I sent it to Devolo under warranty and got a replacement unit in a few days.

The replacement unit died a few days back (so it had around 6 months service). Meanwhile the devolo 200s keep working ok.I can still claim under warranty again, but the fact that 2 units have died on the same way is not good. My systems run 24x7 and I cannot have downtimes every 6 - 12 months.

I have now gone for a standalone gigabit switch combination with 2 x devolo 500avplus (which I have no seen any reviwer mentioning they die) and see how it goes. I hope they are as reliable as the 200s.

I give it three stars because device worked ok while it did, also, reading other manufacturers, they die too. But I was expecting longer life.
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on 17 September 2012
This is a replacement for an adapter that has just stopped working Devolo dLAN 500 AVtriple+ Starter Kit. Very frustrating that it has happened twice. Fortunately had a wifi connection as a standby. This is not good enough for a premium priced product. If it happens again all the adapters I have (3) will be returned for something more reliable.
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on 23 June 2014
Whereas I am happy to state that this Powerline Adaptor easily distributes network and internet access around my home with a minimum of fuss, I am both shocked and annoyed to find out that the adaptor is crippled by an ethernet adaptor which is only 10/100mbps.

To explain, the DLAN 500 Powerline system creates a network within your electricity supply which is *theoretically capable* of transmitting data at 500mbps, but since the ethernet adaptor is only 10/100mbps, the maximum speed which the device will ever transmit data is only 100mbps. This is a bottleneck which can never be overcome.

The main reason I bought these devices was to backup to a NAS (network) drive. When the NAS is connected directly to my computer (gigabit connection), I easily reached transfer speeds of 36MB/sec. When connecting the NAS via the DLAN500 Powerline, I struggled to get 6MB/sec. That's about 1/6th of the speed.

6MB/sec is fine for downloading from the internet or streaming video to any of your devices around the home, but it is completely inadequate for backing up to a NAS!! A 1TB backup would take more than 2 days at this speed, rather than just 7 hours at the faster speed.

Why did Devolo create a device which was so crippled from the offset?

I now see that there are DLAN 650 devices starting to come out which have true gigabit connections, so these should correct the deficiencies of these DLAN 500 devices. It looks like I will have to spend more £££ to upgrade my network, but I should never have had to do this !!
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on 26 June 2013
I used this product to connect my TV, Bluray player and laptop, which are at the opposite end of the house to my broadband connection.
Worked very well initially, but has suddenly died, without warning.
I contacted Devolo customer support, who informed me that all warranty claims must be made via the seller (Amazon).
Unfortunately, after a long conversation with Amazon customer support via live chat, the item is no longer stocked by Amazon. I have been offered a full refund by Amazon, which is good but leaves me without an item I need. There is a new "improved" version available, which has the added benefit of being a wireless extender. I offered to pay the balance between my refund value and the cost of the new version, but was told that exchanges must be for exact like for like items only.
I think that as Amazon no longer stock the item, which was less than 12 months old, should offer the option of an upgrade as above, as a matter of good customer service. The customer service that Amazon offers is usually excellent, which is why I am a little disappointed.
I have ordered the new version but have to now waait for a refund.
Heres hoping that the "improved" version has more longevity.
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on 14 September 2012
These things get nowhere near the rate claimed by Devolo. Highest transfer I have got is only 160Mbit/sec.

I've tried everything to speed this up, including running a isolated set up powered by a UPS with two AV500's on the same isolated block. That's when I saw the peak of 160Mbits/s.

On my ring main I achieve less - around 100-130MBits/sec.

If you have AV200's don't bother upgrading - you'll not notice any difference.

One other thing, these things are huge. The pictures don't really show it. Your sockets need to be at least 115mm above the floor or you will not be able to plug these in.

On the plus side, they are easy to set up and you get a connection that is generally faster than wifi and a lot more reliable. Just don't expect the advertised 500Mbits or anything close.
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on 2 March 2013
First - I have two Devolo homeplugs from the 200mbit range which are tip top. They offer good bandwidth (110-130mbit) and are stable on an always on basis

I purchased the "Devolo dLAN 500 AVtriple+ Adapter" when we moved to a new place with a need for additional connectivity.
For over 6 months, I saw no issues with it since the traffic going to it was bound for the internet (11mbit max); there was the occasional hang but I figured that once a month for a consumer product was acceptable
Recently I started moving files from one server to another with this homeplug being used to move files at a sustained rate of 48 mbit (6ish megabyte). My homeplug overheated after 20 minutes of use. (temperature in the flat is 21 degrees C).
After a week of troubleshooting I am pretty certain that the root cause is overheating.

So that's my story. I am hoping that my adapter performance was an anomaly.
Last words - I love the two 200 series Devolos! my 500 is not useful longterm for anything other than internet browsing
(Purchase End of May 2012)
Cheers all
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