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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2013
I'm a personal trainer and recently underwent a cycle of supplements that cause muscle cramping, so I added 3g of Taurine to my nightly supplement regimen. This Taurine worked like a charm, and nixed the cramps at first use. I've been taking Citrulline Malate and beta alanine previous to the Taurine and since adding the 3g's daily, I also noticed an increase my strength and stamina (especially with cardio).
Citrulline Malate and beta alanine, by the way, if you haven't taken them and are a regular gym goer, you gotta try `em - Citrulline Malate 200 Grams + FREE Beta Alanine 250 Grams Powder. Unlike Taurine, which can be used for a wide variety of things, these two are more geared towards packing on the muscle and endurance. This is just a suggestion, not a recommendation. Thanks.
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on 12 July 2012
Taurine is an essential supplement for home prepared diets for cats, but tends to be very expensive when sourced through pet suppliers. This product from Muscleform was an excellent price, and was delivered very quickly. 250g should last us a year - hope it is still available next time I need to order!
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on 2 December 2013
Taurine is an interesting compound. This product is advertised for body builders I however believe after a month of taking this product anyone can benefit from it. Some of the benefits that taurine claimes to produce is muscle cell volumes action and mental drive. However it is not mentioned that taurine also helps hydrolysis of fats, improves immune function and overall cardiovascular health.

I take taurine in the mornings for the benefit of increased mental drive and overall well being and it became my recovery supplement for late nights of studying. When taking this supplement I feel more rested with less sleep, this effect can be improved by taking glutamine along side with it. I get about 5 hours of sleep per night, and this supplement definatly helped me feel better throughout the day as well as make progress when hitting the gym even with my low resting time.

Would recommend for everyone along side with glutamine and a good multivitamin for overall health. If you training I would buy animal pak as my vitamins of choice.
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on 5 August 2013
I've recently started a body buiding routine. My aim is to gain 10kg of solid muscle. Before starting at the gym, I did some research into what supplments I should be using. As it happens, I settled on the following: Taurine, L-Glutamine, Micropure Creatine Monohydrate & 4KG HENCH MASS GAINER / WEIGHT GAIN WHEY PROTEIN POWDER - STRAWBERRY.

It has been about 4 weeks since I started and here are my observations. A, I have way more energy than I expected, so much so that I routinely overtrain without having to force myself, (that is, I add reps or variations to my regular list). I have gained, 5kg so far. And, added 5-20kgs to my max weights at startup. I have actually, increased my leg press from 60-100lbs which i consider a huge increase.

The taste of the shake is brilliant. My only draw back, which is not a problem at all, just an observation: I some how seem to require less sleep at nights. In addition, I have noticed that my recovery rates are excellent, and the few days that I have not used the shake I had more muscle pain - effects from training, than those that I consistently used the shakes. I can only conclude that the products keep the muscles nurished and remove much of the pain associated with healing and growth. All in all, excellent products.
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on 18 July 2013
I have used this now for a bout five weeks. It definitely works for me! seems to lift me over the tiredness at the end of the day so I can enjoy the workout in the gym after work. Product quality is high and I will buy some more toward the end of the year when this runs out. Good, will buy again.
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on 14 June 2012
Not a lot to review here. This is simply a taurine, which occurs naturally in food -> especially in seafood and meat. You probably already know that it is needed for proper maintenance and functioning of skeletal muscles and also is a powerful antioxidant (plus, it is one of the most plentiful amino acids in the human brain).

I bought it mostly because of weightlifting, as apparently taurine has several critical functions and can act similarly to creatine (in that it expands your cells by helping the muscle cell itself hold more water, increasing cell volume). I'm sure you can find a lot of other information about that amino acid.

Was I satisfied with the effects? I would say, yes... but bear in mind the following: at the beginning I didn't notice any change, but after about 3-4 days, I definitely felt better during training session (a bit more energy, 2-3 more reps here and there). The effect is slightly similar to one of the effects of creatine - you should notice slight increase in power, but is not 100% the same. In overall, I would say -> take both of them if you can (as taurine has also many other beneficial effects for the body). Will it work for you? Not sure about that, but maybe it's something worth trying (and it is not that expensive anyway).

Not too bad. I would say if you are currently taking something like a l-glutamine powder with water - you can manage to do the same with a taurine -> it has a slightly different taste but is completely manageable with water only (unlike something like MSM which definitely has to be taken with some juice because of its taste).

Probably the best time to consume -> 20-30 minutes before training and again immediately after. I take about 5 grams each time (before and after training) with no adverse effects (according to some research, there are no adverse affect even if you would increase the dosage up to 1 gram/per 1 kilogram of body weight per day - but there is no point of taking that much). On a non-training day I take about 5 grams during the whole day.

Side note:
In case if you are a cat's owner (as I am), you should also consider taurine as an additional supplement for them since it is necessary for feline health (cats cannot synthesize the compound and the absence of taurine causes a cat's retina to slowly degenerate -> causing eye problems and eventually irreversible blindness, as well as hair loss and tooth decay).

In this case please do more research as dosage for cats would be obviously different: the average recommended total dosage during the day is about 1 gram per 2.2 lbs of food (I would say anything between 75-300 mg per day is OK for an average cat). Bear in mind that a lot of cat's food already contain taurine (the question is: is it enough for your cat?) but as taurine is not stored by cats it would be very difficult to overdose.

And as always, please do your own research.
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on 7 November 2013
if u have that its all u need , i feel like terminator after drinking this product its very very very good and ill definitely buy it again ,
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on 21 April 2014
I really can't tell how effective this is but used in conjunction with all other supplements I am feeling and looking strong. So I will certainly keep using.
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on 6 May 2013
Mixes so well, good supposedly for mental and physical benefits. Clean source as well, no point getting taurine from red bull now is there!
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on 9 October 2015
Definitely feel like I have increased performance with this.
I have less fatigue following workouts and can push harder during.
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