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3.9 out of 5 stars216
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2012
I don't normally write reviews but for a while we have been looking through the minefield of printers until we finally took the plunge with this one. Based on previous reviews we were a little concerned about how long it might take to set up, but within an hour we had it installed and wirelessly connected to all 3 computers in the house plus my iphone.

The printing quality is up to lab standard (especially if you use high quality photo paper) and having the seperate coloured ink cartridges is very helpful. You can also use XL size cartridges which is great if you tend to overuse one colour compared to another. Overall the cartridges are competitively priced which helps with offsetting the initial cost of the printer.

In summary, I have to say I love this printer!
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on 3 June 2012
Chose this printer because it was relatively cheap but with a good feature set - wireless networking, ADF for the scanner, duplex printing, separate photo tray, etc. Installed quickly (compared to a recent HP officejet I had to the misfortune to have to install at work) and straightforward to set up the eprint service (which essentially provides the printer with an email address so you can email a document to it as an attachment). Good quality printing on a range of papers, quite fast (not stunning but not slow) and a well-featured TWAIN driver. All good. Downsides: Ink consumption, but at least it has individual cartridges and, unlike some printers, will allow black printing with empty colour cartridges. It squashes the page image when duplexing (presumably so it can re-grab the page to reload it for the next pass) unless your top and bottom margins are VERY generous. And the big one, which is that it keeps getting lost in Windows XP. My Windows 7 PC has no issues but under WinXP it continually "fails to print" and "fails to find scanner" unless I reboot both the PC and the printer every few hours so they can find each other again. This is despite the printer having a reserved static network IP, despite HP's own "update IP" utility finding the printer when requested, and despite being able to log in to the printer's web server (which is quite good actually, as these things go) from a browser on the WinXP machine. Go figure, as the Americans would say. Loses one star for it, and the other for the duplex limitation.
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on 25 September 2012
I am a novice when it comes to things like this but I didn't find it difficult to set the printer up, I just plugged it in and followed the prompts on the screen. I also put the Disc into the laptop (not Apple) when prompted and when all that was done the Airplay was set up and working and our Laptop which works on windows 7 also prints over the WIFI. I set it up by following the promts on the printer itself and If I remember correctly there was a choice given whilst following this set up to complete without using the accompanying Disc on your computer or laptop. So if you can't use a disc and just want to use the printer with your iPad or iPhone you can bypass this and still continue to set up without using the disc. It really was quite easy to follow it and believe me I am a total novice and if I can do it anyone should be able too.

I have to admit I assume that my iPad2 and iphone4S are printing over AirPrint, it definitely works anyway but I suppose I could have missed something and it could be printing over the WIFI in the same way as our windows laptop is. I'm not clever enough to know the different but whatever, it works immediately when I press print in any App on my iPad and phone, so I am more than happy.

I love the way there are separate trays for photo paper and ordinary paper and how somehow the printer knows whether my iPad has asked it to print a photo or a document and always comes out using the correct ink and paper. The quality of the prints is excellent too, both black print and photographs. I have had fun printing out photographs, have already and to purchase some new paper and no doubt I will need new ink soon too. It also prints on the back and the front of documents easily and with perfect results. Before owning this printer it would take me ages and a lot of wasted ink and paper working out which way to put the doucments in to get a both sided print out, but thankfully now I have this printer those days are over.

I think it's great because until we bought this printer we had to carry the laptop upstairs to plug into the old printer via a USB ever time we wanted a print. If I wanted to print something off of my ipad2 or iphone4S I couldn't do it at all, unless I went around it the long way and emailed the document to myself and then opened the email on the laptop and carried that up the stairs to print it off. You get the picture, not an ideal thing to have to do and sometimes what I wanted to print didn't appear how I wanted it to in the email. So this has made life so much easier.

I couldn't recommend this printer highly enough. I don't think you will be dissapointed should you decide to purchase, I certainly wasn't. It does everything that I wanted it to do and with excellent results.

Amazon also delivered it quickly and it arrived in perfect condition, so many thanks to all concerned.
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on 16 June 2012
I bought this at Staples after price matching it to Currys at £129.99 after they did this and a set of inks (HP 364) for £150.
After coming from an Epson SX600fw I was pretty much used to alot of different modes etc but I find the HP 7510 is much easier to use and alot faster at printing. The printer took minutes for me to setup and connects flawlessly to my Wi Fi connection, enabling lots of things to connect to it. Also it is airprint enabled for use with your Apple products which is great news for me as we have a couple of Ipad 2's being used around the house. The E-print function is really great too as your printer has its own email address for you to send documents/photos etc via email for it to print off if you are away from your printers location.
I have tried 2 sided printing and this works fine, I tried it with Maps on the Ipad and it printed directions and maps flawlessly on both sides of the paper. I used the copy feature recently to copy a whole ring binder (around 50 x A5 size sheets) by using the document feeder at the top of the printer, it worked great. I find that there are no connection errors through Wi Fi and the sleep function does not affect the way the printer comes out of sleep mode to print a file, in fact I have no problems with this printer at all.

I haven't tried the Apps that you can download for it yet, if there are any problems when I do, then I will edit this review.
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on 11 July 2012
I bought the HP Photosmart 7510 e-all-in-one printer to replace an older model I had and was very happy with. It is easy to install and to use. It is also much quicker than the older models, producing good quality printing for both documents and especially photos. It has a clear touch screen with a lot of extras that I am still discovering. I have also used it for copying and scanning documents with efficient results. I use it for both personal and home office use, as it is quite large and more appropriate for a home office environment.
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on 31 January 2012
I just bought this printer and there must have been something affecting the long install, because mine was installed and set up within 30 mins.

I downloaded the latest drivers instead of using the install disc as there was an insert in the box telling me to do just that with OSX 10.7 Lion.

So printing perfect text from my MacBook pro and also from my iPad. Also tested the scanner and that's working brilliantly too!

All in all, very happy with the purchase.
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I buy a lot from Amazon and this is the first review i've written but as I based my purchase decision on reading other user reviews I felt it only fair to contribute.

I was torn between buying this printer or the Canon PIXMA MG8250 but after many reviews there seems little between them. I recently helped a friend set up his Canon and it took two chaps a fair amount of effort to update the firmware required to use the Airprint feature, about 4 hours in fact.

This printer was well packaged and took literally 20 minutes from opening to print. The photo print quality is very impressive and reasonably quick. The separate trays for paper and photo paper make it really easy to switch between photo and document printing.

I was originally apprehensive about the size of the printer as the document/photo feeder on top dose add a bit of bulk but for the amount of features you get for the money it's certainly not a deal breaker. The ability to print double sided is also a bonus.

If you are looking for a WIfi and Airprint enabled machine to run with you iOS devises (iPhone/Ipad) this bit of kit is perfect.

As well as printed by Airprint you can also download a free app from HP which allows simple photo editing from your albums which is also pretty simple to use.

Full marks for this printer.
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VINE VOICEon 12 November 2012

The device in its box looks the same size as a desktop computer. The device out of its box still looks over large for what it could be, but its still smaller than some HP's I have owned (this is my 6 th since 1992). Please note this printer is partially made from recycled products to be greener. So the exterior is not as swish as its possible to be.

* Wireless or USB compatibility?

For those who prefer wireless connections rather than USB, this device can also cater for both of your needs. But I use direct USB connection, which cable I note was not supplied and had to buy it elsewhere.

*Windows 8 compatibility

If you are to buy this device for a Windows 8 computer, you will see that the box it comes in does not have a windows 8 driver disk. It does come with Windows 7 driver disk. To be honest, I am not sure if a windows 7 driver would be compatible with Windows 8? In the past this reusing of some drivers used to be technically possible, such as some Windows 2000 and XP drivers being interchangeable. But I would suggest using and installing a windows 8 to be sure. Not to worry, all you need is a reliable and quick broadband connection to surf to HP UK website and download a small initial program to aid installation of Windows 8 compatible HP driver. Copy the following into your browser of choice. This driver is around 64 Meg in size. Before you install your printers Windows 8 driver, it better to turn off your antivirus software and software firewall just for the installation and rely on your hardware firewall to allow its installation to be right first time. As soon the driver its FULLY INSTALLED you can turn both you antivirus and firewall software back on.

* Windows 10 compatibility?

This device does work fully with the Windows 10 Operating System. There is no loss of usability with this device either.

*The features of this device

* Starting

The first time its started it makes internal mechanical adjustments for 5 minutes or so to set itself up. During this setup, it sounds like an old steam engine but its seems to work. The printer is set in sleep - mode after a period of time, so when you awaken it again it takes less than a minute to check itself over again. This can be manipulated to your own wants.

* The printer features

The printer can be controlled with a reasonably large touch + motion sensitive screen that allows settings such as how many prints do you want, or it can be used more flexibly thorough the application software on your computer. This is done to remove older experiences of massive multilingual manuals with dodgy translations making fools of us all. And its very green to do this. Again this is very helpful to look into the pc apps for the help as moving cartoons helps make explanations very clear and takes only a few repetitions to use it proficiently. Its sounds naff but it really works!

* printing cartridges

The printer cartridges are tall but thin and you simply match the symbols on the ink chambers to the internal areas where they are to be seated. You take its protective lock and turn it in the way your thumb fits into it lever. There are bigger HP branded ink cartridges available to give longer performance run
abilities. But be aware that cleaning, or deep cleaning the cartridge's can really deplete the amount of ink in these chambers in your printer. The lifespan of the ink seems to be on the thirsty side, compared with previous HP printer devices that I have owned. Its looking to me that's its better value for money if you purchase the XL capacity inks as they last 500 sheets, although this may double the cost of buying them over the standard capacities. Its good to always have cartridges to hand and I now buy in advance of needing them.

* Photo graph printing

There are several ways to apply this device to print copy and so on. Its worth time going through the too - thin manual but spend more time looking in the help files on board your printer software. The setting are flexible, but I am knocked out with the photographic reproduction abilities. You need to select the type of paper to make the best of the images. If you do not select the most compatible paper, the reproduction will probably disappoint you. Keep working through the help files but its great quality prints with better quality inks are noticeable. My last printer had great photographic abilities and its of the same stable. I as others have been confused what is really meant when printing photographs. Its used here to mean smaller than A4 prints, say A6, that are put in its own depression near the front of the printer. To print on A4 sheets, then you just load the printer with several photo paper sheets and it works.

* Text and Graphics

The menu allows text on one or both sides, or pictures and text on one or both sides. There are several ways with stand alone or with the printer screen and or the driver user software.

* Summary

It does what I want and the price from Amazon is great.
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on 24 February 2013
I've now had this printer for quite a while. There are some nice features, although the software that comes with it for scanning is fairly primitive and flawed - I use Vuescan which interfaces nicely. The print quality is generally reasonable, although there is a tendency for the printer to mistime double sided printing, which completely messes up two pages (four sides). But the most annoying feature is the rate at which it goes through printer cartridges. If you read the box, it says 300 pages. COMPLETE RUBBISH. I just installed new colour cartridges, printed out 10 A4 pages with three small colour clips on each page, and two of the cartridges are already nearly empty. That's over £20 for 10 pages, not counting the cost of the paper. Shockingly bad value for money, and very poor cartridge use. It's not an isolated thing either, as I have a nice little pile of cartridges that are "empty" from my very light printer use - I generally print on fast draft level, and my paper use is less than 100 pages over the past year. Is it the printer or is it HP, underfilling their "Genuine HP" cartridges? I'm tempted to try the refill or low cost brands. It couldn't possibly be more expensive. I'm certainly not going to be buying another HP printer
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on 16 December 2011
OK, firstly the installation process. It took me maybe three hours, and maybe a bit longer, to get this printer installed due mainly, but not only, to the various complications of connecting it to the wireless system of the house and HP's ePrint service. HP's on-line Help for the 7510 is exhaustive but difficult to navigate ... the info is there but finding it is a hassle. The Operating and Set-up Manuals which come in the box are, in my view, much too sketchy as is the full Operating Manual which can be downloaded from their site as a pdf. I have been around home computers since 1984 (yes, I'm that old) so I have a fair bit of experience and, eventually, I got the thing working properly. But for someone who isn't at least a bit of a nerd it's not going to be easy.

Once it's up and running it is easy to operate and it gives spectacular results. In all it's functions .... photo printing, copying, document printing, scanning etc ... the results are the best I have ever seen for a home/small office printer. I will willingly live with this thing for the foreseeable future as I am now sure it will efficiently cover all my needs.

My PC runs the XP OS and I use the Chrome browser where I have Google Cloud Print installed. Connecting the printer to Cloud Print was a one click experience once I had the printer registered on the HP ePrint service. It works like a dream from my phone and from my wife's Chromebook as does the sharing facility directly from the Chromebook using the wireless system of the house.

So, in short, I highly recommend this product with the only reservation that the buyer should be aware that plug 'n play it is not.

Oh, one last thing: I looked around a lot for the best price for this item and found it here on Amazon. As usual, once I made up my mind and placed the order on Amazon UK, it arrived here in Italy in 3 days in perfect condition. Can't beat that, folks.
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